Thursday, November 10, 2016

Angel of the North - No Prose Rose

Agent Rose, refrains from prose,
Rhyming is her style.
It's going to happen, this I know,
Retribution takes a while.

So here's a little HIStory,
To help you guild your path.
PMJJ to you from me,
Don't even stop to laugh.

Lance got the whale, a tiny whale,
While Simeon got the show.
They ate and ate until all were full,
But then they had to go. 

Up in the sky, the Colonel flew,
Remotes at his command,
As truth is known, there's quite a few,
The world won't defend ONE man. 

Advisers wax, pontificate,
And scour their database,
But you my friend, cannot defend.
A pissed off human race.

So take a little advice JJ,
As once mighty begin to fall.
Put all your faith in Amsterdam,
To protect the emperor's wall.

Don't trust the Red, don't trust the Blue,
Although there not 3/4's bad.
The big bad wolf, is coming, it's true
Oh, what a CHANCE you HAD!

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