Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Angel of the North - No Prose Rose

Agent Rose, refrains from prose,
Rhyming is her style.
Just so you know, 
PM J. Judo, 
We've walked the very same isles.

I remember well, a boy who fell.
As a kindly soul arrived.
To sooth the tears, and calm the fears,
As sweet smelling St Laurent happened by.

Now a man,
How proud you stand.
So it seams.

But your greatest fears,
Will bring pain for years.
Because your house,
Isn't quite as clean as it seams. 

Oh how she'd twirl, Winny - the Pooh's girl,
As flashes lit up the night.
I grabbed the Kodachrome, and took it home
When I realized, something wasn't right.

Powder lay noorby,
As the children cry.
Because some broke all their toys, 

And all the king's men.
Would never understand,
That he wasn't the one with the boys.

You might not think it's serious,
That is doesn't matters much.
The message I send, from a kind old dear friend
Fuck the Red boys, rely on the Dutch.

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