Tuesday, November 1, 2016

An explanation for why the FBI re-opened Hillary's e-mails

October 31 2016

Huma's husband, Anthony Weiner (which blows the whole Huma/Islam meme into the gutter; all we are seeing with this is the fact the "Muslims" running Saudi Arabia are crypto Jews) – ANYWAY, Hillary was so sure she'd never be called to account with her e-mails that she was careless enough to have them end up on Weiner's personal laptop in a file he titled "life insurance".

Well, you know how the entire establishment is wrapped up in child sex and other similar crimes, and Weiner ended up getting his laptop seized by the NYPD in a kiddie porn/child sex investigation. When the NYPD went through the laptop, they found Hillary's e-mails in FULL UNADULTERATED PRISTINE FORM. They proved crimes of the highest order – at least 15 felonies found so far, with a majority of them related to treason and selling out the country.

SO THE NYPD OPENED UP A CASE ON HILLARY. The FBI said, NO, WE'LL TAKE THAT – and that is the ONLY reason why these investigations got re-opened: because if the NYPD handled it, huge portions of the FBI would be sent to prison. Now the FBI is under pressure to actually do its job, because they know the NYPD knows. No matter what the outcome, the FBI gains zero (0) ZERO credibility points from this.

So read my report DO NOT FORGIVE: it was BANG ON, they did this because they HAD TO, not because they had any intention at all of being good, and it really is time to drain the swamp.

Now let's all sit and wait for the suicide of Preet Bharara, the U.S. Prosecuting Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and the NYPD who pushed this into the light. He's now a target of the FBI, the DNC, the Clinton death machine and God knows what else. PREDICTION (and I do not make predictions): THE DIRECTOR OF INVESTIGATIONS FOR THE NYPD WILL "COMMIT SUICIDE" WITHIN 5 DAYS. He's a walking dead man.

The circle of crime in Washington DC is so entrenched and so intertwined that if you poke one part of it, there is a good chance the whole show will fall apart. Poking that monster in a way that hurts is something I do not believe anyone will survive; Preet might as well call himself a zombie.

The NYPD TRUMPED the FBI! That is why they had to investigate Hillary!

Well well, the NYPD is what busted the Hillary mails open while they were looking for kiddie stuff on Weiner's laptop, and THAT is why the FBI was forced to investigate Hillary. They had no choice. NYPD TRUMPS FBI!!!


Insiders Threaten to Expose Hillary's Pedophile Sex Ring!!! 

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