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America, the Land of the Dead - College "Educated" Students in America: Entitled Infants

Hairy arm-pitted Progressive Leftists, total meltdown after Trump wins 

Arrested development as mind control: the children's army

November 12, 2016

by Jon Rappoport

This is a broad and vital subject. Here I am presenting a few of my notes.

"First of all, I have to write about Donald Trump for a few seconds. I don't care what you think of him. I really don’t. For the purposes of what I'm pointing out here, it doesn't matter who he is or what he really stands for or what his motives are. What matters is, during the campaign, he spoke words that touched a nerve in many, many young people, and they didn't like the sensation, to put it mildly. What he said seemed like a reference to individual freedom and responsibility and power—and that had the effect of a silver bullet traveling toward the heart of a vampire. Why? Who are these young people? What has been happening to them?"

"The problem for social engineers: how to impose a top-down system of control on a population. The answer: prepare the young for that system by making it look like endless childhood."

"College student everywhere are now entitled infants. This is the rapidly expanding trend. As such, they are ripe for any 'philosophy' or program that justifies their endless needs. For them, government is more than mommy and daddy. Government is a non-judgmental truck that pulls up and delivers an endless stream of consumer items…”

"Many people on the receiving end of 'inner-child therapy' came to believe they contained an actual entity called the inner child. This belief tended to create a regression, in which they sought to find themselves in a happy early past and STAY THERE—then behaving like children."

"A false dichotomy is set up: a person is either a free, open, playful, blissfully ignorant, demanding child; or a cold, sterile, guarded, rigid adult. As if these were the only two possibilities."

"When some 'disturbing' social event occurs, and you see retreating college students in a quiet room playing with coloring books and clay, and administrators attending to their needs, you are looking at arrested development and regression. This is mind control."

"A ‘mental-health professional' (like the late pop guru John Bradshaw) foists on an audience the existence of a subconscious entity called 'the inner child,' as if it needs to be brought to the surface and nurtured and even healed of its wounds. Now we are into the realm of mind control. Operant conditioning. Programming. Oprah came upon a gold mine there."

"In the process of a child growing up, when you see adults arrest his development and try to maintain him in some semblance of an infantile state, where he is full of needs which must be met constantly, you are looking at a serious problem. Later in life, feeling hemmed in with nowhere to go, he may decide his only options are apathy or violence."

"But the arrested-development concept doesn't need misguided parents. People can pick up, straight out of the culture, clues which suggest to them that the way out of their problems is to regress. Act like an entitled child."

"Sinking into the melodrama, they become self-styled victims."

"And this is the objective of the overall psychological operation. To remake the society into helpless victims."

"Such entitled self-styled victims whine and demand 'everything for free.' This is the upper limit of their intellectual prowess."

"How do you make such victims realize they are responsible for the choices they are taking, when the core of those choices is the abandonment of all responsibility? You are looking at social engineering par excellence."

"Sooner or later, the arrested-development generations of children become psychologically and spiritually exhausted. They need an infusion of energy. So they look to the dark side. They want perverse stimulation. They want rebellion without a goal. They want destruction. There is no rationale behind any of this, no mind, no coherent thought. There is a protest scheduled? They show up, ready to break something, smash it. All they need is an agent (who is paid for and planted) to throw the first stone."

"Their leaders who magically show up out of nowhere (paid for) take control in meetings and even 'conferences.' These leaders are the hard cases. The arrested-development children are the foot soldiers, the know-nothings, the fodder. They can be sacrificed for the cause. Behind all this is the psychological program that initiated the regression backwards into an infantile state."

"This is the Trojan Horse that has been placed in the middle of the culture. Thomas Jefferson envisioned public education as the means for enlightening young children about what it means to be a citizen in a Republic, because no such experiment in government and freedom had ever been tried before on such a broad scale. Using his model, but reversing the substance of education, elite foundations substituted a teaching program of socialism and collectivism. The next step, which we are witnessing now, involves shrinking that program down to the inculcation of basic victimhood, with bare flickers of ideas and slogans and vapid memes."

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