Friday, October 28, 2016

Trump Advocates the American People's Control Over U.S. Government

Mindblowing Reason Elites Fear Donald Trump


  1. Draining the swamp -

  2. Hell thats a good speech , maybe there is more to him than we know . he only needs to puts clips of that speech on TV everywhere on the net and he will succeed . Now he just has to watch out for the UGLY UN who is behind it all . What are those who were behind Ron Paul etc waiting for , this is the guy you have to vote for this time .

  3. Its not a bad idea paiting their faces same as that on the clip , its very polular movie and could catch on quick .

  4. He isright , they punish truth and reward the crooks , what kind of system is that ?? They complain about gun control while they themselves were caught shipping them to crooks , what the hell ".

  5. Libertarian chair invites outraged Trump loyalists to split their tickets ..... Alex jones needs to get onto the Liberty party to vote for Trump , he is the best chance they have got of getting anywhere near power , if the lsoe this time by next vote the UN will be in charge and their party votewont matter anymore . . They cannot possibly win power by themselves . Going on that speech he is exactly what they are looking for and has far more chance of achieving results . Rather than splitting the vote helping the Democrats who are against everything they stand for . I notice even the Chinese have moved into that party as well . If they dont sacrifice now they will never be in power because they will never have a vote again much like the EU .

  6. words. just words. actions speak louder than. Trump is just as New World Order Masonic Tied as the Clintons. Both sides are a scam.

    1. Those are just words. Where are your actions?


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