Tuesday, October 11, 2016

OOPS! News Anchor Accidentally Admits Secret Service Banned Use of Camera Flash at Debate to Prevent Clinton Seizures on National TV (VIDEO)

Source: Liberty News

Many believe Hillary Clinton has a disease such as Parkinson's or something that causes severe seizures. Multiple health events, as we all know, have happened with Clinton, several right in front of video cameras.

And while the Clinton campaign won't admit something really bad is happening, a reporter just admitted, on the air, that Secret Service banned the use of camera flash during the debate to protect Clinton from seizures.

The news outlet is PIX11 and the reporter is Kirstin Cole. During the morning broadcast Cole was using a flash camera on the air and claimed the secret service banned flash over fears it would "inspire" Clinton's seizure disorder to flare up.

Below is video footage of the broadcast.
Regated on twitter: https://twitter.com/regated?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw
Naturally (and as expected) someone prompted PIX11 to post a "correction" (click here for their story) to their reporter's claim. But one has to wonder… what on earth would prompt the reporter from making such a statement with such certainty? There was literally zero doubt that she was saying what she believed to be fact.

The Secret Service says flash was banned for the benefit of the TV cameras. While flash most certainly causes problems for TV cameras, wouldn't banning its use be the job of the networks or hosts of the debate itself? Since when does Secret Service work for TV networks and film crews?

In any event the video has gone viral and for good reasons. Questions, folks. Questions.

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