Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Google and Crooked Corporate Media Are Gaslighting the Public as They Turn Tricks for Hillary Clinton

WIKILEAKS BOMBSHELL: Google Emails / Hillary Clinton 


  1. Google and Youtube are owned by liberal Jew(s) and somewhere around 80% of Jews are liberals. Look at the one group that people in prominent positions can't criticize and you'll find the elite Jews. And of course there is the Palestine issue which you'll see no coverage by liberal and conservative TV/Cable programs and hosts criticize Israel.

  2. Note the other Podesta emails. If the shackles were ever removed from this prison planet's people, then ALL of the control exersized over knowledge, health, finance, media, police, etc. becomes moot. Every pyramid scheme of oppression would crumble. We would be free to barter with the "others"; the ones that wish us no harm, anyway.
    And then most if not all of the differences; race, religion, politics, class would dissipate. The upper classes are the rabid dogs; cornered and seeking a way to instigate WW#3; leaving only the crumbling Georgia Guidestones and the globalists trolls in their bunkers and their psychopathy.

  3. Sad people in power. Internet and freedom of speech and journalism was to be fair, open, transparent. And it is NOT. No main stream news about the REAL issues and abuse and whom is doing it to...blame on other cultures or other countries or even blame EACH of us. I want all these executives fired. Leave the country without your stocks and holdings. Just leave because you sure do not like Americans! And we won't support you!


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