Saturday, October 22, 2016

Former FBI Asst Director James Kallstrom endorses Donald J. Trump

Source: Angry Patriot


  1. You sure nailed that mate . How true it is and what a disgrace the present FBI are they are worse than the crooks they are arresting by the looks of it . He should make a law outlawing false flags by anyone in the country , everybody knows and its ruining your whole country around the world . Liars annd con artists everywhere and the media is the worst . Amother law he needs to pass is that the constitution is to be interprated as it was wrtten not able to be changed by courts or other interpretations . He needs to get rid of this second Gov in public service thats for sure =executive service works for the UK bot USA . Read the treaty of versailles oy is what really started the trouble and the UK was always worried about USA being a threat one day . It would be interesting to seehow close he is to the UK Scotland is very thick with royality in the UK.

  2. I read somewhere that during their meteoric and controversial rise to the White House, they had 128 people, people that they deemed as a threat... murdered. Well, I believe the number to be 127. There was one poor fellow that had two shotgun blasts to his face, but the state medical examiner had ruled it a suicide. Aside from the poor humor, and if our country survives this ordeal, there'll be a need for people like James Kallstrom to return to their old jobs - at least temporarily to help in the transition is complete. One thing for sure, the former Assistant Director for the FBI is, by all indications, a good man.

  3. It is very clear what Trump has to do , read this , its a bad system for sure.

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