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Trump's married-women locker-room talk but Hillary pimped interns for an Oral Oval Office!

Source: MailOnline

EXCLUSIVE: Secret Service officer tells how Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky were caught having sex on Oval Office desk and how the intern was transferred to work for HILLARY - but the President brought her back to the West Wing in a PAID position

• Ex-Secret Service officer Gary Byrne was posted outside Bill Clinton's Oval Office in 1990s and writes about what he saw in bombshell book
• Clinton's intern Monica Lewinsky had special access to the Oval Office for at least two years
• Agents witnessed Bill and Monica 'embracing, making out, or on the Oval Office Desk'
• Byrne was incensed to learn that Monica had Bill's 'secret number' – 'so secret that it required not only a four-digit pass code
• 'You had to depress keys for a specific length of time and there were precise pauses between numbers,' Byrne explains
• After Byrne complained, Monica was transferred to the East Executive Building and was a Social Office intern under Hillary
• But Clinton worked his magic to get Monica, 'the Blue Pass Princess,' back in his arms
• The book release comes a month before the Democratic convention

By Caroline Howe For

22 June 2016

Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky embraced, made out and had sex in just about every nook and cranny of the Oval Office.

Secret Service officer Gary Byrne should know. He's the man who stood guard outside Bill Clinton's Oval Office, was the last obstacle to Monica Lewinsky's access to the President.

And the White House intern, Byrne says, was relentless in her pursuit of the President.

'What (if anything) she did all day as an intern mystified me. Some days she seemingly had nothing better to do than play I Spy the President', Gary Byrne writes in his bombshell book Crisis of Character: A White House Secret Service Officer Discloses His Firsthand Experience with Hillary, Bill, and How They Operate to be published by Center Street Books on June.28.

'Monica hung around us batting her eyes until she overheard the president's position or direction of travel, then bolted to maneuver into his path. She lived for even his passing glance.'

Ex-Secret Service officer Gary Byrne was posted outside Bill Clinton's Oval Office during the Clinton administration. Monica Lewinsky had special access to the Oval Office for at least two years

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    Billy Bush: Cousin--Jeb AND GW Bush, Uncle--George HW Bush

  2. ALERT:

    It's not going to be a real town hall.

    It's not a real town, not real people, but a psy op: Can you say, Sandy Hook?

    This format is cover for an election steal. They intend to make it look like America is "onto" Trump now. They will try to create the illusion that Trump's "movement" is actually one of galvanization away from what he is and what he represents.

    The leak of his sleaze convo was timed to synchronize with the "live" (real time) debate to create the illusion that America the People has now turned on Trump. The town hall format is nothing else but the delivery system for this bunker buster.

    This is a trap to get Trump to drop his weapons again, to get him on the ropes again. His Achilles heel is to get faked out into thinking that the questions come from sincere concerns of the public. This will most assuredly get him on the ropes again.

    It's not three against one (The Beast and her two minions); it's four against one (The Beast and her two minions plus "We The People").

    See it?

    Let no one hype this new format up to be something good and positive.

    The questions will be fake. The "People" will be fake.

    This is NOT a bona fide opportunity for Trump to capitalize on his ability to connect with Joe Public.

    It's an opportunity for Hillary to run a psy op that "proves" Joe Public is against Trump.

    It's going to be jack boot on Trump's throat from soup to nuts.

    Hillary will get ZERO tough questions.

    Trump will be burned in effigy. Any attempt he makes to out Clinton will be silenced by interruptions.

    We need to call the psy op out for what it is before you get suckered in and have to apologize for Trump in the aftermath.

    The contrived format is a momentum-reverse move. If this is not spelled out beforehand, the Trump train will wind up drafting in the low-pressure zone behind Hillary's rig all the way to November 8th.

    Sunday night makes or breaks the election.

    We must attack the contrived format and the fact that it is a 100% establishment controlled lockdown BEFOREHAND.

    Alert the public to the psy op mechanisms in play.

    Tie the "leak" of the sleaze convo to the contrived format. That's the psy op.

  3. I am not surprised at the Rep. rats scrambling to leave the ship. However, it is a nasty sight to see these "lily-white" people acting like saints. It makes me want to puke! We know this stupid game of trying to put Trump on defense before he enters the make believe town hall. Just another dirty trick!


    They are faking you out.

    They want you to be afraid to be the same guy that took out seventeen opponents with kamikaze tactics that included sharp, hilarious insults.

    They want you to lay down your weapons (hilarious insults).

    They are using everyone against you, including Pence. Don’t let the sad and disappointed looks of those who surround you hypnotize you to sleep (so that you fail to deliver hilarious insults).

    The “new Trump” is the leader we have come to know. Please leave him in the closet Sunday night – he won’t be needed.

    The ‘old Trump” is the guy that takes no prisoners at debates. He’s allowed out Sunday night. Bring him with you.

    Don’t believe ANYONE (even your family) that tells you to hold back for fear of offending people even more. No one who can think is offended. That sleaze tape, in the end, is comic relief. Let the holier-than-thou’s cry in their strawberry quik. This Sunday night, be the very same guy that was hidden-mic’d on that bus eleven years ago – all braggadocio and feinting bravado – and then watch yourself sail to victory.

    Go in there and insult the heck out of the entire establishment. Pull no punches. Be as nasty as you can be. Fight dirty and fight sensationally.

    The debate is not a measure of your ability to lead the country. It’s a measure of your individuality and your cajones. America wants to see cajones – you know, the “furniture.”

    Leave your contrition home, please.

    Be Trump – and I mean the obnoxious, arrogant New Yorker. That’s who every single human being has bought tickets to see.

    Leave the nice guy at home. He’s boring in the ring.

    If they put up some infant sad sack to guilt you to smithereens, insult the little turd. Turn it back on them. Make us laugh. Say what we want to say but are afraid to say. That’s your path to victory.

    You WILL NOT offend America if you fight dirty and hard Sunday night.

    You WILL NOT offend America if you insult every establishment creep – no matter the age, creed, nationality, or sex) – that crosses your path.

    You WILL offend America if you wimp out again.

    You WILL offend America if you don’t deliver the knock-out punches (hilarious insults).

    Go New York style, or just stay home.

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