Sunday, October 23, 2016

Art Aqua vs. Nestlé

Source: Art Aqua

Canada almost fell victim to Nestlé's methods

October 23, 2016

by Ralph T. Niemeyer, Quebec

Water is the only commidity that can not be replaced. That’s why it has to be owned by the public and no private company. Here in Canada we can witness how a major global player, Nestlé, behaves when being given a chance to put a foot down.
With the Canadian European Trade Agreement (CETA) being ripe for ratification, only being held off by the Belgian provincial government of Wallonie, such habit will become more widespread also across the EU.

But, also in Canada there is resistance by citizens and NGOs manifesting.

For Canadians it is not only about costs for water, but also a social task since many of the original inhabitants, so called First Nation communities, commonly referred to as native Indians, are being deprived of safe, healthy and affordable water.

Art Aqua has now undertaken to deploy it's smallest industrial units in First Nation communities and by this set an example to show how empowerment by controlling one's own resources will benefit communities and by this strengthen social rights, freedom and democracy.

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