Saturday, September 17, 2016

Trump's Polling "Surge" Is Turning Into A "Wave"

Source: The Daily Caller

Two weeks ago, some pundits began talking about a Trump "surge." Suddenly, that surge is looking like a full-fledged "wave."

In one battleground after another, the billionaire real estate mogul is opening up a lead over Hillary Clinton – or making that state's race competitive again. He's also beating Clinton in several of the latest national polls. Mainstream pundits are reeling from the shock.

Take Ohio. Three straight polls now find Trump with a solid single-digit lead. Trump has closed the gap with women to low single-digits while preserving his robust double-digit lead among men. And Trump's leading among college-educated and non-college educated voters alike. That's a real sea-change.

The same is happening in Florida where the latest poll has Trump up by three. Trump's also narrowed Clinton's lead among Hispanics. Remember the Trump "pivot" on immigration? It looks like it might be working.


  1. I fail to understand the point of his announcing that Barry was born in the USA when the evidence says otherwise.

    1. It's a strategic move on Trumps part...Clinton's campaign can no longer use this birther info as a talking point against DT... he killed it. He not only killed the talking point, Trump beefed up the kill by insulating it with a number of endorsements from military personnel. It was quite brilliant...does Trump believe that Barry was born in the USA. I doubt it...but so what...he shut Hillary down.


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