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NBC "News" Brings You the Presidential "Debate"- Voters Are Shocked - Fact Check This: Hillary's "Cleaner" - Why Hillary, Is That a Hidden Mic? - Lester Holt Guides (Lies) the Presidential "Debate" in Hillary's Direction - Microphone and Podium Differences - Lester, What About the Clinton Foundation, the Collapsing FBI, the Compromised James Comey and the Emails? - Hillary's Only Consistency: Lying and Cheating - It "Takes a Village" Alright, a Village of Idiots

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Clinton Debate 'Cleaner' Swoops In, Proves Hillary Cheated

September 27, 2016
by Rebecca Diserio

Another Hillary Clinton mystery man was on the job last night, and this guy is called the "Cleaner." He swooped in right after Hillary walked away from her custom podium, and what he did next proves that Hillary was in cahoots with moderator Lester Holt. Hillary's "Cleaner" was caught red-handed, and what he did with Holt when they thought the cameras weren't watching is shocking voters across the country.

It's just a few seconds of video, but it is a few seconds that changes everything. A Hillary staffer, who is called the "Cleaner," swooped in after she walked away from her podium, and he took all the papers that were on her podium. He put her notes in a file and carried them under his arm as he looked over at moderator Lester Holt.

The Cleaner then walked to the side of the stage, not sure of where to go. He waited for a moment until Holt got up, and then the "Cleaner" started to walk toward Holt. They met at mid-stage as the "Cleaner" looked intently at Holt.

Holt's face cannot be seen in the clip, but as they brushed past each other, the "Cleaner" seemed like he wanted to hand over the notes to Holt, but then he just nods. Again, it's just a few seconds, but when you watch it from the time the "Cleaner" swoops in and clears Hillary's podium to when he walks over to Holt, it is evident that something fishy is going on.

The Cleaner swoops in to retrieve Hillary's notes (left), The Cleaner waits nervously with notes (right)

The Cleaner waits, focused on Holt (left), The Cleaner sees Holt get up and starts across stage (right)

The Cleaner gives a "head nod" to Lester Holt, and Holt seems to wave him off.

Many are saying that Holt went out of his way to help Hillary Clinton last night, and with the mainstream media working to help get Hillary elected, we would not be surprised if Hillary got some special "notes" from NBC, who employs Lester Holt.

Watch Hillary's podium and follow the "Cleaner" on stage:


Howie Kurtz, a Fox media anchor, had this to say: "For all the debate about Lester Holt and would he fact check and so forth – the most aggressive questions from the NBC moderator, the most attempts at fact checking, the most interruptions were all aimed at Trump….I don't think there's any question about it."
Kurtz went on to highlight the fact that Holt only mentioned Hillary's email scandal when he asked Clinton to respond to Donald Trump "as opposed to crafting a tough question" himself.

Rudy Giuliani echoed Kurtz' sentiments, asserting that Holt had acted "extremely unfairly" and that his "fact checking" on the stop and frisk issue was completely inaccurate. (Source: Infowars)
Holt did cave to the pressures telegraphed to him by the Hillary Clinton campaign. He went out of his way to ask Donald Trump questions about his taxes and the "birther" issue, and he contradicted Trump's stance on the Iraq war. Hillary seemed to get no real or tough questions directed right at her from Holt, which is a little one-sided, don't you think?

When Lester Holt used the mainstream media talking points, alleging Donald Trump told Howard Stern that he thought the Iraq war was a good idea in 2003, that told me everything. Trump's statement to Stern was a nothing remark. Joking around with Stern, all Trump said in passing was, "I don't know, whatever, maybe it's a good idea."

The real evidence is what Trump said at that same time in 2003 to Neil Cavuto and Sean Hannity in serious interviews, where he absolutely said he thought the Iraq war was a very bad idea. However, that false talking point, that Trump was for the Iraq war, can be traced right back to the Clinton campaign and proves to me that Holt was getting his marching orders from NBC and Hillary Clinton herself.

Trump didn't have a "Cleaner" after he walked away from his podium, and whoever Hillary's "Cleaner" is, one thing is clear, Hillary is consistent in lying and cheating the American people. She can employ as many "Cleaners" as she wants, but she will never be able to wash away the blood of so many, like the four heroes in Benghazi. No, that blood can never be washed away from Hillary's hands.

Source:  The Conservative Tribune

BREAKING: Cavuto Just Exposed Lester Holt's Lies During Debate

September 27, 2016

The first presidential debate between Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican rival Donald Trump was fully of fiery exchanges between the two candidates, as well as several questionable moments.

NBC's Lester Holt, the moderator for the debate, started getting flak before the debate was over after he repeatedly interrupted Trump to "fact-check" him, except that his fact-checks were more or less wrong.

In one of the more contentious exchanges, Holt insisted that Trump had supported the Iraq War from the beginning, but Trump continuously denied it, USA Politics Today reported.

Rather than ask Clinton why she voted for the war, Holt continued to press Trump, saying that in an interview with Fox News' Neil Cavuto, Trump expressed his support for the war.

After the debate was over, Cavuto aired the interview in question and showed that Trump wasn't all gung-ho about invading Iraq before we went in — he had his reservations.

"You know, what happened to the days of Douglas MacArthur? I mean he would go in and attack. He wouldn't talk. I mean we have to, you know, it's sort of like either do it or don't do it," Trump said.

"Well, he's (Bush) either got to do something or not do something perhaps. Because perhaps he shouldn't be doing it yet. Perhaps we should be waiting for the United Nations. You know, he's under a lot of pressure," said Trump, clearly unsure if invading Iraq was the right choice.

You can see it here:

Neil Cavuto Just Busted MSM - Plays 2003 Trump Interview Where He Was Against War 

Instead of hammering Trump for his alleged "support" for the Iraq War, the moderator really should have asked Clinton why she voted to authorize the war when she had access to much more information than Trump did.

It shouldn't surprise anyone that the mainstream media turned what could have been a substantive debate into a chance to try to smear Trump's name.

Luckily, Trump held his own and showed that he could stand up to both Clinton and her media pals at the same time.

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Source: Big Blue Dimension

EVERYONE IN AMERICA Just Noticed Something VERY BAD About Trump's Microphone Last Night!

September 27, 2015

Let me start off by saying it is not surprising in the least that Hillary Clinton would try and find every single way to cheat during the debate possible.

Still though, that is no excuse for the sick thing NBC did to Donald Trump's microphone during the debate.
They purposefully gave him a defective mic that made him less loud than Hillary Clinton!
Trump told reporters after the debate,
This would also mark the SECOND equipment rigging of the debate after NBC decided to alter the height of the podiums to make Hillary Clinton appear less short than Donald Trump.

But, hey, at the end of the day Donald Trump was still able to give Hillary Clinton a royal thrashing that proved which of them is most fit to lead.

Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton Has Squandered American Money: Debate Highlight 

Hillary Clinton basically used the whole debate to throw nasty attacks at Trump, calling him a racist and sexist, while Trump took the high road and kept to the issues.

Regardless of who won or lost, this kind of trickery is sick and unacceptable. That's why it's up to patriots like us to share this out on our Facebooks and expose the Liberal Clinton machine for what it really is!

Sep 27 2016

The big thing is despite getting wasted by a two-part tag team, TRUMP WON and EVERYONE is scratching their heads wondering how the "moderator" could possibly have been such a POS.


Now I know why Trump was visibly disturbed: Over the TV, the microphones all appeared to work. But at the debate itself, over those speakers, they were cutting his voice off, adding distortion, etc. and that makes it virtually impossible to speak. THEY SCREWED WITH HIM BADLY and he still won, HANDS DOWN.

The scamming MSM knows that everyone heard him come across fine on the TV, and that they can screw with him with this topic because no one who watched TV could hear what was going on at the actual debate. But from Trump's perspective at the debate, they put him through HELL. That is the type of thing you get from the lowest banana republics. But what would one expect from the tribe, which owns the media? You don't expect fair, do you?

It looks like Hillary had a hidden mic

Yep, it just gets better and better: Hillary may have been getting her responses sent to her over a mic box she was wearing on her back. This is going viral on the web now; she got BUSTED. And with a moderator on her side, giving her unfair time, plus a mic box, plus Trump getting messed with, Trump still bashed her into the gutter in the online polls. Way to go.

And I'd like to point something out here: To excuse Hillary losing, the Time magazine poll (which claims Hillary supporters are more educated, more connected, more social – and therefore have more media communication devices) is implying that Trump is winning because the simple deplorables communicate more, have more devices, etc. and that they are stacking the results. So we have a bit of cognitive dissonance here, where the underclass is more social and more connected? What a laugh!

"Oops, I guess I forgot to ask about the Clinton Foundation, James Comey's involvement, her emails, the collapsing FBI, and illegal immigration; but I did get in that tough question about Obama's birth certificate."

Ever wonder what organization has control over NBC News?

The Pilgrims Society: A study of the Anglo-American Establishment

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