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ISIS™ Terrorist Mercenaries Assisted With US and British Bombing Sortie on Syrian Arab Army - Samantha Power's Rhetoric and Demogogery Continues: "The Regime" - US Failed In Its Part on the Ceasefire - Israel Controlling America Decides What Is Targetted In Syria - "Sorry, It Was Just an Accident" - Diversionary Bombs Go Off In New York - Israel-American Plan: Under Ceasefire Allow Terrorists (ISIS™) Time to Regroup - The Fighting and Chaos Must Continue in Syria - US Agreements On Syria Kept Secret - Russia Knows Why - Follow-up: Russian and Syrian Jets Pound Washington's (Israel) Terrorist Assets in Dayr al-Zawr

Source: The Duran

US fighter jets provide air support to ISIS in Syria. The masks have now come off

by Alex Christoforou 

American fighter jets are working to help ISIS gain ground in Syria.

The United States air strikes against Syrian army positions in Deir Ezzor, and in support of ISIS, has finally revealed what many who follow the Syria conflict outside the echo chamber of western mainstream media already know.

The United States is fighting alongside ISIS. Their is no need to sugar coat this issue any longer. It is time to call it for what it is. Syria is America's newest war, and its latest invasion.

ISIS is America's proxy gone wild…and just because ISIS has gone a bit rogue, it does not mean that the US is still not supporting its proxy army.

The majority of boots on the ground in Syria are not American. They are however American trained and funded. They are called Al Nusra, Al Qaeda, and they are also called ISIL, or Daesh, or ISIS.

The fog of war over Syria is clearing. The goal is extremely simple and focused for the US and its coalition partners; Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey. The mantra remains, 'Assad must go.'

The Duran's Alexander Mercouris detailed the moment when the curtain was pulled back, in what was US air strikes on the Syrian military positions near the eastern Syrian city of Deir Ezzor. Air strikes that targeted the Syrian army, and helped ISIS terrorists gain ground in Syria.

As The Duran reported…
–the US claim that the attack was a mistake stretches credulity to breaking point.

The US says the situation in Syria is complicated, which is true, and says that this is the reason for the attack, which it insists was a mistake. The key point however is that though the situation may be complicated in other parts of Syria, it is not complicated in Deir Ezzor at all.

There are only two parties fighting each other in this part of Syria: the Syrian army and ISIS. Other Jihadi groups in this part of Syria have either been driven out by ISIS or have been absorbed by ISIS, which is the only military force fighting the Syrian army in this area.

It is just possible that the US confused Syrian troops with ISIS troops, and attacked them by mistake in this area. However given the comprehensive surveillance means the US has at its disposal, that hardly seems likely.

Besides it is not clear why the US is carrying out air strikes against ISIS in the area of Deir Ezzor at all, when the only force which is fighting ISIS in this area is not any one of the US's allies or supposed allies but the Syrian army.

As it happens, the Russians and the Syrians say the attack was made near a Syrian air force base which ISIS was attacking, enabling ISIS to capture a defence line near the base. If so, it is all but inconceivable the US didn't know this, and didn't know who it was attacking.
Yesterday's attack of a sovereign government in support of what has become the most deadly and evil terrorist group on the planet, reveals that we are inching towards a war of epic proportions.

Yesterday's US attack on Syria in support of ISIS, is the action we needed to see behind the lies served up in White House press briefings.

America is working hand in glove with ISIS, because in Syria a black flag over Damascus is preferable to having a secular, stable Assad government.

The war in Syria is not civil, it is a violent regime change invasion, with a creative workaround meant to bypass America's reluctance to send its own sons and daughters to fight for the House and Saud and Clinton Foundation fortunes.

The workaround is ISIS.

Russia's stunt with calling an Emergency Meeting Saturday, Sep.17, 2016 

Putin: US fails to fulfill Syria ceasefire deal obligations, terrorists use it to regroup

Putin: US fails to fulfill Syria ceasefire deal obligations, terrorists use it to regroup 

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