Monday, September 12, 2016

DNC Is Preparing to Ditch HRC, but Hillary Clinton's Body Double Is Feeling "Great!"

Still Report #1185 – Are Clinton's Replacement Talks Underway? 

SHOCKING CONSPIRACY - Did Hillary Clinton's Body Double Exit Chelsea's Apartment?

PI News: Hillary Clinton Body Double - Is She in Political Trouble? #HillarysBodyDouble 

LIVE: Is Hillary Clinton Finished? The Last Live Show 

Hillary Clinton's 9/11 Medical MELTDOWN - CAUGHT ON CAMERA! 


  1. Hillary's arms are pulled behind her and she is in handcuffs as she is dragged into the van.

    1. Not Arrested but Should BeSeptember 13, 2016 at 9:47 PM

      Look more closely: her right arm moves forward freely as she's assisted into the van by a handler. See the comments section here:

  2. My thoughts too but the MSM is still ignoring it en masse and the NYT today announced Hillary would be disappearing for while, with Bill standing in for her.

    I disagree, I think she is in it to win it. Any DNC detractors better keep their voices low, lest they catch a bullet in the back ala Seth Rich "robbery" where nothing was taken.

  3. I would say that this song says everything about Hilary's campaign

  4. Trump better watch it , Bill Clinton's CIA boss has switched to Trump , a snake in the grass perhaps ??? But on the good side if there is one a CIA operative has put her self on the line . Former CIA Officer Just EXPOSED OBAMA… Our Worst Fears Are TRUE

    Read more:

  5. Put em both on the lie detector. Betya inside 5 minutes it will overheat and blowup. The machine i mean.

  6. WHAT IF, the body double is the one who collapses and the real hilLIARy is the one "feeling great".
    Maybe the truthers are being played here, with her failing health scenario, she can avoid press conferences, debates, public rallies and most of all prosecution. When elected the healthy one will appear and will carry out the NWO agenda.


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