Monday, August 8, 2016

Media lie about Hillary's severe health condition

The rat poison problem

by Jon Rappoport | August 8, 2016

Major media are rushing to do damage control on Hillary's health. They're trying to lay down the concrete of a fake consensus that she's fine, because her doctor issued a positive report in 2015.

But one of the bottom lines is: she's suffered from dangerous blood clots. And the treatment is blood-thinners, which are given to reduce the possibility of a fatal clot.

Hillary is taking Coumadin, also known as Warfarin.

It's a rat poison. It kills rats by causing them to bleed out internally. This is a fact.

Therefore, the prescribing doctor and the patient walk a tightrope. How much Coumadin is too much? How little is too little? Too much, and life-threatening bleeding can occur. Too little and fatal blood clots can occur.

Therefore, Hillary is being monitored VERY closely, on a weekly basis, with tests. But the tests aren't mathematically precise. The monitoring isn't ironclad science.

And since Coumadin is highly toxic, serious liver damage is a consequence, especially when the drug is given long-term, which is the case here.

Media outlets are going with, "Well, her doctors know what they're doing. They're issuing positive reports. They're giving her a clean bill of health."


You put someone on Coumadin, long-term, and you're rolling the dice. In her case, this treatment is back-against-the-wall, last-line-of-defense.

If her past blood clots were somehow interpreted as minor or incidental, long-term Coumadin would never be the treatment of choice.

This patient, Hillary Clinton, is very high-risk.

The last thing you would want this patient to do is engage in day-to-day, high-stress activity. You would definitely not want the patient to fly in airplanes, because that activity can exacerbate her condition. Lethally.

Her major media allies (and they are, of course, many) have no genuine interest in her health risks. They would be able to handle her as President, even she turned out to be dead on arrival.

Her closest aides, and her husband, are aware of all these facts. They're shrugging them off and pressing for a victory in the election this fall. That's the game plan, come hell or high water.

But the blood clot problem and rat poison problem aren't going to go away.

Any honest doctor will tell you that.

Whether Hillary has Parkinson's, whether she has trouble maintaining her balance, whether she has "brain-freezes" … yes, these are all subjects for discussion. But either way, the blood clots and the Coumadin are putting her on a cliff's edge.

Politics aside, the refusal of major media to bring this into the light on a serious basis is insane.


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  1. Lets remember we have seen this act before , you cant trust anything from the rat like her ,the irony of it rat poison for rats . No its a pre-excuse for any legal problems that might occur in the future . Trump does say the right things but naming John McCain sure is a concern . It would be good to believe the FBI but hell they have played a huge part in false flags and coverups . The whole system is corrupted , SOROS , ROTHSCHILDS , ROCKEFELLER ,CFR AND THE ISRAEL CLINTON BUSH GANG ARE TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL AND THE COURT SYSTEM MAY AS WELL NOT EXIST . Word is Rothschild wants the Royalty installed like before WW1 , he is such scum . But if he is for real good on him and you cant blame him for keeping it close . The thing is anyone can drop any info anywhere very easily in a matter of ways and countries , no way could they trace it with one time used computers and wfi hacks .

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