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Hillary's CIA goon Morell promises war crimes - Former CIA head calls for Russians and Iranians in Syria to be covertly killed

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August 10th, 2016

Colonel Cassad, - Translated by J. Arnoldski

American "partners" on the line: Ex-CIA head calls to "kill Russians" in Syria

Former CIA Head Michael Morell stated live on CBS that resolving the conflict in Syria means "covertly" killing Russians and Iranians. To this end, in his opinion, Washington should more actively support militants in Syria. He said: "When we were in Iraq, the Iranians were giving weapons to the Shi'a militia, who were killing American soldiers. The Iranians were making us pay a price. We need to make the Iranians pay a price in Syria. We need to make the Russians pay a price."

"Making the Russians and Iranians pay the price, killing them?" CBS presenter Charlie Rose asked. The ex-head of the CIA confirmed: "Yes. Covertly."

In Morell's opinion, the Pentagon does not need to claim responsibility for this, but "you make sure they know it in Moscow and Tehran." Then, in his opinion, the US should "scare" Syrian President Bashar al-Assad by killing his guards and "blowing up his office in the middle of the night."

Morell is convinced the all of this will allow them to "push" Damascus, Moscow, and Tehran to find a "diplomatic solution."

In an earlier article for the New York Times, Michael Morell endorsed Hillary Clinton in her fight for the presidency. Morell called her Republican Party competitor, Donald trump, an "unwitting agent" of Russia. Trump stated in reply that the ex-CIA chief is acting on orders of the White House.

P.S. What a wonderful character! It should be no surprise that he supports Clinton, around whom all the "rabid" hawks are gathered. What's more, it is characteristic that he is not from the notorious "Cheney gang" which became the symbol of unbridled aggression. Morell rose through the CIA hierarchy under none other than Obama, becoming first deputy director and twice acting director. He is a creature of the Nobel Peace Prize winner. On the other hand, what Morell is talking about is not a one-sided game. Other countries can play it too.

Source: Katehon

Former CIA head calls for Russians and Iranians in Syria to be covertly killed

August 10, 2016

Michael Morell was interviewed on a talk show on CBS News TV.

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Morell called for the murder of not only Russians, but also Iranians and Syrians. "We need to make the Iranians pay a price in Syria. We need to make the Russians pay a price," he said. To this end, he proposed to work more closely with terrorists to blow up various departmental facilities of the Syrian government and eliminate all those that US intelligence deems necessary. At the same time, according to Morell, US agents should not need to report for such to the White House, but merely make sure that Moscow and Tehran clearly understand the message.

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Although for many this seemed like a shocking revelation, there is nothing new in the words of Morell. The CIA has traditionally carried out covert murder in many countries for decades. Such operations have been directed against both individuals (heads of states, ideological leaders) and entire groups. Terrorist activities have been organized by the United States in Western Europe ("Operation Gladio"), Latin America (death squads), the Middle East (Iran-Contra, Kurdish rebels), and Asia (the Mujahideen in Afghanistan and Pakistan, anti-communist groups in South East Asia).

Technology and accountability have changed since the Cold War. The CIA now works closely with the NSA and Cyber ​​Command and Special Operations Command. Thus, they are even capable of evading responsibility for special operations on the territory of other countries.

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Morell's statement was sounded on the same day that the Russian and Turkish Presidents gave a joint press conference. Vladimir Putin said that Russia has helped US citizens arrested in Syria out of humanitarian impulse. Moscow's intervention in such affairs has even been done at the request of Washington and played a decisive role.

The Russian President remarked that this policy is normal practice for Moscow, which will always offer assistance to the citizens of any country who find themselves in emergency situations.

"I want to scare Assad" Mike Morell (Aug 8, 2016) | Charlie Rose 

AD note: Is this what America has deteriorated to? Where social commentators, political "leaders", and heads of intelligence agencies openly call for the murder and assassination of people? 

Democratic Strategist Calls For The Assassination Of Julian Assange

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