Monday, August 1, 2016

Feminists Regret Failure to Have Families

by Ray (
August 1, 2016

Anonymous woman reveals secrets of the sisterhood

Millions of women have been deceived by their society which has been totally subverted by satanist bankers and their Masonic and Jewish lackeys (our "leaders"). Ray describes a conversation with a woman who exemplifies how satanists have undermined marriage and the family and shredded the social fabric.

Last week I was having a phone conversation with a woman I met on an internet dating site.

We had each been divorced within the past few years, and were still recovering from the trauma of it. She did not want to say too much about her experience, but encouraged me to speak about mine.

At one point she interrupted me and said, "You shouldn't be taking what happened personally; it's probably not your fault."

How could she know this, I wondered? Aside from the fact I did not want the divorce, and was willing to do almost anything to save the relationship, I was still carrying a burden of guilt.

"Women are very complicated," she said. "There is a lot going on in us that men never know about; in fact it's none of their business to know about it."

Interesting, I thought. "I agree, women are complex, which is why I could use any help to better understand what happened. Maybe it will help me to avoid making the same mistakes next time."

Again she seemed hesitant to say too much. Then she said, "My girlfriends and I have had many conversations about this subject… many of them feel like failures."

Suddenly I was very attentive because my ex had used that same word to describe herself during the separation. I had tried to tell her that she wasn't, but now I wondered if I had understood.

"What do you mean by failure?" I said. Again she sort of talked around an answer, so I pressed her to elaborate. Our conversation up to this point had been very friendly and respectful, so I felt I could dig a little deeper. After all, we are two adults in our fifties, and basically anonymous to each other, so what better opportunity to be open?

She said that some of her girlfriends felt like "failures" because they never had children. They had put all their eggs, so to speak, in the career basket, and had missed the opportunity to have a family.

Well, that hit home with me, seeing as my wife threw herself into an academic career and had little left for me or for a family.

After a while, I asked her to share more of her experience with me. She gradually revealed the story of her childhood, being raised by a "strong" single mother.

"My mother told me that I would have to compete with men in life, and to never back down from a challenge with a man. I could do anything a man could, and could do it better because I was a woman, and women are better than men… they can do it all, and they can have it all."

Wow, I thought, the "mother" lode!

Her experience sounded so similar to my ex's: Raised by a single mom, pushed to achieve, highly educated with a liberal arts degree and a masters. Difficulty relating to men, never satisfied in life, and frankly, never really happy.

The next night, I had a dream about my past relationships with "liberated" women. I suddenly understood why those relationships failed. The woman on the phone had been right. It was not my fault; it was the result of a poisoned pill fed to little girls for generations.

And most women know about this on some level, but are afraid to speak about it, afraid to betray the "sisterhood" or reveal any weakness.

All these generations of women fighting for "equality". Starting with winning the right to vote, then the right to work, then the right to divorce, the right to the pill and promiscuous sex, and the right to abort unwanted life. Out of this "success" came millions of dead, deranged, and dysfunctional children, broken families, and broken hearts.

I could see very clearly now how it was the communists who had plotted these events and who had created this monster called feminism, that had made the American dream implode.

At that moment, I set my hurt and resentment aside, and wanted to have the same conversation with my ex.

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