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Chapter 3

Chips motioned towards the fire trucks which had turned off their flashing lights and slowed, turned around and headed back to the CFR facility which was adjacent to the terminal building at the Gatineau Airport. Chips and DICE both saw a tug with a cargo trailer which they assumed, correctly, might have the three body bags filled with what was labeled HR. Inside the body bags Atomic Betty, Mark O. Polo and Mar Bella 1450 had 15 minutes of oxygen supplied to them via an airline-like walk around bottle so that they would not be sickened by the smell of decomposing cow flesh that was smeared all over their body bags to dissuade any of Brian Mulroney perverts from discovering that the HUMAN REMAINS were three Abel Danger Agents, very much alive, one each from Nova Scotia, Quebec and Brunei.

Hammer ROOSTER COGBURN had been quite certain that the three 'body bags' would be boarded without issue not only because of the smeared bovine entrails causing a stink but also due to the $300 US that had been sent to the La Cage Sports Bar to get the RCMP, CSIS and airport employees thinking like global commoners being oppressed by an 'octopus like' global cabal that had its tentacles around the globe creating suffering, illness, death, poverty and despair not to mention chronic flaccidity in heterosexual males due to the cramming of fluoride into the water supply, toothpaste and male enhancements made available to the world's male population of breeding age. You know, 13-103 years of age. J Edgar Hoover, homosexual mulatto once summarized it thusly: "Yet the individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent."

Rooster left nothing to chance as he sent a message to the Malaysia Trade Commission office in Toronto suggesting that both Abel Danger and FBI were looking into the recent Brian Mulroney Airbus Bribe and that their office would receive an audit on Saturday, 9 March, 1991.

While government offices typically are not fully staffed on weekends, Abel Danger Global Intel is staffed 24/7/365 so the thought of their Toronto office being audited was enough to have Mulroney put many Crown agencies in the defensive mode over the weekend of 8-11 March, 1991 when, under the sign of Pisces, the US president was George H. W. Bush (homosexual pedophile party). In that special week of March people in US were listening to Someday by Mariah Carey while Abel Danger Agents in UK were forced to listen to 3AM Eternal by The KLF featuring The Children Of The Revolution or seek another channel with better music which was less of an option after the pirate music ships off the coast of England, such as Radio Caroline, were shut down in 1966 after CAROLINE ran aground which inspired Wilson and Asher to release their mega-hit CAROLINE NO in March of 1966 as during the same time at Ramey AFB in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, initial agents of Abel Danger were being inducted into the 72nd C4ISR Wing which would become much more robust as the Bankers' War in Indo-China robbed America of its best breeding stock in the time frame 1964-1975 after Jim Morrison's father, Admiral ( then Captain ) George S. George S. Morrison was hoodwinked into being a key player in the Tonkin Gulf Incident which allowed the crude and flatulent LBJ to escalate the war in Vietnam to benefit his filthy rich drinking buddies in Texas such as the CEOs of Colt Arms, Bell Helicopter and others involved in the GHWB led killing of JFK on 22 November, 1963.

The killing was proceded after a late night drink fest at the home of Clint Murchison, Sr. where obviously, LBJ and GHWB were not aware of the U S Marine mantra, "payback is a mother fucker", which would become more obvious to them after the GHWB authorized the explosion aboard USS Iowa on 19 April, 1989 and the murder of Colonel James Sabow USMC on 22 January, 1991 which rivaled the killing of 269 innocent Americans on 12 December, 1985 when GHWB, then the de facto president while appearing to be Reagan's VPOTUS ordered the CIA, of which he'd been a member since 1953, to ensure Arrow Air 1285 did not enter US airspace when returning 248 soldiers from Cairo to Cologne to Gander to Ft Campbell Kentucky at a time when John Wesley Ryles' mega hit KAY was causing some young enlisteds in both the Army and the Marines to learn their leadership was rather cowardly as "Kay" was about a taxicab driver in Nashville, Tennessee who had sold everything he owned to bring the woman he has loved and been with for years from Houston to Nashville, where she was becoming a star and moving beyond needing him resulting in a song full of feelings and sadness which resonated with the young soldiers and Marines who, like the taxi passengers described in the song, "hated that war in Vietnam" which was a line that has been cited as an example of the anti-war movement's presence in country music in the late 1960s with two other signature songs being "Galveston" by Glen Cambell and "Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town" by Kenny


Kenny Rogers - Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town

Rogers and the First Edition written by the stutterbug from Florida named M-M-M-M-MEL T-T-T-Tillis, capeche?"

N178FW was marshalled into a parking spot well away from the terminal and one of the revelers from the La Cage Sports bar gave Agents HOSS and Stone a signal to keep #2 and #3 running during the ‘hot refueling’ only shutting down #1 on the left side so that the three HR body bags could be loaded via the Main Cabin Door 1 left aft of the cock, I say again cock, pit and the leading edge of the left wing. Agent HOSS set the parking brake and motioned to Stone to keep an eye on the refueling and the loading of the body bags as he was going to the forward lav to void his bladder which less erudite persons may refer to as taking a leak of squeezing one's lemon. Speaking of LEMON SQUEEZEs, by the end of this book both Hillary Clinton and GHWB will know that their little lemons have definitely been squeezed to the point of testicular or ovarian drought, an expression that likely has never been used before in literature prior to this 3rd chapter of the 3rd book in the 13 volume set SHAKE HANDS WITH THE DEVIL, a griping saga rivaling both Vince Flynn of Minneapolis and Tom Clancy of Annapolis for human drama and pathos and exceeding them both with historical accuracy and significance; for instance before this book is published a certain presidential campaign will fail and a specific homosexual pedophile with his tentacles linked to USS Thresher, USS Scorpion and USS Iowa will wish he had never ordered the CIA to destroy Arrow Air 1285 before it could penetrate, I say again, penetrate U S airspace on 12 December, 1985 or ordered the homosexual commandant General Al Gray to ensure the silence of Colonel James E. Sabow, USMC, on 22 January, 1991.

Agent HOSS came out of the forward lav after shaking the dew off his lily and was met by 6 La Cage revelers carrying three bags of human remains that smelled worse than the bloomers that Hillary, Dianne Finejew or Kristine Marcy might wear on a day with temperatures in the three digit range. As the bags were delicately placed next to Hamish near seat 4C a young lady looking like a stewardess came running out towards the jet with her left index finger up indicating "1" and her right index and middle finger being twirled in a counter-clockwise motion indicating "start #1 engine".

Agent Stone, never one to shrink from duty of national importance or issues relating to his libido, selected air conditioning off, ignition on override and engaged the #1 starter. The 6 La Cage revelers filed off the Falcon 50 with the 5th one in line carrying a cardboard box with all three empty body bags in it. Agent Stone looked up to see a very distinctive aircraft fly over and in doing so lost track of the lady who had signaled for him to start #1.

Agent HOSS hurried up to the flight deck as he heard the rumble of #1 as the combustion chambers ignited the first batch of fuel dumped in during the FADEC controlled engine start. As HOSS settled into the left seat and began strapping himself in, Stone released the parking brake, called for taxi and clearance reporting only that "N178 Fox Whiskey has booze news" meaning that they had ATIS Information Whiskey which indicated that the weather was CAVOK, winds were calm and that the altimeter was 29.82 and a bunch of other trivial shit that real pilots don't give a flying fuck about, capeche? Stone smelled a strange perfume and as he taxied no faster than a man could trot, assuming that man was Jesse Owens or Randy Moss, he turned and was surprised to see the lady agent who had enthusiastically run to the jet while directing Stone to start the #1 engine.

She had removed her Gatineau Airport coveralls and was wearing a black dress that revealed the top of her little puppy dogs that made Stone's tail start to wag, in a manner of speaking. The 1/3 scale model of the Avro CF-105 Arrow disappeared to the west of Gatineau as the N178FW was advanced to TOGA power and Stone deftly controlled the takeoff while Agent HOSS was just finishing strapping himself in.

Had they had more time no doubt they would have read and complied with the checklist but in his urgent desire to get airborne and outta Dodge, Stone had done the abbreviated “walking, talking, squawking” check list which only pilots in the pre-MCDU and pre-FMGC eras would understand. Stone saw V1 and then VR airspeeds achieved and he looked over at HOSS before rotating smoothly to 13 degrees nose up, raised the gear, started the flap retraction and at V2 + 15 he began a standard rate turn to a heading of 088 which was a good WAG for the direct course to Gander as the strong presence of Elizabeth Taylor's WHITE DIAMONDS perfume still permeated the cockpit air which Stone found to be much more stimulating than the cologne that Hoss often wore, Umpire, which Hoss claimed was a remedy for foul balls.

Stone engaged the #2 autopilot before calling Montreal Center, selecting also direct Gander and airspeed hold with 330 knots being the selected airspeed which caused HOSS to raise his eyebrows as they were not yet above 10,000 feet on the altimeter setting of 29.82. Stone wondered if that was measured in hector pascals or inches of mercury but before he could make his decision the fragrant lady in the black dress sporting simple pouting breasts leaned over the center pedestal and handed him a Grolsch porcelain stoppered beauty and a bag of Northwest Orient peanuts. Knowing that Northwest Orient had ceased to exist in 1986, Stone understood what the lady in black was telling him. Knowing that she was trying to get himself to think back 5 years to 1986, Stone recalled the dissenting voice in the official investigation into the Arrow Air 1285 crash and understood why the low flying 1/3 scale model of the CF-105 had flown over the Falcon just prior to take off at CYND. He harked back to a conversation he heard between Agent Chips and Agent FARTSACK on 10 January, 1986. His father had had the speaker on on his "orange airplane phone" as FARTSACK had called from the Detroit Airport where he worked for NWA in the post Northwest Orient era prior to the removal of BUAPs from NWA's B757 fleet.

"Agent Chips, this is FARTSACK in Detroit, just got off duty at line maintenance and have two things for you. First, there is an extremist intelligence related assassination cell concealed within the Pentagon/DOD which murders NOT enemy agents but rather loyal US Government officers and enlisted men who threaten to expose illegal or covert operations by their renegade superiors. I first crossed paths with this network while investigating the "Gander Crash" of 12 Dec 1985, which resulted in the death of 248 US soldiers and 8 civilian crew members. This crash threatened to expose "Iran/Contra" one full year before it was officially brought to light in November, 1986 when your former instructor at TBS who had also been a First Class Midshipman when you were a Plebe was fingered for taking the fall for Ronald Reagan in Iran Contra which actually was a fall for GHW Bush who was the de facto president after John Warnock Hinckley was patsied by Bush's CIA in March, 1981 when a CIA shooter fired a cylindrical round into Reagan to put him on notice that GHWB was the new sheriff in town.

You will recall my friend in California who was specifically warned that if he successfully exposed the Gander cover-up he would be murdered by this assassination network which was deployed just 6 weeks ago when GHWB ordered the death of Colonel James Sabow, USMC, who was in the recruiting magazine with you in 1974. This warning was given to him by one of the US military's highest ranking and highly respected General officers whose lifestyle was not condoned in the 1991 U S DoD. He has now again crossed paths with this network during his investigation of the 22 January murder of Sabow but this time I have been told that I should also never delve into the 1989 explosion on board the USS Iowa.

Your friend in California who was working as a USAF O.S.I. special agent was personally approached to be a member of a secret assassination sub-culture within the US Government of which the secret code name within the military for this assassination underground was "the Z-D program", Z-D being the abbreviation for "Zeta Diogenes" not the Zero Defects once ballyhooed by SAC in the days before GHWB and the snot nose kid from Hot Springs, Arkansas shut down the Strategic Air Command and stole their 4 E4Bs to be tools of self-inflicted wounds on the United States of America.

The Z-D operation arose out of the intelligence failure at the Bay-of-Pigs invasion of Cuba where GHWB, David Ferrie and a few other homosexuals almost had JFK convinced to launch Operations Northwood to help Zapata Oil. Chips, I feel we should do everything possible to expose this psycho-lunatic fringe sub-culture ASAP. Your contact in California retired from the Army and then was executive assistant and director of security for the Rockwell Corporation, supervising the design of security systems used by the Iranian Air Force in the IBEX airborne electronic intelligence program that, as you and your sister are both well aware, was a CIA program to give the Iranian government "the equivalent of a small NSA' or National Security Agency. Do you have any questions Chips?2

"Yes I do, is this the same friend of mine from California who gave a deposition to Daniel Sheehan of Christie Institute in March 1988? If so he later said that in 1985-1986, he had been the Vice President of National Air Cargo, an airline operating a fleet of 23 twin-engine Spanish Casa 212 turbo-prop cargo planes, operating out of the UPS hub at Louisville airport. In the summer of 1985, my friend was on a trip to Washington looking for more business for the airline and he and National were recruited to fly weapons to the Contras and the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan. He told me he had no problem with a legitimate covert operation but backed away when he learned that retired Air Force Major General Secord was aboard and the covert operation involved laundered drug money and the mark-up of prices to enrich those involved in illegal activities. He had not been an intelligence agent; he was foremost an investigator and a good cop, so to speak. The CIA operatives had contacted the wrong man. Are you familiar with Lawrence E. Walsh?"

"Chips, yes I am familiar and am aware of his personal knowledge of the Iran/Contra Affair in the years 1985 when Arrow Air 1285 was destroyed and 1989 when gun #2 in Turret #2 aboard USS Iowa was rigged to kill 46 men just to silence the one who had homosexual history with the CIA 1953 guy from Zapata who helped Clint Murchison Sr. ice JFK."

Agent Stone Kohl was so engrossed in recalling the conversation between his father, Agent Chips, and FARTSACK that he almost missed a SEL CAL from Cuddy Dispatch.

As he turned his attention to answering the SEL CAL he recalled that there were three theories of why the USS Iowa killings had to occur: gold being moved out of USA, radioactive waste being removed from the USA, or the cover-up of a sexual encounter of GHWB and a young sailor from the USS Iowa shortly before the occult special day of 19 April, 1989. Regarding the third possibility it is believed that the Bureau of Naval Personnel found that the alleged 'john' involved with GHWB bore a remarkable resemblance to a member of ship's company of the USS Iowa. Stone knew that if the Navy had gone to the extraordinary effort to cover-up the incident with 150 agents of the Naval Investigative Service it was unlikely that he would mentally solve it so he turned his attention to Cuddy Dispatch services and operating N178FW in a safe manner.

"November 178 Fox Whiskey, Montreal Center, your company is trying to reach you on SEL CAL. If you have HF try 5606 or if you have Cuddy's VHF monitor guard and contact Cuddy, they have a reroute for you it appears".

"Roger, Montreal, November 178 Fox Whiskey monitoring guard and contacting dispatch, will report back in 2 minutes."

"Cuddy Dispatch Falcon November 178 Fox Whiskey, standing by."

"Fox Whiskey, we have you landing at Gander and we have you cleared via Flight Plan B, estimating Gander at 1842Z. Also, Hammer ROOSTER COGBURN advises he will be Briefing SMEAC-D at 1600, time now 1552. Confirm you boarded three HR Morts at Gatineau, go ahead."

"Cuddy, that is affirmative, copy all. Flight Plan B, Gander 1842Z, SMEAC-D at 1600 and we boarded the three Morts: Atomic Betty, Mark O. Polo and Mar Bella 1450. Fox Whiskey."

"Fox Whiskey, reason for Gander stop is Keflavik weather at your ETA so we will stop short, top off, and dispatch nonstop to Farnborough. Godspeed and fair winds Fox Whiskey. Cuddy out."

Stone Kohl was switching radio frequencies back to Montreal Center and thinking of how Farnborough had progressed from its origin in 1905 as a balloon factory, then a base for the Gamma airship worked on by Afterburner’s grandmother and to its current position as one of the venues for international airshows where billion dollar airline deals are born. It had become a battle ground for Boeing and Airbus since 1989 but Stone knew he’d better check in with Montreal.

"Montreal Center, Falcon November 178 Fox Whiskey, back with you at Flight Level 360, request climb to 380 destination now Gander estimating 1842. Go ahead."

"Falcon Fox Whiskey, turn right 10 degrees and proceed direct to position 48-53-59 North, 54-32-6 West, climb to Flight Level 380, no readback required, squawk ident when level, Montreal."

Stone Kohl selected FL380 and commenced an open climb while looking to his left to ensure that Agent HOSS was sleeping peacefully. As he reached Flight Level 380 and flashed ident, he heard Agent FARTSACK calling on Clipper Channel 21 and so he monitored knowing that Hammer MacCheese in the cabin would handle the communications.

"MacCheese, FARTSACK at MCRD, I met with the 'Chief' today and my understanding of the Iowa incident is now more complete. Our informative discussion today was very helpful to my understanding of the I-Wagon incident. I am now convinced that Hartwig and Truitt had nothing to do with the explosion. What is interesting; is the Navy NIS assigning 150 of their 1200 investigators to make it look like the two sailors caused the incident killing 47. It is obvious that Captain Fairycake was reckless and the two Jesuits also played a role. Captain Fairycake is a disgrace to the Naval Academy learning little more than how to politic and suck up to the military industrial complex in hopes of making flag rank like his former Navy Football teammate and current boss. The botched investigation of Iowa as well as the Navy Tail Hook Scandal appear to be the impetus for the redefining of NIS as NCIS which is scheduled to occur in the next 12 months. I find it interesting that President Bush would take such a personal interest in making the Iowa incident be swept under the rug including a private conversation with Captain Fairycake."

"FARTSACK, we are familiar with the reorganization which will result in an all civilian NCIS which will further increase the US Senior Executive Service stranglehold on the military and will undermine Reagan’s plans for a 600 ship Navy and 40 Fighter Wing Air Force. We are helping a pair of journalists at the New York Times as they research botched investigations, including the Tailhook scandal, the Iowa explosion and the Violetta Seina issue with Marine Sergeant Clayton J. Lonetree which took place at the U S Embassy in Moscow about 4 years ago. Note that the gay Commandant of the Marine Corps who has argued for the early release of Lonetree is the same party who was involved in authorizing the "GRIGGS REMEDY" for Colonel James Sabow, USMC. The writers at the New York Times believe that each fumbled inquiry may have exposed a different U.S. Navy foible. The repeated bungling suggests a systemic problem in the Naval Investigative Service and a management failure at the highest levels, in this case the POTUS level, which sadly may result in more power to the US SES and less potency for flag officers in the four military branches. OK FARTSACK, back to the Iowa if you wish."

"Hammer MacCheese, the main questions here are first; was it an accident by incompetents or a deliberate planned event. It sounds like one of the Jesuits knew exactly what to tell Captain Fairycake so the center gun on Turret 2 would explode on this occult date, 19 April, in this case 1989.. At this moment I would suggest that the main issue is not how it happened which leads to the second question. What needs to be covered up that would likely lead to the Navy and GHWB to spend over $50 million painting Dante’s Inferno after throwing Hartwig's personal items overboard and repainting his rack area. What will this reveal if we can look under the veil. This is a typical GHWB murder cover up.

There are too many coincidental events to call this an accident; especially when we consider the two Jesuits and their roles. Jesuit #1 was a diplomatic idiot but it looks like he was more of a problem than is obvious. If I remember correctly, Jesuit #2 could have played a role in the cover up or played a role in designing experiments, experiments with over ramming of the guns which could not be authorized at the Captain Fairycake level. Sandia Labs, Dam Neck and Dahlgren should all have been involved according to our unhappy wife, or widow, married to the fellow at Combat Direction Systems Activity Dam Neck. By the way, the beaches at Dam Neck are some of the best on the Virginia Coast……"

"FARTSACK, we need to expedite this conversation as the SMEAC-D briefing starts in 5 minutes. Can we take a look at the murder of colonel Sabow. Colonel Underwood and General Adams coordinated the murder from El Toro by contacting USMC HQ on the evening of January 21, 1991 and Colonel Sabow was murdered around 9:00AM January 22, 1991. The forensics show Sabow murdered, without question; to prevent the exposure of GHWB’s cocaine for cash and weapons operations. We believe NIS had about 12 agents aligned with GHWB, CMC Gray, ACMC Davis and Colonel Griggs. We may have access to the flight plan of the HML 367 Scarface Huey that flew the hit team which killed Sabow. It was a brutal skull crushing murder polished off with a 12 gauge blast through his mouth and out the back of his skull after Sabow was already dead or comatose at best. There were several persons suicided to manage the cover up already and it is only March. Who knows how many will have to die to protect the homosexual pedophile intent on destroying the United States of America as was his father before him. The operations GHWB did not want discovered were human trafficking, greater than$500B annual drug profits, possible organ harvesting and another $500B currency exchange expected 60 to 90 days after the well-choreographed 100 hour war which has wrapped up this week in Kuwait-Iraq-Saudi area of operations. GHWB bought $500 million in sub penny Kuwaiti Dinar on margin for fractional pennies each and he believes they will be redeemed for as much as $3.30 each in March-April of this year. That is why he ordered the 100-hour war. He wanted to get paid and get his collaborators paid by the end of Q-1, 1991 and Colonel Sabow's exposure of the El Toro drug hauling was not going to rock the boat.

In summation, GHWB is on schedule to make over $900B in 1991 and he will not let Sabow, the Iowa incident, the Franklin Coverup or Tailhook slow him down. In fact, he is working with Sam Nunn of Georgia to change NIS to NCIS to appear more lethal while removing military leaders and replacing with pliable fairies such as are proliferate at United States Senior Executive Service which was created in 1979 by Field McConnell's sister, the obese hybristophiliac lesbian Kristine Marcy. Time for a sociable as the SMEAC-D briefing is set to begin, MacCheese out."

In the forward lounge of the Falcon, Afterburner, Hamish, DICE and Barry H. Hall had the AQWB-27X set for all to see and as the BIT checks were performed and the globe illuminated during the tests, Chips, Atomic Betty and Mar Bella 1450 stood next to DICE and Barry M. Hall. Agent Mark O. Polo was having a classified briefing with his two doppelgangers in Gander and Farnborough to ensure Operation LEMON SQUEEZE would not be jeopardized by the camel that had snuck into the Abel Danger tent. At the stroke of 1600 GMT the face of ROOSTER COGBURN became visible to those monitoring the Globe. He fumbled with a live feed in his left ear before grabbing what looked like 5 to 8 sheets of yellow line paper the size of a legal pad and began his address to those aboard 178FW, those at Tilly Shillings in Farnborough and whatever snitches those loyal to GHWB might be listening in, no linkage to the Crests' rock and roll song from 1959 but a review of the lyrics may be timely in 1991 as the E4Bs have been transferred from SAC to FEMA:

"The angels listened in, when they heard me praying, The angels listened in, when they heard me saying, Please send me some one to love, Send the one I'm thinking of, my darling, the angels sent you."

Hammer ROOSTER COGBURN opened up with a broadside salvo: "What the hell was going on with the Iowa in 1989 that generated over 1000% cover up resources and more?" Kissinger had had his puppet strings on GHWB for several years. Were the Rothschilds wanting certain performance from Bush and not getting it? GHWB had been running USG since March 1981 when he had Reagan hit with a special disk bullet fired by a CIA agent. Was it a big multi trillion dollar oil deal or what? This event lay between 1987 stock market meltdown and Sabow murder. I don't know about the number of suicides for cover up reasons but if I could give Congressman Murtha some fatherly advice and I would suggest he tone down his Marine Corps behavior as GHWB does not respect heterosexual Marine officers as is evidenced by the Al Gray-Sabow matrix. I believe that those covering up the Turret Explosion aboard USS Iowa were protecting something or someone.

Sandia Labs created a phony report and a party known to us pirated someone's' notes and reverse engineered them to cast a shadow over two sailors, Truitt and Hartwig. GHWB style suicides are involved and obvious but I still cannot see what they were covering up. Was it death pool betting with the cesium clock game or something else. Since their god is money and riches there is something like a country at stake and a wealthy one. I would suggest that three most likely possibilities are the removal of tons of gold being shipped from CONUS aboard the Iowa which could be recovered in Puerto Rican coastal waters off Vieques Island if necessary, or option 2 is the removal of radioactive waste once again being destined for the bottom of the sea off Vieques.

Option 3, which is emerging and less likely, is to silence a Navy enlisted lover of GHWB which might make for a toxic cocktail if both his Franklin Coverup and the exposure of a tryst with an enlisted man took place in the Naval Observatory in 1987 or the White House after 20 January, 1989. As our exposure of the USS Iowa grows in impact watch for Captain Fairycake to be retired early as the scape goat but he should very soon thereafter be ensconced in some cush job within the military industrial complex. I would like Hammer MacCheese and Agent THORN to take a look at Lockheed, Martin Marietta or Fincantieri US and see if anything stands out. I believe that if Fairycake took the fall for GHWB like Oliver North did, than GHWB would find him a desk at some "shipbuilder". Sociable!"

Chips noticed that Agent DICE was going back to the rear of the aircraft towards where Agent Mark O. Polo was engaged in his communications. However, that wouldn’t explain why DICE was carrying a coloring book and a little toy horse called "My Little Pony". He asked Afterburner if she could explain DICE's behavior and Afterburner held up her right index finger as if to signal "give me a moment". Chips followed the movement of DICE back to where she leaned over a pair of seats in the extreme aft end of the cabin of the Falcon 50 now registered as N178FW. Chips wondered if any parties, pro or con, would take the time to go to and search N-number 178FW. He hoped if so it would not be any con agents like Kristine Marcy, Hillary Clinton or members of the CBS crime families. He mentally googled "Field McConnell + CBS crime families" as Afterburner found time to answer the question in Chips' one track mind.

"Chips, the reason that DICE went back was that when we boarded the 3 Human Remain MORTS in Gatineau we actually got 5 for the price of 3. Agent TILLMAN and 'the package' were in one of the bags, Atomic Betty was in the same bag as Mark O. Polo and Mar Bella 1450 was alone in his bag. DICE knows how a little girl can get bored on Abel Danger MISSIONS so she took her a little pony. The significant issue is the color of the pony; did you notice?"

"Yes I noticed it was Plum in color but here comes DICE and the AQWB-27X is alive again with the image of ROOSTER COGBURN so let's listen in to the SMEAC-D briefing." DICE took her place as ROOSTER continued his briefing.

"Captain FAIRYCAKE was not a 'fast burner' like Dave Lovelady, Bills Walls or Vance Baker. While Livelady flew fighters and had over 800 arrested landings ( traps ) aboard the boat and Vance Baker flew Huey Gunships with HML-367 long before the murder or Colonel James Sabow. Captain FAIRYCAKE's career was more like Alexander the Great's journey through Khyber Pass,; that is very slow moving and with antiquated equipment, technologies and management style. For centuries Khyber Pass served as a major trade route from the west to lucrative markets in what was then India and surrounding territories.

The history of the Khyber Pass as a strategic gateway dates from 326 B.C. We are protecting Captain FAIRYCAKE, by not using the real name of the Annapolis '66 grad who was number 820 out of 868, because he scapegoated 2 sailors; Hartwig and Truitt and made them out to be homosexuals which likely was not true and will be proven if we can contact Nathan Goodiron of North Dakota. Also, Truitt and Hartwig could not have been involved in any way. FAIRYCAKE was a USNA football player and anointed as a fair haired boy and had behaviors like Colonel Joseph "Porky" Underwood USMC who was the neighbor to, and low hanging fruit of, the Sabow murder which GHWB had ordered on the night of 21 January, some scant seven weeks ago."

"Even though it will soon be two years since the Iowa Turret Explosion, our Abel Danger Agent "Master Chief Thorn", with gold star on insignia, is the most technically competent investigator associated with this. Never piss off certain kinds of grizzly bears. Chief Thorn is thorough, articulate and technically competent beyond what seems possible and that suggests Divine Guidance. Thorn is most knowledgeable person re I-Wagon Incident in the same way that Greg Salyards, Annapolis '62, is very knowledgeable in some other unexplained fatal events in U S Navy history in the later 20th century occurring during the Bush-Hillary years. May god comfort those harmed by GHWB’s mass murders including Arrow Air 1285, USS Iowa, Sabow, the concluding 100-hour war and the Trillion Dollar Sanction he is planning with the repugnant FOUL BVR and GADGET BENT from Arkansas. Sociable!!".

Hammer MacCheese placed a 16 ounce CSM with two stuffed queens in front of Chips and a double mineral water with signature lime slice in front of Hamish. Afterburner and DICE were both given black coffees and a Red Bull chaser by Marquis d'Cartier as he took refreshments back to Tillman, 'the package', Atomic Betty and Mark O. Polo. Agent Mar Bella 1450 was sitting next to Hamish and indicated that he needed nothing to drink as he had a wineskin with "El Bodegon, Washington DC, January 20, 1969", inscribed in the soft leather. The 'seat belt' sign was illuminated followed by TWO DINGS of the cabin alert system as HAMMER ROOSTER hurriedly returned to a live transmission.

"We are not yet ready to identify Captain FAIRYCAKE as his teammates on the USNA Football team might figure out who he is and what he has done. As you know he was in the bottom 10% of his class as so he was not able to be…….."

ROOSTER COGBURN interrupted himself as he got an update from Mandaree, North Dakota in his right ear live feed. He returned to SMEAC-D to conclude with a short statement.

"To those aboard Fox Whiskey as well as the group assembled in Farnborough at Tilly Shilling's we will wrap this up very soon as a Northwest flight returning from Amsterdam some 100 miles ahead, opposite direction, has reported moderate to severe turbulence at your altitude and Cuddy Dispatch and Captain HOSS will be getting busy and preparing FOX WHISKEY to go 'in harm's way'. However, before we sign off I am asking our Agent DATA who is with FARTSACK in San Diego to relay what he has just learned from associates of Gene Wheaton who prefer Romaine lettuce in their Cobb Salads no reference to Greg Salyards, Annapolis '62, intended. Agent DATA, you have about three minutes, over to you."

"This won't take 3 minutes ROOSTER but first thanks to Agent THORN for the message received by Wheaton and the salad aficionado who prefers Romaine. In addition to Captain FAIRYCAKE we are looking at two Jesuits and a Jester as well as a real Marine. Jesuit #1 is a Father Danner who seems more Jesuit than trustworthy. A Naval Officer name Miceli, also a Jesuit, is also making waves that are not helpful. The 3Ms include Miceli, a Rear Admiral Milligan and a Marine from Pennsylvania named Murtha who we believe may be expended if the GHWB angle relating to USS Iowa continues to 'blossom'. We are receiving some indications out here in San Diego County that Patricia 610 is likely knowledgeable of the HML-367 link to the Sabow Murder.

The Sabow Murder, Arrow Air 1285, the Iowa Turret explosion, 100 day war to profit from the Kuwaiti Dinar Reset and an upcoming operation which involves the CBS crime families seems to be coalescing very nicely and if any of our Abel Danger network thinks that the JFK assassination was one of GHWB's biggest ops they will soon need to think again. Hammer ROOSTER, it is imperative that we keep the pressure on in England as it pertains to the TV show being planned at BBC and the issues relating to institutional pedophilia that has jumped from Gaye Olde England over to the GHWB White House and the U S Naval Observatory before that. If we have time, now, I’d like to yield to Agent Afterburner or any Abel Danger asset in the United Kingdom who might be tracking the TV show progress. I am convinced that GHWB knows we are tracking him and now that we have Chief Gold Star engaged, it looks like the man with the Key Lime clipboard will be making short work of McCain, Bush and the other domestic enemies of the United States of America. Rooster, I yield to our lady from UK Agent Afterburner. DATA out."

"Agents DATA, Afterburner and FARTSACK standby for a 3-way as soon as we terminate SMEAC-D as FOX WHISKEY is now approaching the turbulence plot at Flight Level 380 and if we don't do something soon it could be that………"

Before HAMMER ROOSTER could conclude his remarks the Falcon 50 was pummeled with turbulence rivaling a broadside salvo from an Iowa Class Battlewagon of which there were 6; 4 complete, one partially completed, and one cancelled.

Up front Stone Kohl reduced power by 20%, turned off the mode C and started a descent while turning 30 degrees to the left of course. An unsettled Captain HOSS stirred in his sleep as Stone selected continuous ignition, turned the thunderstorm light on, selected engine anti-ice on and grabbed a fresh Grolsch frosty with signature porcelain stopper. Stone saw a 'hole' on his radar and as Stone guided Fox Whiskey towards what he hoped would be smoother air, an 'itsy bitsy spider' was making its way up Agent Chips' right leg, looking for a water spout. Agent Chips hoped his Cowper's Fluid would not be discernable to those in the lounge seats in the forward cabin of Fox Whisky as his purple tipped red champion was rigging itself for night action. Agents TILLMAN and Mark O. Polo were walking forward when suddenly the cabin went dark and quiet and no airconditioning or engine noise was audible as the Falcon was assaulted with hail sounding like artillery fire.

Chapter 4

Up in the cockpit of N178FW Stone felt like he was flying his grandfather's B24D as the heavy rain and hail had caused all three engines of Fox Whiskey to shut down and there was no electricity available to provide hydraulic boost to the flight controls of the Falcon which was now going down faster than a prom dress in the days before Hillary Clinton and Kristine Marcy's United States Senior Executive Service has commenced an unmasked attack on heterosexual officers in the military of the United States of America and its government. Not the Shadow Government that would be exposed 20 years, to the day, after the Tail Hook Scandal which as all of us know had not yet happened as of 9 March, 1991 when N178FW was trying to find its way to CYQX which is the ICAO identifier for Gander Airport which was the scene of the GHWB ordered attack on Arrow Air 1285 on 12 December, 1985.

Stone looked over at Agent HOSS who was wearing his Idaho State Broncos ball cap and sleeping off 3 cans of Grape Nehi as Stone decided to start #3 first to get that hydraulic pump working to take pressure off the line-backer like arms and shoulders of his upper body not to mention in the absence of air conditioning he would be able to hear the rumble and the light off of the Honeywell power plant if it were to, in fact, start. When the engines had shut down all electrical power was lost so to ensure adequate windmilling speed for an airstart, Stone flew at 8 degrees nose down on the peanut gyro. Sensing the airspeed was stabilized he cycled the FADEC start control for #3 and was very relieved when he heard the low rumble of a jet engine lacking oil pressure and suffering from differential thermal shock start to turn. He also felt the 'bump' as the ignitors in burner cans 4 and 7 caused the Honeywell TFE31 to be filled with flames as was Turret #2 aboard the USS Iowa on 19 April, 1989 when GHWB’s Jesuit pals killed 46 innocent sailors just to silence the one related to a homosexual tryst with the pervert who had first demonstrated his cowardice in WWII when he bailed out of a three man torpedo bomber leaving two other crewman to be terrified briefly before dying for nothing other than the bankers who made their fortunes in World War II, the second war to end all wars.

Stone reset the IDG after the oil temperature had raised into the green range and he pushed the power up to 88% N1 before selecting FADEC #1 engine control off and then on to cause the left engine to airstart. He thought back to watching a documentary film about the rescue of GHWB which was aired as part of a 1984 Republican Convention tribute to Vice President Bush. On September 2, 1984, forty years to the day of his doomed bombing mission, a ceremony was held at the Norfolk Naval Station, complete with a Navy band and an encomium from Navy Secretary John Lehman. Bush's war service, Lehman declared, was the beginning of a career “which went on to mark some of the most remarkable achievements in the anus of American pedophile homosexual politics."

Stone had been told by his father, Field McConnell, that the real story turns out to be far more complicated. In particular, there are two unresolved issues: What did Bush know of his crew members' fate? And how badly was his plane hit at the moment when he decided to bail out? These are not merely hypothetical: as the pilot, Bush's decision to ditch the craft would have doomed anyone still on board. Navy regulations in 1944 dictated that officers who are thought to have abandoned crew members could be court-martialed. Well, perhaps GHWB should be court martialed quick before he croaks or Captain FAIRYCAKE runs off to Paraguay to live on the Bush 'bug out' compound. Stone was temporarily caused to forget recalling the Bush cowardice as #1 was in the green range so he recycled IDG#1 as Agent Tillman arrived in the cock, I say again, cock pit.

"Your dad sent these up for you Stone and speaking for the rest of us about this French pig I know I speak for all of us in saying “Good luck and we are all counting on you" as he handed Stone a four pack of Grolsch beers and a single bag of salted peanuts. As Stone grabbed the nut sack he was confused at the source of the Malaysia Airline Peanuts and queried Tillman in that vein while he also commenced the airstart sequence of the #2, or S-duct, engine mounted in the tail.

"Tillman, where on earth did you get this bag of nuts from such a far away land?"

"Stone, the lady that has Liz Tailor's White Diamonds cologne on says she works two jobs, weekends at the airport and her day job is in the Malaysia Trade Office in Ottawa. She says that she had just decided to board the Falcon at the last minute because RCMP was looking for her regarding some skullduggery involving PM Mulroney and the competition between Airbus and Boeing to win billion dollar contracts for MAS. She said she felt certain there was someone on this jet that would someday play a pivotal role in an evil attack against a Malaysian airliner. She has no idea who it might be but she had come up to the cockpit and looked at you and determined you were too young and HOSS was old enough but too sleepy. She is back talking to Atomic Betty and Mark O. Polo thinking they might know due to their history with CSIS. Did you know……."

Tillman was interrupted as Stone had the Falcon back level at FL380 and had turned the altitude reporting Mode C back on which caused a call from Montreal ATC.

"Falcon November 178 Fox Whiskey, Montreal Center, we had you lost for 6 minutes or so, report your altitude and squawk ident on new code 0311."

"Montreal, Fox Whiskey with a flash on 0311, level FL380 assigned, direct Gander VOR. We had a loss of all generators in that area of severe weather however we are operating normally now." A pair of clicks was the only response from Montreal as Stone turned to asked Agent Tillman a question.

"Tillman, as you are mucerh old than me do you recall a 1984 movie documentary claiming that GHWB was some type of hero for a flying event of 2 September, 1944?"

“That documentary was a fluff piece to prop up the Reagan administration pro military reputation. There was also a book titled Bush: Man of Integrity or some such bullshit. Nothing could be further from the truth. When he bailed out of the torpedo bomber he left two men to did a horrible death….."

"Excuse me Tillman but I recall hearing Bush verified his gunner was dead and a sailor named White was in a silken descent before he bailed out of his aircraft which was engulfed in flames with those flames reaching the wingfold and approaching the gas tanks……."

"Stone, that is pure unadulterated horse hockey, the tail gunner in the plane directly ahead of Bush was a man named Chester Mierzejewski. Mierzejewski came forward to challenge Bush after noticing inconsistencies in public accounts of Bush's mission that day. He was struck by how all the versions differed from what he saw."

"Mierzejewski had the best and most unobstructed view, and could see directly into Bush's cockpit. A nonpolitical man who had been Bush's partner in shipboard bridge games, Mierzejewski wrote a personal letter to the vice president in March 1988, stating that his memory of that day was "entirely different" from what Bush had been saying in television interviews. Bush, an assiduous letter writer, never responded, so Mierzejewski took his story to the New York Post in August 1988. The Post quoted the tail gunner as saying that only Bush himself had bailed out and that Bush's plane was never on fire. But Stone, you are probably too young to recall but this is just one chink in Poppy's queer lack of armour. Your father might share with you some of the other true history of George Herbert Wanker Bush. His evil cowardice was seen in the bailout of 1944 killing two crewmen, the 1985 nuclear event aboard Arrow Air 1285 killing 269 innocent American and disrespecting the corpses of three special forces troops, Rangers, in the center cargo hold of the Arrow DC-8-63. He also was the senior person who authorized the murder of Colonel James Sabow USMC who appeared in that recruiting photo with your father."

"As awful as that murder was it was no more evil than GHWB's participation in the April 19, 1989 murder of 46 sailors aboard USS Iowa. And even that is not as evil as the 100 day war Bush just prosecuted in a $500B trick fuck of his former ally Saddam Hussein. This old bastard Bush has his tentacles on the September 1944 deaths, the Bay of Pigs fiasco, the JFK murder, Arrow Air, USS Iowa, Sabow, Dinar Reset War and they all combined pale in comparison to what the CBS crime families are planning using the technology that will soon be featured in a BBC TV show called Bugs when their Episode 3 in Season 1 will be titled "All Under Control" which is a misnomer as the New World Order does not have the world under their control. The reason why they picked the USS Iowa can be explained to you but it is better if you hear it from your father or the Native America friend of your dad's from Mandaree, North Dakota. I need to go back and check on my daughter but you can sure learn a lot from your father. And for that matter, your grandfather and grandmother also, remember to honor them, that is the 5th commandment, at least I think it is. Please spend time with all three of them before they are taken from you which they will be, of that you can be certain. Or in your father's case, ABSOLUTly certain. Enjoy your beers, you are earning them."

Stone had the aircraft all under control, not to be confused with the BBC TV show that appeared years later and exposed the BUAP, a joint project of General Electric and Honeywell that would be blamed on Boeing, but as the Falcon was flying itself towards Gander and Stone had an urge to Squeeze his Lemon he stood in the doorway to the cabin and motioned for his father Chips to come forward to monitor the Flight Guidance systems and also Captain HOSS in case HOSS were to awake and desire another Grape NEHI or riveting flying story from the world's most humourous collection of real life flying adventures be they involving the world's lowest air refueling ever performed or a story where Iceland’s Keflavik airport was WOXOF and Chips would land there in an F4 Phantom anyway because he didn't have beer money for a divert to RAF Stornoway and he did not want to show up at the RAF Officer's Club without money for suds or chicks for free. Gee, the Dire Straits might wish to turn that thought into a million selling song. In any case it is a good thing that Chips didn't take his F4D, tail number 64-0965, to the western isles of Scotland as they were looking for a Phantom to scrap for their display of aircraft that would have operated there in the window of time 1982 to 1998.

Chips brought a half empty, or was it half full, CSM complete with two garlic stuffed queens to the cock pit and settled in the right seat which was his favored seat for trans Atlantic crossings going back to the days when he flew as the landing gear operator for Captain Bob Perry of Northwest Airlines who had a brilliant career in the Marine Corps as a fighter pilot in the early 60s not to be compared to Field McConnell's lackluster career as a transport co-pilot because he told the Group Commander of VMFAT-101 to go fuck himself on Labor Day 1973 at Yuma.

Chips sat in the right seat meaning starboard not correct although both applied and had just found the girly magazine from 1963 with the photo of Miss Foreign Affairs when his Clipper Squirt Gun when off with an IMMEIDATE JASPER from Agent BIG CHIEF in Mandaree, North Dakota. He promised himself to answer as soon as he was done mentally removing the news paper from the target area of Miss Foreign Affairs. Chips knew that had he been General Buck Turgidson he would have moved the newspaper, saddled up from the rear and offered the delightful warm and willing morsel an unobserved stern shot which in fighter pilot terms has the highest percentage probability of being lethal. For modern readers who were not of movie going age in 1964 when Field McConnell and his girlfriend Sandi Disante watched Peter Sellers and Slim Pickens attack Russia at Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico you will be given an opportunity to witness an unobservered stern shot as Field McConnell fires the lethal shot that kills Hillary Clinton in the political sense of the word. Chips selected 'text' on his Clipper Squirt Gun and read the Immediate Jasper.

Agent BIG CHIEF Immediate Jasper to Agent Chips, Hammer MacCheese, Hammer Rooster Cogburn, Barry M. Hall and FARTSACK, copy DICE, Afterburner and those at Tilly Shilling's in Farnborough Office of Abel Danger:

Chips, as you recall each of the Iowa Class Battleships had 58 man complements of Marines embarked. You may recall also that at all times at least one Native American was aboard each of the battle wagons. On 19 April, 1989 there were Indians from Sac and Fox, Cherokee, Powhatan and Chippewa Tribes aboard the Iowa, Missouri, New Jersey and Wisconsin when the pre-meditated hit, explosion on board the battleship Iowa killed 47 sailors in gun turret 2 of the main (16") battery.

Our Marine Indian recalls the explosion but his primary area of expert witness leads us to emphasize the shoddy politically-motivated decisions of the Reagan Administration (1981-89) which led to the reactivation of the Iowa-class ships. These decisions placed thousands of men into danger on obsolete museum pieces, and in my view, created the circumstances which were the likely cause of the explosion. Because Ronald Reagan's technical accomplishments were limited to 20 mule teams and Borax Laundry Detergent we can assume that GHWB was the integral culprit in the attempt to create the biggest undersea sepulcher since the USS Arizona. Recall that these ships had been originally equipped with a forest of anti-aircraft artillery to counter the propeller-driven aircraft of the early 1940s. All of this was useless against modern jet aircraft and anti-ship missiles, and it was completely removed and replaced with four high-speed electric gatling guns called CIWS Phalanx which were manufactured by Raytheon Corporation which would raise a lot of knowledgeable eyebrows later when a pair of obsolete A 3 Sky Warriors would be super modified by Darrell Skurich as directed by GHWB and his mini-me, John McCain.

The Raytheon CIWS Phalanx were only intended to be a final line of defense against aerial attack and a mechanism to enrich McCain's friends in the military industrial complex with offices in Arizona. The missing outer defense layer was the Sea Sparrow missiles, specifically the RIM-7 and RIM-662 missiles also produced by the treasonous Raytheon Corporation who would later kill 5 of their top executives to try and mask their corporate participation in the greatest self-inflicted wound the United States of America would ever sustain. No RIM-7 or RIM-662 missiles were placed on the Iowa-class battlewagons because the blast from the discharge of the 16" guns would have damaged the missile housings. I could go on for hours but we are having a "sweat lodge" ceremony and I need to take my 12 year old son to learn the ways of our people. The wayof my people is to live in peace but when conflict is forced upon us, to prevail quickly after warning potential enemies of the cost of disturbing our peace. BIG CHIEF, Mandaree Abel Danger.

Agent Stone returned from the cabin with another 4 Grolsch beers and a can of Planter's Fancy Cocktail Mixed Nuts lightly salted. He saw from the notes his father Chips had written on his KeyLime clipboard that a discussion of the Iowa Class battleships had just taken place. He knew a fair amount of military history as his paternal grandparents were both participants in World War II and his father had flown for both the Marine Corps and later the Air Defense Forces while attached to the North Dakota Air National Guard at Fargo, North Dakota, where he flew F4D Phantoms and later the F16ADF. His background in the air defense community would be the platform from which his career exposing the true enemies of his country would be launched. Stone shared a thought with his father before he would resume his position as co-pilot to Sleeping Beauty in the Idaho State Broncos ball cap dozing next to a collection of empty Grape NEHI cans.

"Chips, from your scribbled notes it looks like you have been discussing the 'sitting ducks' of the Reagan Iowa Class battleships like the one that was expected to entomb 47 young men on 19 April, 1989. Isn't it predictable that the NWO perverts would use certain Masonic special days to do their evil. For instance, September 11, 1775, 1864, 1961 and who knows how many more times the Satan worshippers will attack America on September 11th, or 19 April for that matter. But regarding the impotent battleships, at the time the Mule Team Man and the homosexual pedophile set up shop at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, submarines and torpedoes had become much greater threats since the 1940s, yet the reactivated battleships were not fitted with anti-submarine defenses (ASROC), whereas the much newer Spruance class destroyers had been, in addition to carrying the Sea Sparrow. Because of this fact the battleships were dependent on an escort of smaller vessels to protect them, much as in WW2. But, unlike WW2, these smaller modern vessels also deployed long range offensive systems which matched or exceeded the battleship's capabilities. What then was the need for the expensive and vulnerable battleship? In a word, nada, jack shit, zero, squat, the square root of fuck-all. Your thoughts oh resident of the right seat?"

"Very well stated Stone. Recall also that with an effective range of 70 miles or so, a nation equipped with shore-based Harpoon missiles, or their soviet equivalents, and an effective targeting system could engage an Iowa-class battleship long before the ship's main gun armament could be brought into maximum range, about 24 miles. Anti-ship missiles, such as the Russian-built Styx, had been used by the Indian Navy in 1971 to strike and destroy Pakistani ships at ranges of over 40 miles. Recall that Abel Danger has had an Agent STYX in our force for almost a decade now. While some in our network may not be familiar with STYX her history can be summoned by googling this combo: [ Agent STYX + Chips + IOC + pastel + Hamish ] . Agent STYX was a student of the event in 1982 when several British ships were sunk or seriously damaged by Argentine forces using French-made Exocet missiles, launched both from air and from the ground. One of these hits was made on HMS Glamorgan by an Exocet missile launched from cheaply built launcher cobbled together on a trailer by some Argentine McGyver.

The 1980s battleship proponents argued the ships sunk by anti-shipping missiles had been lightly built vessels, whereas the battleship's armor would protect it from sinking should it be struck by a missile. But this didn't match the reality of the battleship's "all or nothing" armor system, which was designed to protect the machinery, armament and certain other critical structures of the ship from enemy battleship shells fired at ranges above 16,000 yards.

Vast portions of the ship had no armor at all. Even the armor didn't give much protection against aerial bombardment, that was the job of the anti-aircraft artillery. The original anti-ship missile was the German Fritz X, basically an early smart bomb, which in 1943 sank the Italian battleship Roma, and caused serious damage to the British battleship Warspite. However, in 1991 there are very few serious students of military history and the ancient art of warfare now seemingly only understood by Russia and Abel Danger. However, on a brighter note, if God has planned for Russia and Abel Danger to prevail, then our enemy should familiarize themselves with Isaiah 54:17. Stone, take your seat back as I need to ask Afterburner and Hamish a couple of questions regarding offensive systems on these floating morgues which hopefully will be retired before the BBC TV show BUGS exposes their Achilles heels to a world filled with evil."

Stone took his place in the right seat just as Montreal Center called with holding instructions for N178FW and the smell of White Diamonds became very evident in the cock, I say again, cock pit of the Falcon 50 with two FAA approved registration numbers one of which was N178FW.

Agent Chips had passed the dark haired beauty as he returned to the cabin to seek out information from Hamish and Afterburner. Knowing that DICE was from UK and that Mark O. Polo had recently returned to Nova Scotia from a surveillance mission in Switzerland involving UBS, Agent Chips felt a rush similar to anticipation as he seated himself across the lounge table from Hamish and DICE.

"Hamish and DICE, is Afterburner having a kip or squeezing her lemon, I have a statement and a question I'd like to run by you 3 and also Agent Mark O. Polo if he is available." Before DICE or Hamish could answer Chips, Afterburner took the aisle seat next to him as she returned from a quick visit to Tillman's daughter in the extreme after of the Falcon 50. She poured the remainder of her RED BULL into her cooling coffee as Agent Chips framed his question to the three Abel Danger Agents who were all originally from England upon which the sun did not use to set until the rampant pedophiles destroyed what had once been good. You know, sort of like what GHWB and his shadow government have been intending to do as evidenced by this "thousand points of darkness" speech first spoken at the Republican Convention in New Orleans in 1988 and regurgitated at his inauguration on 20 January, 1989 just 26 months ago when he lied through his homosexual, pedophile, treasonous crooked teeth is saying: "I have spoken of a thousand points of light, of all the community organizations that are spread like stars throughout the Nation, doing good. We will work hand in hand, encouraging, sometimes leading, sometimes being led, rewarding. We will work on this in the White House, in the Cabinet agencies. I will go to the people and the programs that are the brighter points of light, and I will ask every member of my government to become involved. The old ideas are new again because they are not old, they are timeless: duty, sacrifice, commitment, and a patriotism that finds its expression in taking part and pitching in."

Agent Chips posed a question to the trio of Brit sourced Abel Danger agents regarding the lunacy of sinking millions or billions into trying to live yesterday's military supremacy vicariously in the re-deploying of the four Iowa Class battle wagons.

"Afterburner, DICE and Hamish, correct me if I am wrong but I believe that the two modern offensive weapons systems installed on the Iowa were the short-range (70 miles) Harpoon anti-ship missile and the long-range Tomahawk cruise missile, generally used for land attack, but also capable of anti-ship use. These missiles were prepacked into launching tubes. Once a missile was fired, the tubes could not be reloaded with another missile until the ship returned to port. There were 16 Harpoon and 32 Tomahawks placed on Iowa. By comparison, the much smaller Spruance-class destroyers, built in the late 70s, carried 8 Harpoons and (some ships) 8 Tomahawks each. In the case of the Harpoon in the anti-ship mode it didn't require so expensive or vulnerable a launching platform as a battleship.

It didn't even need a ship of any kind. It could be fired from an aircraft or a shore-based installation. The mounting tubes could be placed on a heavy truck and driven about on a nation's coastline as shore defense. The Tomahawk also could be launched from a wide variety of other platforms. And this is not something that some goofy blogger like Veterans Today has invented. From the testimony by the Frank C. Conahan, assistant Comptroller General, National Security division of the GAO, at the Congressional hearings following the explosion I recall these words:

While the battleships' Tomahawk and Harpoon missile capability is imposing, it is not unique within the Navy. Many other Navy vessels, submarines as well as surface ships, carry those same weapons. Also, the battleships' contribution to future amphibious warfare also may be limited. The current maximum range of just over 23 miles of the battleships' 16-inch guns (their only unique weapon system) impairs the ships' ability to provide effective naval surface fire support within the context of an "over the horizon" amphibious assault — one launched from 25 to 50 miles offshore and extending far inland.

However, in 1984 America was intoxicated with the positive words coming out of the mouth of the 20 Mule Team man and so the USS Iowa was accepted back into active service on April 28, 1984, which on the one hand was good as it was ahead of schedule but on the other hand bad as two significant systems those being the engines and the 16 inch guns were not operating as advertised. When the Borax salesman and his astrology impaired wife needed to look powerful on 4 July, 1986 little would it matter that the Iowa Class battleships were likely incapable of engaging in modern naval warfare despite the image of crisp belligerency as the 'dolts-in-chief' posed for a photo op that probably had Soviet military planners licking their chops. I think it is significant………."

Chips was interrupted by Hamish who, recently lubricated with his third double mineral water with signature lime slice, interrupted with "The USS Iowa was formally accepted back into active ahead of schedule but to accomplish this BuShips had had to expedite the schedule and many necessary repairs to Iowa's engines and guns were not completed and the mandatory US Navy Board of Inspection and Survey (InSurv) inspection was skipped. But of course 1984 was an election year, and it was necessary to get the props out on the stage for the Great Communicator's greatest role posing as a potent leader of a great nation when, in fact, he was a B-scale actor role playing ahead of an evil homosexual pedophile who was working to undermine the supremacy of the U S military in a fashion that would make Carl M. Marcy smile as he drooled and filled his Depends undergarment with the equivalent of GHWB promises; lumps and all. Chips as I recall once GHWB was safely past the election, the InServ inspection could be commenced on the Iowa and this began in March 1986. In charge was Vice Admiral John D. Bulkeley USNA '33 who would die in shame if he realized how his Medal of Honor for achievements in PT boats during WW2 which rendered him as probably the most prestigious Navy veteran of WWII alive in July of 1984. He was notoriously tough as a ship inspector, and had access to the highest levels of the navy command despite his relatively low rank. Bulkeley found the ship not capable of the design speed of 33 knots (38 mph).

Other faults included hydraulic fluid leaks in the main gun turrets, electrical shorts, pump failures and defective valves in the firefighting system. Bulkeley made a personal recommendation to Secretary of the Navy Lehman that the ship be taken out of service immediately to address the issues which, in his experienced mind, rendered it a sitting duck more suitable as a scuttled artificial reef for tropical fish to inhabit. Had retired Navy Commander Romondt Budd USNA ’35 been alive surely Commander Budd would had added his experiences to the opinions expressed, accurately and fearlessly, by VAdm. Bulkeley. This of course was not done, and the ship continued to be used as a backdrop for the Reagans as Nancy and Ronald boarded the ship on July 4, 1986 for a ceremonial naval review in the Hudson River. And what a grand patriotic affair that was as the Statue of Liberty had recently been reconditioned, and July 3 to 5 was proclaimed Liberty Weekend! It is as if two other graduates of Annapolis, Abbot and Costello, were choreographing the antics of GHWB and his supporting cast the astrologer and the 20 Mule Team driver……"

Hamish was interrupted, in a classic tit-for-tat by Agent Afterburner who continued with “Needless to say, who cared what a cranky old admiral might have thought about the machinery of the battleship when this splendid opportunity arose to show the nation reeling from the humiliation of the “Peanut Farmer years" what patriotism really meant; a good looking photo-op at the best but the setting of a trap for 47 young sailors in reality! Especially as GHWB controlled the cheese. The USS Iowa class of battlewagons were really ships in search of a mission and by the time the Astrologer and the Mule Driver sauntered back to Death Valley, there was very little for the Iowa Class battleships to do other than rust and confuse young men intending to serve their nation in the spirit of Nathan Goodiron of Mandaree, North Dakota. As any student….."

DICE forgot about the 'itsy bitsy spider' and interrupted her fellow resident of the South of England "Pardon me, Afterburner, but I cannot sit quietly by as we witness the complex and evil construction of a scenario wherein these floating reminders of what power the United States had enjoyed 40 years prior was now putting not only four shiploads of young men at risk, but even more so the position of the United States as the hope of a free world as has been the 'constant comment' of Judi McLeod a woman in Canada who has become a great witness of and proponent for the continued leadership of the U S Military to plot a safe course in a troubled world. However, GHWB and his 'ship of fools' are and were intent on creating an incident to further humiliate the U S Forces fresh on the heels of the capture 9 years earlier of Marines and diplomats in the engineered Iran Hostage Crisis which was no crisis at all but rather a feather in the evil cap of Prescott's queer son married to Aldous Huxley's unattractive alleged female progeny. Look who they dropped into a position of mis-leadership of the USS Iowa which had been picked for the combination of 1952's Operation Decoy and the 1980 Operation PRAYING MANTIS in a remake of 1944's Operation ROYAL FLUSH."

"A new commander, Abel Danger Code Name FAIRYCAKE, took over on May 23, 1988. FAIRYCAKE's primary achievements at the Naval Academy were in football rather than academics. This was no hindrance to his naval career. He was able to obtain a number of well-connected postings and eventually was in a position to ask for, and be granted, command of the Iowa, even though he had never even served on a battleship before or had experience with deep draft vessels. The only deep draft experience he may have had would have been gained at Lou's Woodlawn Restaurant where they offered a "deep draft ale" of 64 ounces in 1964. Any midshipman who could chug a "deep draft" would be waived the cost of the beer. Of course, Lou's Woodlawn Restaurant later burned down but hopefully Agent Chips will cover that in WAR BRIDE. As Captain FAIRYCAKE toured the Iowa prior to taking command he was surprised to see FDR’s bath tub which was installed to take the "lame horse" to a treaty signing in Tehran 12 November 1943. It should be mandatory viewing by all students at Annapolis of FDR’s tub which had a rubber ducky, a model battleship and a copy of the Lucky Bag 1935 open to the page showing Romondt Budd as a First Class midshipman taken in November, 1934 in the Rotunda of Bancroft Hall.

Captain FAIRYCAKE was totally ill prepared for command as is evidence D by his inability to properly maneuver the vessel in Chesapeake Bay, nearly colliding with three other ships and then running the ship aground. In 1990 he missed a departure of the vessel for no good reason and had to be brought on board by a helicopter. In January and April of 1989 he allowed dubious over-ramming experiments to be done with the ship's main guns in an effort to achieve longer range. While these experiments were conducted at Vieques Island, Puerto Rico, FAIRYCAKE was not aware that the 72nd C4ISR Wing ( Abel Danger ) had been 'stood up' at Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico some 25 years earlier. Not a complete dolt, FAIRYCAKE was perceptive enough to realize that the Navy had no real plans for the use of the Iowa. From his Congressional testimony following the explosion in his own words: "I have felt like the battleship has been not — kind of out of it, no employment plan. The only employment I had on my schedule was this — of termination of August of this year, no concept of operations."

FAIRYCAKE made it quite clear that he felt the Navy command, or at least some elements in it, regarded battleships as a waste of money and manpower. And in this FAIRYCAKE had support from assistant GAO director Conahan, whose testimony was "We found that battleships, in comparison to other surface ships, were not assigned an equal share of authorized enlisted supervisory personnel or personnel in ratings associated with gun turret operations. Additionally, the personnel assigned on battleships rated lower by several measures than those assigned to other ships but the most significant deviation from SOP was…….."

Agent DICE was interrupted by a PA made by Stone in the cock, I say again, cock pit.

"I am putting the seat belt sign on and this is not a drill, we have reports of severe turbulence and we are turning back towards North Bay Ontario for operational reasons relating to weather at Gander and the loss of two……"

Suddenly the cabin of the Falcon 50 again experienceD turbulence and as it was pitched into quiet and darkness, Agent Mark O. Polo took a foreboding message on his PRC90…. "Angel Is Next". Mark O. Polo had a rare ability to see the future, like Nostradamus, so he shared the message with Atomic Betty, who signaled Chips to join.

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