Saturday, July 2, 2016

Iraq Air Force Helicopter Footage of Large ISIS™ Convoy - U.S.-Led Coalition Refused to Engage This ISIS™ Convoy - IQAF Officials Claim U.S. Prevented Fixed Winged Attack on ISIS™ Convoy - Iraq Air Force Later Engages ISIS™ Mounted Terrorist Mercenary Cavalry and Scatters Them - Delivery of Russian Attack Helicopters to Iraq - Retaliation on Iraq: 83 Killed in Two Blasts in Baghdad

Footage Showing Size of ISIS™ Terrorist Mercenary Mounted Calvary

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Baby Come Back: Iraq is Buying, Fielding Russian Weapons Again

83 killed as 2 blasts rip through Ramadan crowds at Baghdad shopping areas (PHOTOS, VIDEO)


  1. I agree with Field on Duff , its hard to know what the story is m he is based in Switzerland which does not promote confidence , he even admits over 50% of what he says is fake . So i guess one has to read between the lines and knowing how the crooked Hillary operates that is not very hard . My take on his story is , this is the way or an excuse if you will , for Idil having USA weapons , trucks and even assistance from the UK USA who we all know created them in the 1st place , and what better way than to have a fake capture . Exclusive: American Special Forces, SAS Captured by ISIS at al Bukamal, Syria

  2. I think we are looking at the 1st UK terrorist all over again Lawrence of Arabia.

  3. Yeah, Boy George Wanker Bush,you have a lot of explaining to do when you finally meet our Maker.

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