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The Railroading of Michael Emry (Update for July 17, 2016) - Informant in Emry Case Linked to KKK, JDL and FBI

Source: TVOI News 

The Railroading of Michael Emry

July 17, 2016

Michael's third pretrial release hearing was held on July 15th. The first pretrial hearing was on May 9th, but it was cancelled because Michael's assigned public defender had a conflict of interest – at least that was the story told to Michael. Judge Jolie Russo then assigned Eugene attorney Mark Sabitt to represent Michael. The next hearing was scheduled for May 23rd. Days before the hearing, Mark Sabitt went on vacation so he was not present for Michael's hearing. Instead he sent his partner who has all of the panache of a limp dishrag. It didn’t occur to me at the time because I'm not familiar with the criminal justice process, that it's not a usual and customary practice to have a "substitute" attorney. The hearing should have been postponed until Sabitt returned. Mark Sabitt is supposed to be a criminal defense attorney, he knew that his partner could not adequately defend Michael. That would seem to make him an incompetent defense attorney at best and a co-conspirator in the entrapment of Michael Emry at worst.

On May 7th, Les Zaitz of OregonLive, published a story, Oregon Occupation 'reporter' has history of bomb making, illegal weapons. Somehow, Zaitz was able to get a transcript of Michael's testimony during 2004 federal court hearing in Tennessee. That case was supposed to be sealed and yet – Zaitz got a copy of it and published it. How does that happen?

At the May 23rd hearing – Michael's substitute attorney, Marc Spence did not object when Assistant U.S. Attorney Nathan Lichvarcik introduced the 2004 transcript – using it to argue that Michael was a danger to the community. Michael was not a defendant in that case and anything that happened with that case is irrelevant to the charges against Michael currently. Any half-way competent attorney would have objected to the introduction of it in Michael's case. What was important and relevant to the case is that Michael is 54 years old and has no criminal history – no history of violence in his past despite what was in the transcript. Marc Spence offered no defense for Michael. He played his part in this script which was to fill the chair of the defense attorney – that's it.

The next pretrial release hearing was scheduled for July 11. Just before the hearing it was postponed until July 15th. At the hearing on July 15th, we found out why. The extended period of time from May 23 to July 11th was used by Lichvarcik to obtain more information on the 2004 court case and it’s obvious both from the hearing and from his opposition filing that he intends to try Michael on the 2004 court case – and not on the current charges. Lichvarcik gave Michael's attorney documents on the 2004 court case just before the July 11th hearing giving Sabitt only a few days to read the materials.

In Lichvarcik's opposition to Michael's release, he has excerpts from Michael's testimony in the 2004 case – which by the way actually began around 1999 – not 2004. It ended in 2004. This is the excerpt that Lichvarcik took out of the transcript:

Keeping in mind that Michael did not have an attorney in that case and Michael was not a defendant in that case, notice the penalties for the things that Michael testified under oath that he did. There is no prosecutor in the world that would make a deal with a defendant to let him go free when he was looking at charges and penalties like that. A good deal would have been 15 years in prison in exchange for his testimony but that didn't happen. Why do you suppose that was? Was the U.S. Attorney in Tennessee just a nice guy who decided not to prosecute Michael for what he did? Of course not. There is no prosecutor in the world who is that nice. There is a lot more to the story which is why the case was sealed and why it is prosecutorial misconduct for Lichvarcik to put Michael on trial in 2016 for the 2004 case but that is exactly what he is doing – and without objection by Michael's attorney Mark Sabitt btw. Apparently "objection" is not in the lexicon of the law firm of Spence & Sabitt.

Yesterday, when I talked to Michael, he told me that very early on after he was arrested, they offered him a deal. If he would testify against Ammon and the other Occupiers, they would cut him loose – reduce the charges or whatever I'm not sure. The point is, that's why Michael was set up. Michael went to the rally as a reporter. He stayed in Burns to cover the story and he moved to Grant County to establish a sister media operation to TVOI News.

TVOI News is a registered news agency with the State of Idaho. As a reporter, Michael has Constitutional rights under the first amendment – freedom of the press. They couldn't compel Michael to give them any information on anything and because of that, they set him up. Entrapment is illegal but that's what they did to Michael. Michael refused them so now Lichvarcik is trying to up the ante by putting Michael on trial for the 2004 case.

I may not know a lot about the criminal justice system, but what I do know is that prosecutors, judges, FBI, DEA, ATF agents all have an obligation not only to discharge their duties to prosecute criminal offenses, their first obligation is to maintain the integrity of the system itself. If the members of the law enforcement and judiciary communities commit criminal acts in the performance of their jobs, they are no better than the criminals they prosecute. In fact, they are worse because they commit their criminal acts behind the color of law. As we’ve seen in recent weeks with the performance of James Comey and the daily barrage of stories about corruption in the criminal justice system, it appears that the U.S. Justice System is corrupt from top to bottom. While it's politically correct to say that there are still good people in the system, it’s also true to say that if you lay down with dogs, you wake up with fleas.

At this point, there is no way that Michael can get a fair trial. Pretrial services has been prejudiced by the introduction of the 2004 case. The Judge in the case has been prejudiced for the same reason. The only option Michael has is pull the Trump card and tell his attorney Mark Sabitt, YOU'RE FIRED! And to hope that Michael can get a new attorney that will defend him on the real issue in this case which is entrapment for the purpose of extorting Michael's testimony against the men of the Malheur occupation.

PS: Michael will have another hearing in two weeks. Nathan Lichvarcik said he needs the time to get more information of the 2004 case without objection by Michael's "defense attorney" Mark Sabitt.

Source: TVOI News

Informant in Emry Case linked to KKK, JDL and FBI

A couple of days ago, Michael Emry called to tell me that his second pretrial release hearing had been postponed until Friday, July 15th at 1:30. The Judge had a scheduling conflict and the alternative to postponement was to have another judge hold the hearing. Michael’s attorney told him it was better to postpone because it gave him more time to go through the discovery documents. I also think it’s a good thing because I've been doing some discovery of my own in a manner of speaking.

Michael's first pretrial release hearing was on May 26. On May 28, Les Zaitz, "investigative reporter" for OregonLive wrote an article quoting from what the U.S. Attorney Nathan Lichvarcik said about Michael. When Lichvarcik said these things, I'm sure my gasp was audible and Becky – stifling a scream ran out of the court room. I was in shock because everything Lichvarcik said was a lie – and I knew he had absolutely no evidence for any of it. His entire statement was a fabrication.

May 28, 2016 'Weapon of war' destined for occupied refuge, prosecutor says

The machine gun, the prosecutor said, is "capable of killing a person from over a mile away, taking out the engine block of a vehicle, shooting through a brick wall."
And Michael R. Emry's intent, he said, was to get the stolen .50-caliber gun to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupation.

"He couldn't because of the law enforcement presence," said Assistant U.S. Attorney Nathan Lichvarcik.

The prosecutor made the disclosures but provided few details during a federal court hearing this week in Eugene. Emry is being held on federal weapons charges.
The militants who took over the refuge Jan. 2 maintained security patrols outfitted with side arms and rifles. The machine gun probably would have been the biggest weapon there had Emry succeeded. The .50-caliber gun, Lichvarcik said, is "a weapon of war" and "the silverback gorilla of the gun world."

Lichvarcik said an informant told authorities about Emry's plan to take the weapon to the refuge, which occupiers held for 41 days.
The informant was Marc S. "Doc" O'Dell as I revealed in The Entrapment of Michael Emry. O’Dell is a life-long criminal who has so many victims that they set up a website both to tell their stories, collect all evidence in a central repository and to look for other victims. I have a 296 page document with image copies and stories and hard evidence from his victims. (Note: I turned over this information to Michael’s attorney and to law enforcement.)

The big question for me was always, why did Doc O'Dell set Michael up? Michael wasn’t doing anything that should have put him on anybody's radar. O’Dell could have done it for money because the FBI pays informants but when one looks at the MSO file – evidence collected by the victims of O'Dell, it brings to mind another possibility. (MSO = Marc S. O'Dell).

It turns out that Marc S. "Doc" O'Dell in addition to being an FBI informant, was a Grand Wizard of the KKK in Virginia. But it gets better because O'Dell was also working for the Jewish Defense League.

This is an image from the MSO file that was apparently the front page of the forum:

The following is an excerpt from a letter written to law enforcement by O’Dell’s seventh wife.

Here is an excerpt from a report about a phone conversation with FBI Special Agent Robert Elliott:

And O'Dell's work on behalf of the Jewish Defense League is documented in a letter exchange between Bill Maniaci, Director of the Western Region of the Jewish Defense League.

So isn't that interesting? The Jewish Defense League works with the FBI and their operatives lead KKK groups of skin heads.

When Michael was telling me about Marc S. "Doc" O'Dell, he told me that there was a pod of skin heads that live on or close to Harry Stangel's ranch where O'Dell lives. What that told me is that O'Dell was up to something.

Add to that, Les Zaitz, the "investigative reporter" is also the president of the Grant County Economic Council (GCEC). The GCED is – or was, the dba name for the Institute of Conscious Culture. The idea of Conscious Culture is transformation of the culture.

The young people who participate in these festivals are culturally confused "trendies" that become social justice warriors championing the cause of cultural cannibalization. They think they are free spirits – the 21st century version of hippies but what they really are – are dupes for an agenda that very likely, they don't even understand.

Recall that when Lou Dobbs interviewed Les Zaitz, Zaitz said that he was so busy investigating the people at Burns and out in the desert, that he didn't have time to look at the corrupt politicians who did nothing to help the Hammond Family. And yet, Zaitz completely missed a KKK Grand Dragon and a pod of skin heads in his county.

This is speculation on my part, but it makes me think that Michael inadvertently walked into what would have been a false flag, staged game scenario like the one that happened in Sacramento, California.

7 stabbed at neo-Nazi event outside Capitol in Sacramento

These kinds of events are being staged all over the country for the purpose of destabilization. The objective seems to be to stir up a civil war – which justifies militarization of the police. The problems created are bigger than the local police can handle. Local police ask for help and they get mercenaries – Private Military Contractors. Its really quite a clever way to “privatize” the police as our country is being dismantled and occupied.

From the beginning of this story, it was obvious that Zaitz, the FBI, the prosecutor and no doubt the judge thought they were going to have a big time terrorist to try. Big time cases are career builders for participants in the Justice System – and that includes defense attorneys. The judge made sure that Michael had a good attorney rather than a public defender. The conviction of Michael was going to be a notch in the gavel of a new judge – a prize case for the resume.

Instead, what they got was a middle-aged man who had no criminal record except in connection with helping to put a drug dealer in jail and who was in obviously desperate financial straits. The carrot of a legitimate business opportunity was dangled in front of Michael and he seized it. It was a set up from beginning to end making Michael yet another victim of a corrupt system that hires criminals to set people up.

Michael's Pretrial Hearing will be at 1:30 on Friday at the Federal District Court in Eugene.

If you are in the area, stop by and show some support for Michael. We will be there around noon on Friday.

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The Entrapment of Michael Emry

Source: TVOI News

There is some serious Zio-Nazi ass-covering going on in Oregon today – Les Zaitz of OregonLive has unleashed a blitzkreig of lies on his Twitter account today.

Here is a link to the original complaint filed. As you can see, there is no belt for the chunk of iron in the box.

Criminal Complaint filed May 6, 2016

Now, magically, two days after I exposed the government's star witness' connections to the KKK, JDL and the FBI, all of a sudden a belt for the M2? The amateurishness of it is laughable.

Informant in Emry Case Linked to KKK, JDL and FBI

And the second lie… every minute of Michael's time in Oregon has been accounted for – and there are motel records and witnesses to prove it. Ammon Bundy did loan Michael an SUV for the trip to Oregon for the rally because Michael’s car wasn’t working very well – and Michael had all the camera equipment.

Michael drove to Burns in a caravan with the Idaho III%. Ammon drove his own vehicle – when I don’t know, but I don't believe it was with the Idaho III%.

What I do know is that Ammon Bundy and Ryan Payne stayed out at the refuge. Michael was in town at the Silver Spur with all the rest of the reporters. Michael had nothing to do with the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. He came to Burns to cover the rally on January 2nd, 2016 and he stayed to cover what happened after the rally.

If the U.S. Attorney Nathan Lichvarcik did in fact, file a superseding indictment with a magically found belt, it proves that he has no integrity and these latest accusations are a clear sign of desperation.

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