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Hillary Clinton is "a danger to world peace," says France's Marine Le Pen - Is this one of the reasons why Nice, France was hit? - Has anyone noticed Hillary Clinton is completely out of the news?

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by Alex Christoforou
May 20, 2016

In an interview with RT, France's French National Front party leader, Marine Le Pen, warned the world of the dangers ahead should Hillary be elected US President.

National Front party leader and 2017 French presidential frontrunner, Marine Le Pen, has not endorsed Donald Trump, but in an interview with RT her opinion regarding a Hillary Clinton Presidency, is as good as an endorsement for The Don.

For Le Pen, a Clinton Presidency would "not benefit" France, be "destructive" for Europe, and ultimately be a "danger to world peace."

What could have Le Pen thinking such thoughts?

Maybe its Hillary's diehard support for Bush’s Iraq war, or her husband's dismantling of Yugoslavia and 72 day illegal bombing of Serbia.

Perhaps it’s Hillary’s mentor Madeleine Albright, who finds it necessary to kill 500,000 Iraqi children in the name of neo-liberal values. Maybe it's gal pal Vitoria Nuland, and her neocon family ties, who oversaw the illegal coup in Ukraine and funded the civil war in East Ukraine.

Or maybe its Libya…who can forget Hillary's Libya "success".

Hillary Clinton 2016 - "We came we saw he died" Laughing About Gadhafi Libya

RT reports…
"There is a candidate who appears a lot more dangerous for France than the others – that's Hillary Clinton," the head of the National Front told RT France in an exclusive interview. "I'm not American so I don't need to make a choice. But…in the interests of France, Hillary Clinton is probably the worst choice out there."

Le Pen sees the Democratic frontrunner as being so "dangerous" because of Clinton's career as US Secretary of State, in which she worked "hand in hand with the full spectrum of American decisions" that eventually "plunged the world objectively into chaos."

"I think if she was elected she would continue this policy, a destructive policy, a policy of conflict, a policy of imprisonment of Europe in blinded Atlanticism," Le Pen said. "I think it's a danger for world peace."
Le Pen was also critical of Donald Trump and his comments on Muslims entering the United States, noting to RT that she has never once taken the muslim debate to the low level that Trump did.
"Seriously, have you ever heard me say something like that?" Le Pen said in one of her interviews, presumably in response to being compared with Trump. "I defend all the French people in France, regardless of their origin, regardless of their religion.”

The US media has repeatedly drawn comparisons between Marine Le Pen and Trump. The New York Times called the real estate mogul turned GOP frontrunner "America's Marine Le Pen". Bloomberg has also referred to Le Pen as "Europe's own Donald Trump."
And while Le Pen may not be endorsing one candidate over the other (though its obvious she would feel more at ease should Trump be elected), Le Pen's father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, the retired leader and founder of the French National Front, did indeed endorse Trump in February, via twitter.

In his tweet, the former National Front leader said that if he was an American, he "would vote Donald Trump."



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  2. I did notice that there was very little happening on the news about Killary over the last week or so and then this! Gee wonder if she visited him and a usofa type "coup" wink wink ;) occured. Then there was this guy who was about to testify in a hearing regarding the bwitch and he got offed, crushed windpipe in a weight lifting accident....and in the ssame time frame another fellow destined to testify against her gets shot the day before. All this action in the last two weeks!!!!

  3. You all have apparently missed an important clue that goes to "intent". That clue is the FBI's recent announcement that they're closing the DB Cooper hijacking investigation. FACT: Whomever the 1960's Zodiac killer was, this same person possessed inside crime scene information in the Cooper case, documents prove this statement. FACT: Whomever the person was that jumped from that plane; had advanced and esoteric knowledge of how to operate that 727 passenger jet. FACT: The document evidence shows that the Zodiac crimes and the murder of little JonBenet Ramsey are most certainly linked, as well as several other heinous crimes. FACT: The composer of the documents in all of these cases; linked the Ramsey murder and the anthrax attacks on the Ramsey ransom note. FACT: Director Comey has now proven that neither he nor the current US Justice Department are trustworthy and that both institutions operated lawlessly. FACT: A successful promotion to raise awareness of all of the items that reside in the "structure" of Ramsey ransom note, will consolidate the awareness of how the persons behind these highly planned out crimes have been operating, and especially their insidious "pedophile entrapment scheme", which is one of their main ploys. TerryB

    1. NO..I understand exactly what you are saying about all these incidents, crimes..I have never ever trusted the US Government or any Politicians..The Justice Dept and comey are TRASH all of them..World scum..There is not an honest person involved in any of your above situations..INSIDIOUS is a very appropriate word for all of them..Nothing is as it seems and all stories are lies and cover up or with holding truth..Heinous People surround us..Its all about power and money 4 them and I cant understand EVIL like all of them are..

  4. The Clinton Foundation - should be the real focus - screw the email stuff!
    Third Follow-up Letter to Donors, Charity Regulators, Investigative
    Journalists and Citizens Worldwide 22 May 2016


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