Friday, July 8, 2016

Have We Forgotten the Chilcot Inquiry? - Chilcot Report - Tony Blair Takes the Fall - The Iraq Inquiry Unveiling - Download The Chilcot Inquiry - Was it Right for the UK to Have Invaded Iraq? - Military Action Was Not a Last Resort - The Preparations for a Post-Saddam Hussein Iraq Were Woefully Inadequate - The UK Government Failed Its Stated Objectives in Iraq - Hey Tony, Over 500 Iraqis Were Just Blown to Smeethereens

Chilcot Report - The Iraq Inquiry Unveiling 

Jeremy Corbyn - Response to the Chilcot Inquiry report 

Baghdad:The death toll from Saturday's suicide bombing in Baghdad 
has risen to 292, and 200 wounded

ISIS Bombings Massacre 125 Shia Ramadan Shoppers In Iraq 

Download the Chilcot Inquiry:

The Report

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Tony Blair takes the fall for the Iraq War

Tony Blair unrepentant as Chilcot gives crushing Iraq war verdict

Why is the Chilcot Inquiry important?

Everything to Know About Britain's Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq War

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