Thursday, July 28, 2016

BREAKING: Wikileaks Just Released The Biggest Disaster For Democrats – Hillary's Worst Nightmare! - Must See – The Donald In Action Trumping The Press!

Source: Political Insider

Wikileaks has been after Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party, while exposing their corruption.

Now, right in the middle of prime-time speeches at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia, Wikileaks released hacked DNC voicemails!

These are 14 entire minutes of secret voicemails the DNC doesn't want you to hear.

As the Washington Times reports:

On the night President Obama and Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine were
On the night President Obama and Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine were scheduled to speak to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, the anti-secrecy whistle-blower group released hacked voicemails of top Democratic officials.

Wikileaks put up a page containing 29 mp3 files of calls, identified by phone number, running approximately 14 minutes combined.
Things are getting worse by the day for Hillary Clinton. DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schutz had to resign immediately before the DNC, and these voicemails promise to expose even more details about how the DNC rigged the election for Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton is already being "trumped" by Donald Trump in recent polls, and these massive Wikileaks bombs are sure to prevent any post-convention positive polling numbers. These leaks continue to roll in, and Hillary can't stop them.


Must See – The Donald In Action Trumping The Press!

Donald Trump Delivers Scathing Response 
Hillary Clinton, DNC at Press Conference 7/27/16 

This is Donald Trump's press conference in Doral, Florida today, July 27th. Note how hostile the press is towards him and how well he handles them, especially since he obviously had a cold.

Watch how he notes that it has been over 230 days since Hillary Clinton had a presser, amazing given the softballs they always throw at her anyway. And how he mentions the huge increases in ObamaCare premiums due to be announced November 1 that President Obama is trying to put off until December, after the election. And challenges the press to actually do their jobs for a change and publicize that so Obama can't get away with it.

All in all, a masterful performance.

The following news article is what Donald Trump referenced concerning Islamic migration into the U.S. in the press conference clip above only this happened in Germany. These aren't "mosques" in Germany and in Europe. These are weapons and munitions storage facilities. When the ISIS-created terror mercenary army was put into place by the U.S. in Syria, months before fighting broke out in March 2011, weapons and munitions stockpiles were first transshipped to mosques throughout Syria mostly from Turkey and Jordan. This potentially is what is going to also happen in the United States unless Islamic migration isn't contained.

Islamist extremists hide huge stockpile of weapons near German mosque

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