Monday, July 25, 2016

Boo-time! Hillary gets ugly surprise at chaotic DNC

Source: WND

Ex-RNC chairman: 'Inflamed' Sanders delegates mean major setback for Clinton

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton (Photo: Twitter) 

Democrats planned to make this week a show of strong unity in contrast to the divisions that appeared among Republicans last week, but instead they opened their national convention Monday afternoon with their national chairwoman resigning in scandal, Bernie Sanders supporters refusing to back the nominee and a litany of embarrassing correspondence.

The upheaval stems from from nearly 20,000 emails from the Democratic National Committee that were hacked and released Friday by Wikileaks.

While the emails are being examined, the exchanges already reveal the DNC actively supporting Hillary Clinton during the Democratic Party primaries and even hiring young people to argue with Bernie Sanders supporters on social media. The emails also show the DNC demanding things from liberal media outlets and personalities, referring to Latino outreach as "taco bowl outreach," belittling donors behind their backs and orchestrating anti-Trump protests.

In response, DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz announced she would step down after the convention, but that timing got moved up after she was roundly booed by her own Florida delegation Monday morning in Philadelphia.

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It's exactly the start to the convention that the Democrats didn't want.

"Given the cracks that appeared in the Republican convention last week, one of the things that the Democrats wanted to do in Philadelphia would be to contrast what they would say was Republican disarray with a smooth-running convention in Philadelphia," said former Republican National Committee Deputy Chairman Frank Donatelli, who also served as political director in the Reagan administration.

"What we've seen is, before the convention actually begins is that that has not occurred,” he said.

Hundreds of Bernie Sanders supporters march outside DNC (Photo: Twitter)

Donatelli told WND and Radio America this is a massive setback for Hillary Clinton after working feverishly to secure a Sanders endorsement and reach out to his voters.

"The Clinton folks have worked very, very hard to get the Sanders people in the tent," Donatelli said. "They finally get Sanders' endorsement, so they thought that everything was put to bed. Low and behold, this comes up and inflames all the Sanders delegates."

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