Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Book release and signing Saturday, July 16th, 2016 Vino in the Valley, Maiden Rock, WI - In Honor of Col. James Sabow and his Loving Brother Dr. David Sabow - "Shake Hands with the Devil" - We Need a "Low Flyby"

Shake Hands with the Devil
Vino in the Valley

Veterans advocate and retired Delta Airlines Captain Field McConnell, launches the first two books in a series of books on modern aviation disasters titled 'Shake Hands with the Devil'. McConnell is a US Naval Aviator who retired from the North Dakota National Guard as a Lt. Colonel after a career flying F4 and F16 Interceptor aircraft in the Air Defense mission.

Special guests include Dr. David Sabow, brother of the late Colonel James Sabow, a subject of two of the 13 books in the "Shake Hands with the Devil" series.

The public is invited to Vino in the Valley on July 16th from 12noon until 3pm. Located in the Rush River Valley, Vino in the Valley is located less than an hour east of the Twin Cities, eight miles east of Ellsworth, WI, off Highway 10.


Field McConnell
Tel: (715) 307-8222

Vino in the Valley
W3826 450th Ave
Maiden Rock, WI 54750
Phone: 715.639.6677

Vino in the Valley-Travel Pierce County-Vacation Western Wisconsin-Great River Road

Low altitude refuel - Field McConnell 

Van Morrison - Into The Mystic 

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