Wednesday, December 31, 2014

#2219: Marine Links SATAN’s Black-Hand Blue-Air Maneuvers to Obama Red-Switch QZ Snuff

Plum City - ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Black-Hand Blue-Air Maneuvers apparently executed by a Serco Airbus tagged-assassins network (SATAN) to Obama's alleged use of the Defense Red Switch Network to authorize a snuff film showing the faces of Air Asia QZ 8501 passengers during the December 28 2014 money shot.

Cloud-Centric Crime Scene Investigation (C2CSI) Radio - January 1, 2015

Source: C2CSI - Abel Danger

Abel Danger Broadcast for January 1, 2015

5th BUAP Hit in Malay-Indo AoO

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

#2218: Marine Links Black Hand SATAN Waypoints To MH/QZ Allianz And HSBC Cat-Bond Fraud

Plum City - ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked ad hoc waypoints allegedly imputed into targeted passenger aircraft by the Serco Airbus Tagged Assassins Network (SATAN) under the command of a Black Hand crime group in the City of London to Allianz insurance of Malaysia Air (MH) and Air Asia (QZ) assets and ongoing catastrophe (cat) bond insurance frauds by HSBC, Serco's dirty bank.

The Populist Republic

Source: Dick Eastman  < >

We all have our ideas about the structure of society:

Memory Refresher: Rahm Emanuel (Son of an Irgun Terrorist and Mossad Agent) - Mossad Agent Holds Position in U.S. Government? - "Throw Them All Out" (That Was 2003) - Wall Street and City of London Jewish "Mafia" - The Insidious World of Crony Capitalism

Source: Business Insider

Book: Rahm Emanuel Dumped Tons of Freddie Mac Stock Days Before It Collapsed

Zeke Miller
Nov. 14, 2011
[edited for grammar]

Former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is the latest lawmaker to get caught up in allegations of insider trading while a member of Congress.

Monday, December 29, 2014

#2217: Marine Links HSBC – SATAN City Hijack Bank – Surabaya Ad Hoc Waypoints, Starwood Long-Range Alibi

Plum City - ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked HSBC – the money-laundering bank which serves SATAN* hijackers apparently deployed by City of London Livery Companies – to ad hoc waypoints imputed into the AirAsia QZ8501 flight plan, 40 minutes after departure Surabaya for Singapore, and the long-range alibis allegedly used by Obama and Starwood Hotel investors to conceal their role in the downing of MH370, MH17 and QZ8501 this year.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Abel Danger 12-28-2014 Indonesia AirAsia Flight QZ8501

History... The Origins of the U.S. Intelligence Community & Why It Spies on Americans

#2216: Marine Links Serco Airbus Tagged Assassin Network (SATAN) To City’s Shadow Air Navigators Guild

Plum City - ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked a Serco Airbus tagged-assassins network (SATAN) apparently operated out of former RAF Oakhanger to an alleged murder-for-hire long-range-alibi service provided by the City of London police and a shadow air-navigators guild embedded in the Honourable Company of Air Pilots.

#2215: Marine Links Boeing Serco Parking JABS to City Long-Range Hijack Alibis, Jarrett Friend Or Foe

Plum City - ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked the Joint Automated Booking System (JABS) operated by Boeing and the Serco Parking Enforcement team in Chicago, to the City of London Police's alleged development of alibis to camouflage the long-range hijacking of aircraft and Valerie Jarrett's presentation of a friend or foe challenge to the late Captain Gerald DeConto – the Pentagon's U.S. Navy Command Center duty officer who was murdered on 9/11.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Cyber "Toys of War" - North Korean Government Being Undermined - Soft Power Through Movies - Israel Defense Forces Fundraisers Seth Rogen and James Franco - RAND Corp. Is a Major Contractor for the CIA - North Korea Is a Favorite Cyber-Bogeyman - 2015: The Year of Korean Reunification?

Article was taken from 
the Strategic Culture Foundation

Pre-Emptive U.S. Cyber-Attack on North Korea Will Have Far-Reaching Consequences

December 23, 2014

The United States used the flimsiest of evidence to justify a massive attack on the rudimentary Internet servicing the Democratic People's Republic of (North) Korea. By launching what amounts to a pre-emptive cyber-attack on North Korea, a nuclear-armed power, the Obama administration has, once again, shown that it is as apt to use force over diplomacy and bluster over reasoning.

#2214: Marine Links Serco’s Long Range Alibis To Jarrett’s JABS, Tags And JonBenét

Plum City - ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Serco's development of a long-range (foreign faction) alibi service with the City of London Police to Valerie Jarrett's alleged use of the Joint Automated Booking System (JABS) to place an on-the-tag snuff-film crew at the Boulder, Colorado home of JonBenét Ramsey on Christmas Day 1996.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Two FAR MORE probable explanations for the plumber's truck

Source: Jim Stone Freelance

Dec 23 2014

I initially posted about this Texas plumber's truck which ended up being used by ISIS as an anti-aircraft artillery platform in Syria on the day the story broke, but pulled the report because of a claimed pedigree by Glenn Beck which explained how that truck got to Syria. But on close examination, Beck's story is a b.s. whitewash with no root in facts whatsoever.

#2213: Marine Links Serco JABS for City Police to Val The Ripper Hull-House Parking, Robert Hanssen, JonBenét

Plum City - ( Christmas Day: United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Serco's alleged development of a Joint Automated Booking System (JABS) for a digital snuff-film archive in the custody of the City of London Police to Valerie The Ripper Jarrett's surveillance and tracking of pedophiles from a parking area near Hull House in Chicago and her work over the last 25 years with the convicted FBI spy and former Chicago Police forensic accountant Robert Hanssen who allegedly staged the Christmas Day 1996 torture killing of JonBenét Ramsey.

Bury Rule by Secrecy - Time to Dump Congress on Its Ass - Word of the Day: Engage - Urgent Call to Re-engineer Intelligence - The U.S. Can Be Bought for US$350 Million per Year - People Are Treated as Commodities - No Profit in Efficiency and Peace - Central Banking Is a Cancer and Needs to Be Eradicated - Bottom-Up Resilience Networks

Source: the guardian

The open source revolution is coming and it will conquer the 1% - ex CIA spy

The man who trained more than 66 countries in open source methods calls for re-invention of intelligence to re-engineer Earth

A businessman tries to break through a line of Occupy Wall Street protesters who had blocked access to the New York Stock Exchange area in November 2011. Photograph: Don Emmert/AFP/Getty Images DON EMMERT/AFP/Getty Images

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Alfreda Frances Bikowsky, "The CIA's Prime Cheerleader for Torture" - "Global Jihad Unit" Is a Fraudulent Construct - Israel Defense Forces' Unit 8200 (IDF Signals Intelligence) - Some of the World's Most Powerful Malware Attacks - Israel's Primary Intelligence Agencies (Aman, Mossad, Shin Bet) - Opacity of Israel's National Security Apparatus Impairs Accountability - The Secrecy Monolith - We Must Hold the Nation's Servants Accountable for Their Actions

Source: Tikun Olam – תיקון עולם
Promoting Israeli democracy, exposing secrets of the national security state

Israel Defense Forces Secret Intelligence Commander Named

by Richard Silverstein on December 22, 2014

UPDATE: I am concerned that the source who offered me the information conveyed in this post may face some jeopardy for his actions. Neither he nor I know precisely what that means at this time. I put on notice anyone who might cause him jeopardy: I will fight on his behalf, not just for his sake, but for Israel's sake.

#2212: Marine Links Serco’s Bailout-Banker JABS to City Police Spoliation, Synchronized Underground Bombs

Plum City - ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Serco's procurement of the Joint Automated Booking System (JABS) for its bailout banker HSBC at Canada Square to the global spoliation of crime scenes by agents of the City of London Police and Serco's deployment of on-the-tag snuff-film crews on 7/7 to synchronize the London Underground bombs with an exercise staged by the Honourable Artillery Company.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Contemporary American Politics: Trotsky and Neocon Theory - One Universal Political System - Permanent Revolution Means "The Ends Justify the Means" - Ukraine is Ground Zero for American Neocon Policy - Trotkyist Policy is a Global Threat

This article first appeared 
in Sputnik International

Trotskyist-Type Revolutions Go On Without the World Even Knowing It

Burning Point
November 17, 2014
Ekaterina Kudashkina

Now, almost a hundred years on the Soviet state is gone, but Trotskyist policy has grown into a global threat that has never existed before.

#2211: Marine Links Jarrett's Men-In-The-Middle Attacks to MH Hijack JABS, Boeing Backdoor S.O.R.E.

Plum City - ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Valerie Jarrett's alleged blackmail of closet homosexuals for men-in-the-middle attacks on targeted aircraft to the hijackers who she apparently deployed on the Joint Automated Booking System (JABS) to capture MH Flights 370 & 17 through a backdoor into Boeing after Serco, Obama and Rahm Emanuel (S.O.R.E.) had allegedly extorted the company's move to Chicago.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Special: Abel Danger's Twelve Days of a Serco Christmas - Merry Christmas, Serco - Maybe Santa Will Deliver a Bag of Charcoal This Christmas?

 Field McConnell Sings Serco a Christmas Song

Wall Street Market System: Well Masked, Well Developed Asymmetric Financial Warfare - 100 Years of "Reality" is a Lie - Nothing is as it Seems - Woodrow Wilson's Quotes - Asymmetric Warfare Protocols: Stocks, Bonds and Securities - Federal Reserve is the "Godfather" - U.S. Congress: Commercial Weapon

Caravan To Midnight - Episode 110 Capital Kinetics with Greg Morse 

#2210: Marine Links Boeing Ad Hoc Waypoint to Serco Jarrett JABS, Naudet Snuff-Film Shot

Plum City - ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked an ad hoc waypoint on the north face of WTC#1, apparently imputed into the Boeing 767-223ER autopilot of AA Flight 11 on 9/11, to Serco's development of the Joint Automated Booking System (JABS) for Valerie Jarrett and the money shot captured by Jules Naudet's camera for the launch of what Dr. Thomas Barnett described as the "first live-broadcast mass snuff film in human history".

Sunday, December 21, 2014

#2209: Marine Links Obama’s Sony Stevens JABS and Tags to Serco's Red-Switch Zero-Client Air-Force Hack

Plum City - ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Obama's alleged use of JABS and tags* to track snuff-film images through the Sony Pictures’ movie "The Interview" and the Benghazi hospital where the late Christopher Stevens was sodomized and tortured to death, to the Serco hack of the 24th Air Force Cyber Operations Support's Red Switch Network which allows the delivery of real-time audio and video without jitter or delay to a "zero client" in the White House.

Russia: Brace Yourselves, Fifth Column Gearing Up For Chaos - Full Spectrum Economic War - National Endowment of Democracy Subversive Tactics - Preparations for a Bloodbath In Russia are Underway - Vladimir Putin: Call out the OMON and Dispatch Them to The Russian Central Bank - Alexey Navalny: Neo-Facist Wall Street Employee - Spring Deadline

The "Impending" Russian Maidan

This article first appeared at 
New Eastern Outlook

Saturday, December 20, 2014

#2208: Marine Links JonBenét’s Serco Tags and Jamie JABS to Sony Obama Boeing Foreign-Faction Hackers

Plum City - ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked virtual identities, allegedly tracked through the JonBenét Ramsey crime scene with or by Serco's offender tags and Jamie Gorelick's Joint Automated Booking System (JABS), to the "foreign faction" hacking of Sony Pictures, the Obama administration and the Boeing company.

Cloud-Centric Crime Scene Investigation (C2CSI) Radio - December 20, 2014

Source: C2CSI - Abel Danger

Abel Danger Broadcast for December 20, 2014

Scrooge Obama, Scrooge Serco

#2207: Marine Links JonBenét Identity Thefts to Serco Foreign-Faction Visas, Obama Red Switch Fraud

Plum City - ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked the ransom note which stopped JonBenét Ramsey's father from exposing alleged thefts of National Command Authority identities by former Lockheed Martin directors Lynne Cheney and Norman Mineta, to Serco foreign-faction crime groups embedded in the National Visa Center and Barry Soetoro's – a.k.a. Barack Obama – override frauds on the Defense Red Switch Network.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

#2206: Marine Links Serco Foreign-Faction Visas to Con Air Sister’s Extortion JonBenét

Plum City - ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Serco's launch of a foreign-faction crime group through the National Visa Center in 1994 to his Con Air sister, Kristine Marcy's alleged use of a JonBenét Ramsey snuff film to extort Norman Mineta – the former Lockheed Martin director who paid a $118,000 [ransom] bonus to JonBenét's father – into "clearing the skies" during a stand down of the U.S. Air Force on 9/11.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Central Bankers Suppressing Russian Economy - Impoverished Britain Prints Money for Russia - WTF? - The System Needs to be Turned on its Head - Central Bank: Fifth Column - Russian Central Bank Suboordinated to America - America Attempting to Destroy Dollar - America Decided Russian Bank 17 Percent Interest Rate Rise - Oliver Wyman Consulting With Russian Central Bank - Ruble Crashes

#2205: Marine Links Gorelick's JABS at JonBenét to Serco’s Dirty Snuff-Film Banker, Boulder's Tag-The-Dog County Jail

Plum City - ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Jamie Gorelick's apparent deployment of the Department of Justice's Joint Automated Booking System (JABS) at JonBenét Ramsey's home in 1996 to Serco's dirty snuff-film banker – HSBC Canada Square – and the Boulder County Jail’s release of actors in tag the dog movies.

Are Serco and G4S Contract Killers? The Mist of Flight MH370

Warren G. Harding's Return to Normalcy - Harding, Coolidge, and the Roaring Twenties - Immensely Popular Statesman Who Reversed Most of Woodrow Wilson's Damage - Americans: Set Your Own House in Order First - Put an End to False Economics Which Lure Humanity to Utter Chaos - Get Out of the Fevered Delirium of War

Source: Dick Eastman / Gnostic Liberation Front

Draft the Corporations 

 -- Warren G. Harding

by Dick Eastman

Here is an amazingly good but unfortunately long-forgotten idea from the President that imposter historians like Arthur Schlesinger Jr. have been deceitfully telling us was "the worst president in our history." Revisionist historians, i.e. true historians, know better.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

#2204: Marine Links Sam Cam’s Snuff-Film Chatelaines to Down Low JonBenét, Serco Tag The Dog

Plum City - ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Samantha Cameron's procurement of public keys for the chatelaines of a private snuff-film archive at Canada Square London, to a Down Low Club script for the murder of JonBenét Ramsey on Christmas Day 1996 and Serco's alleged deployment of tagged offenders for a wag the dog story in which the girl's murder would be attributed to her father John Bennett Ramsey.

#2203: Marine Links Serco’s Canada-Square Santa Visas To JonBenét Tag And Lindt Café Dog

Plum City - ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked "Santa Visas" – allegedly procured for customers of Serco and its Canada Square bankers, HSBC – to Serco's apparent deployment of wag-the-dog "news crews" and actors on the tag for the Christmas Day 1996 murder of JonBenét Ramsey and the recent Lindt café killings in Sydney.

Monday, December 15, 2014

#2202: Marine Links Serco Santa Visa Snuff Film Tag to Boulder, Sydney Airports, Sister’s Down Low JABS

Plum City - ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Serco's generation of "Santa Visas" for snuff-film news crews and actors 'on the tag' to the Boulder and Sydney airport passengers allegedly tracked at crime scenes (JonBenét Ramsey murder in 1996, Lindt café hostages in 2014) through the Joint Automated Booking System (JABS) apparently developed by his sister Kristine "Con Air" Marcy with Nortel for the Down Low Club in 1996.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Jewish Plan for the Middle East and Beyond

June 13, 2014 / Gilad Atzmon

Surely, what's happening now in Iraq and Syria must serve as a final wakeup call that we have been led into a horrific situation in the Middle East by a powerful Lobby driven by the interests of one tribe and one tribe alone.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

#2201: Marine Links Serco, Visa, Sister, Spy to JonBenét Down Low Foreign Faction, Al-Qaeda Space Command

Plum City - ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Serco's operation of the National Visa Center for his S.E.S.* sister Kristine Marcy's spy ring to the 'small foreign faction' ransom note – allegedly placed at the JonBenét Ramsey crime scene to divert attention from a Queer Down Low Club snuff-film team – and the U.S. Air Force Space Command's use of al-Qaeda red teams to divert attention from an attempted coup d’état on 9/11.

Abel Danger has Investigated This for Eight Years - Torturting and Killing Children for Entertainment - UK Establishment: We're Coming for You - Triangular Trade: Weapons, Drugs and Sex Drives the Global Economy - The Death Eaters of Westminster

Source: GeorgieBC's Blog

Sociopaths, Psychopaths and Death Eaters

November 23, 2014
by Heather Marsh

It is now an undeniable fact that the UK establishment has, for decades, been run by people who tortured and killed children for entertainment, for political power, and just because they could.

Friday, December 12, 2014

#2200: Marine Links Serco Foreign Faction Tags To JonBenet’s Santa Guide, Down Low Con Air Pride

Plum City - ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Serco's apparent use of 'small foreign faction' tracking tags in Colorado in December 1996 to the guide for a 'Santa' visit to the late JonBenet Ramsey who was allegedly murdered by a Down Low Club snuff-film team transported in a Con Air (JPATS) plane hired by DOJ Pride.

History Stepping Forward for Resolution - Ancient Antagonisms Resurfacing - American Neocons Destabalizing Russia - Israel Coming to an End? - "Khazaria" Being Established in Ukraine? - Israeli "Blue Helmets of Maidan" Units in Ukraine - Israeli Settlements in Ukraine - American Rabbi Yaakov Dov Bleich Paves the Way in Ukraine

This article was taken 

Israel's Secret Plan for a "Second Israel" in Ukraine

by Wayne Madsen
December 8, 2014

The role of Jewish figures and that of the State of Israel in the Ukrainian crisis has not gone unnoticed considering that this community represents less than one percent of the population. However, a secret report in the hands of the Netanyahu administration confirms that Ashkenazi Jews do not originate from the Levant, but are the descendants of the Khazars. This little-known population founded a Jewish empire in the tenth century on the banks of the Black Sea. Therefore, some Zionists see in Ukraine a possible second Israel.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

#2199: Marine Links Red Switch Obama Rendition Authority To Con Air Serco Sex-Tour Tags

Plum City - ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Obama's use of the Defense Red Switch Network to authorize the rendition and interrogation of suspects or enemies to his [McConnell's] sister Kristine "Con Air" Marcy's alleged deployment of Serco tagged offenders as sex-tour guides for DOJ Pride.

Abel Danger Puts a Stake in the Heart of the Beast - Watch Serco Dive Real Time - Start "Building the Gallows" - Public Demand for Full Accountability and Transparency - Government Misleading the Public - £90 Billion Worth of Private Services Delivered to Public Sector - Nationalize Serco

Source: RT

Privatization crisis: Taxpayers shafted as contractors 'fail to work in public interest'

December 10, 2014

#2198: Marine Links CIA’s Serco Double Agents to Diego Garcia Con Air Rendition, Visa Center Down Low Pride

Plum City - ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked the CIA's unwitting (?) deployment of Serco double agents to a Diego Garcia rendition service, allegedly established in 1994 by his sister Kristine "Con Air" Marcy with her Serco operatives at the National Visa Center to 'groom' agents for the Down Low Club and DOJ Pride.

"She Couldn't Breathe"– The Brutal Murder of 19 Year-Old Jessica Lane Chambers…. (With Video) *updated*

Source: The Last Refuge

December 9, 2014
by sundance

19-Year-Old Jessica Lane Chambers was brutally murdered in Mississippi two nights ago.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Privatization of War is a Growth Industry - PMCs are "Creatures of Wall Street" and the City of London - Private Equity Money Fuels PMCs - PMC Market: $20 Billion to $100 Billion - What Happens When Corporations go to War? - Dubai: Proximity to PMC Markets - "This is Like a Turkey Shoot" - That's Where the Money Flows

This article first 
appeared at VICE

Killing People Overseas Will Always Be a Growth Industry

December 10, 2014
By Sean McFate

                    Illustrations by Matt Rota

#2197: Marine Links Serco RICO Patent Pools To Obama Kaya Kill, MH 370 Twilight Gas

Plum City - ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Serco's racketeering (RICO) patent-pool agents at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office to Barack Obama's alleged issue of Kaya licenses to kill carbon-cap violators and a Twilight gas apparently used to tranquilize the pilot of MH Flight 370 before the waypoint hijack on March 8.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Jack Abramoff's Mobbed-Up Casino Boats - Gambling Cruises to Nowhere - Unregulated Offshore Gambling "Industry" - Massive Political Slush Fund - Jeb Bush's Florida "Laundromat" - "9/11 Hijackers" Visit SunCruz Gambling Vessels & Las Vegas - Gangland-Style Hit on Gus Boulis - Elite Deviance - Violent Thugs & Organized Crime Figures - Money Laundering: One of Florida's Major Industries

Terrorists, Torpedos, & Republican 'Muscle'

June 21, 2005 – Venice, FL
by Daniel Hopsicker

#2196: Marine Links Serco Hijack Space Command To Tranquilizer Patent, Fly-Over Waypoint Switch

Plum City - ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked hijackers, apparently embedded by Serco as expendables or experts in the U.S. Air Force Space Command, to Serco's alleged use of patented tranquilizer devices to switch a plane from fly-by waypoints' needing pilot anticipation to fly-over waypoints for a Cat IIIc landing or crash.

Monday, December 8, 2014

#2195: Marine Links MH E/W Hijacks to Fly-Over Switch From Fly By, Serco Space Command

Plum City - ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked apparent electronic-warfare hijacks of MH Flights 370 and 17 to the imputed switching of targeted aircraft from fly-by waypoints on their en route airways to fly-over waypoints at crash or landing crime scenes controlled by Serco agnets embedded in U.S. Air Force Space Command.

The Global Lilliputians Are Coming for the City of London - The Red Dagger Part 3 · David Cameron Arms Trade & City of London Banks - The City of London Produces Nothing - Triangular Trade: Guns, Drugs and Sex - Gain is My Lord - Gambling on the Price of Commodities

Cloud-Centric Crime Scene Investigation (C2CSI) Radio - December 9, 2014

Source: C2CSI - Abel Danger

Abel Danger Broadcast for December 9, 2014

Sheikh yur-Buti Links Serco-AFSC-SES-9/11

Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Corbett Report (Open Source Intelligence News) - Interview 975 – Field McConnell Introduces Abel Danger

Source: The Corbett Report

Field McConnell of joins the program today to discuss his life, background and investigation into the Octopus that connects Serco, the Senior Executive Service, Barry Soetoro, 9/11, MH370, MH17, the Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot and much, much (much) more.

#2194: Marine Links Serco's Treason-Sister Visa Center to Naudet Ad Hoc Waypoint, Al-Qaeda Space Command

Plum City - ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Serco's operation of the National Visa Center for a group led by his allegedly treasonous sister Kristine Marcy to an ad hoc waypoint on the North face of WTC#1 at which Jules Naudet pointed his camera just before AA Flight 11 entered its fly-over waypoint at 8:46:26 am at a flying speed of 490 mph in a final (terminating) procedure apparently executed by an Al-Qaeda Red Team in the U.S. Air Force Space Command.

John Bolton: As ignorant as he is dangerous

Source: 21St Century Wire

December 6, 2014 By 21wire 9 Comments

21st Century Wire says…

Behind the 'walrus mustache' might be one of the most dangerous men in the world, and here's why…

The Global Rich Are a Tribe with Their Own Folkways, Values & Mythology - Those Values Are "Pathological"

Source: Down With Tyranny

How the Very Very Rich Fly to St. Andrews

by Gaius Publius

The Zionist Network behind 9-11

Source: Christopher Bollyn

December 7, 2006

Sixty-five years ago, Japanese bombers launched an early morning surprise attack on the U.S. fleet at Pearl Harbor, killing some 2,400 seamen and bringing the United States into World War II. The next day, President Franklin D. Roosevelt called December 7, 1941 "a date which will live in infamy" and asked Congress for a declaration of war against Japan. September 11, 2001 is another date which will live in infamy. Like the attack on Pearl Harbor, 9-11 was a surprise attack to most Americans – but not all.

America: It Is Time To Rein In the Police - National Reconciliation Urged - Protestors: Stay off the Streets - If You Are on the Street Protesting, You Are Asking for "Help"- Police (Corporate Security): You Have Overstepped Your Limits - An Open Message to Police Military

Source: Global Research

Report on Cleveland Exposes National Epidemic of Police Killings and Abuse 

By Thomas Gaist
Global Research
December 06, 2014

Amidst growing anger over the reign of police violence and killings throughout the United States, a new report extensively documents the routine criminal activity of one police department in northern Ohio.

Parliament's Israel/Palestine debate with George Galloway - 1st December 2014

Saturday, December 6, 2014

#2193: Marine Links Serco Obama Insider Trading Frauds To Malaysia Airlines Waypoint Bombs

Plum City - ( : United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Obama’s alleged use of the Small Business Administration networks in insider-trading frauds on Serco shareholders to the conversion of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 and Flight 17 aircraft into ad hoc waypoint bombs apparently flown remotely by Serco operatives in the U.S. Air Force Space Command.

Catastrophic Terrorism: Tackling the New Danger

Journal Article, Foreign Affairs, November / December 1998, volume 77, issue 6, pages 80-94

Authors: Ashton B. Carter, Former Co-Director, Preventive Defense Project, Harvard & Stanford Universities, John M. Deutch, International Council Member, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Philip D. Zelikow, Former Associate Professor of Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School; Former Faculty Affiliate, International Security Program


By Ashton Carter, John Deutch, and Philip Zelikow


Friday, December 5, 2014

Cloud-Centric Crime Scene Investigation (C2CSI) Radio - December 6, 2014

Source: C2CSI - Abel Danger

Abel Danger Broadcast for December 6, 2014

Serco's Darkest Hour 3pm EDT 24 December, ...

#2192: Marine Links Sister And Serco’s Darkest Hour To KSM Obama Visa Center, AF Stand Down Space Command

Plum City - ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked his sister Kristine 'Con Air' Marcy and Serco's Darkest Hour to the alibis generated by operatives at the National Visa Center for Khaled Sheikh Mohammed and Barack Obama over the last 25 years use and the stand down of the United States Air Force Space Command on 9/11.

Real Money And The Jewish Dialectic

Thursday, December 4, 2014

#2191: Marine Links Serco Visa For Hit Team Tags To Norad Santa Foreign Faction Pilot, Homolka JonBenét

Plum City - ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Serco's use of the National Visa Center to deploy hit teams for the Offender's Tag Association to a "small foreign faction" apparently flown to Boulder Colorado for the Norad Santa program of 1996 by E/W pilot Russell Williams and a ransom note, allegedly authored by Karla Homolka, found at the home of the late, tortured and murdered JonBenét Ramsey.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Americans: Chuck Your Ruling Elite - Russia Pounds The Final Nail Into Europe's Economic Coffin - Russia's Unified Gas Distribution Network - U.S./UK Nightmare: Russian S-400 Missiles to China - The U.S. Has Been Checkmated - Will the U.S. Response Be War? - It's Going to Be a Cold Winter, Europe - Bizarre U.S. Geopolitical Strategy

Source: The Vineyard of the Saker

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Importance Of The Cancellation Of South Stream

by Alexander Mercouris

The reaction to the cancellation of the South Stream project has been a wonder to behold and needs to be explained very carefully. In order to understand what has happened it is first necessary to go back to the way Russian-European relations were developing in the 1990s.

Tim Osman Accepts His Mission - Documents Are Purging From the System - U.S. State Department Special Visitor Tim Osman - Taliban Supply Request: Manpads; Promis; Polytech Clone Red-Eye Equipment; General Dynamics Stinger Missiles; And Can We Get Some Red Mercury Please?

The U.S. State Department receives a guest visitor

The U.S. State Department has a visitor to their offices named Tim Osman aka Osama bin Laden who receives logistical resupply of weapons and munitions via U.S. State Department. So Tim, how did the Manpads hold out? Some of us are beginning to think, Tim, some of those Manpads are still floating around Afghanistan being deployed by the Taliban? Word on the street too, Tim, is that Promis was used to organize the Taliban against the Soviets in their ten year military involvement in Afghanistan?

It appears the system is hemorrhaging documents and Abel Danger doesn't need Wikileaks?

Best Kept Secret In America - Ninety-Nine Percent of Mortgages Owned by Cede & Company - Paper Manipulates The Market - Silver and Gold Swap Contracts Destroyed - 55 Water Street Vault - The Unwinding of ALL This is Going to Get Very Nasty - All Financial Transactions Controlled by The DTCC - People Are Not Equipped to Handle This Information - London Fix Conveniently Scrapped

Source: Trust Company Amsterdam

The Unknown $19 Trillion Depository Trust Company

by Anthony Wayne

Part I of II

This exclusive report is a compilation of interviews and background research from October 1995 through April 1999.

#2190: Marine Links KSM Visa Center To Daniel Pearl Snuff Film Pilot, Norad Santa JonBenét

Plum City - ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked the KSM National Visa Center, launched in 1994 by his sister Kristine 'Serco' Marcy, to the electronic warfare pilot Russell Williams who appears to have obtained visas needed to send Khaled Sheikh Mohammed's snuff film crew to Pakistan to decapitate Daniel Pearl on February 1, 2002 and a NORAD Santa "foreign faction" to kill JonBenét Ramsey on Christmas Day 1996.

Ferguson: An Experiment - Riots Are Tools - Total Media Boycott Called For - De-Militarize the Police - America Is Being Transformed Into a "Gaza Strip" - "The Israelification of American Domestic Security" - Disengage American Police From Israeli Training

Source: thecenterforinvestigativejournalism

US police get anti-terror training in Israel on privately funded trips

By Ali Winston / September 16, 2014

An officer aims his rifle during a protest in Ferguson, Mo. The protests have reignited concerns about the militarization of U.S. law enforcement. Credit: Charlie Riedel/AP

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Irish Are Not Going to Pay - Corporation Creates Entity to Attract Funding - No Improvement in Water or Water Infrastructure - €1 billion to Develop a Billing System - Irish Prime Minister Enda Keny: Wake Up and Smell the Water - Neoliberalism Attracts Psyhopaths

Source: Take Back Your Power

Dennis O'Brien and Irish Water

April 28, 2014

So, lets see – Irish Water: a synopsis so far.

#2189: Marine Links Sister’s KSM Visa Handlers To ATC Serco Crime Scenes, MH 17 Waypoints Kiev

Plum City - ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked his sister Kristine Marcy's development of a Khaled Sheikh Mohammed ('KSM') visa-handling network to Serco's alleged use of air traffic controllers to extort crime scene investigators and impute ad hoc way points into MH Flight 17 from the Kiev Borispol control tower on July 17.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Launch Local Currencies - The Time Is Now - We Want Interest-Free Money! - Babylon=Usury - Usury Destroys All Aspects of Culture and Human Relationships - Eradicate Rent-Seeking - The Money Power Sit on Their Asses

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Introducing the Talent

by Anthony Migchels
April 30, 2013

(Left/Above: the logo of the Gelre, the first unit based on the Talent. Soon we will launch a national unit for the Netherlands)

Alternative currencies are a crucial component in addressing our monetary problems. However, the monetary architectures that are currently available are wholly insufficient to provide serious relief for Main Street. The Talent is the first independent currency model that provides all functions that modern currencies need to truly compete within the Dollar/Euro paradigm. Not only that: it is now available for immediate implementation at ultra low cost.

Cloud-Centric Crime Scene Investigation (C2CSI) Radio - December 2, 2014

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Abel Danger Broadcast for December 2, 2014

Abel Danger Blocks Christmas Swiss Jet Fal...

#2188: Marine Links Con Air Sister Visa Center To Down Low Serco Waypoints, Boeing 9/11 Set Asides

Plum City - ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked his Con Air sister Kristine Marcy's launch of the Serco-operated National Visa Center in 1994 to the Down Low Club’s selection of waypoints imputed by Serco into the Boeing aircraft flown under U.S. Small Business Administration set-aside contracts during the 9/11 war games.

Karl Marx: Oligarchic Wealthy Elitist Fraud - Trier, Germany to Trier High School In Chicago - Spinning and Misdirecting - CIA is a Production Company - The Twilight Zone - Trier Linked to Assyria - Super-Wealthy Bankers and Industrialists - Century-Long War on the Proletariat - Faux Art and Culture Are Vulgar Conjobs

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Reading the Signs 
 today's lesson: Karl Marx

by Miles Mathis 

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