Saturday, August 16, 2014

Tennessee Tuesday · Patriots for Veteran Walter Fitzpatrick

Dear Mr. Cullen,

Thank you for encouraging justice to be restored in America beginning, possibly, in Tennessee on Tuesday, 19 August. As you must be aware Wisconsin, Georgia and New York will be at a Prayer Breakfast at Cracker Barrel at 1000 on Monday, 18 August. That same day at 3pm until 8pm we are hosting a public BBQ featuring Tennessee BBQ, Wisconsin Brat, Cheese Curds and Cheese, and Tacos made in New York's patented Taco Racks.

We will ensure that a bottle of 19 Crimes Australia wine is available to toast any success in ensuring a 24 year veteran is not abused in McMinn County, Tennessee. Because the world is watching, here are websites for the products to be enjoyed at this public, free, BBQ.

 Saul's Meats

 Rybicki Cheese, LTD.

 Taco Rack

 19 Crimes

Mr. Cullen, we have a professional movie producer filming the entire event on Monday and Tuesday and if we have good news to report I will lift high the bottle of 19 Crimes and thank Australia, on camera, for being part of the effort to block the commission of a 20th crime. Patriots in the United States salute you, and in fact have been faithfully exposing the Houston-Truss mismanagement of the Serco search for a plane that was never missing.

Field McConnell
Global Ops Director Abel Danger Private Intel
 +001 715 307 8222

On Saturday, August 16, 2014 6:27 AM, John Cullen wrote:

To: Bill Haslam, Governor of Tennessee Sherriff Joe Guy, McMinn County Mayor Hal Buttram, City of Athens Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch USA Tad Simpson, McMinn County Commission Roger Masingale, McMinn County Commission Dale Holbrook, McMinn County Commission Scott Curtis, McMinn County Commission (I have listed the other recipients of this letter below)

As a citizen of a Western Democracy and as a friend to the citizens of the United States of America, I would like to express my support to you in your fight against systemic corruption slowly invading the USA and Australia within our judicial systems and within sections of our Governments. Quoting Sherriff Joe Guy, "..keeping the oath..", serving both God and country alike.

As events in the USA directly affect other western countries, this is a kind reminder that the world can watch the unfolding events in the American Judicial System, particularly at present in the McMinn County, Tennessee. From the open admissions by District Attorney General Kim Helper that her officers steal money under the guise of Civil Forfeiture Laws citing "I guess it is a way for us to continue to fund our operations...", to the rigging of Grand Juries to fraudulently seize deceased estates and imprison retired veterans who continue to uphold their oaths to "protect America from threats within" when they report this Judicial Corruption, and even when the latter's charges of extortion and aggravated perjury were found to be "without a victim".

I note that when searching online for the McMinn County Sherriff's department, the first search result is the prisoner's directory. Prisoner overpopulation in Australia is how privatized prisons security and caterers maximise profits, and I note that it is the same over there. We all have freedom of choice. However, now that you have received this communication from me, I having created the action, now have caused an effect in you. Your response to it is your choice, whether good, bad or indifferent.

Please choose wisely, guided by God and your oaths of office, as it is all of our futures that are at stake. America being a world leader, know that your action (or inaction), will have repercussions around the world. Unwise actions or inaction, is how we slowly got into this position. Anything short of supporting true justice in America, and by proxy supporting justice and democracy in the rest of the world, is self-defeating in the long run. Think globally and act locally with best intent.

Yours in respect and truth John Cullen Melbourne, Australia

Other recipients of this letter include: Olivier van Bogaert, Head of Media and Communications, International Commission of Justice Transparency International Michael Gross, Federal Judicial Center Judith Areen, Chief Executive Officer, Association of American Law Schools William Hubbard, American Bar Association Steve Lepper, Deputy Director American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative Anita Denning, Director of Outreach and Communications, American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative Jim Sandman, President, Legal Services Corporation Carl Rauscher, Director of Communications and Media Relations, Office of Government Relations and Public Affairs, Legal Services Corporation Esther F. Lardent, Esq. President and Chief Executive Officer, Pro Bono Institute

As the County Commissioners email addresses have now been taken down, please also forward where applicable to:

Bob Powers, McMinn County Commission
Gary Mason, McMinn County Commission
J.W. McPhail, McMinn County Commission
Tim King, McMinn County Commission
Charles Slack, McMinn County Commission
David Crews, Chairman McMinn County Commission


  1. God Bless all of you at Abel Danger,an God speed!!!

  2. This website among many others takes elements of different person's lives and different cases and issues and weaves them together into a nonsensical story. This is one. This is one of many, not singling out this one, the internet, in my experience, is not a place you can find the truth on any issue. Some dastardly deeds have been done in the Telecommunications statutes that allow for interception of private communications, such as mine, sometimes not even in the electronic format, sometimes even something written on paper, at home, you would not believe it, I can write myself a note and set it on the bedstand and it gets into someone's news story. so to keep a private life is impossible if you are a TI such as myself because of witnessing certain events and having accurate memories that I can reconstruct and will in the future to the best of my ability. So one "fake" news story gets woven in succession after another one and so on. Being lied about as to character and personal life is not a good thing but it does affect my ability to work and function normally and the actions taken by people both in the electronic media and in real world activities are unjustified in my understanding but seem to be like a train off the rails that can't stop. No one seems concerned about the truth of any matter and go to extraordinary lengths to bury the most important and crucial ones, the ones that affect the survival of humanity and larger than that, in order to CYA and in the CYA activiites end up sealing the fate of all of us, including themselves, for a very unfortunate result, which still at this late date can be resolved among people with an honest intention to get to the truth of their own lives and own experiences with each other together in concert with the view to improvement of life conditions. The fact that an "authoritative" third party can't keep their hands and mitts off of people's personal issues is what prevents resolution, peace, and tranquility, and a better world and life for all.

  3. @ Anonymous
    You have said something - in many words, that is unclear in its intention and - where more clear, rather naive or arrogant. There will always be "authoritative" people and the other kind - those, who believe, that they would do a tremendous job in achieving peace and tranquillity, as well as a better world and life for all, if only they were in power.

    I think that human history has taught us, humans, that our nature doesn't change. We can address specific faults of our own, and by doing it improve the world in our limited sphere of influence. We will never be able to become saviours. Jesus Christ is the Saviour. We must follow Him. We can get involved in a fight against lies, as the good and courageous people of Abel Danger did. What we can never do, is achieve peace and tranquillity for all. God has never promised us that we will be able to do it. He only promised us His guidance in help in seeking Truth and fighting for Truth. The best way to do it is to reveal lies, and to get rid of all lies on our lives.

    1. Well, you are one of the "authoritative" people I reference. I only mean peace and tranquility, or simply resolution of personal issues between myself and others, would be easier without "handlers" or "therapists' or "managers" or someone "directing traffic." in a human resource management type of deal. NO ONE should be "in power" that is not something that should even EXIST on the earth. And you are correct that we are not "saviors' but in truth some of us are called to do certain things and it involves a lot more than correcting certain faults of our own, and wouldn't you be amazed at the hundreds of faultless and guiltless people who wish to correct mine. No, I am not a "savior" but in fact there are certain metaphysical gifts that I do have or actually had that were stolen from me, there is one savior but spiritual gifts like healing and other things were not only the monopoly of Christ, "you shall do these things and even greater things than this" is that not the quote? so the pettiness of little ticky-tack things being called out by a chorus of hundreds or thousands as to whether or not I farted and how it's my fault because I chose to eat the beans and don't come cryin' to me when you fart because you're a sinner who needs Jesus and he can help you stop farting, that's the kind of crap I am talking about.

    2. And to say "we must follow Him" this is true in a sense but you end up following simply people alive today who claim a closer proximity to him than you or I do, do you "lead people to Jesus" and then realize that you actually became their slavedriver? "Come to jesus, i will show you the way," and really, it's actually YOU who then take over, not Jesus at all?

    3. And I will leave this as the last message but I am a TI targeted individual and this is one of many websites that target me, i see elements of my life woven into another story, that contains some pieces of me in it, but in a different place, or different character. that I am sure is true and it is a covert network type of thing, look at the orange and black sunglasses and the different props and cues, yes I know, that's him looking right here in my house and in my life. That is ILLEGAL I am sure. So that's my beef with that.

  4. The good and courageous people at Abel Danger, no, listen, you esteem certain people faultless and guiltless and then what,"certain specific faults of our own," listen I have no hurry in going to work on correcting my faults, I don't claim to be without them so I can't necessarily correct others faults. My plan now is to AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE, as soon as certain crucial business is accomplished on the internet, AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE people who have an eyeball on me in my house through utilizing NSA spy equipment like the "good people at Abel Danger" do to me and want to "correct my faults" and claim to be anti-government crusaders in some way. How can the "alternative/patriot/activist" apparatus use NSA equipment and claim to be anti-government?

    1. Laughing about the 'NSA' glasses. Field wouldn't know what to do with techy spyware as he has a hard enough time operating his keyboard. Everything else you've written is lost to interpretation.

  5. Dear Anonymous, without any context your message is lost. If you have a fact to correct, you really need to offer something.

    Before adding my support, I spent 6 weeks studying all the available court transcripts, charge sheets, interviews, news stories, both for and against. My conclusion is that there is clearly a case for the miscarriage of justice here, in Civil Law and in Common Law, let alone God's Law.

    You cannot justify ANY wrong action as being part of some greater good. That is exactly how we get into strife. You can choose whether to eat beans or not, but you can't blame anyone for taking note when you fart. The responsibility is yours alone. If you are implicated in something, it is most likely because where there is smoke, there is fire.

    Stand up and be counted if you claim to follow Jesus, even on pain of death like he did.


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