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AMERICA STANDS - Book 15 Chapter 1

Serco's STRIKE 3 On 25 August?
Abel Danger Operation SUNSHINE Blows Away Darkness Of This World

Obama's Puppet UNCLE BEN BLACKwood
G-Spot: Blackwood + Fitzgerald + Fraud + Abel Danger + Obama

Field McConnell Questions Malaysia Response Re: BHUAP
G-Spot: mh370 + rotting corpses + mcconnell + Serco sloppy

8 March, 17 July, 25 August BHUAP; Serco's "Red Herrings" 
G-Spot: MH370 + MH17 + Serco + 25 August + Field McConnell 

Jon Kerry Blackwood To Honor Constitution Or Impostor?
G-Spot: Obama's Puppet Judge + McMinn County, Tennessee + Abel Danger

World's Biggest DIPSHIT Embroiled In Operation DUM PHUC
G-Spot: Thompson + Law & Order + "A Time to Kill" + obama

Serco's Attempt to BUK The System Blocked By AD?
G-Spot: KU band + smacsonic + MH17 + Field McConnell

Israel's Soros MH370 Solution Blocked By AD
G-Spot: Telesis + Soros + Serco + Abel Danger + N105GT + Field McConnell

MH17 Horror Arranged By Some In This Photo
G-Spot: Menzie's + Israel + rotting corpses + MH17

Cool Operator To Expose Those Destroying America
G-Spot: Serco + Obama + Marcy + Baginski + FIELD MCCONNELL

NSA And MI6 Can Google OWFPT Until They Go Crazy
G-Spot: MH370 + MH17 + BHUAP + Field McConnell + Taco Rack

Blocked KU Detonation Turns MH17 Corpse Jet Upside Down
G-Spot: MH17 + MH370 + Field McConnell + Serco

32 Years Ago, Agent Chips Was Keeping America's Skies Clear
G-Spot: Field McConnell + William Tell 1986 + Sweet Talkin' Woman

On 10 December, 2006, Captain McConnell Said 'CLEAR THE SKIES' 
G-Spot: Captain McConnell + Clear The Skies + 10 December 2006

Hammer MacCheese, Plum Plunge Car Parade
G-Spot: AD + Plum Plunge + Dedicated + Aaron Carson Vaughn

Way back in the Epilog to book 14, Hammer MacCheese had interrupted Barry M. Hall as thus: "Agent Barry M. Hall sorry to interrupt and Agents NOTSO, RPM and STYX sorry to pre-empt your time but we have just received the final nail in the coffin of Serco's proxies in Malaysia ATC and Australia SAR, see also Angus Houston. Our ally "in the region" has just sent a 66 page document to Abel Danger Global at 401 Main Street in Plum City, Wisconsin. I will now post it for your viewing and after all have had adequate time for the Boeing Honeywell Uninterruptible Autopilot to be understood, I will come back on and pending input from White Hats in Milwaukee and Phoenix I may announce that just as TOP COCK gave way to DUM PHUC, DUM PHUC may be replaced by Operation TACO RACK if the relationship between Kristine Marcy, Maureen Baginski, Eric Holder, Barry Soetoro results in WRONGFUL DEATH charges against the choomer mullato and TREASON charges against the other three pitiful PHUC UPS. Any escalation upward prior to Operation SHOE HORN would invoke Protocol OWFPT and COCKED PISTOL.

Chapter One: To Finish Tillman And Extortion 17's Fight

Scripture: 2 Timothy 4:7; Ephesians 6:10-17

7  I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. 
10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.
11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your STAND against the devil's schemes.
12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.
13 Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to STAND your ground, and after you have done everything, to STAND.
14 STAND firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place,
15 and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. 
16 In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one.
17  Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

Gospel: Sweet, Sweet Spirit

Secular: Unchained Melody

Video: July 17, 2014 AD Plum City Plunge Dedication to Aaron Carson Vaughn

Aaron Carson Vaughn's Mother Testifies In Place Son Who Is With Jesus

G-Spot: MH17 + McConnell + MH370 + Serco

Way back on Friday the 18th of July, Plum Plungers had the pleasure of seeing the Flag of The United States of America, one nation formerly under God, lowered to half mast prior to the placing of the Extortion 17 Commemorative license plates on a rolling tribute to SOC Aaron Carson Vaughn, a US Navy SEAL who died at the orders of the Commander in Chief of the United States, Barry Soetoro, Punahou '79 who is married to a male and has a rude daughter who kicks innocent white children simply because she misses her real parents and resents the duo-dick couple of misfits that Serco had trusted to destroy America from the inside out. Sitting around the campfire at the BEAST on Saturday night, July 19th, Agent Chips had gotten an Immediate JASPAR from a "shipmate" in the Appalachians where in 1946 some patriotic veterans had kicked the collective asses of the crony justice perverts that haunted the Athens Courthouse. Over in West Virginia the FBI had cleaned up the Courts in Operation MINGO. According to the sender of the message date 1911/05Aug14, Operation MONGO was to be loosed on Tennessee if the Governor of Tennessee elects to do nothing.

Operation MONGO was inspired by a pair of heterosexual adult patriotic believers who had been sitting around a ROARING FIRE on Saturday night, 19 July, 2014 when Umbrellaman suggested Operation MONGO would be most effective if not launched before the two star general was to be executed on 6 August, 2014, the third anniversary of the killing of Seal Team 6 to keep alive the FAIRY, I say again FAIRY tale that Osama had been captured and killed for the third time by special forces endangered by a gay mulatto choomer positioned by Serco to destroy America. Not so fast you pig fuckers, enter Agent Chips whose Operation MIGHTY MOUSE was capable of again saving the day as he had done on the morning of 9/11 by imputing a 41 minute delay in the departure of Captain Jason Dahl's United 93 which allowed sissy boy John Kerry to knock a lady over on the U S Capitol steps as he exited the KILL ZONE he had been made aware of by a pair of Rockefeller's named Clinton, see also Pig Fuckers with Peyronies.

Operation TOP COCK Agent Glow Immediate JASPAR to Agent Chips, Hammer MacCheese, Hamish, Barry M. Hall, Tactics Tillman, NOTSO, Sluggo and Dangerettes assigned or subject to recall in Operations TOP COCK, TACO RACK or SHOE HORN: Chips, et. al., in the run-up to the 2012 primary elections in Mingo County, West Virginia, a group of officials adopted a campaign slogan to promote their political slate: Team Mingo. But the judge, sheriff, and county prosecuting attorney who were part of the alliance among the most powerful men in the local judicial system used their authority to serve their own interests rather than those of the citizens who elected them. Umbrellaman will be briefing all subject to duty in TACO RACK and/or SHOE HORN at 0411, 6 August, 2014. If Umbrellaman invokes TACO RACK for McMinn County, Tennessee, it is extremely likely he will simultaneously authorize SHOE HORN in time frame 25 August to 14 September, 2014. Serco's FIRST COUPLE, code name PARADIX, know their time is short and good options few. Asheville trap set to be sprung as Serco's hit on the 2 star general was exposed moments after it occurred by Kristine Marcy's smarter sibling. My father and Chips' father have trained us well, Engage and use Psalm 91:11-14 to remove the blight. Glow, OWFPT Code Pastel Melba Peach

Chips excused himself from the FIREPIT north of THE BEAST and drove home to contact a Dangerette located within the Hampton Roads AOO who had infiltrated Sercoís Reston IC system and found a Bilderberg contingency dated 17 July, the day that Abel Danger had observed Victory at Vino as Serco took the bait and moved MH370 from FJDG to EHAM from whence it was uploaded FLIGHT PLAN B moving it to a rendezvous with SQ351 directly overhead some BUK battery moved clumsily into position Donetsk so that when the remains of MH370 which had been placed under the intercept point of MH17's drone and SQ351, evidence of Serco's failed snatch of MH370 could be put to rest leaving only Angus Houston and Warren Truss to look stupid as they had promised to start a new search for MH370 in August west of Perth but that had already been upstaged by Abel Danger google combo: [ mh370 + cscl Uranus + 17 July ] or if you want the OLD STORY google [ mh370 + 25 March + CSCL Uranus ]. Note to Tony Abbott, Angus Houston, and Warren Truss, Serco is serving up your asses for lunch and lunch is being dished at the Abel Danger Diner in Exile, Wisconsin.

Chips drove himself up to the Goat Ranch in the world's most recognized PURPLE LIMO christened Purple Reign II indicating Jesus will be returning soon to KICK SOME ASS like he did when he overturned the moneychangers table in the temple. He needed to get his mind off Serco so he turned on the CD player and selected F4 expecting to hear HOLD ME, KISS ME, THRILL ME but it seemed someone must have changed CDs without his knowledge. As the music started his mind went to Agents Malaysian Persuasion, Class of 75 and Cat Bond, Class of 69 both accomplished practitioners of the same. Thinking of how the ladies had blown it SKY HIGH, his thoughts returned to MH17 which had been BLOWN SKY HIGH two days earlier as its radar track merged with SQ351 just as on 8 March MH370 had been SERCO SNATCHED as it merged with SQ68. Chips came up with a plan, a plan that he would communicate with Agent Cat Bond, Hamish, Hammer Rooster Cogburn and Umbrellaman. As he parked the world's most recognizable Purple Limo at the Stud Barn, his cell phone played the Hawaii 5-0 ringtone just like it would at 1411 central, on 6 August, 2014 during the Livestream Show where we offer the Tennessee Governor a chance to ëupgradeí while Abel Danger Faithful will be sampling the breakfast tacos being served at About Time B&B in Maiden Rock, Wisconsin and the Abel Danger Diner in Exile, Wisconsin.

The phone rang for three seconds, then ring tone ended. Chips knew he needed to call Hammer Rooster Cogburn, but thinking of Cat Bond's TACO SAUCE made him wish he could put pleasure before duty just this once. However, being the crack professional he is, he selected #311 on his Clipper Squirt Gun, anticipating that Rooster would be waiting for his call at 401 Main Street which had a new sign in the window following the 4th murder threat against FIELD MCCONNELL which arrived after his announcing his travel plans for Athens TN and USS America reunion.

"Chips, it is Cat Bond, I asked Rooster to put me through on Clipper as my brother's house line is watched by Serco-Reston and my minutes are monitored by NSAWW at 1950 Old Gallows Road. I will be sending you a clandestine email with subject line BESA MI TACO. Watch for the dope on Serco in a virtual sour cream container that seeks salsa. Message in 3 minutes. Cat Bond will be sender, any questions?"

"Only one, are the Hampton Road Harleys still available for the photo ops when I am aboard the USS Wisconsin during the reunion of the sailors of USS America who wish to know who authorized Serco to sink the aircraft carrier?"

"Yes Chips, just as bull moose Cheney had whipped his neck around and said: "THE ORDER STILL STANDS", the Hampton Harleys offer still stands and BLUE BOB reminds you to bring your Bengo's Hat and RIDE CAPTAIN badge. More later, Cat needs to visit the sand box. Prrr."

Chips walked into the worlds most dangerous STUD BARN and before he could sit in the church pew and crack an Old Style, his Clipper Squirt Gun went off with a truncated message with subject BESA MI TACO.

He opened the full message and saw that Cat Bond had opened with a google search combo as she enjoyed the titillation of G-Spots, in fiction and in fact, who could blame her.

"Chips, google: [yarls wood + serco + G4S + privatization] That should bring up this attached article: August 5, 2014 and Serco Inc. announced the Company has been awarded a contract by the U.S. Navy's Space and Naval Warfare Command (SPAWAR) System Center Atlantic (SSC-LANT) division to provide support and maintenance on Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles. This contract bolsters the Company's Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) services to the Department of Defense and has a one-year term with a $9 million value.

RESTON, VIRGINIA on August 5, 2014 Serco Inc., a provider of professional, technology, and management services, announced the Company has been awarded a contract by the U.S. Navy's Space and Naval Warfare Command (SPAWAR) System Center Atlantic (SSC-LANT) division to provide support and maintenance on Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles. This contract bolsters the Company's Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) services to the Department of Defense and has a one-year term with a $9 million value. This information is to be kept close to your breast, or mine. It appears that the Serco back door is still wide open. They, Serco, Australia, Malaysia and Cameron act like we didn't get the Russian satellite and radar tracks showing that in both cases of MH370 and MH17 Singapore Airlines flights 68 and 351 seem to be the source of the KU band transmissions. Expect Rooster Cogburn to confirm. See you in September, Cat Bond. Call anytime."

Chips sat on the church pew and reflected on the Serco Serial Sloppy Seconds and reviewing the image from 31 July's exposure of Operation CHEESEHEAD, he thought that Chips should be played by Montel Williams if Robert Duval could indeed be coaxed to play Walter Francis Fitzpatrick in the upcoming movie THE FIGHTER PILOT WHO SAVED AMERICA, being screen written in time frame 21 April, 2014 to 02 October, 2014.

Chips thought back a week to his wearing of his GOLDEN SHADES and Cheddar necktie and had a third swig from the Old Style can as an incoming message from the tracker of GA Telesis and the homely Israeli lit up his Clipper Squirt Gun just as bright as his Dangerette Agent Sunshine would be lighting up the DARKNESS OF THE WORLD if Uncle Ben Blackwood is not "corrected" by 2359, 17 August, 2014.

Operation TOP COCK Agent Glow IMMEDIATE JASPAR To Hammers MacCheese and Rooster Cogburn, Umbrellaman, Hamish, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam, copy Dangerettes subject to recall in Top Cock, Taco Rack and or Shoe Horn: Agent Chips, AD latest post: Bollyn has linked GA Telesis to MH17 cover-up, AD has linked GA Telesis to MH370 cover-up, and in some previous email yesterday Israel was linked to 7/7 in London, everyone knows its involvement in 911 etc. Previous email also shows Serco's link to Israel, there's more info out there on Soames' link to Israel.  Serco is also linked to all of the above. There was a thwarted false flag in there somewhere involving the TEL AVIV TWIN that you had suggested would take out the Petronas Tower if you couldnít uphold it with your mighty effort.  So when contemplating what Serco might do next, take Israel's interests into account. Should be in the Bildeburg notes somewhere or the package from Reston that Cat Bond assembled. The latest rhetoric: ìIn a strongly worded statement, Soames warned that Britain would face "severe" consequences if it abstains in a vote on Palestinian statehood at the UN on Friday. More from the Guardian on William Hague will tell MPs on Wednesday that Britain will abstain if a vote is held at the UN security council." At one level the vote, if it happens, would be academic. This is because the US would exercise its veto. But Soames, who is president of the Conservative Middle East Council (CMEC) , believes that Britain will lose the goodwill it has built up in the Middle East during the Arab Spring if it abstains."

This is a good cop, bad cop technique, nothing more. In January, Soames was asking in Parliament if UK Banks and companies could invest in settlements and developments in the West Bank. The answer was no. Now there's a humanitarian disaster, and talk of an autonomous Palestinian state and round condemnation of Israel. What better way to get a Serco-Israeli Trojan Horse in the Palestinian door. Serco is already in the area" Look at Australia, Malaysia, the US, Ukraine, the UK. Serco is another Israeli Trojan Horse, which then entraps the politicians. And on it goes my thoughts on the subject anyway. I think you are wise to use UNCLE BEN BLACKWOOD as the first case, low hanging fruit. Take it easy if you can. Agent Glow, watching the CDC Ebola hoax for you, hoping to see you in Athens.

Chips had just hung up his Clipper Squirt Gun from the call from Atlanta's Agent Glow when he heard the sound of a door closing in the cold section of the World's Most Recognized Studebaker Barn. As he became erect to ambulate to the cold section, his mind wandered back to the PLUNGE CITY PLUNGE and the mobilization of 12 units from the Abel Danger Motor Pool under the guidance of MacCheese and Blondie as filmed by Agent Moxie J, a medical professional from the SUNSHINE STATE, perhaps willing to volunteer for the Sunshine Posse and make sure you spell posse correctly.

As Chips walked into his own garage, he saw a bespectacled man with a cheesehead piling boxes upon boxes in the northwest corner of the cold section. The man had three words written on the three sides of his cheesehead: Rybicki-Honeywell-Boeing. As the bespectacled man stopped his heavy lifting he apologized to Chips.

"Sorry if I am distracting you for your Ephesians 5:11 invoked work exposing the evil in this world but on behalf of Rybicki Cheese [ ], Honeywell and Boeing we in the Twin Cities area wish to ensure that VINO IN THE VALLEY-Plum Plunge Dinner on Thursday night, 16 July, 2015 is a huge success. I have turned the Mall of America shop over to some younger folks but you can count on me to greet the 40 members-guests of Abel Danger who assembled at 1630, 16 July, 2015 to celebrate the Justice Upgrades achieved by Abel Danger in McMinn County, Tennessee. Speaking in fluent Wisconsin-speak, I believe your parents, Glenn and Eileen McConnell would be very proud of you exposing your Serco Sibling Kristine as she has dishonored your family name in trying to help Serco destroy America. But you are a CHIP OFF THE OLD BLOCK, not to be confused with the USS Block Island, which has two CHIPS OFF THE OLD BLOCK ISLAND, capeche?"

"Dick, you are not distracting me but I am afraid ëcold sectioní only applies in winter, those 12 cases of cheese will get pretty warm here in our Wisconsin summer heat. Shall I buy a freezer?"

"No Chips, these are Rybicki Cheese boxes but they are CHOCK FULL of Honeywell and Boeing Honeywell autopilot patents dating from 1952. Kenneth Mahle, formerly of Honeywell, suggest you FOCUS ON AIMS and the embedded softward not visible to installers at Boeing or Cascade Aero in Abbotsford who backdoored the 9/11 decoys and drones, thusly killing your Classmate Captain Chic Burlingame. Kenneth Mahle of Honeywell at NWA-IAM at Boeing have provided everything you need to accomplish God's purpose in your life for His Kingdom. And His Kingdom is coming, as you well know. By the way, the 1937 Studebaker President is the one that gets the most attention at the... Dick was interrupted by the Hawaii 5-0 ringtone as he was getting an FLASH FESTUS from Agent Hamish.

Operation TOP COCK Agent Hamish FLASH FESTUS to Chips, FYEO: Chips, Crusher from "down under" and General Malaise both have sent identical messages quoted here: Wanting to listen to next C2CSI. I hope Abbott, Houston, Truss and their band of evil lying misfits burn in hell. Toss in a side-order of Allison Bone and Andrew Peacock if you think "cock and bone" is useful to the fiction. Greatly appreciate what you and Chips do. Thanks to Banzai for website, thanks to Tactics Tillman for the effective collages such as the beauty below. As God moves the chess pieces around in Tennessee Justice, it appears that Serco's downfall is imminent due to the sloppy work of your Serco Sibling Kristine Marcy and her gay pal Smolich. It has been a long time coming. Cat Bond, Agent Glow, Freeport Girl, and Agent Bean have all volunteered for Operation Delicious Wedge vs. Israeli Protective Edge [ lipetsk-kazan ] if Umbrellaman authorizes TACO RACK or SHOE HORN. Hamish, downtown at JRs Corner Bar, Where are you?

#2043: Marine links Serco MH 17 Boeing bogus way point to Obama Red Switch shoot down

Plum City ( July 22, 2014: United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Serco's apparent upload of bogus way points for the downed Boeing 777-200 ER of MH Flight 17 to an ultra vires authority, allegedly transmitted over Obama's Defense Red Switch Network, to shoot the plane down at a place where a locally-mustered triage team could hide evidence of an air-to-air missile.

Readers are invited to read the article below which describes how Russia's Defense Ministry spotted a second aircraft in the vicinity shortly before the crash of MH 17 and compare the Russian analysis with smears from Obama; the former Illinois politician who apparently extorted Boeing into moving its HQ to Chicago in 2001 and outsourcing all mission-critical operations (cf. MH370) to Serco and the world's largest air traffic controller and U.K. custodian of Obama's Red Switch Network.

Shortly after completing the deal, Boeing contributed $900,000 to the William J. Clinton Foundation to help rebuild schools in Haiti damaged by the 2010 earthquake that Serco caused using the U2S 80-1076 pictured in the photo acquired by Abel Danger during the 2011 reunion of the Ramey Air Force Base Historical Association.
Chips was recalling how the photo was shot through a door handle removed by Agent Cat Bond who had been involved in Operation RED CARPET which was not divulged prior to this as it involves FRAUD in Judge Blackwood District 10. However, surely one could google this combo and find good results: Chips + Agent Sphinx + Red Rose + Georgetown

Chips' mind went out to play as he recalled that carpet should always match the drapes and he thought of this seductive pussy cat draped in red and he hoped she might someday roll out the red carpet, so to speak, for his confirmation of her sense of fashion. Before he could mentally undress her, a FLASH FESTUS came in from Tactics Tillman calling from the Biltmore Office not far from where Goldwater once controlled the underground facilities underlying the FOUR CORNERS. His mind skipped to the FOUR CORONERS in Malaysia, Holland, Australia and Britain who had tried hard to explain the ROTTING CORPSES that fell from MH17/370 as SQ 351 flew overhead but failed to get SMACSONIC DETONATION due to a KU BLOCK but the only organization exposing both 9/11 and MH 370.

Operation TOP COCK Agent Tactics Tillman FLASH FESTUS to Hammers 3, Hamish, Chips and the 4 Sunshine Dangerettes awaiting SUNRISE in East Tennessee: Hammers et. al. The post sent to Malaysia and Australia has Truss and Houston over a BFB, big fucking barrel. Standby for confirmation from the PATENT MAN who knows Honeywell's patents as well as Allison's Bone, see also Boeing's Andrew Peacock. Standby for supporting fire from DOWN UNDER. Plum City ( July 24, 2014: United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Serco's alleged used of imputed way points to take MH Flight 17 off its en route airway to the experts of unknown provenance who have been engaged for the spoliation of evidence at the crime scene near Donetsk and the foreign people who were apparently hired through Serco's FAA Contract Towers network to enter the control tower at Kiev Borispol Airport on July 17, remove the normal workers who were monitoring flight MH17 and start doing their jobs. Readers should check the articles below which suggest that Serco has established a man-in-the-middle position with respect to the FAA Contract Towers' imputation of way points into the Boeing Honeywell Uninterruptible Autopilot on all Boeing passenger aircraft and is in a position to deploy triage teams at crash sites to remove evidence of a conspiracy which tracks back to the apparently-extorted move of the Boeing headquarters to Chicago and the flying events of 9/11. Hammers, Hamish and Chips, Serco has been quoted as referring to the MH17-MH370 hoax as Malaysia's $97M "lawn dart." Here is an intercept from Serco Reston: Malaysia's $97M "Lawn Dart" According to the colonel, at 16:19:45, a Ukrainian jet fighter targeted the Boeing with an air-to-air missile R-60. The missile damaged the right engine of the Boeing. The Boeing was hit, but still managed to stay in the air. However, in doing so, the Boeing turned 180 degrees to the left. It was at this moment that the false flag attack started falling apart. According to Zhilin, part of the plan controlled by the US with Ukrainian hands executing it was to have the Boeing crash past the southern frontline by the Ukrainian-Russian border. Had the Boeing fallen there, securing the crash sites with the troops in response to international pressure was on top of all else effectively allow Kiev to lift the encirclement of its brigades in the southern pocket by the Russian border. When, however, the Boeing started to turn in the opposite direction and was still apparently manageable, "the US-Ukrainian headquarters of the special operation panicked and order the Buk battery to destroy the plane in the air in order to pre-empt the possibility of the Boeing's emergency landing." A Buk missile was fired and the plane was then finally destroyed at 6817 feet AGL. The disclosure of the Russian electronic intelligence (in fact, only one part of it) on July 21 put the US against the wall. The existence of this intelligence and other data also means that the US cannot show the real intelligence, which they also have, including the data from their electronic warfare exercise SEA BREEZE 2014 and the data from their spy satellite, which just happened to be over the area during the downing of the Malaysian Boeing. The other relevant information which the Russian colonel revealed was that the Malaysian Boeing was insured for $97 million against damages or losses as a result of military action. However, because Serco did the attack via proxy Obama, the military action clause will be thrown out. Perhaps Matthias Chang could contact Joyce Riley and flesh this out. I think it is time to roll out Operation Sunshine Superman, but that is up to Umbrellaman. Tillman, Biltmore

Chips' mind was brought back to the here and now as he returned to sitting on the church pew in the warm section of the worldís most dangerous STUD BARN his Clipper indicated an Immediate JASPAR from Coon Rapids which is not a form of diarrhea that certain Serco mulattos will be suffering from by the end of this week. As he picked up his Clipper Squirt Gun he recognized the sultry voice that sounded a lot like Julie London, only different.

Operation TOP COCK Agent Freeport Girl IMMEDIATE JASPAR to Chipsy, FYEO: First of all Mr. Cool Operator, remember that the Sunshine Quartet of HOT BABES have your telephone number and if Governor Haslam doesnít call by 1411 central tomorrow, we four will be calling you to remind you to file the two cases in District of North Dakota Court. On a less important note, David Hawkins wonders if youíd like to comment on either of the two attached Posts delivered today to Tennessee and Serco, as well as the Puppet and His Judge "Backwoods Blackwood aka UNCLE BEN". Freeport Girl, see you at the Umbrellaman brief at 0411, if you are up for some serious STOCKING STUFFING, meet me at JR's Mainstreet Junction. I'm getting juiced. Code OWFPT.

#2058: Marine links Serco Red Switch spread bet tunnels to White's Club spot-fixed Di

Plum City ( August 5, 2014: United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Serco cesium clock timing signals, allegedly used by spread-bet bookmakers to "tunnel" into the Defense Red Switch Network operated by Serco out of Diego Garcia, to White's Club agents in the Offender's Tag Association who apparently spot fixed Princess Di's Mercedes into the 13th column (6 and 7) of the tunnel under the Pont de Alma Bridge at 12.23 am on Sunday, August 31, 1997.

McConnell claims Serco has modified almost all VIP transport vehicles and high-capacity passenger-carrying transport systems for remote capture through Red Switch tunnels by White's spread bettors and spot fixers at assassination and mass-casualty events including the 7/7 bombings of the London Underground in 2005.

#2059: Marine links Serco Red Switch to Taitlek tunnel vision, U.S. general contract hit

Plum City ( August 5, 2014: United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Sercoís use of the Defense Red Switch Network to support "tunneling" attacks on the U.S. government by Serco's SBA protégé companies such as Taitlek, to the alleged contract hit (killing) of a two-star American general in Afghanistan at Camp Qargha known as "Sandhurst in the sand" after the UK MoD outsourced the building of the officer school and its training program to Serco.

Chips' mind had barely begun reading #2059 when three incoming messages arrived at once, competing for his attention. He reached for another Old Style and saw they messages were from Agents Bean in Phoenix and Glow at CDC in Atlanta where she had already proven Ebola another of Obama-Serco SLOPPY SECONDS as the tick-tock in their minds was driving them as crazy as the silver spoon in Hotel California not to evoke thoughts of the Eagles. He saw that both Bean and Glow had attached something, hoping they might be nude photos he opened them first putting Agent NOTSO on hold.

Chips' was disappointed that their was no full frontal nudity so he decided to be a professional and see what Agent NOTSO was offering in addition to the new BENGO's Pluggin' A Lawn Cap and the Patriot Guard Ride Captain badge which he would be displaying as the Hampton Road Harley guys and he might think back to a song by Blues Image, not to be confused with a certain Dangerettes Blue Bob.

Operation TOP COCK Agent NOTSO IMMEDIATE JASPAR to Agent Chips, General Malaise and Hamish, copy SUNSHINE DANGERETTES assigned TACO RACK: Chips, this is rather confusing but Julie Shirts in Amsterdam knew you could deduce the message herein: Easy enough to reverse engineer at Serco (through London Livery Companies) manages to entrap Freemason of the Grand Lodge of the State of Israel Avraham Mofaz, the father of Shaul Mofaz, on a lodge trip. Presumably Shaul falls under a similar serco-spell. The Mofaz family runs Pentagon 2000 on instruction from Serco. Abdol Moabery set up a Serco-Soros company called GA Telesis employing Yassi Mofaz who now heads up Pentagon 2000. GA Telesis is linked to Serco, MH370 and MH17 as well as 911 etc. GA Telesis is also linked to Pentagon 2000 Software Erp Limited through the director Yaron Mofaz (responsible for the MH17 gate photo of the wrong aircraft) Julie Shirts highlights here: SUMMARY: Pentagon 2000 can be linked to BHUAP before 911 when it worked with Marconi Systems and Honeywell supplying avionics testing software. The link between Serco and BHUAP is less of a leap with Pentagon 2000 in the mix, backed up by GA Telesis' recent suspicious activity with Serco and Israeli involvement. Pentagon 2000 is a leading vendor of enterprise software systems used in the aerospace, electronics, defense, power systems, metals trading and related high technology industries. How to Hijack the BHUAP program: Pentagon 2000 KEY DATES AND PRESS RELEASES: 1989 and 1995 BHUAP is created and installed via Dual Use Technology and TRP governmental help. Private Investment Group Buys Equity in PENTAGON 2000 something to do with Soros or Marcy perhaps the Asset Forfeiture Fund way above Holder's IQ. Soon after:

February 26, 1999 PENTAGON 2000 Signs with GEC-Macroni Pentagon 2000 Software will provide GEC-Marconi with a high performance state-of-the-art Materials Management, Work Order and FAA Repair Station specific software†system to run their repair and overhaul operations in the US and abroad. GEC-Marconi Ltd, is the parent company of numerous Companies involved in the manufacturing overhaul and repair of military & commercial aerospace Avionics systems. Marconi helped Honeywell and Boeing program the BHUAP in Honeywell's 1995 AIMS-1. This would have almost certainly put Pentagon 2000 in contact with the software witnessed at Dalfort that controlled the early BHUAP during autopilot testing. Avionics repair stations would have integrated the entire AIMS system, including the BHUAP.

September 26, 2000 Honeywell Corporation to Install PENTAGON 2000 for Worldwide Support of Avionics Systems

GA Telesis have selected the Pentagon 2000 system for worldwide management of its Legacy Products Business. A Legacy Product may include a QRS11 equipped Air Data Inertial Reference Unit by mistake Honeywell was granted the 757 and 767 upgrade PMA in June 2001, and would have used Pentagon 2000 supply chain systems. This may be how Serco (and or Israel) helped instigate and hijack BHUAP with the help of Marcy, Soros and Clinton et al. These required VPN and technological links seem to strengthen a link between Serco, Israel and False Flags. The link between Serco and BHUAP is less of a leap with Pentagon 2000 in the mix, backed up by GA Telesis' recent suspicious activity exposed by the affable and unflappable Agent Chips.. Serco is the footsoldier; Field McConnell is one of the Christian Soldiers..we are legion. Separate matter on VPN tunnels: April 25, 2014, LLC welcomes Dale Karraker as new Director of Government and Defense Programs. Dale Karraker joins the company from Chromalloy Inc., where he held the position of Country Manager for Saudi Arabia and was responsible for management and project development. At Chromalloy, Karraker worked directly with Ministries of Defense and private industries in the Middle East for military, commercial aviation and industrial gas turbine portfolio offerings.

Beginning his career as a Cryptologic Technician for the United States Navy, Karraker brings over three decades of experience in Government and Defense. Prior to Chromalloy, he served as Director at AeroTurbine Defense Solutions, where he developed the companyís first ever corporate defense business plan. In addition to his relationships in the Middle East, Dale brings to GA Telesis extensive background working with the U.S. Department of Defense's Foreign Military Sales program, Defense Logistics Agency, as well as experience working to secure service contracts with NATO and other similar organizations. "We are thrilled to have Dale directing our government and defense programs here at GA Telesis.  His extensive experience and close relationships with military and government organizations around the world will be integral to our efforts", stated Chris Rauch, Senior Vice President of Global Sales at GA Telesis and also the inventor of Ranch Dressing. "His ability to create and manage successful programs for military sales will be instrumental in our sustainable growth within this area of the aviation industry," he added "unless that determined warrior FIELD MCCONNELL has our asses for lunch on a plate." I feel nothing thrilling about having ex defence personnel or technicians working for GA Telesis.

More customers: Chips had finished reading the short message from NOTSO and looked forward to the expanded communication coming after the Livestream Show of 6 August, 2014, the 3rd anniversary of the MURDER FOR HIRE done on 6 August, 2011 involving Extortion 17, 38 humans, and a dog named Bart. As Chips considered the enormity of the mission these past years exposing Serco, Crown Agents, Kristine Marcy and the Traitors to be covered in Chapter Two due out Friday morning, 8 August, he realized the pressure of fighting against Serco was almost a full time job. However, recent episodes of SERCO SLOPPY SECONDS were making it child's play, not to be confused with FOREPLAY which is sexual or CRISP FOURPLAY which is how he and Vladimir had beaten Lindsay Graham and John McCain in stopping the Syrian War. If anyone doubts the veracity of that statement, google [ Putin + Assad + CRISP FOURPLAY + McCain + Graham ] and then check six. If you don't know what CHECK SIX means, you already have lost.

While Serco, Obama, Marcy, Tennessee Governor and Eric Holder realize, too late, they are outgunned by the World's Most Potent Fighter Pilot, Chips wonders to himself which of the SUNSHINE QUARTET will be first to call him during the Livestream Radio Show linked below. The girls knew they were to begin calling at 1411 Central by which time Serco VPN Tunnels should be destroyed and before the McMinn County maljustice is discussed by Christian Patriots well aware that God, Himself, is moving Chess Pieces in Eastern Tennessee where some former Kings and Queens are about to be Rooked by a White Knight protecting the world's pawns while exposing the evil of the cardinal red bishops serving Satan. Ah, the Sunshine exposes the evil as it written in Daniel 2:21-22.

21 He changes times and seasons; he deposes kings and raises up others. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning.

22 He reveals deep and hidden things; he knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells with him.

Ah, for the love of sunshine. America's Greatest Hero, in fact:

Oddball, American's Greatest Hero, in fiction:

If you have any questions, or cannot get to sleep, here is some ancillary information:

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