Wednesday, July 30, 2014

"Fire Congress": on November 4th, Occupy the Voting Booth and vote the incumbents out!

Free Speech Productions - Lieutenant Morrisseau's Rebellion

To find the address of your reps so you can mail them
their PINK SLIP Visit This Web Site


  1. These democrats are socialist/communists the way they lie cheat steal cover up endless atrocities. When is the American people ever going to take their country back?

    1. And these republicans are fascist/corporate criminals the way their lie cheat steal cover up endless atrocities.

    2. Republican support Israel and Democrat are [Communist, Socialist and Anarchist] who supports Palestinian using children to build tunnels and used as body shields. Boths can't be trusted that will kill the voters power over Traitor in Chief? Now where it going to end?

    3. Corporate has corporate interest that build up Cuba, China, Russia, Mexico, Vietnam, Argentina, North Korea and other Communist countries. You losing all the jobs to low salary earning countries. America is getting weaker and your borders are expose. Have anyone realize your shield defense and offense down near Mexico?

    4. "Palestinians using children to build tunnels and used as body shields"? You must be clinically insane: yet another instance of Israeli psychosis and blaming your victims for your OWN deranged bloodlust. Americans need to start putting AMERICA first – NOT treacherous Israel!

    5. The sooner people realize that there is NO Two Party System the Better off you will be.Bushes ,Clintons,Soterro are One and the Same.This Mob thing will not work.

  2. Great will that kick out Traitor in Chief Barry boy?

  3. If not you just weakening the system in your country and wait for Rome burning while Nero [Adolf Hitler during Nazi/ Traitor in Chief during modern era] created the false flag. It's plan by Satanist to undermine your country security. Ebola going to ravage your nation? Your forgotten about Christian Martyrs where ISIS has murdered them. Didn't you know people dream about America New York being targeted by ISIS Al Qaeda splinter? Repent and start praying for Holy Spirit anointing to be prepare for persecution. Problem implant chip in brain will cause tissue scar unable to control robotic arm. Possible a chip or tatoo implant at your forehead?

    Dream AntiChrist Obama
    Mark of the Beast Tattoo Neck
    Dream Christians Beheaded Guillotine
    Red Blue Yellow Green List FEMA Camp
    Mark of the Beast implantable RFID Forehead
    Dream Christians Guillotine FEMA Camp Great Tribulation

    Just search most video on Youtube where we are being ambush by the Mastermind called Satan know his time is short. You only attack minion under demonic control. LGBT, Abortion and other sins will only attract judgement from GOD.

  4. its either obey your gods rules or obey your governments rules, neither care for you, you folks cant seem to be able to govern yourselves without some authority figure telling you what to think, what to do and when to do it, always waiting for "mommy" and or "daddy" to come and save the day instead of banding together and freeing the world of the slave masters.

  5. Guys....the new link for LIEUTENANT MORRISSEAU'S REBELLION video is here:

    Old URL got trashed in snafu. Please repost the video in it's slot at the top pf the home page?

    2LT Dennis Morrisseau USArmy [armor - Vietnam era] retired. POB 177 W Pawlet, VT 05775
    802 645 9727


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