Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cloud Centric (C2) Crime Scene Investigation: Serco-Malaysia-Australia Totally PHUCed - We're Back to SMACsonic and the KU Band

Attention World:

This video produced spontaneously on Wednesday, July 23, 2014 draws three real world events into focus:

Serco-Malaysia-Australia Totally PHUCed by Cloud Centric (C2) Crime Scene Investigation

1) 41 minute delay in departure of United 93, 9/11/01

2) Mystery missile forecast by Abel Danger on 11/8/2010

3) MH370 + 17 July + 25 August

1a) google [ 41 minute delay + impute + united 93 ]
2a) google [ 8 November 2010 + mystery missile + Thaad + Field McConnell ]
3a] google [ MH370 + 17 Jul + 25 August + Field McConnell ]
Notes in spontaneous delivery of 36 minutes 7/23/14:
a) MH17 revenue flight cancelled 7-17-2014
b) Menzies cargo handlers
c) Israeli Security
d) Drone B777 [ MH370 airframe ]
Stage dressing:

1) BUK missile launchers photographed moving to region [ no smoke reported from surface missiles ]

2) at 14:50 comment 2 Ukraine SU25 trailed MH17/370

3) approaching position south of contested airspace, Flt Plan 2 uplinked to make it appear human in cockpit was caused to fly into contested airspace. Could be done by Serco or AWACS.

Abel Danger type interference:
a) @ 17+50 after heat seeker training missile ( no warhead ) scored direct hit engine #2
b) SMACsonic detonation KU band signal blocked causing both fresh bodies and decomposing bodies not to be vaporized
c) parties trying to implicate Russia panic as the evidence of MH370 and murder tumble to ground
d) at estimated 6817 feet AGL secondary explosives detonate breaching fuselage but not burning up bodies placed in cargo hold by [ redacted ]. Notice bodies not seat belted to seats and showing no blood.
e) Whoever blocked KU band detonation of SMACsonic, in fact, preserved evidence of MH370 in manner consistent with my exposure to Malaysian government officials and MAS 11 member 'expert staff, face to face, on 18 and 20 April, 2014 when I traveled to Kuala Lumpur, and other place(s)
f) I believe China-Australia-Malaysia-Serco had planned to drop the MH370 airframe and bodies in the "Angus Houston FANTASY LAND seascape" but was blocked by this google pairing: [ MH370 + 25 March + CSCL Uranus + Field McConnell ] ( I published this 25 March, 2014 )
g) at 22+43 it sounds like I said "Serco lick me" which would be out of character for me.
4) I change focus to Obama Treason and felonious charges trumped up against Walter Francis Fitzpatrick USNA '75

5) at 27+30 I announce that I will be in McMinn County TN on 19 August, 2014 to STAND with Walter as he is wrongfully detained.

6) I speak of Treason complications as BHO has never sworn an oath of allegiance and suggest wrongful death, 2000+ counts, of US servicemen in Afghanistan is the proper charge.

7) At 29+50 I point out that Barry Soetoro, Punahou ' 79, was commander in Chief when 4 star traitors murdered SOC Aaron Carson Vaughn and 37 others, and a dog BART, on 6 August, 2011.

8) If McMinn County doesn't vacate charges against Walter Francis Fitzpatrick by 6 August, 2014, I will file wrongful death charges against Barry Soetoro, Punahou '79.

In summary, the party who imputed 41 minute delay in United 93, forecast the Mystery Missile of 8 November, 2010, and blocked KU band SMAC of MH17 is obstructing the evil plans of 9/11, MH370 and MH17 and those enemies of God have not considered Hebrews 10:26, it appears. The little jets in Taiwan and Mali are not Serco's THIRD STRIKE. If the 3rd Strike doesn't occur by 2359, 28 August, 2014 it may appear that Abel Danger has forced the evil parties to seek God.

Field McConnell
USMC 0116513
WI DoJ #65229
USNA '71

P O Box 9
Plum City WI 54761

715 307 8222


  1. I am sure there will be more dissection of the above ideas on tomorrows Livestream, Friday, July 25,2014... did you know the plane of MH17 made its first flight July 17, 1997, exactly 17 years from its demise, WOW, is that a coincidence ?? Who Knows',, ***The Shadow Knows'***

  2. Another event that occurred on July 17th, the executions of the last ruling monarch of Russia, Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra and their children in 1918.

  3. Black boxes have unique identification which references to the aircraft so no need to look any further Farnborough will know which aircraft crashed.

  4. The evidence on Stone's page backs this up , numbers from the crash parts would confirm it , China stopping all flights say they are in a panic about something . Funny that pilots did not notice these points which are very real evidence .

  5. Oh CHRIST, I was with you until you started spouting religious fucking nonsense. Who the fuck let you behind the yoke of an aircraft???



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