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Churchill's Red Switch Grandsons and The Crossed Keys Contract Hit - Chapter 13 - Book 14

Serco Vs. We Global People; Privatization Of War 
 Darker Shades Of Gray Don’t Fool AD Plungers

Su Bin Fingered By Principle In Wells Fargo MERS
G-Spot: ryan thomas + mda + wells fargo + MERS + abel danger

Lightning Strikes 3 Targets Of Serco-Obama CHICAGO FIRE
G-Spot: George Soros + Neil Bush + Ben Fulford + MASTERCHINK + MH370

Jessica Rabbit Exposes Serco-AMEC-CDC OLD FAITHFUL
G-Spot: Caldera + ELF + AMEC + SERCO + USGS + Wisconsin Longline + Chips

Bad Moon Rising For Serco As Their Scuttle USA Is Blocked
G-Spot: Walter Fitzpatrick + MH370 + USS America + Texas + McConnell + Serco

Cat Bond “In The Picture” USS Waldron DD699
G-Spot: Waldron + South Dakota + Ogala + USNA 1924 + Midway + Navy Cross

McCain’s Treason To Be Reviewed By World Court 403

Scuttle USS America, Shame On Serco; Scuttle USA, Shame On Abel Danger
G-Spot: May 2005 + USS America + Scuttle + Field McConnell + Serco

McConnell notes that Serco has now integrated the Defense Red Switch Network into the communication systems on U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, and U.S. Navy MRAP vehicles in Iraq and Afghanistan and is therefore able to issue ‘stand down’ or ‘stand up’ orders to U.S. front line forces in the name of the President of the United States even while the outsourced doppelganger named Barack Hussein Obama is at a fund raiser or enjoying Reggie Love’s Chorizo while listening to I LIKE TO MOVE IT by Afro Circus, capeche! Whilst three of the Pierce County Ops areas had seen the July 12 post, in the Red Clay Room Agents 80W and Glow were enjoying a different type of post, a post with a TI of 117%. As the three consensual, heterosexual, CEMAW, overt sexagenarians plied that Satin Sheets in the Red Clay Room, disturbing news was being delivered to Rooster Cogburn by Agent Styx of the Wisconsin Militia branch from Exile, Wisconsin where there will be the First Annual Exile Car Show on 2 August, 2014, 39 years to the day after Agent Chips had married a chronically unhappy [ redacted ] Chips, 80W and Glow all had their Clipper devices go off with an IMMEDIATE JASPAR, but because they were otherwise engaged, they decided not to suffer coitus interruptus for a nation that would allow four star asses to participate in the contract killing of 5 star aces, capeche? As Chips looked forward to Operations in Athens, Tennessee, Virginia Beach, Virginia and Canton, Texas, he wondered if his little Texas Tornado could hold off until after the Plum Plunge 2014. A little hand under a satin sheet indicated she could not.

Chapter 13 
 Darker Shades of Gray

Scripture: Philippians 2:9-11

Therefore God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

Gospel: You Raise Me Up

Secular: She’s Leaving Home



G-Spot: George Soros + Neil Bush + Ben Fulford + MASTERCHINK + MH370

In the Red Clay Room at the MRI [ ] 80W had her hand on the tiller bar as Agent Glow was receiving a subsurface BDE from Agent Chips, who, though not a medical doctor played one every chance he got. As Chips pleasured Glow and 80W pleasured Chips, the three all sensed the wind coming up an a large object appeared to hit the wall just outside the window to the right of the door were and Pastel Turquoise IOC tandem were hung to dry. On the lampshade by the bed similar items in Pastel Melba Peach were also being ‘aired’.

“Chips, perhaps you should go to the bedroom and ensure everything is OK” suggest 80W as she gave two squeezes to the PTRC as if to suggest “good luck and hurry back”. Always the consumate gentleman, or is that consummate gentleman, oh well, he was a gentleman and as he became erect between the ladies on either side of him in the tub his Clipper Squirt Gun indicated an incoming IMMEDIATE JASPAR and in his haste to turn to the left and retrieved his phone he inadvertently poked Glow in the eye with his PTRC which was still rigged for knight action at 109% TI. As Chips exited the tub and grabbed his Clipper Squirt Gun and a towel, 80W who had hidden two of the four towels prior to their arrival said “Chips, please leave the towels for us ladies, you know how shy we are plus it is fun to watch the PTRC bounce as you step lively. Never one to deny a lady her most base desire, he turned and did 10 jumping jacks to demonstrate his cardiopulmonary function or perhaps his turgidity index. As Chips entered the bedroom, he was surprised to see a gorgeous red head perched on a two story ladder gazing at his unit. He turned back to the bathroom and closed the door before going to the window where the incredulous redhead awaited the courtesy of an open window.

Chips, ever the doting gentleman, opened the window and let the young lady in from the ladder.

“I am a little dry, perhaps you might have something to wet my whistle” said the red haired beauty as she removed a black beret with a small swatch of Pastel Maize on the left side. Chips noticed a dangling pendant with JR on it and wondered if this dainty morsel had a connection to JR’s Mainstreet Junction at the corner of Pine Street and Main Street, Plum City, Wisconsin, which for the first year in a row is again the official bar of the Plum City Plunge. Chips notice that she was looking somewhere south of his belly button, who could blame her, but something about the JR and the shape of her face caused him to think she was somebody’s baby so he gave her a glass of Chablis which was both half empty and half full.

“Does the wine satisfy you?”

As she again looked at his twig n’ berries, she took her Clipper Corn Cob out of her black sequined clutch bag, selected F4 and C0+15, and selected level 7 on the volume. As the music started Chips was thinking he knew what the damsel wanted, and he found it interesting that her glass was half empty.


“Just two questions, I smell a hint of clover, have you recently been chewing Clove Gum and secondly, the JR on the dangling pendant, what is the meaning of those letters?

Before she could answer, a tap at the window occurred again and Agent Vanilla Gorilla indicated he needed to speed to Chips. Chips went to the window, again opened it and asked Vanilla Gorilla if he needed something.

“Yes, I clipped you an Immediate JASPAR at 0155, it is now 0207 and you and Jessica Rabbit need to be at JR’s for at 0230 Umbrellaman OMNIGLOBE. Please put some clothes on or the will be white Rino sighting being called into to Pierce County 9-11. I will be in the Purple Limo waiting for you and there is another Dangerette in the back of the car, please hurry.

Jessica Rabbit handed Chips a 3 by 5 index card, salmon in color, and gave him a loving tap on the head before following Vanilla Gorilla down the latter. Chips stuffed his bits and pieces into an Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in Manly Mocha and grabbed his blue jean cutoffs, a Tom Selleck shirt, stuffed his pockets, placed his P226 Sig Sauer and holster on his belt, placed 7 clips in his right rear pockets, reviewed mistakes made by Vince Flynn and Tom Clancy and then opened the bathroom door to let Glow and 80W know he was leaving and was surprised to see Glow enjoying a Mint Julep as 80W was dozing next to three empty Shiner Bock bottles.

“What gives” asked Chips.

“I do, hop in” replied Glow was apparently was aroused judging from her circuit breakers which were above the waterline while the target area remained submerged.

“I have to go, Vanilla Gorilla is here with the Purple Limo and we need to be in JR’s back room by 0230, hopefully I will be back in an hour or so to which Agent Glow stood up and made it very clear what would be waiting for him when he returned. As he turned to go he placed a dry washcloth over 80W’s brownie, blew Glow a kiss and headed to the window that he had left open, which now was shut. As he went to reopen the window, he saw Jessica Rabbit’s black beret and brought it with him as he climb out on the ladder and closed the window. Once on the lawn he double timed over to the purple limo where he joined Jessica Rabbit and Tiny Dancer in the back seat.

Both Dangerettes were on center seat facing backwards and as he leaned forward to give Jessica Rabbit her beret, he was regaled with lengthy view of Pastel Teaberry. To take his mind off what lay just behind the Teaberry, he looked at his left hand and took the index card and read:

Jessica Rabbit  [  nome de plume   Baby 154  ]
Pastel Maize
Clipper Corn Cob
Signature Song: She’s Leaving Home

Chips was brought back into the here and now as a Beatles song from 1966 began playing on the CD in the rear of the world’s most pick wicked, and super trick, 1995 Fleetwood Stretch with the LT1, stirrups and speculum. As the sad song played, Chips’ mind went back to Ramey Air Force Base and Puerto Rico and his girlfriend from 1965 who died of Hep-C in about 2003.


In the lyrics it was clear that the parents thought they had done right by the daughter by working all the time to provide material things not realizing they were not sharing their time with her, or doing fun things, or having meaningful conversations causing the daughter to seek the attention of the man from the motor trade after living alone for so many years. This proves that Serco-City of London-Vatican have been working for almost 50 years to destroy families both in Muslim England and infested America. As the limo drove past a streetlight near the Plum City Hardware Store, the bright light on Jessica Rabbit’s showed a lonely look and Chips hoped that the young birthday girl was not feeling like she had been living alone for so many years.

Chips reached for a hanky in case the red haired beauty might start crying and was surprised to find that where his hanky had earlier been, a lower IOC in Pastel Melba Peach was placed with a cut out paper heart pinned to the front, and center, not to be confused with front and center, a military command. Chips’ trembling fingers opened the folded heart shaped note and read “if your meeting is out by 0330 I want these saturated by FOUR IN THE MORNING. Chips got the message.


As Vanilla Gorilla pulled up along side JR’s Mainstreet Junction, Chips slid across to the right side on opened the rear door on the curbside and Jessica Rabbit leaned forward and crawled out and with her back to Tiny Dancer Chips was again regaled with a free shot of Pastel Teaberry and he noticed the material was very sheer, and he liked that, a lot. So as not to be as nervous as a school boy, he wondered to himself what would come up if one were to google:

I’m obsessed with diarrhea + Chelsea Clinton

Following Tiny Dancer it was clear to Chips she had no VPLs and she backhanded a 3 x 5 index card, white in color with Cyan Blue handwriting that had beautifuls stokes, capeche? Vanilla Gorilla opened his jacket just enough so Chips could see a short barreled machine gun. Vanilla Gorilla pointed over his shoulder towards the Trout Pond and held up 3 fingers and then winked, as if to say, “all is well”. Chips went into the back room at JR’s where Hammer Rooster, Hamish, Agents NOTSO, Barry M. Hall and Sluggo were scattered around the OMNIGLOBE awaiting the Umbrellaman briefing. It was 0227 and Hammer MacCheese had just finished reading a short Clipper from Agent Bean of the Phoenix Biltmore Office which she would be leaving in the capable hands of Mensa Max and she, Tactics Tillman and ‘the package’ would be flying Delta from Sky Harbor to Lindberg FIELD, I say again FIELD, not to be confused with Target FIELD as Field has thrice targeted McCain over the serial treasons of three generations of poor leaders, no relation ships to [ Cody Abizaid Dempsey Petraeus McChrystal Kensinger Farrisee [ see also vaGina ] McRaven or Reid.

Top Cock Agent Bean IMMEDIATE JASPAR to Umbrellaman, Hammers 3, Agents aField in Plum City for the Plunge, copy Cat Bond: United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Serco’s Richmond B.C. spy base – apparently operating out of the offices of Macdonald Dettwiler and Associates – to the Serco air traffic controllers who have allegedly been uploading stolen U.S. Air Force flight plans through Skynet to decoy AF interceptors and witnesses away from crime scenes involving the crash or Cat IIIc landing of droned passenger aircraft. McConnell believes that Serco has set up the recent arrest of a Chinese man in Richmond, B.C., and the request for his extradition in a cyberspying conspiracy related to dozens of U.S. military projects, including U.S. fighter jets, to decoy attention from the spy base of Macdonald Dettwiler and Associates offices in Richmond B.C. where ‘Flight Plan 9/11’ was allegedly conceived. McConnell’s doppelganger is back in Malaysia as he has been offered a ‘tidy sum’ to go silent. FFC. Chips is receiving the documents to close out MH370 on Monday 14Jul14 and we will put out a post immediately after those classified DOCs are understood. We believe it could be the ‘custom downgrades’ engineered in New Hampshire which will cause three off these countries to feel they are being TRICK FUCKED: The United Kingdom, Italy, Australia, Canada, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Turkey In the case of Canada, perhaps Backdoor Harper doesn’t realize what comes up when one googles:

stephen harper + CF35 + chips + abel danger + backdoors

Agent Bean of Biltmore surrendered the floor to Hammer MacCheese at the same time NOTSO, Barry M. Hall and Sluggo got TMs from Vanilla Gorilla to get in position for “THE PROJECT”. The three men excused themselves just as the image of MacCheese was covered with the voice of Umbrellaman.

New Moon Drop Date 26 July-25 August
G-Spot: Ethan Hunt + Sarah Bajc + Abel Danger + Botch + Truss

“Ladies and Gentlemen, good evening and sorry for this late call back. As you know we are currently involved in blocking the dumping of MH370 in the area that Australia and Petronas wants to search for oil and find the fuselage of a B777. We have the 90 day “listeners at each corner, mid point of borders and center of the new search box. However it was just this day that we learned the names of the “contracted assets” which will be involved in the Truss-Houston sleight of hand also known as WILD GOOSE CHASE 2. Do we know the names of "contracted assets" who will be involved in bathymetric survey? Are there other reasons why certain parties would be interested in bathymetric survey of this area, as well as have it paid for by funds provided for a "search effort" ? (ie oil and gas exploration, etc?) The MASTERCHINK has shared with us that an Australian division of  iXBlue and Malaysia’s government owned Petronas oil and gas enterprise will perform major parts of the contracts for the new sea floor search for missing flight MH370 off the Western Australian Indian Ocean cost from mid August. PETRONAS together with DEFTECH and Phoenix International will deploy a Prosas Side Scan Sonar (Towed synthetic aperture sonar) which will be mounted on a mother vessel. Boustead Heavy Industries, together with iXBlue Australia will be deploying a deep towed side scan sonar with a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) mounted on the mother vessel called John Lethbridge, no relationship to Lethbridge, Alberta where the CF18 was taken down at airshow practice by remoted shutdown of the FADEC on the #2 engine. Recall who it was that Chips met with at 11pm the night his photo was taken holding up the Petronas Tower. Recall also that JFK said that mankind must put an end to war or war would put an end to mankain. I sense a bad moon rising. Sociable!”

The Maritime Executive:

“Ladies and gents, I have just been advised that the VANILLA GORILLA 4 have 8 hostiles identified in the rising terrain just west of Molly’s Duck Pond, I am going to rearrange the talking points to allow Atomic Betty to discuss an issue we have written about and then Agent 99 may brief us on contingent missions including OLD FAITHFUL, Walter Fitzpatrick in Athens, Tennessee, the call up of 2 additional militia units to support Texas, Wisconsin and Michigan movie south from San Antonio to Laredo and points west, northwest and the USS America reunion and identification of the traitors who authorized her scuttle. Atomic Betty, over to you but be alert to the fact we have active shooter in Plum City on Dealy Plaza, the Wisconsin book depository and the grassy knoll. “

“Thank you Umbrellaman, United States Marine Field McConnell has linked a recent order for the 150 “Triple 7” Boeing aircraft scheduled to be droned by Serco from a former RAF site at Oakhanger, to the alleged operation of the Emirates jockey-boy trade by erstwhile White’s Club members and a Westminster pedophile blackmail ring. McConnell claims Serco trapped White’s Club alumnus David Cameron in the Westminster pedophile ring while he worked at Treasury (1990-1993) and forced Treasury to fund the outsourcing of Defense Red Switch Network technologies allegedly needed to coordinate the decoy and drone maneuvers of various Boeing aircraft associated with 9/11, MH Flight 370 and N150GT which has been sitting in Tel Aviv since November 13, 2013 and is an ‘identical sister ship to the HANGAR QUEEN they claim was wasted on 8 March. McConnell notes that Serco appears to have used telecom lawyer, Miriam Clegg, wife of the Lord President of the Council and U.K. Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, to handle the Westminster pedophile ring and the Emirates jockey-boy files and divert attention from what is essentially a RICO Enterprise which uses child-porn blackmail to control Serco supply chains. Serco, China, Malaysia and Australia realize they are up Schitt Creek and running out of time. Serco’s shitheads were not helped in the least when New Zealand announced:

The astonishing and inept confirmation by Air New Zealand today that the locked door of a 777 cockpit can be readily by-passed has advanced the case for deliberate tampering, or perhaps urgent repairs, being attempted inside its electronics bay. That public revelation of a situation well known within airlines operating 777s  (but never until today publicized) also means that in terms of hypotheticals, it cannot be held that the cockpit door was locked so as to keep either or both pilots from variously entering or leaving it against their will. So now Malaysia Airlines and Emirates have more to answer for. Malaysia can not longer suppress the faulty door and the faulty BACKDOOR that is the Boeing Honeywell Uninterruptible Autopilot that Chips informed Malaysia about on 18 and 20 April, 2014.”

“Emirates CEO has just given Abel Danger a HUGE THANK YOU in that 3 weeks after Abel Danger explained to CEO Tim Clark how it was possible to remotely commandeer a B777, Emirates, now armed with knowledge of the BHUAP cancelled the Airbus A350 in favor of 150 B777X. We assume Emirates Air and Malaysia Air will train their pilots in how to respond to a triggering of the BHUAP as McConnell briefed the following individuals while in Malaysia; former……….”

“Excuse me Atomic Betty, you will be hearing the sound of gunfire very shortly and Hammer MacCheese has asked that you withdraw from Plum City Immediately by exiting through JR’s backdoor and meet the Presidential Limo waiting at the Plum City Post Office. Rooster Cogburn will take you to the GOAT RANCH where the dogs, trip wires and Exile militia unit will ensure the 8 hostiles don’t have an opportunity to take you as they did the Freescale employees on 8 March. After the FedEx package arrives from New Hampshire tomorrow, if necessary we can post an Epilog but I am suggesting this escalation including the heating of Yellowstone, the influx of H1N1 kids from central America, the nervousness in McMinn County over the arrival of Chips in Athens and the intel regarding the scuttling of the USS America have caused the BILDERBERG sponsors of Blatchford’s CHICAGO FIRE are now so exposed that they will likely make a fatal mistake in next 5 weeks that will rival the Peshtigo and Chicago fires set by the Geddes-Blatchford associate on 8 October, 1871 as the Corporation of the United States signaled the end of the Republic. As you depart for the GOAT RANCH and check the Abel Danger archives for “the great cull”. Godspeed, good night, and watch for exciting documents to arrive in Plum City Monday, 14 July, the same day that the parents of Aaron Carson Vaughn will be speaking at the Hopkins VFW to patriots and Second Amendment activists.”

2.1 Alex Jones
2.2 Greg_Palast
2.3 Noam Chomsky
2.4 G. Edward Griffin
2.5 Aaron Russo
2.6 Amy Goodman
2.7 Jeff Rense
2.8 redact
2.9 Devvy Kidd
2.10 redact
2.11 redact
2.12 redact
2.13 redact
2.14 Benjamin Fulford
2.15 Ted Gunderson
2.16 redact
2.17 David Ray Griffin
2.18 Webster Tarpley
2.19 Paul Craig Roberts
2.20 redact
2.21 redact
2.22 redact
2.23 redact
2.24 redact
2.25 Stew Webb
2.26 Tom Henneghan
2.28 redact
2.29 redact
2.30 Eric Hufschmid
2.31 redact
2.32 redact
2.33 Henry Makow
2.34 redact
2.35 Patrick Fitzgerald
2.36 redact
2.37 redact
2.38 redact
2.39 redact
2.40 Jesse Ventura
2.41 redact
2.42 redact
2.43 Cindy Sheehan
2.44 redact
2.45 Doubt cases
2.45.1 Ian Crane

Chips followed Tiny Dancer and Jessica Rabbit who were following Hamish, As Hamish opened the backdoor, he asked Chips to go first which he did and led the others to the Presidential Limo. Before Rooster Cogburn’s driver’s door was closed the staccato of automatic weapons was heard. Chips counted what he though was 8 three round bursts. Rooster Cogburn put the CrutchFIELD CD Player on T1 and heard the after action report “Vanilla Gorilla Quartet, 7 killed, 1 probable, FADEOUT”. 

Rooster turned left and headed north up CR S enroute to the GOAT RANCH. Crossing over US10 he saw a sign ahead that the bridge would be closed for six weeks. He realized that HE MUST FIND SOMEWAY OUT OF HERE that doesn’t involve crossing Plum Creek on that bridge.


Chips got a ™ on his Clipper from Tiny Dancer, it was laconic: “Pastel check and here is a note from mom.”

Chips leaned forward to accept the card that Tiny Dancer was holding with the message from her mother. As he got to the CPA [ closest point of approach? ], he got an extended view of where a Pastel Teaberry IOC should have been visible. As Chips accepted the card from Tiny Dancer, she dangled a Teaberry IOC where Jessica Rabbit could not see it but Chips could not miss it.

“Chips, I have asked my daughter to let you know that we can have our own Plunge in September. We can also attend Thursday Night Thunder at the Hampton Roads Harley Davidson Dealer. Do you remember what we were doing in Beeville, Texas when this song was playing on the 8 track in you’74 Eldorado. And what was hanging from the rearview mirror. I do. Play it again, Sam. Cat Bond, meow.”


As Chips looked forward to the September Reunion, he wished he could contact Dr Hook and let him know that when you are infatuated with a beautiful woman it also is hard, capeche?

As the limo was turning off CR S and onto a recently seal coated driveway, Chips found himself recalling the lyrics of Lorrie Morgan’s killer hit: “I’m looking for something in red." He knew where to find something in red and he mentally redoubled his effort to bring to justice those four star failures involved in the contract killings of Pat Tillman and the Extortion 17 SEALS. He also made a mental note to ensure video was taken on Thursday, 17 July, 2014 which is the first time in history the Extortion 17 Stud and Tillman’s Ghost would be photographed together with the license plates honoring both men intentionally targeted by members of the current mis-administration. Including vaGina Farrisee. Wonder what comes up if one googles the following combo:

vaGine Farrisee + Extortion 17 + Pat Tillman + Murder + Abel Danger


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