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Americans are being lured into a Jewish/Zionist war on Russia - Ihor Kolomoisky pays bounty hunters US$10,000 dollars for each "Russian saboteur" - Tension between International Zionism/Jewry and Russia intensifies after MH17 shoot down


Ukraine: Ihor Kolomoisky offers $1 million to murder Oleg Tsarev

17 May 2014

The Israeli-Ukrainian oligarch living in Switzerland, Ihor Kolomoisky, called South-East pro-federalist leader, Oleg Tsarev, to inform him that the Ukrainian Jewish community was prepared to pay a bounty of $ 1 million to whoever would assassinate him. He ordered him to immediately flee the country [1].

Mr. Kolomoisky holds Mr Tsarev responsible for the death of a Jewish Kiev-coup supporter on May 9 in Mariupol.

Ihor Kolomoisky  and Oleg Tsarev 

However, a leader of the Ukrainian Jewish community, Ian Epstein, denied Mr. Kolomoisky’s allegations. According to him, Mr. Kolomoisky does not represent Ukrainian Jews [2], even though he plays an important role in the international Zionist movement.

Ihor Kolomoisky had already proposed a reward of 10,000 dollars for each "Russian saboteur" arrested in his stronghold of Dnipropetrovsk.

Ihor Kolomoisky is regarded as the main leader of the Ukrainian mafia. He ranks as the second or third wealthiest man in the country (after Rinat Akhmetov and/or Viktor Pinchuk). He owns the metal industry, Privat Bank and, in 2011, he took over the gas sector.

Ihor Kolomoisky chairs the United Jewish Community of Ukraine and the European Jewish Union. He founded the European Jewish Parliament (branded as a sham by the CRIF, an umbrella organization of French Jewish organizations) with the support of Bahrain. He is the co-owner of the Jewish News One international network (currently broadcasting as Ukraine News One) [3].

Ihor Kolomoisky was appointed governor of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast by the junta authorities in Kiev. He played an active role in the organization of the Odessa massacre of 2 May 2014 together with his private army, the "Dnieper-1" Battalion [4]. He recruited R. Hunter Biden, the son of U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden, and Devon Archer, co-chairman of the finance committee for John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign, as board members of his gas holdings company [5]

Source: Oriental Review

April 15, 2014

Two extremely important phone intercepts were made public today:

First is the telephone call of the Ukrainian oligarch of the Jewish origin Ihor Kolomoisky to former Ukrainian presidential candidate Oleg Tsarev, who is now leading the anti-fascist South-East resistance movement opposing Kiev’s junta. During the two-minutes talk Kolomoisky notes that a Jewish military man from Dnepropetrovsk (this region is currently a Kolomoisky’s barony) was killed on May 9 during clashes in Mariupol and warned Tsarev that the Jewish community in the city announced a bounty of 1 million US$ for Tsarev’s head. Kolomoisky also advised Tsarev to leave Ukraine. Full recording (in Russian):

Later today another related talk was leaked to Internet. A close friend of Tsarev Oleg Noginsky was talking to the honorary consul of Israel in Ukraine Ian Epstein. Noginsky informs him about this Kolomoisky’s call to Tsarev and asks to confirm whether the Jewish community in Dnepropetrovsk has really declared the bounty. Epstein strongly denies it. During the following opinions exchange on Kolomoisky’s behavior Noginsky mentions as the established fact that Kolomoisky has hired the thugs who burnt people in Odessa on May 2.

His motive was to exterminate people’s resistance against junta in Odessa and install Ihor Palitsa as his puppet governor in this city (the latter assumed office on May 6). According to Noginsky, Kolomoisky repeatedly asked Turchinov and other junta leaders “to leave him Odessa to restore the same order as in Dnepropetrovsk”. He also claimed that Kolomoisky “got crazy” and “thinks he is a new Hitler”. Epstein is notably scared and insists that “Jews have nothing to do with this person”. He however agrees that the scandal, if made public, would be a game-changer for Ukraine.



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