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Churchill's Red Switch Grandsons and The Crossed Keys Contract Hit - Chapter 10 - Book 14

Serco’s vaGina Abuses Vets
Malaysia Cans Transport Chief; Emirates Seek Abel Danger FLO

Serco Sluts In Oz Forced To Lie To Cover Serco Hoax 370
G-Spot: Emirates + Serco + BUAP + Abel Danger + CHECKMATES

Field McConnell Announces MARINE POUNCE 2014
G-Spot: Soetoro + Baginsky + Marcy + Marine + FIELD MCCONNELL

vaGina’s Bonuses Pay For Vets Suffering And Death
G-Spot: Farrisee + VA Bonuses + Excellent

Abel Danger Delivers BHUAP Map To Emirates CEO
G-Spot: MH370 + BUAP + ATI + Field McConnell + SERCO

Serco Euthanized MH370 Humans Using ATI Before 0651 Arrival FJDG?
G-Spot: BUAP + ATI + Field McConnell + SERCO

Hard Choice; Bill’s Peyronies Or Vince Foster’s Straight 8
G-Spot: Peyronies + Bill Clinton

“At This Point WHAT DIFFERENCE Do 4 Letters Make?”
G-Spot: Hillary + Benghazi + What Difference + Cunt

Serco Crown Agents Expose Goosestepping Geriatrics
G-Spot: Serco + operation gold cow + cat bond + chips + tiny dancer + Field McConnell

Café Negro
G-Spot: Obama + Chorizo + Benghazi + Reggie Love + Cornhole

Flat Busted And Flat Broke; Profuse Vaginosis
G-Spot: Bill Maher + Just Go Away

Emirates Accepts Abel Danger BUAP File Ignored By Malaysia
G-Spot: MH370 + BUAP + ATI + McConnell + Serco

Main Stream Media Trusted Less Than Obama
G-Spot: Serco + Murdoch + Gladio

Pedophile Satanic Order Loses Chief Dipshit
G-Spot: Pope + Arrest + Sex + Serco [ some would say OCTOPUS]

Pungent Bitch Channels Tillman; Book Sales Tank
G-Spot: Just Go Away + Bill Maher + Hillary FB -153162 MD email 

Malden Mass. Mingo Stalks Flatulent Hildebeest Broke-a-hontas
G-Spot: Benghazi + Hillary’s Taint + Vaginagate

Mingo Tracks Down Squaw Foul Beaver
G-Spot: Thunder Thighs + Foul Taint + Vaginagate

Way back in Chapter 9 before Emirates CEO Tim Clark got the BUAP file from Field McConnell, retired Delta B747-400 Captain, Agent Chips had wondered if Valerie Jarrett and her fellow radical lesbians understood that God was laughing at them as suggested in this email received on Sunday 22 June, 2014, the 41st anniversary of a certain Marine winning his Wings of Gold in Beeville Texas at Chase FIELD which today is closed but nearby is the MCCONNELL UNIT of the Texas State Prison System where Bubba would like to have a skinny mulatto ass to play drop the soap with. The world, like a headstrong teenager, thinks it knows everything which is important.  God, creator of the world and all that is in it, laughs at the arrogance of the world and the gay men and radical militant lesbos who pretend to be so smart not to be confused with Serco’s vaGina who has allowed veterans to rot, suffer and commit suicide while she approves of all executives getting millions in bonuses to deny healthcare to American service personnel. As Chips continued to pleasure the Dangerette du Jour, the heavily knockered and wildly libidoed Agent Cat Bond, he recalled the very moment that Jesus Christ had REACHED OUT AND TOUCHED HIM on 1 February, 1994, allowing Chips to use his free will to no longer be the same.


Chapter 10

Scripture: Psalm 2:4-5 and Philippians 1:3-6

“He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the LORD shall have them in derision. Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure.“

3 I thank my God every time I remember you.
4 In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy
5 because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now,  
6 being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

Gospel: Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus


Secular: Operator


Video: Fat assed and flat describe book sales and author


Geriatric Flat Hildebeest Suffers Flatus Incontinence


Hildebeest and Huma Weiner Lesbo Fest


G-Spot: 23 Star Fraggers + Gina Farrisee + vaGina + Serco

MH370 search: Boeing has patent for autopilot tech

Way back last week before Emirates CEO Tim Clark had publicly requested information regarding the ability to hack a B777 with a laptop, Agent Chips had been dutifully pleasuring the svelte and heavily knockered Agent Freeport Girl while Agent Cat Bond was attending to Abel Danger PBPs in the sandbox which Freeport Girl had locked from the outside so that she could tempt Agent Chips with her baubles in the spirit of the song Highwayman as sung by Willie Nelson and although Freeport Girl had her heart set on a willy it wasn’t Nelson’s, capeche. Chips was repositioning from side oiler, pile driver to derrick pumper, stern shot when a priority message came into his Clipper Squirt Gun which was on the table from which the pastel cream IOCs were hung no allusion to Sheriff Bart of Blazing Saddles intended.

Operation GOLD COW Agent Moxie J Priority Clipper to Agent Chips, Dangerettes In Plum City AOO, copy Hamish, Hammer MacCheese and the Quartet: Agent Chips, Umbrellaman has activated Pastel Codes Teaberry, Melba Peach and Cling Peach to augment Pastel Cyan and Cream. We have just passed Ellsworth and expect to be at Global HQ in 19 minutes. Suggest you consume 3 tins of smoked oysters as Tiny Dancer, Agent G and I will appreciate immediately debriefing and in depth security probes relating to the silence from Emirates CEO Tim Clark regarding the letter I have copied below this Priority Clipper. Agent G, Tiny Dancer and myself have shared that letter with ALPA, IFALPA and the union in UK that was renamed after Abel Danger skewered GAPAN regarding their partnership with Canadian Stallion Russell Williams in 9/11 attacks. After ingesting the smoked oysters please have 2 or 3 Rodney Baldinger NDSU Extend-o-peters because I, for one, wish for you to spend a long, long time debriefing me and not just a “come and go” operation like the Pointer Sisters sang about, no reference to your PTRC Pointer intended. Moxie J, passing Grange Hall Auto in Ono in Department of Homeland Security 1923 Studebaker Tracker

“Attention Tim Clark of Emirates. The FLOW CHART alluded to is an image attached to this email as well as appearing as item 6 below the five tough questions we would suggest Malaysia should have asked of Boeing after my visit to Kuala Lumpur of 17-20 April, 2014.

1. Can the QRS 11 control the flight of a BHUAP FBW airliner?
2. “Have you and/or Honeywell embedded BHUAP, as per your public statement on 3 March 2007, hidden as your patented unauthorized flight detector within the AIMS software, which can be deployed from outside of the aircraft to remove power from the cockpit thus denying Pilot Authority, leaving the AIMS to directly control the ACE’s and flight surfaces through the embedded FCC as per Autopilot instruction, just like Honeywell has stated they have been researching with Airbus for years before 9/11, or like this diagram you drew up for the patent?
4. Have you fixed the loophole whereby the AIMS can be accessed through the Mode-S Transponder?
5. Why did you not consult the US pilots like Honeywell has done in the EU about the hijack patent?
6. Did you upset Lufthansa by telling them about these patented un-optional extras, and did you tell MAS the same when they purchased the 777’s in good faith?

I believe a response might be either a blatant lie or an uncomfortable silence. After asking Boeing these questions, Emirates and Malaysia might ask the same 5 questions of ALPA experts specifically President Lee Moak and apparent Legal Experts Suzanne Kalfus and James Johnson who withheld this information from Judge Rosemary M. Collyer the Judge who errantly dismissed my Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) base on what I suggest was an ALPA FRAUD UPON THE COURT. The image below has been shared with MAS, Malaysia and ALPA as well as with Michael Huerta of FAA and David Tochen of NTSB. I hope this information will help Emirates Airline continue to have safe operations with the world’s largest B777 fleet. If I can be of further assistance, do not hesitate to call, write, email or visit our Global Ops Office in Plum City, Wisconsin. We will dedicate our radio show of Friday, June 27, 2014 to the global exposure and explanation of this communication between Abel Danger, Emirates, MAS, FAA, NTSB and ALPA. Serco will also be copied as they trained both the Malaysian ATC folks and Australian SAR folks who participated in the WILD GOOSE CHASE. If you are overwhelmed with TMI, just google: [ MH370 + BUAP + ATI + Field McConnell + SERCO ] Best Regards, Field McConnell Global Ops Director Abel Danger Global Intel Agency +001 715 307 8222, 401 Main Street, Plum City WI 54761”

Chips was brought back into the here and now as Cat Bond started banging on the sand box door and he realized that the girls in the tracked Studebaker would soon arrive. Freeport Girl must have sensed the urgency as she demurely whispered “quickie authorized, hit me with your best shot” just prior to Agent Chips’ launching a batch of smoked oysters almost causing her cup, so to speak, runneth-ing over with love as Cat Bond banged and Moxie J, Agent G and Tiny Dancer tracked directly towards Plum City in advance of Emirates response to Agent Chips regarding how to hack a B777. As the PTRC was withdrawn from the target area, an IMMEDIATE JASPAR arrived in Chips’ Clipper Squirt Gun as Freeport Girl was using 13 NAPAwashes to accomplish Abel Danger PBPs; ( post bouncing protocols …for you newbies ).

Operation GOLD COW Agent WD Immediate Jaspar to Agent Chips, FYEO: Regarding your message “David, are you aware of any media outlet other than The Journal in Ireland and The Tas Times that has the nerve to think?  I find it criminal to suggest how they died when the Serco associates have not learned the magic word that must precede autopilot:  uninterruptible.  Until the MSM speaks uninterruptible autopilot Rebekah Wade, or Brooks, and Rupert Murdoch will, LIKELY,  have ample reason to get real nervous.  Civil Case 1:08-1600(RMC) would have prevented AF447, Sukhoi Superjet and MH370 if it had not been dismissed in a FRAUD UPON THE COURT.” Standby for an update from Ginger Cookie who along with Julie Shirts have sniffed out the Dutch Serco problem. WD 

Freeport Girl asked Chips for another batch of NAPAwashes as his voluminous exploculation had causeth her cup to runneth over, or did I already suggest that. Chips dutifully handed her a gross of NAPAwashes as he carefully eyed the target area in case she should ask for another intel probe in the interest of national security of the United States of America which may see the FIRST TEN ropes tested if there are FALSE FLAGS in Atlanta, Houston, Milwaukee and Chicago on or before 25 August 2014. If British subject Obama wishes to have his butt buddy Rahm the Rammer blow, I say again, BLOW the three iconic towers in Chicago after 25 August, 2014 Abel Danger will not obstruct nor HANG TEN. Back at Punahou School in the 1960s HANG TEN meant ‘walkin the nose’ of a surfboard just like in the seconds stanza of Surfin’ Safari by the Beach Boys they refer to “at Rincon…they’re walkin’ the nose”, capeche?


However, in 2014 where vaGina is rationalizing Phoenix VA Executives getting millions in bonuses while TWO SETS OF APPOINTMENT BOOKS results in unnecessary deaths of U S servicemen who served their country only to have their CONTRACT BROKEN by Shinseki, Lerner, Sebelius and vaGina, HANG TEN may come to be regarded as the exacting of 18 USC Section 2382 punishment for parties who have participated in the ONGOING TREASON known as the Obama Administration who has yet to change the ROE of Special Forces in Afghanistan which is an $800B per year money maker for Barry Soetoro and his City of London ‘organ grinder’. Barry Soetoro’s MONKEY Admiral McRaven has been very irresponsible towards the families of Extortion 17’s 30 dead Americans and one service dog but such can be expected when mere college graduates are promoted ahead of Service Academy Graduates who are still aware of the Code of the American Fighting Force which in 1967 contained the phrase “I am an American Fighting Man” of course that was before 1979’s assault on the military by Georgia Jimmy, Kristine Marcy and the United States Senior Executive Service who took Quit 25, flight of three, off the intercept of the drone replacement for American 77 on the morning of 9/11 during the MURDER WITH DISCRETION OF FORETHOUGHT of Field McConnell’s Annapolis Classmate Captain Chic Burlingame whose AA77 was destroyed in W386A airspace under control of NEADS Giantkiller and his commanding officer Colonel Robert Marr who is in the same FINE KETTLE OF FISH with these Canadian Contract Killers hired by Serco-Hillary-Marcy; google it, I dare you.

[ Seahorse Baril + Errand Boy Findley + Ham Fisted Bouchard + Canadian Stallion ]

Chips helped Freeport Girl ‘stuff the puppies’ into her 44DD over the bag shoulder holder in Pastel Cream and was unlocking the door to the sand box to letter Dangerette Cat Bond out just as the sound of a 1923 Studebaker Tracker was heard pulling up to 401 Main Street, Plum City where on 28 June, 2014 48 key fobs and rings were delivered to support the Victory Party known as the Plum Plunge 2014.

While Freeport Girl walked out to greet Tiny Dancer, Moxie J and Agent G, Cat Bond gave Agent Chips a TI assessment finding only 93% readiness so she passed him some Chicken of the Sea Smoked Oysters, no reference to Admiral McRaven or Gerry Reid intended by CHICKEN OF THE SEA just as no reference was intended with previous oyster brand MULATTO HEAD, capeche?

Freeport Girl was helping unload the 1923 Studebaker Tracker which allowed time for Chips to administer an MI check and BDE to Cat Bond which, he was pleased to find, was 101% as Cat Bond was “sudsing like a Maytag”, a condition that befalls moist, excuse me, most of the Dangerettes when they read their name in the fiction which is what 98% of the 20 books in the Abel Danger Collection. Here in Book 14 such Agents as Cat Bond, Moxie J, Agent G, Tiny Dancer, Ginger Cookie, Atomic Betty, Freeport Girl, Agent Bean as well as the numbered Dangerettes 9, 80W and 99 are sure be FLUSH with excitement as they are sharing intel during in depth debriefing probes administered by the Global Ops Director. Chips was removing his assessing digit from Pastel Cyan as his Clipper Squirt Gun when off with an IMMEDIATE JASPAR from Agent NOTSO just as the QUARTET walked into 401 Main to see TacoMan’s TACK RACKS and wonder if the lady who is to be granted TOP RACK CREDENTIALS on Friday evening, 18 July, 2014 is a bartender, and advertising professional, or both.

Operation GOLD COW Agent NOTSO IMMEDIATE JASPAR to Agents Hamish, Chips, Julie Shirts and the Quarted, copy Hammers 3 and DBMT: Agent Bean has post this message at the Abel Danger Coffee Chat and in light of the False Flag threat against Milwaukee’s Summer Music Festival suggest we incorporate it in the Livestream Show airing at 2pm Eastern, Monday, 30 June, 2014 which will report NO RESPONSE from Emirates Airlines:” Field McConnell has linked Serco’s apparent use of the Red Switch Network to sell 007 Licenses to Kill on behalf of the National Command Authority, to Barack Obama's investments in the Vanguard Group – the part owner of the assets which were moved through the Sandy Hook Elementary School at a mass-casualty event allegedly staged by Serco director Maureen Baginski and Serco staff at the U.S. Defense Ammunition Center (DAC). McConnell claims that the targets for Serco’s License to Kill at Sandy Hook were in fact body-bagged corpses (20 children, 6 adults), pre-positioned for a Bridgeport lone-gunman exercise by Obama’s Vanguard investee Service Corporation International, and then shot up in a DMORT V morgue as part of a testing program sponsored by Serco's Defense Ammunition Center.” There are three more paragraphs in the original post but they shall be exposed only after a calm period between 03June-25August has been accomplished and the FIRST TEN Ropes have not been “tensile strength tested”. Agent NOTSO, just plugging’ along.

Serco Sluts in Oz forced to knowingly lie To cover “Serco Hoax 370 Gone Bad” which even Emirates Airline can determine simply by googling this Aussie combo: [ Emirates + Serco + BUAP + Abel Danger + CHECKMATES Aussies ] Emirates CEO Tim Clark got this message from Field McConnell/Abel Danger on 25 June, 2014:


resulting in this response dated June 26th, 2014 “Thank you for your message. I am on emergency leave and will resume office on 29 May 2011. For Photographer request please email and for any other queries please contact Eulalia on 7082111. Thanks Suja” Due to the apparent lengthy absence of Suja, Abel Danger again on 29 June is sending the youTube letter and this Livestream Radio Show advert to encourage CEO Tim Clark to publicly announce his pilots and dispatchers are now aware of the BHUAP [ Boeing Honeywell Uninterruptible Autopilot ] and have establish Flight Operations and Dispatch protocols to protect the largest fleet of B777s in the world from landing at Diego Garcia during a 72 hour “NO OPERATIONS ZONE” spawning a 100+ day Wild Goose Chase.. CEO Tim Clark must be aware how many Delta, Northwest, USAir and ( redacted ) contract pilots have flown for Emirate since Northwest Retiree Ed Davidson “came aboard”. He can assume old pilots “chat” occasionally.

A pair of Aussie “Serco Deer In Abel Danger Headlights” have recently claimed that “MH370 Likely On Autopilot When It Crashed”,….duh, all cruising airliners are on autopilot but it never crashed, it landed at Diego Garcia and will be dumped in the TARGET AREA before August 25th, 2014 as predicted in this verifiable prediction. Google: [ 25 March + MH370 + CSCL Uranus ] see also photo of two Aussie GOOSE EGGS in the world’s most exhaustive, expensive, and unnecessary search sponsored by Serco via the Serco trained Malaysian ATC and the Serco trained Australian SAR persons who perpetrated the biggest WILD GOOSE CHASE in history soon to be followed by WILD GOOSE CHASE 2 which should find the remains of both MH370 “INTACT” and the bodies of 239 bodies whose manner of death can be established. Because the HERRING RED Goose Eggs didn’t fool anyone, our guess is the TARGET AREA will be Cyan Blue, the OLD TARGET AREA will be Pastel Turqouise as will be the direct routing of the Chinese merchant vessel from Diego Garcia to the DROP ZONE. If this seems difficult to embrace, think of an EASTER EGG HUNT and then google these seemingly unrelated search terms:

[target area + pastel turquoise + abel danger + chips + 80W ] 

and learn what Abel Danger learned on May 14th, 2012 in an eavesdrop listening for key words TARGET AREA, 80W, turquoise and Chips. As you know CHIPS is the trade magazine of U S Navy Intelligence but it appears Malaysia, China, Serco and Emirates are not aware of the title of the U S Marine Corps Intelligence trade magazine or what color herring red becomes when the color is inverted, capeche?

Freeport Girl led Tiny Dancer, Agent G and Moxie J to the world’s most recognized Plum City Bank Couch where they joined Cat Bond in seating themselves in Abel Danger “spread formation” giving Chips confirmation that these Pastel Codes were in the proper order: Cyan, Cream, Teaberry, Melba Peach, Cling Peach. Chips was taken aback as it appeared where Cyan was supposed to appear he saw only a brownie, which cause him to think of a Texas Tornado whose Pastel Turquoise PPUC is similar to both the new TARGET AREA as well as the 1940 Studebaker TILLMAN’S GHOST which would be in close formation with the Extortion 17 1936 Studebaker on Friday night, 18 July for the 47th annual Plum City Old Car Cruise in which Abel Danger Agents will be driving 9 cars some having WEAPONS ABOARD which is legal if you have a CCW like #65229 and you have had NO ALCOHOL, capeche? As any Dangerette would blush to recall TILLMAN’S GHOST has a nine inch rear end much like the sign in Main Street Junction where there is a plaque on the north wall that all Dangerettes will respond to with a brief hint of clover.


Chips had removed his gaze from the missing Cyan blue whisker biscuit as his Clipper Squirt Gun ‘vibrated’ with an incoming priority Clipper from Agent G who also gave him a double flash of Melba Peach to reinforce the fact the call was from her:

Operation GOLD COW Agent G Priority Clipper to Agent Chips, BYEO: Hey Field, Love your comment in the Irish newspaper.  They have absolutely nowhere to go on this.  You are like the energizer're everywhere!  When do you sleep and would you like company for next non-nap? By fooling around I probably did not end up volunteering for Chapter 10. Sorry :(.   However, let it be known that I volunteer for any and all assignments. You just tell me who I am and where to be.  :)  I will follow you, follow you wherever you may go......Da da da da dee dee dee. Ready, willing and ABEL! Agent G, CDC Atlanta, PS did you see the double flash of Pastel Melba?

Agent Chips indeed had seen the double flash of Pastel Melba Peach and between that and the missing Pastel Cyan IOC not worn by Cat Bond Agent Chips’ PTRC was preparing itself for KNIGHT ACTION, straight in posture unlike Bent Penis Bill Clinton according to Paula, Monica and Thunder Thighs and the first thing that POPS UP if one were to google Peyronies + Bill Clinton, see below.

Peyronie's Treatment Forum

Whether or not Bill Clinton, the 42nd U.S. president, does or does not have a bent penis, and is consequently assumed to have Peyronie’s disease, became an important political question during two different sex scandals in which President Clinton was famously involved. The first, in 1994, centered on the sexual harassment suit that Paula Jones filed against President Clinton for conduct that was said to have occurred in 1991 at the Excelsior Hotel in Little Rock Arkansas. Her lawsuit was eventually dismissed on the grounds that she failed to prove damages as a result of her encounter with Clinton.  When Jones appealed the dismissal Clinton agreed to a $850,000 out-of-court settlement. The second, in 1998, became known as the Lewinsky scandal.  This high profile sex scandal centered on the extra-marital affair between President Clinton and a 22-year-old White House intern, Monica Lewinsky. Eventually the scandal resulted in the impeachment of President Clinton by the U.S. House of Representatives and a subsequent acquittal on all impeachment charges of perjury and obstruction of justice by the U.S. Senate after a stormy 21-day trial. Both of these women hoped to prove that Mr. Clinton was sexually active in their presence by offering that they saw a “distinguishing characteristic” of his private anatomy, suggested by others to be some degree of penile curvature invoking the “you can’t push a rope” cackling. However, the pubic record regarding Mr. Clinton’s alleged bent penis has been purged from their testimony.  Because the Jones and Lewinsky cases involved a sitting U. S. president, all testimony and affidavits that would quickly answer this question about Peyronie’s disease were sealed by court order and remain so. Detailed review of Monica Lewinsky’s August 6th and August 20th grand jury testimony, released on September 21, 1998 reveals no questions asked or answered about his penis.  Detailed review of Paula Jones’ testimony during her deposition to the U. S. Senate on February 17, 1998 also reveals no questions asked or answered Mr. Clinton’s penis affectionately called Lefty by his golfing buddies for the slice it makes. As a result of the court enforced silence on this subject the public does not know what these two women said about what they saw. The Washington Times has reported that several sources with close ties to the Paula Jones case indicated that in her sworn affidavit she alleges Mr. Clinton’s displayed a distinctly angled bend of his erect penis which Paula had dubbed “Shorty”. Even if it was widely known that both women said Mr. Clinton has a bent penis, this isolated information does not definitely prove that the former president has Peyronie’s disease; it would only mean that his penis is curved. However, the New York Times newspaper has reported that on October 3, 1998 a detailed genital examination was conducted on Mr. Clinton by the chief of urology from the National Naval Medical Center, Capt. Kevin O'Connell whose interest was to specifically rule out Peyronie's disease.  You will see that in the USNA Class of 1971 Field McConnell had a classmate, Kevin O’Connell.  The New York Times has reported that Dr. O’Connell, as a result of this examination would testify if given the opportunity, that Mr. Clinton does not suffer from Peyronie’s disease.  But this information is also under a court seal, so the best that can be done currently is to speculate or in the case of Agent Chips, exploculate, capeche?

Agent Chips saw that they had just 10 minutes before the previously announced Umbrellaman Briefing that was to take place at 1711/30Jun14. His mind, dare I say head, still set on Pastel Melba Peach he asked Agent G from CDC to offer any updates germane to her assignment guarding the Georgia Guidestones and monitoring FEMA and CDC to detect any changes to the Obama False Flags planned for Atlanta, Houston, Milwaukee Chicago and (redacted) to rationalize gun control. Chips could see Agent G mentally recalling the ten commands of the guide stones but was somewhat distracted on the seventh principle as Agent Tiny Dancer gave him a flash of Pastel Teaberry indicating she would like to speak next and also do some pole sitting on the PTRC.
• Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
• Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
• Unite humanity with a living new language.
• Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.
• Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
• Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
• Avoid petty laws and useless officials who are gay mulattos.
• Balance personal rights with social duties.
• Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.
• Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature. 
“Agent Chips, we at Fort McPherson are eavesdropping on the BLACK HATS in Malaysia, China, Dubai, City of London, Vatican and 1950 Old Gallows Road in Vienna, Virginia. We believe we can stop all 5 false flags but may let Chicago Fire proceed as it would get rid of some riff raff tied to Donald Young, Larry Bland, Nate Spencer and Alex Okrent. We are following the actions of Emirates CEO as he fails to educate his pilots and dispatchers regarding the BHUAP you told him about in youTube and both private and public email letters. Also, Ft. McPherson is working with Buckley regarding the Baginsky caper alluded to hear, please indulge me if you have read this before but it warrants repeating as it exposes Baginski + Marcy again: [ Field McConnell has linked Serco’s apparent use of the Red Switch Network to sell 007 Licenses to Kil lon behalf of the National Command Authority, to Barack Obama's investments in the Vanguard Group – the part owner of the assets which were moved through the Sandy Hook Elementary School at a mass-casualty event allegedly staged by Serco director Maureen Baginski and Serco staff at the U.S. Defense Ammunition Center (DAC). McConnell claims that the targets for Serco’s License to Kill at Sandy Hook were in fact body-bagged corpses (20 children, 6 adults), pre-positioned for a Bridgeport lone-gunman exercise by Obama’s Vanguard investee Service Corporation International, and then shot up in a DMORT V morgue as part of a testing program sponsored by Serco's Defense Ammunition Center. ] That’s it from Atlanta, keep your eyes on Kassim Reed and Nunn’s female relative. Back to you, Chips.”


“Thank you Agent G, in future operations aField and aBroad perhaps you can tell us what G stands for. But in the interest of time, Tiny Dancer of Hampton Roads, do you have any comments for the BROADer group?”

“Yes Chips, mother Cat Bond and I are pleased to report the Amphibs and SEALS are above the 6% level for Operation PUSHBACK and POUNCE if Reid and Pelosi’s Impostor does not step down, we have been told he will. Another iron in our fire is communicating with CONTRACT PILOTS employed by Emirates to see if CEO Tim Clark informs the world’s biggest population of B777 pilots of their HACK RISK involving the Boeing Honeywell Uninteruuptible Autopilot that you informed Clark of on 25 June, 2014 AT HIS REQUEST. Lastly, we wish to continue to be POC for the issue alluded to in post #2018 including portion Marine Field McConnell has linked Serco NSA director Maureen Baginski to the hijack of the MH 370 through its Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot and the suffocation of pilot, crew and passengers with body bags procured through investees of the London Company of Virginia which appears to be another tentacle of the SERCO OCTOPUS. We sense that Maureen may cop a plea in exchange for her fingering Marcy and Holder. On a personal note, Cat Bond, my mom and I wonder if you enjoy TOOFERS, over to you Chips.”

Taken aback at the obvious reference to sex with a mother and daughter tandem, Chips turned to fact Cat Bond and got a flash of a brownie where Pastel Cyan Blue should have been seen.

“If a TOOFER is like a tag team or tandem, I would take it under consideration, for a nano second before agreeing to try it out, but there are three more mini updates from Cat Bond, Moxie J and Freeport Girls so I will take and raincheck and turn it over to Cat Bond for the View from the Carrier Piers. Cat, over to you.”

“Thank you Chips, the East Coast Carrier vets are still upset that USS America was scuttled in an apparent “Up Your Ass America” operation managed by Serco and Crown Agents on 14 May 2005 at approximately 11:30, although the sinking was not publicized until six days later. The ship rests 17,500 ft (5,300 m) below the Atlantic Ocean surface, roughly 250 mi (400 km) off Cape Hatteras at position 33°09′09″N 71°39′07″W. She was the largest ship ever sunk, the first scuttled carrier since 1946 and the relationship between U-2 carrier suitability and the KC130F test of 1963 related to a member of Abel Danger. But of more urgent nature is the recent publication that   Marine Field McConnell has linked Serco's use of Uninterruptible Final Approach software for Cat IIIc landings at over 108 Air Force bases around the world, to MH 370 body bags allegedly stored in a morgue prior to spot-fixing the contents at a crash site yet to be established by Serco NSA director Maureen Baginski but expected to be in the NEW SEARCH AREA being lied about by Aussie’s Deer in the Headlights Duo. McConnell claims that his Con Air sister, Kristine Marcy, and Baginski partnered with the London Company of Virginia investee, Corrections Corp of America, and the U.S. Marshals in 1994 to operate isolated Air Force bases, including Diego Garcia, as rendition/torture centers where bodies were used later for spot fixing at crime scenes linked to the false-flag attacks of 9/11 and 7/7. McConnell alleges that the former RCAF E/W pilot Russell Williams used Serco Uninterruptible Final Approach software for Cat IIIc landings of planes carrying Baginski body bags at Camp Mirage in the United Arab Emirates and he notes that the psychopath Williams appears to have run a child-porn blackmail ring with SOS Children’s Villages and the Office of the Canadian Governor General David Johnston who has a Harvard relationship with a Choomer Gay Mulatto expected to be removed by Governor Perry’s Texan in Operations Push Back and Pounce, 2014. I have lots more from the Carrier Piers and some pissed off SEALS and vets abused by Serco’s vaGina Farrisee who was one of the Army Generals that tried to cover up the Murder for Hire of Pat Tillman on 22 April, 2004. Chips, back to you.”

Chips again got an eyeful of brownie where Pastel Cyan Blue should have been but this time Cat Bond pulled an inch or two of Pastel Cyan out of her clutch back to remove all doubt that she was ready to go if an in depth intel probe might be of interest to Agent Chips in the interest of national security or just getting his rocks off as apparently was also a pressing interest of hers.

“Thank you Cat Bond and for Moxie J from the Ocala area of Florida where Daunte Culpepper used to be a BIG MAN have you information we can use in the BROADer context?”

“Yes Chips, my colleague Adam’s Eve and I have concluded that Hamish’s Post #2016 was accurate when he stated that Marine Field McConnell has linked the MH 370 autopilot hijack of March 8 – apparently arranged by investees of the London Company of Virginia – to Bullingdon Club spot-fixed crime scenes on Diego Garcia, where the killing of passengers was allegedly stopped when Serco director Maureen Baginski had filled a pre-determined number of body bags and whistleblowers had accepted the Bullingdon pay off. McConnell claims that London’s White’s Club gamblers, including Nicholas Soames and David ‘Bullers’ Cameron hired Baginski as Serco National Security Advisor in 2009 to manage a Bullingdon spot-fixed racket allegedly launched with the London Co. bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal  Building in Oklahoma City which filled 168 body bags on April 19, 1995. McConnell claims that his Con Air sister, Kristine Marcy, and Maureen Baginski set up a joint venture between London Company investee, Corrections Corp Of America, and the U.S. Marshals to operate Diego Garcia as a rendition/torture base for deploying live or dead prisoners at body bag crime scenes which require spot-fixed body counts for a Bullingdon wag of the sovereign state dog!…......”

Moxie J stopped in mid comment as Agents G, Tiny Dancer and Cat Bond simultaneously stood up and put on colorful disguises. Apparently Freeport Girl was in on the act as she motioned for the three to exit from 401 Main Street and take the 1923 Studebaker Tracker to JR’s Mainstreet Juntion on Pine Street prior to the anticipated briefing in JR’s back room with Umbrellaman, set to kick off in three minutes.

“Sorry Chips and Freeport Girl, I was just surprised to see how quickly they got into there Ramey AFB 72nd C4ISR Wing disguises for the trip to JR’s Bar. I will conclude my brief with a reminder that in Atlanta, Houston and Milwaukee, Crisis Actors like John Simmons’ or Margie Sullivan’s are being offered only $200 per day while Cabrini Green actors in Chicago are set to rake in $1000. Reminds me of the “shifty nigger” comment when Sheriff Bart was thought to have been hung, back to you Chips.”

FALSE FLAG ALERT: Craigslist Ad Asking for CRISIS ACTORS in Houston For JULY 4th

“Moxie J, that is one reason we are HANDS OFF the CHICAGO FIRE, we believe there is a doublecross planned both the Choomer and another by his intended victim, Rammer. Freeport Girl, do you wish to report status of the Freeport-Hopkins-Coon Rapids Area of Operations, code Pastel Cream?”

As Chips was given a view to a Pastel Cream target area Freeport Girl, always the team player responded, “ I think’s it best if I withhold my debriefing until after Umbrellaman’s comments, we only have 2 minutes to get in position, if you know where my head’s at which is probably where another head is wishing to be.”

As Chips became erect to ambulate to Mainstreet Junction, Moxie J and Freeport Girl bumped there hands into each others as they were attempting to access the TI of the legendary PTRC in hope they may be next up to catch a batch of SMOKED OYSTERS and as they exited from 401 Main Street they saw a strange pair of airfraft fly overhead and it appeared that a Phantom had intercepted an UNKNOWN RIDER no reference to 
Barry Soetoro, Punahou ’79 or David Johnston’s Harvard disservice to America intended.


Chips allowed the ladies to walk ahead of him and as he visually monitored their derrières in the interest of national security and in an attempt to determine from which unit the feint hint of clover was emanating from, he wondered if he might be able to launch an attack on Emirate’s suppressors of Truth as effectively as his Uncle Mingo had done with a Tomahawk in front of a Burbank studio audience, not to bring up the fact that Barry Obama has shutdown the procurement of Tomahawk weapons in what will fail to be a Treason against America because as Barry Soetoro, Punahou ’79 he has neither sworn an oath nor does he owe allegiance to any government other that that of the nation in which his original passport was written in 1981 prior to his work in Quetta, Pakistan with the Dunham grandmother and Tim Osman known to many deceived persons as the THRICE DEAD Osama Bin Laden whose lack of capture necessitated to killing of Extortion 17 SEALS on 6 August, 2011.

As Moxie J, Freeport Girl and Chips waded through the sea of revelers at JR’s Mainstreet Junction, the Official Bar of the 2014 Plum Plunge, part time bar tender Dani pressed a remote car fob shaped like the state of Wisconsin opening a secret passage to JR’s backroom which advertised liquor up from and poker in the rear. Chips, Freeport Girl and Moxie J realized they were almost late as they found their seats just as Umbrellaman had been introduced by Hammer Rooster Cogburn.

“Thank you Rooster and for you and MacCheese the short answer is yes, we are curtailing Operation GOLD COW as the Vatican, the Faux Royals and Serco have all be stricken by something similar to uterine inertia. Connecticut Cop Podgorski was killed in a Bristol Hospital linked to Vanguard to silence him regarding Malloy, Vance and Carver just as the interrogator of KSM was silenced in his New York City Apartment in February, 2014. Sociable!”

Most of the Agents and Dangerettes hoisted their glasses and took a loading dose of whatever poison they preferred in Chips’ case a Captain Sherlock Martini with two stuffed Queens. As he licked an olive, he felt a little hand on his lap and he turned to see the flushed face of Agent G who whispered “G L O” before Umbrellaman’s voice returned to the OMNIGLOBE.

“This week we should see what team Emeriates CEO is playing for as he has publicly asked how a laptop could hack a B777 and our Global Ops Director has answered him privately, publicly, on two radio shows and a marvelous youTube. But this mainstream media refusal to print the word UNINTERRUPTIBLE in from of autopilot may be criminal. First of all, being on autopilot is not newsworthy as 100% of the airliners are on autopilot while cruising. Secondly, not one media outlet in the world has used the key word: uninterruptible without which understanding, and thereby safety, cannot be assured. The Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot has been on every B777 since 1995. Perhaps you will watch as the results of this google play out in the drama that is MH370: google [ 25 March + MH370 + CSCL Uranus + Abel Danger ] On March 25th our office suggested that after the wild goose chase promoted by Serco controlled Australia SAR and Serco controlled Malaysian ATC ran its course, a B777 airframe would be dropped in the ocean so that a second search could find it and put an end to the cruel and unusual punishment that Malaysia, Australia and Serco have foisted upon the families of the passengers and crew of MH370. Emirates Airline CEO Tim Clark this week publicly asked for an explanation of how a remote hack of a B777 could occur. Here it is:”


“Here are 12 articles published in last 12 hours and not one mentions UNINTERRUPTIBLE. David Tochen of NTSB and Michael Huerta of FAA have been put on notice they better straighten up and fly right however…………..”

Australia: MH370 likely on autopilot with unresponsive crew in flight's final stage Missing Flight MH370 Was on Autopilot Before Crashing: Official
Malaysia Airlines MH370: Missing plane 'likely on autopilot' when it crashed, search zone shifts south
'Highly likely' missing jet MH370 was on autopilot
MH370 latest: Malaysia Airlines plane 'deliberately set to autopilot' over Indian Ocean
Missing MH370 was “highly, highly likely” on autopilot when it ran out of fuel and crashed
MH370 Was on Autopilot When it Crashed, Say Australian Officials
New missing Malaysian plane MH370 search area announced

Umbrellaman was interrupted by the wailing of the Plum City Fire Department Emergency Klaxon which would signal all volunteer fireman, Emergency First Responders and Abel Danger Global HQ Battle Staff to return to their duty stations. Chips rose to run down to 401 Main Street and as he crossed Pine Street and passed Mane Street Hair, he heard footsteps behind him and he turned to see Agent G whose knockers were cycling out of sync and appeared to be capable of beating her to death. In the interest of her mammary health and his libido, he slowed to a walk and grabbed to globes to stabilize them.

“Chips, how can I ever repay you for settling my Abel Danger Knockers?” As Chips considered all myriad of responses he thought back to Rodney Carrington’s signature song, “Show Them To Me”.


“Agent G, no need to express thanks or trying to repay, it was my duty and pleasure to stop your 44DDs from beating you to death. Once we get to Global HQ and position ourselves under the 1885 Mercedes in the Plum City State Bank Vault, perhaps a little lite conversation while we await instructions from Umbrellaman.” Moments later Chips inserted his green key in the common door and then turned right, selected his silver key to open the world’s most dangerous Truth radio studio and turned on the overhead lights which were unceremoniously turned off by Agent G who also deadbolted the door and ensured the blinds were drawn before removing her costume, IOCs in Pastel Melba Peach and insuring the volume on the computer which transmits the 300+ Livestream Shows was on mute. Chips had stepped into the bathroom to void his bladder, whammo a tin of Smoked Oyster and swallow two Rodney Baldinger NDSU Extend-o-peters. When he came out he could clearly see that Agent G had been to Cosmopolitan’s site and studied the sex positions of the week as she had assumed “V is for Vixen” well aware that V could also be for Vino in the Valley as the PTRC rose to her gambit.

As the PTRC made contact with the Target Area, a demure and willing Agent G leaned over and selected F4 and C 0+30 on her Clipper Geiger Counter issued by CDC in Atlanta. As the innocence of 1963 became audible, Chips thought back to their first enduro at Dobbins AFB in in 1973 when he’d flown in on a cross country to attend the wedding of high school best friend Bob Paxton. As he closed his eyes and saddled up, it was just like the first time all over, without the worry of an ill timed pregnancy.


As Agent G’s ankles rubbed Agent Chips’ shoulders, they both missed and incoming FLASH FESTUS from Hammer Ottopilot in Hammerfest Norway that went to queue just as the Plum City Emergency Klaxon went off a second time, nearly causing Chips to do the same. Chips held his fire but taking his mind on Agent G’s warm willingness, and thinking back to the CROSSING POINT of 9/11 where Venus 77 and Quit 25, flight of 3, were in a vertical stack as Chips presently was, in a manner of speaking. Because Chips was probing Agent G for deep secrets, he missed the incoming list of the Rope Numbers for Ropes 4 through 10 with the first three Ropes redacted until Umbrellaman may signal ALL CLEAR/FADEOUT on 25 August.

R1 R2 R3 R4 Flatchested Hildebeest R5 Bag Lady R6 Gorillawoman R7 Rooty Toot R8 Alex Haig d R8 Forrest Fire Hot Head R9 Warren Fatboy R10 West Point Weasel

Chips was enjoying his memories of her mammaries and 1973, then he was brought back into the here an now as she barked out “Switch, Carnal Criss Cross” as she also reselected C6 on her Clipper Gieger Counter as she apparently desired a slower pace in this more intricate alignment of the heterosexual, CEMAW, consensual 60 year old bodies that didn’t look a day over 59, especially in the dark.

As he saddled up, he got in time to a slower beat and noticed she had set her clipper for C240 indicating she was hoping for an endure, as were Moxie J, Tiny Dancer, Cat Bond and Freeport Girl, who could blame them.


In an effort to prevent himself from an early exploculation, he mentally arranged a message for Emirates CEO Tim Clark which would be delivered at 2pm, Monday, 30 June, 2014 at this link to a Livestream BLOCKBUSTER.

Chips continued pleasuring the lady from Atlanta unbeknownst that Umbrellaman had just advised the Hammers 3 that Operations PUSH BACK and POUNCE would be deployed from east Texas and West Central Wisconsin beginning Saturday, 12 July 14 or early if a Serco FALSE FLAG were to erupt in Atlanta, Houston, redacted or Milwaukee prior to 12 July. Chips knew who MG Smedley Darlington Butler was but was certain the gay, choomer, mulatto who suited the purposes of Dempsey and McRaven did not. BETRAYED is not an option in a Smedley Butler Marine Operation, nor will it remain unexposed in Operation POUNCE. Try and figure out PO United Nations CE while Chips continues laying the lumber to Agent G.

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