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Churchill's Red Switch Grandsons and The Crossed Keys Contract Hit - Chapter 7 - Book 14

Serco Dronesnatchers Spook Marcy's Misfits
McConnell Father's Day Message To Obama Sizzles

Serco's Snatch And ATI Dispersal Conflict Yukla
G-Spot: Serco + Inmarsat + Sky Wave + Field McConnell

Serco's Failed Snatch
G-Spot: Serco + BITOD + Cone of Confusion + Field McConnell

Inmarsat Inept Pings Exposes Bibi's Tel Aviv Twin
G-Spot: Serco + N105GT + Soros + Field McConnell

Obama, Your Goose Is Cooked, Capeche?
G-Spot: Atlanta Burns + Mona Blue + Peachtree + Cooked + July 4th

Martin Dempsey, Will Malta Save Your Ass?
G-Spot: Dempsey + McRaven + Reid + Field McConnell  

Jay Carney Replaced By Gay Carnie As Obama Shitscreen
G-Spot: Obama + Stupid Shit

Ghosts Of Tillman And Vaughn SPOOK Greenhorn
G-Spot: Extortion 17 + Dempsey + Obama + Murder

Ghost of Brian Terry SPOOKS Shithead
G-Spot: Serco + Marcy + Holder + Fast and Furious + Abel Danger

MH370-B777 BHUAP Patents 1950 to 2010
G-Spot: MH370 + BUAP + ATI + Serco + Civil Case 1:08-1600(RMC)

Agent Chips Ain't Afraid Of No Spooks
G-Spot: Field McConnell + Punahou + 1967 + Oath

Barry Soetoro On Day Field McConnell Graduated Punahou 1967
G-Spot: Barry Soetoro + Serco Fraud Obama + Punahou + Field McConnell

Soros, Please Put Garbage On Curb For Tuesday Pickup
G-Spot: Bowe Bergdahl + Obama + Treason 

Way back in Chapter 6 before Voice370 spoke and Malaysian Truth was revealed Agent Chips had "gone missing" in the body of water just north of Carswell's runway. Agents Grapevine, Scat Man, and 80W had located Chips, who was unresponsive, and his North Face Hold All. To help determine his mission, Agent 80W looked to see what color Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster Full Combat Sports Thong he was wearing and what extras he had packed. She discovered his was wearing his signature Pastel Manly Mahogany but she was taken aback by what she found in his kit. There were three red and three green Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmasters alone with a hand written note addressed to Agent Chips. Agent Chips, whether we want to believe it or not, there is a much greater force that contains within it this entire cosmos. It is intelligent and loving. We are within it; we are its makeup. We are as integral to it as it is to us. To act in accord with this brings everything. To act in spite of it brings ruin, as though you were poisoning your own body. Anigozanthos Manglesii, SH-IT 250 KP

Agent 80W was wondering if the writer was Greek or Sicilian when she noticed his PTRC was rigging itself for Knight Action as a faint hint of clover tickled his proboscis.

Chapter 7

Scripture: Psalm 19:1-2, 1 Kings 18:42-46, Matthew 17-20

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge.

42 So Ahab went off to eat and drink, but Elijah climbed to the top of Carmel, bent down to the ground and put his face between his knees.

43 Go and look toward the sea, he told his servant. And he went up and looked. There is nothing there,  he said. Seven times Elijah said, Go back.

44 The seventh time the servant reported, A cloud as small as a man's hand is rising from the sea. So Elijah said, Go and tell Ahab, Hitch up your chariot and go down before the rain stops you.

45 Meanwhile, the sky grew black with clouds, the wind rose, a heavy rain†started falling and Ahab rode off to Jezreel.

46 The power of the Lord came on Elijah and, tucking his cloak into his belt, The ran ahead of Ahab all the way to Jezreel.

20 He replied, Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed,you can say to this mountain,  Move from here to there, and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.

Gospel: Home


Secular: Billy and Sue


Video: Mansions Of The Lord


G-Spot: Tillman + Vaughn + McConnell

After Agent 80W had seen the Purple Tipped Red Champion becoming turgid she availed herself of non dangling non participle and received the pleasure she sought to soothe the aching in her loins. Agent Chips became more coherent as the ATI induced sleep left his mind foggier than usual but his PTRC was not affected by the ATI portion of the BUAP that apparently had been triggered just before Chips was the last man out of the Falcon 7x that had been taken by elements wishing for Chips and his team not to reach Ft Worth for the Memorial Day speaking opportunity and some quality time at the Mills Creek Ranch Resort, the Grand Saline Farm, and Val's Restaurant which one of the premiere Ukrainian restaurants in Canton, Texas where a certain F4D [ USAF 64-0965 ] lies atop a pole at the Van Zandt Country Veterans Memorial. Those with inquiring minds might google [ field mcconnell's jet + image ] and see where that fancy finger work leads. It could lead to a Pastel IOC, and old song such as Baby Blue by Bad Finger, or the effort he expended in April, 2014 to support the Petronas Towers that could have been targeted by MH370 after the SERCO HIT at BITOD, the WHITE HAT SNATCH from an "initial arrest heading of 250", or even a dinner date on Friday, April 19th, 2014 where a young couple from Australia sat next to Agent Chips and his host MASTERMIND.

Once Agent 80W had finished her CEMAW libido driven activity with Agent Chips, she suggested they remain BELOW DECKS as she could sense the skipper of the rescue craft had left the body of water's northern bank and was preparing to rendezvous with Scat Man who was set to transfer his PRECIOUS CARGO to an F350 King's Ranch Ford for the hour drive to Saline Creek Farm after a whistle stop at Mr. Boo's for a case of Russian Standard Vodka and a gross of ribbed condoms with reservoir tip. As the 1936 Aqua-mobile was limited to 7 mph in the land mode, Agent 80W selected F4 on her Clipper Cattle Dehorner and told Chips she had been fencing all day and wondered if he be kind enough to check her for ticks. As her repositioned to perform as requested, she recalled a recent walk through a FIELD of wildflowers.

Before she had gotten a response from Chips, Agent 80W had sent a brief IMMEDIATE JASPAR to Hammers MacCheese and Rooster Cogburn after she had found Agent Chips alive but unresponsive. Now as Chips was checking her for ticks, an ill timed response from Hammer MacCheese indicated that Umbrellaman may be considering canceling the Saline Creek Farm and Mills Creek Ranch options to accommodate a face to face with the parties at Free Scale who were aware of the SERCO HIT that had been remedied by Yukla 27 as directed by Abel Danger.

Operation PINK DAWN Hammer MacCheese IMMEDIATE JASPAR to Scat Man, Grapevine, 80W and Tillman, copy Freeport Girl, Atomic Betty, Hamish and Chips if he is still among the living: Change of plans, Umbrellaman directs Scat Man to deliver THE PACKAGE to Dennyís on the Frontage Road just north of I20 near the FM12 exit. The Canadians caved and gave us the answers to some question. A waitress working the graveyard shift has a PACKAGE for Chips or senior surviving agent in event he has passed. Whilst Malaysia wishes to bark up the wrong tree, David Johnston and the Project HatFIELD perverts know their linkage is verified and they are keen to put distance between Canada and Serco, as it appears some Aussies are also. For BREVITY, please acknowledge with code WD40/250. MacCheese, airborne.

Chips had his nose in 80W's business but heard enough of the message as she read it aloud that he presumed that Umbrellaman had had the SERCO HIT at BITOD documented and felt obliged to ensure Umbrellaman knew that it initially was vectored 250 degrees until YUKLA 27 had been given "authority" to save the ship, captain, crew and cargo. Chips had found not a single tick but continue to search every square inch of 80W's Lone Star physique while he recalled training Singapore pilots Ee, Ong, Chong, Lieu, Gooi and Meta and therefore he was certain that if Yukla 27 TACCO recalled the 400 to 700 foot rule for primary skin paint, MH370 could "aluminum mask" in the radar shadow of Singapore 68. Chips presumed the go/no-go point was passage over Butterworth on a heading of 280 and he was doing the geometry when he determined 80W was "sudsing like a may tag" and prepping for another transfer of DNA rich fluid which he was more than willing to inject however he felt the aqua-mobile slowing from its BARBERPOLE speed of 7 mph indicating the transfer to the Ford F350 King Ranch was imminent. He handed 80W a fist full of NAPAwashes and she attended to her Abel Danger standard PBPs while he half masted the PTRC and slipped on an Oscar de La Renta Slingshot, this one in KELLY GREEN. The color change was not wasted on 80W who accepted his generous offer of helping to stuff her giant queens in her over the shoulder boulder holder in Pastel Turquoise as per the Briefing Guide of Operation PINK DAWN. The aqua-mobile came to a halt and the 28 horse Mazda 4 cylinder gas engine harvested from an old IH 284 was turned off causing 80W to be turned on, as usual.

Chips helped his Dangerette PWA out of the cramped quarters still with a hint of clover and as he followed her topside, he admired her bottomside, aka stern. Scat Man and Agent Grapevine were in the front of the F350 King's Ranch Crew Cab and Scat Man pointed at a cooler in the back seat with an old Shiner logo on it in no way a reference to the motorcycle riders gathering in California-Arizona area of operations to ride into Mexico and free the U.S. Marine that Candy Ass Obama is unwilling to do as he is still miffed that Abel Danger exposed Irish-American Dempsey and his Knight of Malta conflict with serving as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs during Obama's failed assault on Americanís military, economy and 2nd Amendment. Chips thought back to the 1967 Punahou Oahuan and the photos of Agent Chips on page 34 and that of Barry Soetoro on page 178. Whereas the one on the left would be a Navy Man at 17 after taking the first of 4 oaths on 14 February, 1967, the one on the right would still be just a boy as Annapolis received someone who, like Chic Burlingame and Al Shauffelberger Jr would rather die in the service to his country than participate in the Treason that began on 22 November, 1963 when GHWB first show his true colors.

Chips held the door open for his Texas Tornado and was regaled with a flash of Pastel Turquoise behind which, he felt certain, was a brownie, or sorts, capeche? Letting himself into the left side behind Scat Man he, gladly accepted the frosty Shiner Bock offered by 80W who was sitting in a rather unladylike posture, which Agent Chips truly enjoyed and holding a Shiner Ruby Red Bird and forcing Chips to notice the beer. She also held up the briefing guide to Operation PINK DAWN which had offered Glamourboy and David Johnston a trade, of sorts, Abel Danger would lay off Project HatFIELD if the Canadian Company that helped Serco Snatch MH370 at BITOD cone of confusion would finger Serco's friends in Malaysia. Canada, predictably, grabbed its ankles and delivered the companyís phone records for period 05-13 March, 2014. Chips was thinking about 80W's "brownie" when suddenly the Red Green IOC-Shiner Ruby matrix made as much sense as the RCMP "virtual floating matrix" that recently sank in Moncton as Canadian False Flags indicated that Obama's SPOOKS were still intent on Operation CHICAGO THRICE which was the threat identified by Abel Danger on 03 June 2014 to be hot until 2311/25August2014. Chips thought back to the message he had heard 80W read aloud while his was still in the ATI inducted "funk" due to Serco's triggering of the BHUAP and the calming gas that filled the cabin of the Falcon 7x from which Chips was the LAST JUMPER.

Scat Man avoided the Carswell JRB area while working his way to the LBJ Freeway which may or may not be I635. Scat Man had his radio set to 2828mHz and the signal was clear with only the occasional keying of a remote mic to let players know the station was ATTENDED. Chips felt the arrival of a small hand on his lap so he whispered a question to 80W and he received olfactory evidence of an active Skene's gland.

80W, in my dream like state aboard the water rescue vehicle, it seems you mentioned a persons name and asked aloud if it were Greek or Sicilian, Can you remind me the name, I just had a thought as to where the Operation will be going instead of Canton.

Chips, the name, phonetically, was pronounced Anigozanthos Manglesii but I am not certain I have it spelled or pronounced correctly. Also, in that brief message was comment regarding SH-IT 250 KP. None of that made sense but if you can figure it out I will offer you a four hour endure if we need to move the Operation away from Cruz and Gowdy to protect them during the upcoming removal of hyphenated American Dempsey as Joseph Dunford, American Oath Keeper is thought to be replacing him soon as CJCS.


Thanks 80W, I understand now. I see the SIGNS as what color IOC am I wearing and what color is my battle standard and second question, what Shiner Beer are you drinking and what is your standard choice of Shiner products?

Chips, your IOC is in Kelly Green as opposed to battle standard Pastel Manly Mocha and I am emjoying a Shiner Ruby Red as opposed to my standard Shiner Bock. Do this play into the world situation regarding Obama, Fireman's Fund, Alliance, the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 and the name Blatchford; is that where this leads?

Absolutely 80W, the name that you thought was Greek or Sicilian is the name of a western Australian flowed call the Red and Green Kangaroo Paw. Someone in Malaysia 370 REGION wants us to follow the Red and Green clues and the code SH-IT 250 KP indicates that we are to disregard the official Malaysian story and realize that when Serco first triggered BHUAP [ SH..Serco-Hit ] the left turn of MH370 was arrested at 250 degrees before it could turn back to 200 degree heading to threaten the Petronas Tower. The IT in SH-IT is "initial turn 250" and the KP in the code SH-IT 250 KP is Kangaroo Paw which is the agent name for the lady at the Fiona Stanley Hospital that just kicked Serco off the property. Do you recall the names ALLISON BONE, ANGUS HOUSTON and ANDREW PEACOCK? The lady at the hospital has handed us their heads on a plate.

We must immediately get in touch with Hammer Rooster Cogburn and Agent Bean and have them brief Umbrellaman. I just got an IM in German that we are to go to Tyler Pounds FIELD for an immediate departure for Red Wing, Minnesota airport where Blue Airways is our preferred FBO. Any questions?

Chips gave 80W a BDE to determine if her MI was sufficient to complete the act and found that she was at 93% so he demonstrated his "one eared elephant" disguise which caused the hint of clover to be evident even up in the front seat where Agent Scat Man had just been advised to head for Tyler Pounds FIELD without making the stop at Mr. Boo's in Terrell, TX where Russian Standard Vodka is typically available to good customers. Scat Man passed a link that had just come across the ACARS unit and as Chips and 80W speed read it, they performed pre-boinking suitability checks on each other's genitalia to ensure their overt CEMAW heterosexual life style could be confirmed immediately upon boarded the flight awaiting them at Tyler Pounds FIELD.

Chips, from the story I just scanned it looks like the Barnett Government was forced to take back Fiona Stanley Hospital jobs from Serco due to exposure of Nicolas Soames' call to Princess Diana that preceded her death by Boston Brakes. As I understand it this is the same EMBATTLED private contractor Serco has been stripped of key services at Fiona Stanley Hospital before it even opens throwing planning for the already delayed project into further "chaos". Whilst the Agent who favors Red and Green Kangaroo Paw flowers has forced Health Minister Kim Hames to confirm last night that the "majority" of patient administration and records management would be taken off Serco and performed by the Health Department instead there was another longer version of the linked article that mentioned Serco's control of Australian Search and Rescue efforts [ SAR ] and Serco's control of Malaysia ATC now seem to indicate Serco Air Traffic Control, Search and Rescue, both which occurred after the Serco Hit at BITOD in the cone of confusion where Singapore, Malaysian and Vietnamese ATC share a confusing triangle of airspace!

80W, right you are regarding the cone of confusion being the "opportunity" for the Serco Hit, and we both know the weapon enabling the Serco Hit was the BHUAP that has been standard equipment in B777 aircraft dating back to 1995 which, of course, is 6 years prior to the electronic attacks of UA175, 93 and American 11 and 77 with all but UA93 being sent to the W386A DROP BOX in a failed attempt to TOPOFF AMERICA. However, going back to Serco and the FSH issue be aware Sercoís tentacles were in billing, health record manipulation, clinical mis-coding, scheduling and appointment delays and obfuscation. These are the very issues that got that Chink Shinseki kicked off the Obama Administration for being the CHINK IN OBAMA'S ARMOR.

Chips, I am aware but keep in mind the abuse of patients in FSH by Serco is exactly the same as the intentional abuse of Veterans in the United States. As that Jew Cantor just found out the hard way, the exposure of evil in the US and the 5I countries will now accelerate as the ARREST DATE of 25 August and the midterm erections, excuse me, elections appear to be the beginning of the changing of the guard as political dinosaurs Cantor, McCain, Reid, Pelosi and that fat jewish bitch from gay bay find that their constituents are waking up in record numbers thanks to Abel Danger. The State Government has revised the clinical service provision model at FSH to ensure that the quality of patient care is maximized, according to a quote I read from a Dr Hames and just as in the Shinseki-Gowdy-Cruz accord the Aussie change intends that all internal stakeholders would be informed within 48 hours. I see I have a FLASH FESTUS on my Clipper Cattle Dehorner. Perhaps while I read you can demonstrate why some refer to you as a cunning linguist, capeche?

Scat Man was focused on his driving to Tyler Pounds FIELD, Agent Grapevine was being briefed by Hammer MacCheese regarding a change of plans and so no one noticed when Chips rested his chin on 80Wís lap, or those environs. As he provided pleasure, 80W read a rather lengthy incoming from MacCheese but not in the same league as Agent Chips' "lengthy portion" which is legion amongst the overt heterosexual CEMAW ladies who are proliferate in the ranks of the Dangerette Corps of Abel Danger and for those who are doubters by nature simply google [ lengthy portion + Chips + pastel + IOC ] and read the volumes of supporting text which would lead anyone to conclude that Agent Chips may be the worldís most engaged heterosexual sexagenarian, capeche?

Operation PINK DAWN Hammer MacCheese FLASH FESTUS to all players aBroad and aField in PINK DAWN, copy Corazon Dulce and Sam the Dog: Just informed by Umbrellaman that Canada's GLAMOURBOY and David Johnston have agreed to the Serco exposure involving Sky Wave, Serco and the recent $4.1 billion dollar contract that elevated Gowdy and Cruz and shitcanned the Cantor plant. Time in Plum City 1607, Umbrellaman Brief to occur at 1615 PCT. Status report on Chips from any party in comm with him. MacCheese, JR's Mainstreet Junction.

Scat Man entered the Tyler Pounds FIELD throrough the SERVICE GATE and saw a DC9-30 in white livery with no November number nor ID. Through the white paint he could see where the previous registration had been C-FTLU which seem to ring a bell with Chips who had flown the Ozark DC-9-30 fuselage mated to the Air Canada wing.

He wanted to go to the flight deck and check the log book by Agent 80W pointed at her watch which indicated 1611 and as they left the truck to run up the forward stairs Scat Man told 80W she was not traveling north, that she would be going to Canton TX with one of Chips' doppelgängers who would deliver the Memorial Day message while appearing to stay at the Saline Creek Farm when really at Mill Creek Ranch Resort. Scat Man got a cell call just as the forward boarding door was closed by Marquis d' Cartier who directed Chips back to the aft CRF where Agent Atomic Betty, Freeport Girl and and unidentified lady sat at three of the four seats around the AQWB-27X. Chips could feel the DC9-30 start to pressurize as Hoss and Stone got every ounce of power out the Dash-15 engines as they departed on a heading direct to Tulsa to pick up the remainder of the flight plan to Red Wing Minnesota Airport which, oddly, is located in Wisconsin.

Chips was seated between Freeport Girl and Atomic Betty who pointed at the 3rd lady and said "Malaysian Persuasion" and then Chips recalled having seen her before but he could not recall where or when. Of course, ladies look completely different when dressed and made up as opposed to doing their impersonation of a DBMT which is Abel Danger terminology for "double breasted mattress thrashers" which is a qualification all Dangerettes have to master in week 1 of the 6 week Dangerette training camp 2.3 miles north of the intersection of US 10 and CR S.

Chips recalled with pleasure the 4 nights spent at the Subang Hotel in April and the simulator which they had rented to show the Singapore pilots how MH 370 was taken by elements under the thumb of a PISS ANT. Back in the forties classly black ladies and gentlemen worked at the American Negro Theater, or ANT. However, 70 years later the PISS ANT operation was fully underway as a Presidential Impostor Serco Shithead had been sent by Soros-Marcy-Smolich to try and deliver the United States back to the Queen so she could break all the military retirement contracts and break the fighting spirit of the American servicemen. The hyphenated half african American may have succeeded if Serco had not been so sloppy with their capture of MH370 at BITOD and left the backdoor open for the American AWACS sent from Cope Tiger to recommandeered the B777 and fly it over the Maldives enroute to a Cat 3C autoland at FJDG at 0651 on the 8th of March in the year of My Lord 2014. As Chips looked forward to Knight of Malta Dempsey being removed by Gowdy-Cruz and [redacted] of the Benghazi Bashers, he saw the face of Rooster Cogburn appear on the OmniGlobe.

Good evening to those aboard FTLU currently indicating .85IMN enroute to Red Wing Airport. My comments will be most brief and Umbrellaman will have our assets from the REGION brief us on our NOUN becomes VERB Operation declined by Malaysia and Voice370 but picked up by another PLAYER. Umbrellaman, over to you.

Thank you Hammer Rooster, I too will be brief and allow all those assembled to contribute their bits and pieces. Sky Wave, MDA, Serco, Inmarsat and ICAO are now flailing at straws. While we don't know for sure why Serco appeared to want to fly MH370 back towards the Petronas Towers it may have been a HEAD FAKE to get Cope Tiger's panties in a bunch making it look like the two opposing regimes in Malaysia were going to do a 9/11 Twin Tower False Flag. However, once we understood the initial heading imputed by BHUAP was 250 as opposed to Inmarsatís suggestion 280 we realized the HEAD FAKE was to allow MH370 to go quiet, blind and dumb and then fly in the radar shadow of Singapore Airlines Flight 68. This was interpreted by Yukla 27 to be a classic PINCE using N105GT as the Tel Aviv Twin which would be launched and flown into the face of SI68, which would be in the face of MH370 flying 400 feet behind and 400 feet below the decoy. Perhaps those hapless bastards who planned the mission forgot that on 9/11 61-2669, The Speckled Trout, had a crewmember named McConnell. Perhaps they were unaware the Ee, Ong, Chong, Liew, Gooi and Meta had been students of a McConnell at NAS Chase FIELD, Texas where today the airport is abandoned but the McConnell Unit is housing prisoners of the State of Texas near Beeville. Against that backdrop of some real horses hit preparation please refer to the list to be accomplished by those who have verified the TALKING POINTS, Atomic Betty, we go to you from Item A.

Thank you Umbrellaman. My CSIS contacts have explained the issue with GPS, Glonass and their synergy. With GPS: There are independent systems at work: An aircraft's GPS picks up signals from either the GPS or GLONASS or BOTH to work out its position, the calculation being done internally inside each unit. Independently, a Transponder produces a response when interrogated by ATC radar or other aircraft's collision avoidance systems, TCAS which was a program of Bob Buley, Northwest Airlines, from the mid-80's until system wide usage, for location and identification purposes (squawk). Military transponders offer an encrypted signal designed for the modern day IFF (friend or foe) giving rise to the red team and blue team systems. An ATC tower interfaces primary radar with aircraft Transponder derived elevation and identification to produce secondary radar, which augments the screen that the ATC controllers look at. Turning off the transponder will cause the aircraft to disappear from ATC secondary radar.  ATC SHOULD STILL HAVE SEEN A BLIP ON THE SCREEN. THEY ARE LYING TO SAY IT DISAPPEARED OFF RADAR. This is part of the message Agent Chips delivered to all interested parties during his 4 day quickie to Malaysia, I see the MALAYSIAN PERSUASION is next to speak, over to you Mike Papa for Item B.

Thank you Atomic Betty, you are correct is stating that changing the timing signal in either GPS or GLONASS would cause all aircraft using that system to calculate a new position. Changing ATC timing would similarly change all aircrafts positions using LAAS (DGPS, local area augmentation system). It is not possible to affect one aircraft by changing global timing but an individual GPS can be spoofed using local electronic means as we learned on 9/11. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Mode-S transponders are assigned a permanent identification which can be selectively addressed by the ground radar. Mode S also offers a wider range of data to be transmitted, including potentially an uplink of data from the ground station to the aircraft. This provides ATC an entry point into an aircraft system. The aircraft can also be hacked by anyone using another Mode-S transponder, AWACS, even a laptop. This is all independent of the SATCOM system, in MH370's case running a SITA service on Inmarsat satellites, another gateway into the aircraft. In either case, I canít substantiate a specific link to GLONASS timing but our allies in St. Petersburg are cooperating. Hammer MacCheese, over to you for Item C.

Thank you Mike Papa, we now must consider what Malaysia ATC knew for sure due to their relationship with Serco, the assumed FIRST HIJACKER. We see that around the time that N105GT was sent from Broward County, Florida, to Tel Aviv it was a Twin the the airframe that made up flight MH 370. This was simultaneous to the $4.1 billion dollar contract that threatens U S DoD expeditionary war fighter such as Pat Tillman and Extortion 17's SOC Aaron Carson Vaughan, see:$4.1-billion-u.s.-army-communications-multiple-award-idiq-contract

It appears that Knight of Malta Dempsey is cooperating with the systematic reducing of the effectiveness of America's fighting force at a time where Bibi had the ability to launch an eastbound B777 while MH 370 was tracking westbound with fuel sufficient to strike Iran. We are certain that Malaysia ATC falsified the Lumpur Ground segment of the 370 ATC recording, Inmarsat falsified the pings, the investigators are quiet about it, and the US and AU governments remain quiet too. Malaysia started to show signs of some dignity but have been warned off Abel Danger looking too closely and they have their own problems having falsified the ATC recording and refusing to show page 1 of the cargo manifest. Page 1 of the manifest may reveal another breach of some description plus the sought-after cargo perhaps. Inmarsat originally released the ping information as Hot Potato payback on the US for re-stealing the plane (from Field). Inmarsat probably got wrapped over the knuckles and now has the task of leading the search awry. ATC is definitely in on it via Serco but I donut feel it was vis GLONASS and Chips' pair in the region agree. Freeport Girl, over to you for Item D not to be confused with your items 44DD.

MacCheese thank you. Having been working on the Plum Plunge as well as the simulators (3) crewed by myself, Atomic Betty and the Malaysian Persuasion, Agent Mike Papa, it appears most likely that Western Australia Government wises up but doesn't reveal everything they know about Serco under threats we believe delivered to Angus Houston by the son of Juan Carlos the King of Spain who has not slept in the marital bedroom for a long, long time. Sociable!!

Before I turn it over to Hamish for Item E let me remind all within the sound of Abel Danger's voice that United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Serco's development of global Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services for the tracking of triggermen and other assets through cat-bond crime scenes to Obama's alleged use of the Red Switch Network to synchronize a DHS lone-gunman exercise in Bridgeport, Conn., with the Sandy Hook Elementary School events of December 14, 2012. McConnell claims that Obama has outsourced the operation of the U.S. Defense Red Switch Network and Defense Ammunition Center to Serco through its NSA director Maureen Baginski giving the U.K. company the opportunity to track not only the cat-bond triggermen through the events at Sandy Hook but also the bullets which were shot. So it seems that Serco, in effect, can lose MH370 with Serco trained Malaysian ATC and via Inmarsat can attempt to drive the PING SEARCH to the deepest trench west of Perth. That may have worked and the Chinese DROP OFF [ google: MH370 + CSCL Uranus + 25 March ] could have appeared to support it if Agents WD40 and JB80 hadnít found the jet still pinging weakly from inside the hangar at FJDG. Which brings up the question, when is the last time an airline category transport taxied into a hangar with engines running? The answer is the drone of United 93 taxiing into the NASA Hanger on the northwest corner of Cleveland Hopkins on the morning of 9/11, another Serco bungled air attack on America.

Hamish, over to you for Item E and you asked me to remind you the significance of 325-370, Hamish.

Thank you Freeport Girl, and regarding the drone version of United 93 taxied into the NASA Hangar on 9/11 and noted female vocalist Ruby Wallace Dee was born in Cleveland and had a cousin who had worked as a janitor for NASA at KCLE and he got some interesting video on the morning of 9/11, somewhere between 11 and 12 noon according to our man from Plum City, Agent Chips. Sociable!!

As Agent Chips took a loading dose of his CSM with 2 stuffed queens he thought back to early photos of Ruby Dee and wonder if Barry Soetoro wasn't a butt pirate if he could have brought something more presentable to the half-White House. That beard of his could make a freight train take a dirt road.

Regardomg the 325-370 connection, Agent Chips has determined that Serco, the world's biggest controller of air traffic needed to test their ability to shut down Austrian airspace for 25 minutes while losing control of 13 airliners. Although Chips doesn't have a first class honors degree in mathematics he has determined that 13 x 25 = 325 and MH370 is based on 3 = 3 and 2 + 5 = 7 and with not more numbers to add a 0 results, that is MH370 should have been able to join with N105GT in simultaneously hitting Bibi's target on the ground in Iran. But lets get back to the issue at hand…excuse me, I have forgotten the issue at hand.

Hamish, I believe you wished to finger Honeywell, Sky Wave and Patent US4207572A.

Thank you Mike Papa, you are correct. Glamourboy and Johnston have demonstrated to Abel Danger that Honeywell and Sky Wave have been cooperating for 40 years with Honeywell manufactured mini computers for Sky Wave's radar and directional antenna for the Canadian military. Later Sky Wave and Honeywell (who took over Satamatics) manufactured the Inmarsat D+ Ship Security Alert System from 2002 until 2008. Honeywell also was working with another security alert system about that time but Glamourboy and Johnston were either ignorant of, or unwilling to name, the Canadian corporation due to direct links to 9/11 and the murder of Jon Benet Ramsey where a single BEAVER HAIR fingered Norman Inkster's RCMP which caused Kristine Marcy to fly into hybristophiliac rage. Let us heard from Barry M. Hall regarding Item F, Bucky, oh excuse me, Barry, over to you.


Thank you Hamish, my comments will be short as I have just been advised by Tactics Tillman that during the Plum Plunge myself, Agent NOTSO and TacoMan will be on temporary active duty as Sergeants, E-5, of Marines and with Tillman will provide strong arm security for a couple attending their first Plunge. While NOTSO, myself and Tactics Tillman will be visible in three of the nine cars, TacoMan will appear to be absent but will be providing sniper support from rooftops along the parade route similar to what will be provided in Atlanta Georgia this year during the Peach Tree Road Race of 4 July, 2014 when it appears the recently engaged 44 year old Bilderberg traitor will try and accommodate the DHS bombers that were block by Abel Danger in their assigned mission to be the 5th DHS sponsored attack to help Bloomer Pudding and the House Nigger get gun control for the City of London Serco Jerks who are not aware of who it is that is guiding Abel Danger. I yield my time to Agent Chips who has some laconic statement to make after I introduce him with the preface to an email he sent me moments ago from their position over head Offutt AFB in Bellevue, Nebraska from where the 1989 males prostitutes flew from their Boys Town homes to the Naval Observatory and the White House for, it appears, a game or two of DROP THE SOAP with GHWB who would be thanked if heíd forget the parachute next time he takes a DROP. Chips, to cage your mind recall this preface: Agents Chips and Hawk, someone just slipped this through my inbox. I think is came from their Confusion with something about a verb!? The email said you'd know what to do with it once it has been edited and augmented by AD. Chips, over to you.

Thank you Barry M. Hall. Your temporary service at the Plunge will ensure 4 Marines, a Ranger, and representatives of Extortion 17 will ensure a peaceful and patriotic getaway for all Plungers. The Malaysian Persuasion and I were contacted while in Kuala Lumpur by some elements of the military or militaries of Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand. They advised us that if someone came to knock on Abel Danger's door and their initials were NOK for use to be wary of NOUNS and VERBS. They also wrote something about NOK not contacting you over their assumption you wanted to sell them a video for $500k which on face value, if they didnít know anything about the movie, certainly would have seemed expensive. The market is a buyer's market I'm told. Seems fair as the Truth was always more powerful when given freely in the past. The truth givers were PROMISED and ALWAYS received full payment with full interest in time. He was just speaking his truth though, and respects others have their own also in keeping with the Kimosabe Agreement of April 19th, written in red. To date the Boeing Honeywell Uninterruptable Autopilot has been described in terms of the public admission to such INSTALLED technology by Boeing, reported on the 3rd of March 2007 in respect to the granting of their 2003 patent US7142971B2 regarding anti-hijack measures and Electronic Denial of Pilot Authority in such an event. The BHUAP was made Uninterruptible by the inclusion of the Unauthorized Flight Detector routines buried in the 615,000 lines of compiled Ada95 programming making up the 1995 Honeywell Airdata Information Management System which is fully capable of flying any Boeing or Airbus aircraft into which the Digitally Integrated Flight Management System is installed and has a completely separate and redundant secondary power supply, under Honeywell patent WO2002006115A9 . The BHUAP was made possible through the DoD programs for Dual-Use Technology (used to leverage private investment in Defence spending) and the Technology Reinvestment Project (designed to have private investors foot the bill for Defense spending and subsequently for private investors to realize a return on that investment by selling certain technologies back into the private sector). In English, BHUAP and Remote Flight Technology originated from Boeing and Honeywell's combined 80 years of UAV and space development with the USAF and NASA, and has been used since 1995 in commercial aircraft as a means for Boeing and Honeywell to profit from that investment. Before jumping to a conclusion and drawing your swords, are Boeing and Honeywell the biggest fish and the only ones culpable? Sure, they have a Duty of Care their Clients, Pilots and the Public, that is not in dispute. Boeing and Honeywell have both, on one instance, stated so publicly regarding anti-hijack technologies they are progressing and have installed. ONE THEN HAS TO QUESTION WHY THE MEDIA (CONTROLLED BY GOVERNMENT AND BUSINESS) HAS NOT REPORTED THIS MORE WIDELY and why ALPA Presidents Babbitt, Woerth, Prater and Moak as well as ALPA attorneys Rob Plunkett, Suzanne Kalfus, James Johnson and Pete Janhunen have tolerated a FRAUD UPON THE COURT in Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC). Sociable!!

Best regards to Marquis d' Cartier for using Russian Standard in stead of Absolut. The reason for the silence of ALPA and the media is there's an elephant in the room with 911 tattooed across its fat ass, see also Sasquatch. The following has been EXTENSIVELY DOCUMENTED BY PILOTS, ENGINEERS, SOCIAL ECONOMISTS, DOCTORS, FORENSIC ECONOMISTS, SCIENTISTS, CHEMISTS, WHISTLE BLOWERS, and in ever increasing numbers: On 911, there were 4 electronically hijacked commercial flights, flown to remote locations and destroyed. They emitted MH370 style partial pings long after they supposedly hit their targets. There were 3 remotely controlled Military aircraft, 2 of which struck their INTENDED TARGETS and a third aborted attack on the Pentagon crashed into a field. These aircraft had previously rendezvoused with 3 of the 4 civilian aircraft NEAR AIRFORCE BASES, the civilian aircraft being lost to radar contact as BHUAP turned their transponders off, the Military aircraft taking over their SQAWK identifications to confuse Air Traffic Control but not confusing Abel Danger for a single nano-second. Recall the class of 1971 at Annapolis had 5 SPECIAL graduates and only Burlingame and Shauffelberger have been morted. There were 2 missiles, one timed to hit the Pentagon at the same time as the DRONE but it was aborted a few kilometers away from the downed aircraft, the other struck the Naval Command Centre, taking out the Military's link to its Commander in Chief, and destroying the records relating to a missing 5 billion dollars which was under senate investigation at the time.

Enough about the elephant's ass of 9/11, in the case of MH370, we see the same set of events unfolding: An aircraft goes missing at the exact point (BITOD) where 3 different countries Air Traffic Control networks converge. ATC jurisdiction over MH370 is handed over to the pilots, and it is their responsibility to pass their own safety on to Ho Chi Minh City ATC. Ho Chi Minh City ATC never gets the call. Instead, as the SERCO HIT turns MH370 to a heading of 250 the now droned MH370 flies west, invisible to secondary radar but clearly visible to primary radar. To "hide from radar" (words from the Investigation team), it likely tails SIA68 en-route from Singapore to Spain. The timing was perfect and required some maneuvering by 370 on the western leg to intersect SIA68 and fall in behind; 400 feet behind and 400 feet low. In a very big sky, this accomplishment IS IMPOSSIBLE TO PERFORM WITHOUT GUIDANCE, AND CANNOT BE ACCOMPLISHED FROM AIRCRAFT INSTRUMENTATION ALONE.

Without ATC help, we can conclude the pilots at this stage were NOT flying the aircraft. Who was? BHUAP, transponder off, radio off, SATCOM ON, Mode-S link enabled - it is in the patents. Without access to secondary radar, Malaysia ATC radar is cluttered with noise. It's not like the movies, nice, clean and with contacts moving. There's a blip every 10 seconds, one amongst many. Does this blip move to there, or the next one, or that one? IT TOOK MALAYSIAS MILITARY 3 DAYS TO CONFIRM WHICH BLIP WAS MH370 ONCE TRACKING WAS LOST WEST OF MALAYSIA. IT CAN'T BE DONE ON THE FLY FROM THE COCKPIT AND SEEMINGLY NOT BY MALAYSIAN ATC. So those of us on the MALAYSIAN PERSUASION road trip have agreed that only Serco has Satellite tracking, the technology, the opportunity?

Who has been trying to lead search teams on a phony wild goose chance into the Southern Ocean, and has now admitted to the frailty of their calculations which were ripped to shreds within days of being released? You could look at googling [ SkyWave + Inmarsat + Blue Force Tracking + Field McConnell ], perhaps. Just what was ON PAGE ONE OF THE MH370 MANIFEST? Was it something very valuable belonging to Freescale Technologies, THAT NEEDED ELECTRONIC TRACKING?

Oops, did I just write that Inmarsat had opportunity? I'll correct that. Serco, through Inmarsat, had the opportunity, and on page 1 of the manifest (Freescale Technology), had motive. And BHUAP was the weapon. Motive, Opportunity, Weapon. Looks like Serco's Soames and Soro's Shithead have just explained the Abel Danger blocked Serco Snatch, but alas I digress. So, MH370 jumped on the tail of SIA68, bound for the Middle East before turning North-north west to Europe on Inmarsatís Northerly radial. For the pilots out there: TCAS is not turned off by BHUAP; only power to the cockpit is removed. The forward radar and TCAS recognizes SIA68 in front of it and matches MH370 airspeed to that broadcast by SIA68 ADS to maintain a safe separation. Secondary radar can only see SIA68. SIA68 is not aware of MH370.

Two days after MH370 disappeared; Israel shouted: "It was IRAN. It was IRAN." They want to attack us and they put ALL their embassies into lockdown. Google it.

A non revenue retired employee aboard Delta Flight 469 could have snapped a photo of The Tel Aviv Twin, an IDENTICAL MALAYSIAN AIRLINES B777-2H6ER (Reg 28416, 9M-MRI) sitting in Tel Aviv, registered to a US company and marked down for scrapping. The company is connected to George Soros. The plane was delivered to Israel on 21st October, 2013. Gee, and what date was the $4.1 billion dollar Serco-Soros agreement to expose and kill expeditionary forces of the United States of America?

WASN'T GEORGE SOROS ALSO CONNECTED TO SERCO? Oh yeah, he started Serco. Funny that Due to specific intelligence, ABEL DANGER opened a Threat Window 3rd June 2014 that a 911 style attack was planned between 14th June and 25th August on key addresses. Both MH370 and Bibi's [reference to Soros' business partner] Tel Aviv Twin could be assigned Petronas Towers, Chicago Towers or [ redacted ] Threat Window relayed to Serco, MI6 and FBI HOT 1111/04Jun14 to 2311/25Aug14.

IF YOU THINK WE'RE FULL OF SHIT, JUST RESEARCH 911 AND ASK YOURSELF, WHY, FOR SUCH A WORLD CHANGING EVENT, THROUGH WHICH WE HAVE GIVEN UP SO MANY LIBERTIES AND LIVES, AND INVADED OIL RICH COUNTRIES, WHY DOES CONSPIRACY "THEORY" RESEARCH OUTNUMBER MAIN STREAM MEDIA REPORTING BY 2:1? IT WOULD HAVE BEEN 5:1 IF GOOGLE AND FACEBOOK (CIA et al) didn't keep shutting them down or replace the www registration keys with Chinese deodorant or carpet adverts! Anyhow, I digress. MH370 was happily on its way into the Middle East so that Serco could steal the Freescale hardware and Israel could goad the US into another War on Terrorism because "someone" [the bankers who own the Corporation of the United States] wanted to dominate World Oil. If you have three open hours, consider watching this video.


Barbara destroys the GHWB produced lies of 911 Pentagon attacks and also at 6:10 quotes Nicolas Rockefeller, not relation to Nicolas Soames and his twin brother Rupture. Moreover, the 911 motives she documents are the same motives behind the disappearance of MH370. These coincidences keep distracting me. So, MH370 gets to the top of the Andaman Sea, near a war game called Cope Tiger ñ a joint exercise between US, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore and Thailand. No small exercise, involving Army, Navy and Air Force assets, see also Abel Danger Ass Sets. MH370 is visible on Primary Radar. Malaysian military spotted MH370 (as released to the media one day later) as they crossed Malaysia on the Westerly track, and deemed MH370 Friendly even without a transponder Squawk. But there are many ears in the war game to the North, with much more sophisticated ship and airborne radar. They have noticed MH370 tailing SIA68. IT IS EVEN POSSIBLE THEY ARE WAITING FOR MH370. IF ROCKEFELLER CAN TALK ABOUT 911 A YEAR BEFORE, THEN THE NSA and Abel Danger WOULD HAVE ADVANCED WARNING OF ISRAEL AND UK/SERCO'S HIT ON MH370. There are wheels within wheels, good guys rubbing shoulders with bad guys out there. No-one trusts each other anymore. Case in point: The Malaysian Government knows what I'm telling you now, but yet they remain silent. Once people start dying, FUCK THE POLITICS. 911 and MH370 are designed to make Evil appear as The Greater Good, as are many other false flags. Back to the flight path. A US aircraft, ordered by US command not to let the passengers or Freescale's technology fall into the wrong hands (yes, there are people in the Military who are well aware of the world's forces at play). Those same US Military Command are also sick of going to phony wars and watching the slaughter of soldiers [ Pat Tillman and Extortion 17 being the GAME BREAKERS ] and civilians alike, so that Afghanistan drug production can bank-roll the CIA's Terrorists (Al-CIAda) for more war whilst the fat get fatter on stolen oil contracts and banking system take-overs. If I seem a little edgy, well the Truth will do that to you when you start to see the same cover-ups time and again, and the effect on a world where critical thinking and decency is being bred out through "popular culture", and we just accept the slop and lies fed to us through the TV. MH370 passengers and crew were STOLEN. Where can the US take a civilian plane with a precious cargo of passengers and technology so that it can't be found for a while? Crashing it is not an option. Asia is not an option. Just nicking the top of Malaysian Radar traveling West, MH370 was shadowed by a Cope Tiger AWACS and BHUAP programmed to fly IFR to the Maldives, say the PUPOD intersection where the Low Altitude Airway pre-programmed into Boeing's Navigational Database forces MH370 to fly at 4,500 feet, as witnessed by Maldives residents. This was earlier in the morning than the CNN doctored news reports tell us. Yes the same CNN that cried like sissy girls when Field McConnell went to uFly at 1535 Meyerside Drive Unit #6 to show the world what Serco did at BITOD. From PUPOD, BHUAP flew South to the US run Diego Garcia, where BHUAP was captured by FJDG Military Air Traffic Control, and performed a Cat-3C automated landing using military JPALS (Joint Precision Approach and Landing System). Pilots don't be fooled. The Transponder using Mode-S for Automatic Dependant Surveillance systems is separate from the Rockwell-Collins and Honeywell Multi-Mode Receiver which is linked to the AIMS architecture. It is the MMR that augments GPS with JPALS to perform Cat-3C landings, and to run BHUAP for that matter. Ok, wild theory? Lets use Inmarsatís own SATCOM and ACARS handshake data: Inmarsat would have us believe that MH370 went South. This is based on "pings" from the ACARS. As the aircraft pings, it sends a packet of data containing a unique ACARS identifier and a timestamp. The receiving satellite records the time that the ping was received. Using the difference between the send and receive times, the speed of light, air density, actual satellite position and an assumed altitude, we can work out how far the plane was from the satellite. Signal time in transit = time sent MINUS time received +/- modifications for air density, satellite position (geostationary satellites aren't stationary in reality). Distance to satellite = speed of light MULTIPLIED BY Signal time in transit 13th March 2014 - Inmarsat Senior Vice President Chris McLaughlin. When the plane was still missing on Sunday (the day after it disappeared), our engineers looked at the network data and realized that the plane had been sending signals," he told IBTimes UK. "We couldn't say what direction it had gone in, but the plane wasn't standing still because the signals were getting longer, i.e. further in distance from our satellite…transmitting automatic signals five or six times during its extended flight believed to have been nearly five hours after losing contact.

This was 5 DAYS AFTER the plane went missing. It took Inmarsat 5 days to use the above two equations to come up with an arc? 18th March 2014 - Inmarsat data is passed to Malaysian Authorities. It took 10 days to position all 6 of the pings going towards the Northwest of Western Australia. Letís pretend, for once, that someone from Inmarsat and Serco is lying. Hard to believe I know, it's not something we normally do…but let's assume that. From first principles, all that is constant is the speed of light, speed of MH370 AND the time the ACARS pinged. ACARS pings for something called OOOI Out of gate, Off ground, Onto ground, Into gate.† If all other systems fail, it is these 4 major changes in flight mode that will trigger the ACARS to communicate. ACARS will also ping hourly during cruise just to acknowledge the aircraft still has power. This is because it is the ACARS system that initiates the handshake, then requests data from the rest on the flight systems to send. If there's no data, it will handshake, but not send.

Everything else can be dishonestly constructed, such as the time a ping is received by the satellite. Sure they can change the time the ping is sent but then if the dumped wreckage was ever found they'd have to explain another discrepancy. Keep it simple stupid.

1st April 2014 ñ the final ping locations are released to the public: The radial has gone to be replaced by a Easterly turn counter to the satellite radial and also counter to the curvature of the Earth, which projects as a straight line when flying parallel to latitude.

Notice the routine hourly pings from West of Singapore (T+1:13:59) until the second last ping. ACARS recognizes the plane is in cruise and just maintains hourly contact. The ping at T+0:0:0 is not the first ping of the trip, however thatís what I'm calling T+0, and it's the last routine pine before the ACARS system recognized the aircraft in cruise. Up until then, the aircraft was changing altitude and heading regularly so the ACARS discerns that the aircraft is not in cruise. If there is no connection to the flight management system telling ACARS what state the aircraft is in, it obtains OOOI triggers from the black box, which is programmed to recognise when the aircraft is either in trouble or entering one of the OOOI phases of flight. The last ping is delayed because between T+4:14 and T+5:43 the aircraft was descending. As it is not in cruise, ACARS doesn't routinely ping. REMEMBER, all other systems communicating with the ACARS are off, so it is not getting any data to send, it is just using its own software to trigger a handshake at OOOI or 1hr routine, but no more. So what is the final ping? It is the last ìOî ñ On ground. ACARS recognizes the plane has landed and attempts a handshake.

ACARS should also have pinged when the last fuel shut-off occurred combined with 0 speed and park-brake engaged. This signifies In gate. ACARS did ping, but it's hard to reach a satellite from inside a hanger as any GPS user will tell you. So, under the assumption that the speed of light hasn't changed, the as-sent ping times were not manipulated, and let's also assume that the average speed of the plane in cruise was 330kts (611 kph as an average used by the investigating team), then an alternate flight path can be suggested that matches the observed ping habits of the ACARS system (which the official version ignores) and makes it to Diego Garcia in time for the final On ground ping. Incidentally, it ties in with the time that MH370 was seen in the Maldives too, around 6:30am Malaysian time. What's more, Inmarsat's frequency burst analysis proves that the Doppler Shift was caused by MH370 flying towards the Inmarsat Satellite parked ABOVE DIEGO GARCIA, as the values were increasing. Just like a car horn coming towards you rising in pitch which smart Brits with cheesy accents might refer to as DOPPLER SHIFT. MOST IMPORTANTLY FOR THE NEXT OF KIN, 8 MINUTES LATER, at 0719 Malaysian Time, the LAST PARTIAL PING from Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 was the "In Gate" ping, which CAN ONLY BE GENERATED WHEN the aircraft has weight on wheels, ground speed = zero, park brake is SET, engine fuel cut-off is applied to both engines. AND THEY ALL HAVE LIED ABOUT THIS. MH370 landed and parked in a hangar at Diego Garcia. If this were not the case I, Agent Chips, would not have wasted my time going to THE REGION and explaining this to those I briefed on 18 and 20 April, 2014. It's not like have big balls or anything, capeche? On the subject of 9/11 and MH370 Serco connection, I just have one word to add. SOCIABLE!

Agent Chips Ain't Afraid Of No Spooks

Chips had finished his comments just as they were descending through 10,000 feet on the Mason City Arrival into the Minneapolis Approach sequence, Knowing that they had fewer than 15 minutes left, Freeport Girl and Atomic Betty were playing "rock, paper scissors" to determine who might get a quickie when suddenly they notice Chips and Mike Papa had repaired to the other CRF, perhaps for a secure debriefing.

As he had demonstrated to Serco and the world on April 15th, Agent Chips was willing to walk into hell for a heavenly cause. Now the Malaysian Persuasion was keen to pick up where they left off a 7pm on Saturday night 19 April, 2014 when Chips had finished her off with a RIMSHOT AT THE BUZZER after removing the purple Moo Moo and the red hibiscus in a manner of deflowering her, which was right up her alley. As the pleasure commenced, Mike Papa selected F4 on her Clipper Pilot Hat to set the timing.

Agent Chips was enjoying the private moments with Mike Papa when it dawned on him that the had a rendezvous with a SEAL TEAM family from the Little Creek-Dam Neck area just 60 miles west of W386A where on the morning of 9/11 Soros Serco's boobs had murdered with discretion of forethought all souls aboard UA175, AA11 and AA77. As he visualized a family with someone missing, he realized that as Father's Day approaches a little man in Florida misses his Dad, and Agent Chips and the mother of the Hampton Roads Harley Angel might just walk Serco into a trap before 25 August, 2014. If only Chips could find the Harley Angel Someday Soon.

Barry Soetoro, Punahou '79, please remove yourself from the half White House before 2000 cases of wrongful U S military deaths are added to your rap sheet, capeche?


  1. These towers were built to come down based on Satan's astronomy. Look where we find Gus Grissom again ... the man holding baby obama on his shoulders at the beach.
    Also look at the patch and where "the stars" are located on the towers reflected on this patch.
    This is one example of the power of satan and his minions in this world. All of their satanic rituals are based on astronomy.
    I know this sounds CRAZY but no crazier than the simulacrum we're living in.
    Check out this book
    This biblical scholar puts Jesus Birthday at 9/11/3 B.C. So, the plan all along was to kill God's creation, US on Jesus Birthday. 2001 A Space Odyssey even has a chapter called Happy Birthday!
    We're just the "Others" and they are out to destroy us so this planet can be Satan's playground with a few "clones & drones" to serve them. The battle is on. It's on. Katie

    1. Katie, will use this above in Chapter 8, send anything else to me via email Thank you for the supporting intel

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. When I 'woke up' years ago it quickly became obvious to me that we were headed for a great battle....the greatest battle a man can face.... we are indeed in a battle for our very soul.... I fear NO evil as I know who the master of this world is......


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