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McConnell Punahou '67 Defeats Obama Punahou '79 - Chapter 2 - Book 14

Prime Ministers (2) Agree With The BUAP-ATI Explanation
Bewildered Obama Leaves Malaysia Empty Handed

Serco’s Obama Waltzes Into Honeywell Honeypot Set By Abel Danger
G-Spot: Obama + Honeypot + Malaysia + McConnell

Punahou Graduate ’67 Scrubs 4th Visit To Region As Singapore Rents Simulator
G-Spot: Leonardo Blair + Start Over + CP Reporter

Purple Plumeria, The Malaysian Persuasion
G-Spot: MH370 + BUAP + ATI + Fraud Upon The Court

Global Ops Director Joins Black Ops Effort In MH370
G-Spot: UFly Simulator + Serco + Remote Control + MH370

He That Ruleth Wind And Water, Stand By Me
G-Spot: No weapon +shall prosper + every tongue + rise + thou shalt condemn

Purple Plumeria Recons Obama’s Limp Drivel
G-Spot: Obama + MH370 + Najib

Ebony and Ivory, Side By Side
G-Spot: 1912 deadline + Abel Danger + BLM addresses

Would Cause A Freight Train To Take A Dirt Road
G-Spot: Double Ugly + Phantom + Michelle Obama

FLOTUS, Flatus
G-Spot: Hillary + Methane + Wellsley + Dyke

No Sworn Oath Vacates Treason Applicability
G-Spot: Soetoro Punahou ’79 + Ubayd + Obama + Treason

Marine One Crusader/Pilot Offers To Drive Home Barry Soetoro
G-Spot: FIELD MCCONNELL + Serco + Barry Soetoro

Act of God To Remove Obama’s Evil?

Way Back in Chapter 1, Agent Chips had mused to himself “What are you going to do now, Barry Boy, as Honeywell’s BACKDOOR spared the False Flag Target intended to be hit by MH370. Hope you and Reggie Love sleep well, we will be watching from Subang, capeche. You may become aware that just as you are in Reggie’s backdoor Abel Danger’s Punahou ’67 has been in yours since your assignment as a Crown Agent. Don’t blame Kristine Marcy, she didn’t tell me”.  Freeport Girl and Atomic Betty were enjoying the BDEs when they felt the chopper land in the soft grass and heard Agent Chips warn them to STAND PAT.

Chapter 2

Scripture: Isaiah 54:17 and Isaiah 41:10

No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.
Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

Gospel: Stand By Me, Elvis Presley


Secular: Walk Through This World With Me


Video: Abel Danger Has Rented CNN’s Simulator In Toronto


At the end of Chapter 1, Agent Hoss had seen some black SUVs advancing towards the catering scisscor truck so he transmitted he needed an emergency auto rotation due to a Chips light. However, it was a ploy to make the DHS, FEMA, BLM and IRS Agents of Hope and Change overplay their hand as they recently done at the Cliven Bundy Ranch that Hairless Tweed needed to get into his greedy, wimpy, wet with worry hands. Hoss had the chopper idling until the first unit turned on their flashing lights and then he did a max performance takeoff and crossed the airport terminal and landed next the the Minnesota ANG C130 ramp where an Air Canada/Jazz cargo tug waiting with three enclosed baggage trailers. While Hoss flew the half mile, Chips got a FLASH FESTUS from Hammer MacCheese who was back at the Goat Ranch with data-link to Global HQ at 401 Main St, Plum City, WI, population 598.

Operation SCREECHING HALT Hammer MacCheese FLASH FESTUS to Agent Chips: The woman you met in Malaysia on your third trip just texted me and they eavesdropped on Soetoro while he was in Subang and they now understand the vast amount of patents that we in your 71 page depositions taken in Singapore. Soetoro and Holder realize their gooses are cooked so they were lying in wait to take you into custody. The Vanilla Gorilla is driving an Air Canada tug with three enclosed carts, you and the two ladies are to exit the chopper from north side and enter first cartfrom north side. Text me from in the cart once underway. MacCheese.

Chips tapped both Freeport Girl and Atomic Betty on their knee caps and led them from the chopper to the forward cart, north side, where he pulled the curtain back and found a carpeted area on top of an air mattress upon which the ladies could rest while Chips kneeled by the curtain watching outside. The tug and three carts lurched into action as Vanilla Gorilla had seen a green light for the ATC tower cab indicating it was OK to cross runway 30R at KMSP in order to get the the Jazz-Air Canada RJ that was code sharing with United. As per request, Chips called MacCheese on his Clipper Squirt Gun while the ladies were playing rock, paper, scisscors to see who my score a quicky at earliest opportunity. Chips didn’t need a first class honors degree in biology to realize that some one’s Skene’s Gland was looking forward to a little KNIGHT ACTION.

Chips listened for two ringy-dingys while Hammer MacCheese picked up prior to the 3rd. He saw the caller ID and immediately briefed Chips or an urgent change.

“Chips, Ginger Cookie is monitoring your email accounts and just saw a confusing one from Admiral Kemosabe. It appears to be related to MH370 so I will read it to you now”

Agent Chips, whenever I’ve just read your superior authorship I find I tend to write with inspired lunacy afterwards, so please be patient with my madness if you can.

Admiral Kemosabe was doing a spot of fishing off the rosy green hull of a ship called [one planet closer than Neptune] when Confusion overcame him and he heard the words “…conspired …to fit Boeing aircraft with red-switch network overrides…” and he remembered General Confusion telling someone “I’m not asking to know how the BUAP works and I’ve got as far as I can go with www.”  Confusion once told him that he felt near to a conclusion and was in agreement with a fellow called Chips on the operation of the BUAP from 1995 onwards when he made that statement, having come to that conclusion independently and using publically available information, which in hindsight was the point of the statement and the aim of the task. However that particular phrase “…conspired …to fit Boeing aircraft with red-switch network overrides…” made the deep-sea’d General take a gasp on his patented pocket scuba gear, and as all good stories go, deepened the mystery by a few thousand fathoms.  To borrow some serco-tongue, “DOH!” Happy that the Chess-Master Chips had ‘pushed out a pawn’ the Admiral pondered: In today’s world of encryption where even bad banks and good bitcoins aren’t safe from hackers, why would someone even need to initiate BUAP via a red switch, and wouldn’t this give Boeing ‘plausible denial’ if it weren’t for their statement of 1997?  What was the link? Well, with some hunches, the Admiral embarked on what was to be a short email with some new research, but a couple of other pawns that were waved in front of his nose has led to a complete re-summary, cleansing statement and a thorough rinsing of the sudsy bits to facilitate the words from this voice from deep within the AD ocean of knowledge. Finally cutting the shit, AK was trying to dodge the Confusion of including DISA and the RSN but there’s no getting away from it now.  It would have been much easier to “spoof” the planes with an AWACS like the University of Texas and Iran claim (Iran’s captured drone looks like an albino stingray, or a black-project Dark Star with the wings removed, body modified slightly and a tail added! Evidence for my first proposed BUAP, Honeywell technology being susceptible to electronic attack).  Other reports quote USAF saying it was a Global Hawk but it’s definitely the Dark Star shaped stealth body with a tail added to stabilise what was an unstable Boeing-LM design.  If you’ve got time after this ramble, follow the links and let me know what you conclude. Anyway time to go, expect something longer than Chips’s [redacted] as a final draft for one to masticate over. By the way, the Malaysian Persuasion scoped out Obama’s entourage from behind the Banyan tree, as per your request. Until then, AK.  If that makes sense to you please call me once you are safely aboard the Jazz Jet. Destination, Toronto, mission to be briefed via DOC, Freeport Girl and Atomic Betty escorting. MacCheese out.”

Chips and the ladies felt the jerking of the baggage cart train as it slowedear the forward cargo bay of the Bombardier Junk Jet Lawn Dart like the ones Buffett is profiting from after doing a BUAP hit on the Sukhoi Superjet Demo Flight in May, 2012. Vanilla Gorilla opened the curtain and offered his great big bear paws to Atomic Betty and Freeport Girl as they stepped out of the baggage cart and intentionally giving both Chips and Vanilla Gorilla a deep crevice view of their 44DD fun bags. Chips’ PTRC started th ‘auto extend’ sequence so he immediately pictured Michelle Obama without makeup to ensure his forward mounted pitot-bomb didn’t make it uncomfortable to ambulate in an erect fashion. Vanilla Gorilla tagged their Northface Holdalls with bogus United Bag Tags with UA8368 YYZ printed in black crayon. He then led Chips and the ladies to the foot of the jetway stairs and wished them a BON VOYAGE and a good “camera shoot” which did not mean anything to the three. As the arrived at the boarding door a redhead in a Flight Attendant uniform greeted them with a knowing smile and gave Chips a ‘free shot’ of Pastel Cinnamon. As they turned to find their seats they were surprised to see the cabin had only 4 seats. Cinnamon Girl explained it was returning to the Bombarder plant after some custom wiring had been performed by Honeywell and Lockheed-Martin technicians. She placed an NDSU Bison portable beer cooler between the two seat adjacent to the aisle, closed the boarding door, gave a thumbs up to Hoss and Stone in the cock pit, I say again, cock pit, before taking off her boarding jacket and neckerchief and taking the seat between Freeport Girl and the aisle. She drew 4 cold frosties out of the Bison Beer Bag and, after seeing Atomic Betty decline a beer, she gave 2 to Freeport Girl and one each to herself and Agent Chips. The jet was being pushed back away from the gate as the engines were started in order and Freeport Girl took a LOADING DOSE of her first Grolsch, immediately followed by a very lady like belch. Could have been worse, capeche?

Chips felt the parking brake being released and a smooth spool up of the empty jet’ engines. He felt Atomic Betty grab his left hand and place it on her quivering vulva just as an incoming Immediate from Hamish was annuciated on his Clipper Squirt Gun with three amber flashes. As he answered with his right hand, his left hand was forced under a sheer layer of clothing, and he liked that, a lot. He selected P-1 and pressed enter causing the message from Hamish to be printed in very small font by his Clipper Squirt Gun. As Atomic Betty was guided a digit of his, he read a brief intro and then post #1941 and it was not wasted on him the significance of THE FIRST OF MAY.


SCREECHING HALT Agent Hamish Immediate Jaspar to Hammers 3, Dangerettes being jazzed by Chips, Plumeria in Malaysia and Head of Housekeeping, Sheraton Gateway Toronto, copy Tactics Tillman: Chips, understand your mission changed, I wish to delay publishing this until after your simulator in Toronto. Confirm or suggest edit Hamish, JR’s Mainstreet Junction.

#1941: Marine [One] books CNN MH 370 Simulator for Sheraton Crossed Keys takeoff, Serco Red Switch landing

Plum City – ( – May 1, 2014: United States Marine [One] Field McConnell has booked the uFly simulator used by CNN to explore various scenarios in the MH Flight 370 hijack on March 8, for a demonstration of how Serco's air traffic control hackers could have staged a Sheraton Hotel Crossed Keys take-off from Kuala Lumpur and a Red-Switch Cat III C landing on Diego Garcia.

McConnell notes that after his trip to a MH theater of interest where he briefed 20+ senior people on a possible March 8 hijack by Serco – the world’s largest air traffic controller – the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has announced he is not prepared to declare the MH 370 passengers dead! Similar sentiment was verbalized by the longest serving Prime Minister in Malaysia’s history, Dr. Mahathir Tun who laid the fault at Boeing’s door.

McConnell has been directed by Abel Danger Global to select witnesses to the upcoming uFly simulation who may to wish to sue for damages in re Serco’s apparent role in staging a MH 370 Crossed Keys take-off for from Kuala Lumpur and a Red-Switch landing on Diego Garcia.

Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell
Marine ONE

As the very light weight empty Bombardier RJ was rotated to 22 degree of body angle, Chips sent return message to Hamish. “ Good post but if you don’t learn of a safe landing at Toronto, change date to 27 April, 2014 and blast it. Watch for news regarding Pope-Serco-Crossed Keys as well as imminent exposure of the Sheriff Joe file which could put the chooming mulatoo in prison any day now. Need to free up my phone for Rooster Cogburn briefing expected in minutes, Chips.”

Chips was somewhat oblivious to the manual massage Atomic Betty was providing to herself as his attention was diverted to his Clipper Squirt Gun as it took another call, this one a forward by Tactics Tillman of a message sent from the land down under not to suggest Allison Bone of Boeing was fingering Andrew Peacock.

“Chips, I know time is tight and you need to free up your phone for Rooster but wanted to ensure you are aware of the latest from Boeing Australia. The message is from BRIGADIER GENITALS: Hi Field, something to share with David - you know how the sicko’s like co-incidences, anniversaries and secret gloating. The 14th International Technical Meeting of the Satellite Division of the Institute of Navigation was scheduled and held on the 11th – 14th September 2001, the 10 year anniversary of the one world speech by some prick in a suit whose name doesn’t warrant mention (not that I could remember it now anyway).  It was at this conference where the test results for the test flight on 25th August 2001Boeing/Honeywell – Raytheon – FAA – USAF FedEx 727-200F at Holloman AFB were revealed internationally.  USAF was the project co-ordinator.  The program was initiated in 1992 by C3I to “use the creativity and low cost” commercial sector technology to interface with military technology and bring them all under the one umbrella for the newly developing worldwide ATCS (air traffic control system).  This was so that military craft could land at civilian airports and vies versa, anywhere around the world (we’re talking CAT3 landings, poor weather).    Not just pure co-incidence: The test flight was to confirm the interoperability of a civil aircraft equipped with LAAS (civil aviation) interfacing with a JPALS (military) ground station in unmanned take-off, flight and landing.  The aircraft was Boeing.  The Avionics were Honeywell.  The JPALS system was Raytheon. Honeywell used the Systron Donner QRS-11 Gyrochip and interfaced it with their Augmented GPS system using a? Marconi or Honeywell? GPS to create their Internal Reference Unit for the FANS-1 FMS.  Note: The FANS-1 developed into today’s Pegasus used on Airbus as well.  Also used was the Honeywell (Bendix King) MMR (Multi mode receiver) which initially also came from Marconi. So the missing piece of the puzzle:  We can go in 3 directions, spoofing the Marconi GPS using AWACS, or there’s something ADDED to the QRS-11 which should simply be an output device in theory, or there’s a built in Raytheon Switch Router in the Marconi MMS. See this product from Honeywell: Why is the Raytheon Switch Router important:  It CAN BE INSTALLED into the DIGITAL DATA interface of the MMR and is one of only a few TRUSTED RED SWITCH NETWORK routers for the DISA RSN. So this just leaves the fact that the Honeywell FMS still needs to be programmed to ignore FCC input (Pilot Controls) – but if you follow the patents for the PNF/TRAC systems I sent some time back, they come from the Auto industry, in which a security lock on the ignition switch consists of a simple relay to disable it. So BUAP = JPALS + Boeing airframe + Honeywell FMS (specifically Marconi MMR + QRS-11) + Raytheon RSR (red switch router) + Relay Loop from the FCC to the RSR + the FWF (Fucking Wanker Factor comprising serco, marconi and the crown) = The aeroplane becomes a PFN – Protected Primary Focal Node (an IP address on the Red Switch Network) through a Trusted Remote Activity Controller (the Raytheon Switch and the MMR + FMS) 

Preliminary definition of BUAP:  The electronic exploitation of introduced technical weaknesses in fly-by-wire and glass cockpit Flight Control Systems using the Red Switch Network’s Flash-Override Authority to facilitate the removal of all Flight Command Authority from a Boeing aircraft through termination of the Flight Control Computer Interface and subsequent remote manipulation of FMC software and data. This leaves room to either feed incorrect GPS co-ordinates directly to the QRS-11 GPS (fly remote control or calculate new flight path using increasing GPS error), or remotely reprogram the nav computer with an alternative route by uploading encrypted software updates through the Aircraft Maintenance System (the Data Loader), including new flight paths into the FNC) Considering the QRS-11 was primarily used in the AGM-65 Maverick, we have a further development.  I remember seeing somewhere footage of WTC1 with an observable infrared spot moving across it.  So most likely the drones striking the towers were also using the QRS-11 in a system developed for the Maverick which was a precision guided A2G via radar or infrared. Correct Field? Also, attached is the charge letter sent to Boeing by the USDoS, after which they were fined 15 million for the breaches.  There were 85 aircraft and 1 flight simulator sold overseas that incorporated the QRS-11 in the FMS which was still considered Military hardware.  A question I keep asking, if it was just a gyro, why all the fuss?  So, what’s in it?  Or was I getting warmer with the red switch router? And by the way, looks like your 3rd trip to the region got the message out, loud and clear. Brigadier Genitals, Down Under. 

Chips finished the relay from Tillman just as the jet leveled off at FL350 for the short hop to Toronto. The cockpit door opened and Captain Hoss strode back with a fist full of papers for Chips. As he tossed them on Chips’ lap he, with his other hand, lowered a television monitor for the anticipated briefing by Rooster Cogburn. He gave a visual signal of “3-2-1-go” as the image of an OmniGlobe had both the face and voice of Rooster Cogburn on.

Rooster’s appearance seemed focused and resolute.

“Good morning Agents being Jazzed to Toronto, our mission change was based on urgent message from Purple Plumeria, the Malaysian Persuasion and a fellow in Ennis, Texas, an avionics technician named Clayton Rice. He sent us this brief message from Old Connally Air Force Base. [ Don't know if this will help much. I was a software specialist working on government accounts with LM as my primary customer. An associate of mine was taken to a location in Waco, Texas.

The company was located towards the south side of the Waco Airport, sorry that I have no address. The subject of the meeting was to discuss the interconnection capability of our systems with intel based systems. Some discussion revolved around the removable disk drives employed for mission review as well as real time communications and management, such capabilities being deemed necessary after Agent Chips’ 3rd trip to Singapore, and the region. The meeting was a very impromptu affair conducted on the hanger floor. During the meeting one aircraft was in the hanger. It was a small jet of the size of a Gulfstream. I was impressed with the very extended nose cone and number of antennae. I was also told that this company Acme Avionics was a cover for Raytheon.

It appear to the seven of us that the long nose jet was involved in modification and upgrade of aircraft for classified government work. I understand that your Agent Purple Plumeria has heard of similar chatter from the E-2C Hawkeye folks in Malaysia’s Air Force. Sounds like someone told Malayasia, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand about the BUAP-ATI interface and Obama’s bluster in Kuala Lumpur satisfied no one. Clayton, JFB Carswell.] This Clayton sent a few schematics and it appears that the Leonardo Blair article in the Christian Post is getting lots of attention. It seems UK-US-AU are stonewalling the other four countries regarding the flight path and desination of a safe AUTOLAND after position BITOD and manual course 280. Ginger Cookie has a quick update for Chips, Atomic Betty and Freeport Girl and then I will conclude with a few remarks. If God grants us favor, it looks like Arpaio and Abel Danger might be striking the TI almost simultaneously. Rooster.”

“This short briefing is for Hamish, Freeport Girl, Atomic Betty and Chips. The UFly simulator is set for 3pm to 4pm this Thursday, May 1st. The girls will be staying in Room 370 of the Sheraton, Toronto Airport. For security purposes, Agent Chips will be staying ‘elsewhee’ and will be in company of Tillman, Gravedigger, NOTSO and Sluggo. Wednesday late afternoon the SINGER will meet Chips and the Dangerettes in Room 370. They will be the flight profile for the sim mission to be flown the next day. Takeoff, climb and cruise will be SOPA until BIDOT intersection, at that point the Sim-Tec will insert Leg 2 into the FMS and the jet will be flown on a 280 heading, completing several turns, before resuming westerly track to coast in over southern Maldives. The simulator will than perform a Cat 3C approach and landing at Diego Garcia. The crew will be made up of ‘contract pilots’ with the Captain wearing Air Astana [ Kazakhstan ] ID and the French speaking female co-pilot will be wearing ID from a different country. There are diplomatic personnel invited to the brief and debrief, as well as media representatives not including CNN. Hollywood has a producer in the area, and he is aware of our Project BLUE AIR. I see that you are already starting an enroute descent so, over to you Rooster.”

“Thank you Ginger Cookie, and good timing, MacCheese and Otto Pilot have detected fast movers closing from dead-six. Umbrellaman is at the helm and has sent a message to the cockpit that they are to prepare for ELECTRONIC SNATCH of Jazz-United 8368 by Yukla 27 with new destination Cleveland Hopkins if the fast movers threaten Jazz. Hoss and Stone are heading into the thunderstorm on the nose at 12 miles. We have been directed to terminate briefing and execute LEG 2; emitters off. Good speed, monitor 2828, code zipper. Rooster, out.”

Atomic Betty was nearly satisfied as the cabin lights flickered three times then the cabin went dark and quiet. In the cockpit Hoss pointed at the FMS route now be flown as LEG 2, destination KCLE, EFOB 6.2. As Hoss reached for a Grape Nehi and Stone grabbed a Grolsch, Freeport Girl demonstrated manually that she, also was desiring of a little pleasure. Chips had his hands full addressing the most base desires of the “plenty 9” year old Dangerettes and as the Jazz Jet turned direct to KCLE, Chips saw his missed message was Abracadabra, and that a Hamish Post #1940 was in queue.


#1940: Marine links Serco 370 hijack to MI-3 Sheraton Crossed Keys blackmail, Obama Red Switch ConAir hack

Plum City – ( – April 26, 2014: United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Serco director Maureen Baginski’s use of a Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot in the MH 370 hijack, to the MI-3Master Innholders’ launch of a  Sheraton Crossed Keys blackmail service in 1978 and the Obama Red Switch hackers who flew the various ConAir decoy and drone maneuvers of 9/11.

McConnell believes Serco – formerly RCA GB 1928 – trained Obama and his mother in the art (?) of Crossed Keys pedophile blackmail in 1981 at the Lahore Hilton in Pakistan and then steered him to Destination White Housewith the help of Serco’s U.S. Senior Executive Service each of whose 8,000 allegedly-corrupted and extorted agents have a civilian status equivalent to an admiral or a general!

McConnell notes that after his trip to a MH theater of interest where he briefed 20+ senior people on the March 8 hijack by Serco – the world’s largest air traffic controller – the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has announced he is not prepared to declare the MH 370 passengers dead!

McConnell has been directed by Abel Danger Global to serve as expert witness to plaintiffs who may to wish to sue for damages in re Serco’s use of a Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot in the MH 370 hijack, its alleged operation of a MI-3 Sheraton Crossed Keys blackmail service since 1978 and its deployment of Red Switch hackers to fly the ConAir decoy maneuvers of 9/11.

Chips was recalling the 1912 deadline Abel Danger had given Soetoro’s goons to depart the Bundy Ranch where Obama had the 4th of 5 defeats at the hands of Abel Danger’s master google G-Spot creator. Chips was confident that MH370 would be the last of Barak Obama’s False Flags and with the combined efforts of Sheriff Joe, Trey Gowdy and Los Tres Amigos, with the intelligence support of Abel Danger would encourage Soros and Marcy to GET THE HOOK before 6 June, 2014. That doesn’t refer to Truant DoJ pride Chris Hook, by the way.

Hook, Chris (JMD)
To Me
Today at 11:56 AM

I am out of the office on Thursday and Friday, April 24th and 25th.  I will have limited access to email over this period.  I will return to the office on Monday, April 28th.  If you have a matter that requires immediate attention, please contact Hurley Johnson at 202-616-3769 or Robert Bechtel at 202-353-3147.


Christopher Hook


Chips noticed both Freeport Girl and Atomic Betty were undulating, and he liked that, a lot. As he thought of his 26 years of military service spanning 1967 to 1993, he prayed silently to his Heavenly Father, “Father please allow me to be a vessel in service to you, to oppose evil, war and senseless killing. He prayed in the name of Jesus Christ. As his body shook mildly three times, he then thought about the upcoming simulator mission in Toronto and wondered if the creative fellow from UCC would entertain a possible title of the short video documentary to be “MH370, Abel Danger Captures The RUNAWAY”. His mind then skipped from 1961 to 2014 and he was confident that Obama was wishing the behemoth would run away, or slither, her call.


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