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The List of Innholder Thurso – The Wrist That Didn’t Bleed - Chapter 9

McCain Destroyed By True American Patriot MCCONNELL
Obama Genderless And Infertile Son Of LBS

Agents Chips And 99 Only Foreigners In Sochi?
G-Spot: Methane Man + Geriatric Goosestepper + Eton Pussy

BBC And Serco Links To 9/11 Exposed By McCain’s Mouth
G-Spot: limp gamecock + mccain hisses + hillary lights fart

Sphinx Goes Missing; Chips Throws Hat In The Ring
G-Spot: sun shower + red clay + aubergine + grotto

Peyronie’s Diseased Oxford Rapist Leaves Bad Taste In Mouth Of Knockerladen
G-Spot: Oxford + Lip Biter + peyronie’s + Abel Danger

Warning: don’t google: Peyronie’s Disease + image

WMPFP Has Dangerettes (*) ‘Sudsing Like A Maytag’
G-Spot: Field McConnell + sudsing like a maytag + pastel ioc
(*) Model in Kenmore Ad Graduate of Ramey AFB High School ’65 Agent Grapevine

Agent 99 Disguised As Oliver Klosov Of Sochi Security Firm CRISP PUTIN FIELD
G-Sport: Crisp + Putin + Field

Plum Plunge Security 2nd Behind Sochi

Turdi’s Charge Flushed By Abel Danger
G-Spot: Salvation Army Whistleblower + Jan Doyle

Methane Man, Geriatric Goosestepper, Eton Pussy
G-Spot: Cameron + Brits + who fight + syria

Manly Mocha Thumbs: Atomic Betty, Bean Spiller, Julie Shirts, Mona Blue In Sochi?
G-Spot: sue hemming + loathesome + potential life

New Info Links Bombardier/SERCO To 7/7 False Flag Terror
G-Spot: memorial carriage + suspect not + irreparable damage + R signals

Gareth Williams Linked Barry Soetoro/NSA To Cyber False Flag 9/11
G-Spot: gchq + nsa + cyber false flag

Lumpjaw Explodes In Syria; Lightloafer Lindsey ‘Makes Nice’
G-Spot: mccain + unbecoming + tirade G-Spot: mccain + FIELD MCCONNELL + treason 
 G-Spot: mccain + 1967 + FIELD MCCONNELL + liberty + forrestall 
 G-Spot: John McCain Destroyed By True American Patriot + FIELD MCCONNELL 
 G-Spot: ugly rash + nail gun

Trey Gowdy And U S Marines vs. Hillary Clinton And Barry Soetoro
G-Spot: Trey Gowdy + Abel Danger

Those Oathbreakers Suppressing Benghazi Truth: TAKE A FLYING LEAP YOU PFers
G-Spot: Scandal + Bank Of England + Encouraged + Currency + ABEL DANGER
G-Spot: Lindsey Light Loafers + Wetstart McCain

Atomic Betty And Reef Boy ‘undercover’, Maiden Rock Inn
G-Spot: maiden + sun shower + red clay + aubergine + grotto

Way back in Chapter 8 Chips took a LONG PULL on his CSM with two stuffed queens and counted his blessings that he’d be the McConnell baby with a kickstand instead of a donut. Lesbians are not attracted to kickstands and that is how for the last 20 books, oh, excuse me, this is only Book 13, Chapter 9, don’t want to let the cat out of the bag, we have been able to publish the Truth of 9/11, Benghazi, Barry Soetoro and Hillary Clinton as Lesbians and queers don’t read our intel as they hate heterosexual sex, families, children and hetero patriarchy. Chips arrived back at the conference table just as Agent Sphinx was sharing her intel regarding OBAMACARE. In his haste to recall where his bathing suit was, Agent Hamish struck the wrong key placing his ‘most excellent post #1839 in queue so that USDOJ Pride Chris Hook and Governor “Flannel Dannel’ Malloy of Connecticut would not get their customary courtesy notice before their exposure hits the internet. Tuffski, shitsky. And now we protect Sochi in Operation SNOW LEOPARD, or perhaps STARCHED SHEETS. Marquis d’Cartier was watching the ‘jump’ countdown and was readying Chips and Stone to jump first when he heard Agent Hoss scream from the cock pit “Abort, abort, abort, BURN THROUGH achieved, Abort, remain seated and place your Oxygen mask on first before helping others……….” before his voice was silenced and a thick black smoke enveloped the cabin while between Frankston and Kangaroo Point in Oz AD’s CRUSHER readied the AQWB27xx.

Scripture: Revelation 6: 16-17 and John 3:18

"And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every freeman, hid themselves in the dens and the rocks of the mountains; And said to the mountains and rocks, " Fall on us and hide us from the face of him that sits on the throne, and from the wrath of the lamb: For the great day of his wrath is come and who shall be able to stand?"

"He that believes on Him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

Gospel: I’ll Fly Away



 G-Spot: genderless + infertile + field's box



Chapter 9

In our previous chapter, Agent Hoss had planned to drop into Piel Island as the MOD FKRs had taken remote control of the Falcon 7x in a manner similar with how the MOD, FBCA , Wells Fargo, GECAS and Goldman Sachs had taken control of AA11, AA77, UA175 and UA93 on the morning when Vivi 36, Venus 77, Word 31, Trout 99 and Nodak 02 had been on opposite sides of the Global Guardian exercise exposed in Civil Cases 3:07-cv-24, 3:07-cv-49 and 1:08-1600 (RMC) the last of which was dismissed by District of Columbia Federal Judge Rosemary M. Collyer when she was hoodwinked by a Fraud upon her court by ALPA Attorneys Suzanne Kalfus, James Johnson, Rob Plunkett, Pete Janhunen with the full knowledge of FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt who had been President of ALPA before Duane Worthless, John Prater and Lee Moak who also were aware of the FRAUD upon Rosemary’s Baby, excuse me, Court.

Abel Danger Assymetric Defense Specialists had ‘burned through’ the Ministry of Defence ‘capture’ of N007HT and reacquired control of KNIGHTSHADE. Hoss had told everyone to sit down, strap in, mask up and hang on. Knowing that 4 RAF interceptors had been scrambled after the ‘burn thru” Hoss knew that he and Stone would be ‘assholes and elbows’ trying to get to ( redacted ) before the RAF could find them and do a “united 93” on KNIGHTSHADE. Hammer Otto Pilot in Hammerfest, Norway had filed a ‘bullshit’ DRAFT with the UK ATC folks which indicated that KNIGHTSHADE would be ‘draft’ing to Brize Norton when in fact they were ‘draft’ing to RAF (redacted) in Wales. RAF had been urged to ‘silence Chips’ due to the recent release of Agent Tillman by NSA when they realized if they didn’t get Tactics Tillman back into the fight the exposure of BBC + Serco + Langham + Ladbrokes + McCain might be delayed past the deadline coded to be 666 + 234 as previously reported by Agent Chips and for any ‘doubting thomases’ out there google this combo, I dirty dog dare you:

chips + pastel kiwi fruit + 666 234 + ioc

And for the perps and the agencies DRAFT is shorthand for [ Destination Route Alternate Fuel Time ]. Of course it is also a form of beer like that not served at JR’s Corner Bar, the office bar of Abel Danger in the upcoming Plum Plunge 2014 with the safe house being The Maiden Rock Inn [ ] where reserve ass sets of Abel Danger will be ready to join the fray just as in the movie TOP GUN in 1986 when the ‘air boss’ barked out “Ready Willard and Simpkin on Cat 3” not realizing that Agent Chips had been two years ahead of Robert Willard at Annapolis and also flew his last flight at VT25 with ‘Rat’ in 1975 when he got his Naval Aviator ‘wings of gold” at NAS Chase FIELD, Beeville, Texas. Rat went on to be commander of TOP GUN before rising to 4 star admiral where he ‘matched wits’ with this dumb fucker from down south, no offense to dumb fuckers in general:


Hoss and Stone had KNIGHTSHADE “on the deck and on the mach” beating feet as the MOD FKRs sent the four interceptors off towards Brize while KNIGHTSHADE was hauling ass to RAF Brawdy. Enroute Agent 99 and Agent Julie Shirts both received IMMEDIATE JASPARS from Hammer Rooster Cogburn holed up that the Maiden Rock Inn 7 miles south, south west of Plum City, Wisconsin, global intelligence center of the God fearing world who had his admin assistance Agent Ginger Cookie communicate with the Dangerettes aboard KNIGHTSHADE.

Operation SNOW LEOPARD Agent Ginger Cookie IMMEDIATE JASPAR to Agents 99 and Julie Shirts aboard KNIGHTSHADE: Please copy and print this message and place it between KIWI FRUIT and PPUC layers of your IOCs so Agent Chips will be sure to find it. Message just in from COAL CAR in Canada: “Around September 2013, a contact of mine happened upon someone who reported he was tasked with restoring, or at least evaluating the viability of one of the carriages damaged on 7/7. The contact, Gravedigger, had worked for both Bombardier and CPR in the rail industry. The intended purpose was to create a 7/7 memorial carriage. The important detail for you guys is that he and his team were unable to complete the task - due to all the carriages being too badly damaged! Now, the significance of this, as I'm sure I don't need to tell you, is that the official Serco-BBC-Vatican narrative had improvised explosive devices
carried by Muslims in backpacks INSIDE the carriages. I'm not an explosives expert by any means, but I have seen the results of blasts from many devices, both improvised and conventional ordnance during my EXCHANGE TOUR at Little Creek with TEAM 2. So the nature of the damage from a single device detonated inside the carriage would be concentrated IN the carriage, with secondary damage occurring beyond - in any direction, including to the undercarriage. As you indicated Hamish, and as my contact's source confirmed [to his later alarm I might add], the irreparable damage was to the
undercarriage, and not to the steel frame, timber and aluminium carcase or upholstery - all of which any fool could of course replace! A few days later, my contact happened to meet the source again in a Tesco supermarket. He was so rattled at meeting my contact, he not only at first pretended not to see my contact, he pretended not to recognize
my contact, and made a hurried, and very nervous exit but not as nervous as John Kerry running down Capitol steps on morning of 9/11 or as Barry Soebarkoh is now that the U S military has the 666 234 time constraint! I believe he was convinced he'd been bumped. Either that, or he'd reported the genuine chance encounter and been put on notice by someone that if he speaks a word he would get a LORETTA FUDDY or JULIE WARD sendoff.” Mr A is also known as Abel Danger Agent GRAVEDIGGER as he works both sides of the Atlantic. Get this in your IOCs so that Agent Chips can SNIPH out the information. By the way ‘little black sambo’ and Buttermilk have been linked by DNA by a DNA technician who served as an HM2 aboard USS Simon Lake (AS33) at Holy Loch, Scotland until it sailed back to Norfolk in 1992. She is the same DNA tech who identified Nancy Ludwig’s killer in book BLOOD JUSTICE. Ginger Cookie, Sochi

Family waits for answers in slaying, peace
February 19, 2001


Julie Shirts and 99 understood the gravity of the situation so they accepted the moisture proof copies and each placed them centered over the target area in the IOCs in Pastel Kiwi Fruit and their PPUC shades not to be confused with KNIGHTSHADE, the Falcon 7x in which they were hauling ass to Brawdy. Agent 99 leaned over towards SPHINX and Julie Shirts and commented in coded measured phrases something Abel Danger should be cautious of as Abel Danger points out Loretta Fuddy’s killer in the cult of Subud.


“Sphinx and Julie, it looks like endgame 666 234 is approaching as Bletchley Park DemonLark is playing The House At Pooh Corner and Owl and Eor are their targets. The jar on the nose of the bear refers to Sochi suppression by BBC/Serco/McCain. Code DemonLark-R-Templar-14th-Loughside-Red Caps-SB contractors. Regards, Coal Car of Canada/Lac Megantic. If DemonLark is on our tail, they will remove us one by one. Alert…….”

Before Agent 99 could link Owl and Eeyore to the Indonesian ‘Little Black Sambo’ and Loretta Fuddy’s contract authorizer, Hoss range the cabin chime three times before speaking in measured words.

“We will be on the ground at RAF Brawdy and all but Sphinx will be transferring to Reach 71, a C17 Globemaster III idling at Runway’s end for immediate departure to KMSP. Umbrellaman will be briefing Operation STARCHED SHEETS for all once Reach 71 is beyond the first oceanic fix. Leave all luggage behind, take only your Clipper devices as ‘doppelgangers’ will take the place of everyone except for Agent Sphinx. Marquis, last round of sociables and then prepare the cabin for landing. Godspeed to Sphinx as you and the doppelgangers press on with Operation SNOW LEOPARD. On the ground at Brawdy in 5 minutes.”

Agent Sphinx smiled knowing that she was not getting off, pardon the expression, because no other doppelganger could speak Dutch with a Long Island nasal twang. Agents Atomic Betty, 99 and Julie Shirts smiled because their odds of getting laid just went from 25% to 33%. Two of the three immediately thought of which song Agent Chips would be sure to include at this juncture being written at 2111/08Feb14 and in Chips’ mind, two out of three ain’t bad.


Marquis left a St. Pauli NA for Julie Shirts, a double Harvey Wallbanger for 99, and a Captain Sherlock for Agent Chips. He had already served Sphinx and Atomic Betty who were involved in a ‘three way’ with Hammer MacCheese regarding the plans for PDR1, which was an exercise to determine the suitability of The Maiden Rock Inn at Maiden Rock, Wisconsin as an alternative ‘safe house’ against the threat against 401 Main Street Plum City by Barry Soetoro’s dark agents from Chicago.

Chips felt the Falcon 7x shudder as the speed brakes were deployed and the first increment of flaps/slats were selected. He knew he had to hurry so he too a long pull on his CSM as a small hand was placed directly on his bits and pieces. Knowing that Agent 99 was tall and willowy he guessed the hand belonged to Agent Julie Shirts. His suspicion was confirmed as he read what was written in green gel ink on a salmon colored 3 by five car “grotto-bone white-Yes-slow hand”. As the landing gear was lowered, he thought back to 1987 when they had been to a Pointer Sisters concert in Beertown where the same song they heard Conway Twitty perform in Memphis in the last year of Conway’s life here on God’s Green Earth was a favorite of them both especially with a slow start, doggy style, see also Saucy Spoons


The Falcon 7x had just rolled onto the runway as an incoming IMMEDIATE JASPAR came into the Clipper devices of Atomic Betty, Sphinx and Chips from Aunt Maude back in the Gatineau Tomoye office.


Operation STARCHED SHEETS Agent Aunt Maude IMMEDIATE JASPAR to Agents Atomic Betty, Sphinx and Chips, copy Tactics Tillman and Hammer MacCheese: According to Frank magazine the Ottawa based gossip rag known for impeccable sources Ottawa Police gave the Prime Minister's office a head’s up that Harper's band mate ,drummer Philip Nolan, was about to be charged with 5 counts each of sexual assault, sexual interference and sexual exploitation dating back to 1998 " and there could be further victims." Since then the cop-shop HQ on Elgin St has had the phone ringing off the hook with more complaints.  The police investigation began in November at which time Avalon Public School, the middle school (JK- 7th grade) where Nolan taught and allegedly molested his victims placed him on administrative leave. That didn't stop Harper from getting the band together for a couple of gigs including one on December 1, a fundraiser for the Jewish National Fund.  Nolan has been quoted in a couple of newspapers about his visits to 24 Sussex for "band practice"  where Drumstick would play the ‘slobber blues’ on Glamourboy’s diminutive meat whistle. Here's the band HerringBONE at a gig and note that there is not a female groupie in sight. Aunt Maude, Tomoye Gatineau
Hoss and Stone cleared the long runway and exited on the cross runway where they set the parking brake, shut down the pod engines and had Marquis open the forward left boarding door. Out of the back of a military ambulance doppelgangers boarded the Falcon and replaced all but Agent Sphinx from KNIGHTSHADE. Atomic Betty and Marquis d’Cartier brief the doppelgangers in French while Agent Sphinx listened in Dutch with a hint of a Long Island inflection in her hearing. Pointed at the #2 engine and the parking break where upon the Limey bloke gave a thumb’s up. Hoss and Stone then lead the Operation STARCHED SHEETS crew to the ambulance while noting both a C17 and a B747SP painted in SOFIA livery were idling in the distance in positions where either, or both in sequence, could depart towards the sea, west. The ambulance was parked immediately in front of SOFIA and from the four vapor plumes behind the engines, the rotating beacons, and the lack of exhaust from the aft APU Chips knew they would be departing almost immediately apparently bound for KMSP where the DHS has a sign on 494 that says “If you see something suspicious, say something”. Well DHS and FAA, I said something in December, 2006 regarding the illegal modifications of all glass cockpit Bombardier and Embraer jets and so far FAA, DHS and ALPA had done jack shit.

Perhaps Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) will be filed within a week of Barry Soetoro Punahou ‘79’s upcoming [ 666 234 ] removal and I refer not to VMR234 that flew the R4Qs out of Chicago’s Glenview NAS, capeche?

Marquis d’Cartier had everyone on the upper deck and he directed Agent Chips to the cockpit to meet a Naval Aviator that would be riding to KMSP as an ‘observer’. Chips recognized his insignias of rank and his Navy Wings of Gold and thought he resembled BGen Wise of MCAS Miramar, California where Chips’ student Naval Aviator Bob ‘Rat’ Willard had once commanded TOP GUN before the Marines forced the Navy to go to Fallon so the Marines could inhabit FIGHTERTOWN USA.

“Chips, we will be getting ‘escorts’ from Brawdy to Minneapolis and I wish to update the latest Tillman Tactic as Rooster Cogburn and Umbrellaman switch from Operation SNOW LEOPARD to Operation STARCHED SHEETS due to tranquility assurance from Sochi’s [ putin crisp field ] as well as indications that Little Black Sambo’s Indonesian issue knows his end predated 6 April, 2014 at the hands of A FEW GOOD MEN. Let’s rejoin the Dangerettes and Hamish and I will brief the Operatin STARCHED SHEETS from a SMEAC perspective and update you on the DNA matched by the HM2 from AS33 the USS Lake Simon not relation to USS Block Island.”

Hoss and Stone used unreduced thrust to get the SOFIA look alike airborne and enroute to KMSP initially climbing only to FL260 favorable tailwinds of 075/112 at that altitude which is uncharacteristic of North Atlantic cruise winds during the winter months. As Chips offered the fellow who looked like General Wise seat 2C he took seat 2B but not before get a dual glimps of Pastel Kiwi Fruit from Atomic Betty and Agent 99. As he sat down, a small hand from the party seated in 2A laid to rest on his twig n’ berries, as if by mistake.

“Chips, as some background prior to Umbrellaman’s brief, DNA match now confirms the father of Barry Soetoro Punahou ’79 and rationalizes the contract killing of Loretta Fuddy the only Hawaii Medical Direct or in history not to have been a Medical Doctor just as on morning of 9/11 Jane Garvey was the first FAA Administrator not to be a crack pilot. Umbrellaman warns upcoming Operation AMERICAN SPRING was a trap so they are taking out the trash earlier than originally planned. Further, your inducement to have FBI and Delta Airlines work together to limit the suffering of underage pedophile slaves during the super bowl has put 45 pimps in the big house and 16 underage kids in safe quarters to spare them the fate that awaited 55 boys, or more, and the notorious Florida panhandle ‘chicken ranch” where you exposure to the U S Marshals near Destin allowed them to DIG INTO a cold case. Umbrellaman is very pleased.”


“Another reason Umbrellaman and the three Hammers need you in Plum City Global HQ is due to a test run of the Internet capability of The Maiden Rock Inn. Last night, Saturday, 8 February, 2014 a well stacked red head was in JR’s Corner Bar and was talking to someone you looks a lot like you, Agent Chips, and it reminded JR that both the red head and your Purple Tipped Red Champion have links to USS Simon Lake.”

“If one were to google [ Dunoon + end of the affair + 6 March 1992 + Lake Simon ] one might expect to read about you and the well stacked red head whose father is a Gospel Singer. However, as the FBI Agents revolted over several recent appointments including a Muslim at CIA and a Queer at DHS which makes 2 queers in a row one might not expect the google search to turn up your briefing from the book THE MCCONNELL COMMISSION which was the subject of your RED ARROW briefing in April, 2011 near Blectley Park where the secret files on Lord Mountbatten and his trip to Pearl Harbor where he was trick fucked into not learning of the RED HILL facility allowed the U S Navy to rise from the ashes of Pearly Harbor and launch an offensive, beginning with the Makin Island Raiders where GI Joe kicked the ‘red meatball asses’ thanks to the shitty recon by gay royal Lord “Woody” Mountbatten. By the way, Chips, Navy and Marine intel are comfortable saying that you are the subject matter expert…….”

The person looking similar to Gen Wise was interrupted by two dings indicating that GROTTO 71 was passing 10,000 feet. Marquis placed a Captain Sherlock Martini in front of Chips and the General asked about the logo on the glass but before Chips could answer, the small hand on his turgid member tapped three times indicating she had something to volunteer. Chips, always the gentleman turned to Julie Shirts to receive input hoping she would reciprocate, capeche?

The McConnell Commission

The fellow looking like Gen Wise asked Atomic Betty if she could explain the signicance of pedophilia in ‘one world government extortion’ and the proliferation of ‘script kiddies’ who were cross implicating each other at the cyclic rate. Atomic Betty adjusted her Pastel Mint Green bustier knowing that no real Naval Aviator could not be taken by “rack o plenty” as they called her in Dublin when she and Chips were visiting with Direct Personnel Human Resource Managers such as the one named Hanna from Poland. As Atomic Betty leaned forward to show more cleavage, Agent Julie Shirts showed Chips the briefing guide for Operation STARCHED SHEETS flipping through the pages and giving thumb’s up to some and down to some indicating she was anxious for Agent Chips’ PTRC to be going up and down after appropriate CRISP FOURPLAY.

She first showed Chips four bedrooms available at The Maiden Rock Inn 7 miles south of Plum City where the world’s fastest and most lethal Private Intelligence Agency helped the FBI and Delta Airlines arrest 45 pimps and save 16 underage pedophile prostitutes during the not so Super Bowl. She gave a big thumb’s up on the Grotto bedroom.

Chips mentally got on his knees and prayed that it would be God’s will that all the Dangerettes attending PLUM PLUNGE 2014 would be able to tour the Grotto Bedroom after Barry Soetoro Punahou ’79 and Hillary Clinton are brought to justice over the murder and anal rape of Christopher Stevens who could be alive today if Valerie Jarrett would not have blocked the military response offered by General Ham, Admiral Gaouette and Agent Chips while Hillary was busy missing her WITHDRAWN WEINER and Obama was stuffing his chorizo in Reggie Love’s CORNHOLE. Chips recalled that every since he taught ‘son of Chips’ to pray with dogged determination, things had gone better in Chips’ life, Stone’s life and the lives of pedophile targets everywhere as Abel Danger Operation SPADE FLUSH had embarrassed the Canucks to copy with Operation SPADE while the Royal Pedos had Yewtree and Elm House identify the Prince who nominated Jimmy Savile for an OBE and, though I am not at liberty to name the Prince, it was once his not so secret desire to become a TAMPON according to our Abel Danger Agent Aunt Maude who eavesdropped the conversation at the link below the praying dog.

For some strange reason the thought of Savile, Charles and Camilla’s Tampon made Chips think how much more pleasant the heterosexual, consensual, CEMAW Agents of Abel Danger are and his mind worked its way from the Grotto Bedroom to the Saucy Spoons favored by Agent ( redacted ) and her ‘basic black’ nightgown that would look really nice adorning her brassiere on a nightstand at a hotel near ewe, or excuse me, you.

As Chips’ legendary Turgidity Index as sailing past 113% Agent Julie Shirts played a short video of Aunt Maude to help Chips become almost flaccid, but not quite. Chips noticed how old and haggard Aunt Maude looked and then he wondered if perhaps it was a role played by Hillary Roadhog Clinton in the frustrating months after the Withdrawn Weiner left Hillary for a younger ‘donut’ seeing as they both with KICKSTAND AVERSED. As a little hand tapped Chips’ PTRC his attention was drawn to an OmniGlobe where Hammer Rooster’s image looked out as if he was in Oz as the staid and sober voice of Umrellaman spoke to Agents assigned to Operation STARCHED SHEETS.

“Good evening to those aboard SOFIA heading for KMSP as well as ass sets forward deployed to Plum City’s MAIDEN ROCK INN, copy SPHINX enroute Sochi. Due to the DOMESTIC TRANQUILITY in Sochi, we are moving assets to THE MAIDEN ROCK INN [ ] where we hope a regional revival will accelerate in the time frame 10 February, 2014 and 17 July, 2014. We have more information regarding the removal of Barry Soetoro from his role as Soros’ trained chimp now that his mother’s 1965 passport has been found with SOBARKOH scratched out which indicates his DNA donor was the Subud dude known to be rude. We are having a ‘system recall’ of all level 4 assets and we will OCCUPY PLUM CITY or rather Maiden Rock in time frame 9 February to 16 February to brief the upcoming FALSE FLAGS scheduled by Serco-BBC-GECAS-Wells Fargo-Goldman Sachs-Berkshire Hathaway and with impish distractions Lumpjaw and Lame Gamecock. Unless Agent Chips or Chief Dangerette ( North America ) offer editorial input by 0111/09Feb14, expect Chapter 9 to end with this truncated version of Abel Danger Post #1843 which has been delivered in advance to Governor ‘Flannel Dannel” Malloy and USDoJ Pride Chris Hook both of whom we have informed of the FALSE FLAG nature of Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon. If anyone has ‘face to face’ with Chips or Agent Bean, tell them they have 54 minutes to edit or let the Chips fall where they may, time now 0017 Plum City Global time.

Plum City – ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Langham Hotel ‘Murder for Mycroft’ war rooms, apparently operated by agents of the MI-3 Innholders Livery Company, to Ladbroke’s alleged spot fixing of a body count for the 343 dead FDNY firefighters who witnessed the Wi-Fi bombing of the WTC Twin Towers on 9/11.

9/11 by the Numbers

McConnell claims that a Serco root company – Electric Telegraph – set up the Langham Hotel war room / telegraph office in 1865 to send messages which could be decrypted by bookmaking insiders if they bought the Playfair Cipher key word from Mycroft sodomites and telegraph boys. McConnell claims that the Court of Chancery purchased the Langham in 1868 and subsequently fitted its war rooms with Marconi, RCA, Serco and BBC communications technologies in support of a 20th century Murder for Mycroft and Ladbroke bookmaking service which has so enriched MI-3 Innholders staff and their guests around the world.

McConnell also claims that former Chancellors Norman Lamont and Gordon Brown played the MI-3 Mycroft (Imperial Brain) roles during the 1993 and 9/11 World Trade Center bombings while Ladbroke bookmakers used BBC Serco studios in the Langham for spot fixed body counts.

McConnell claims Serco director Maureen Baginski had Gareth Williams tracked and snuffed by Wi-Fi Pride after he attended the Black Hat and Def Con 18 security conferences in Las Vegas in July 2010 and was found to have hacked Mycroft – the MI-3 Innholders Imperial Betting Brain.

McConnell invites key word Googlers to read excerpts below and ask why “The List of Sherlock Innholders – The Wrist That Didn’t Bleed” book has a new title at

Prequel 1: #1839: Marine Links MI-3 Langham Onion Cipher Key to Mycroft Lincoln Hit, Serco Boston Bomb

9/11 7/7 drills coincidences movies drills foreknowledge part 1

Atomic Betty was keeping the general’s attention on her bodacious ta-tas not to be confused with the horse shit Indian automobile when Julie Shirts pointed to Agent 99 who was giving Chips a ‘full frontal free shot’ Pastel Kiwi Fruit. Agent 99 pointed to spiral staircase the led to the lower deck and signaled “lets go down” to Chips and Julie Shirts. Agent 99 followed Julie Shirts and Agent Chips tagged along behind, noting both Agents had very nice cabooses and he was enjoying ‘going down’ with them. Somehow the Boeing spiral staircase reminded him of the “blue and gold” spiral staircase as the MAIDEN ROCK INN in honor of Chips being the provide of 5 mascot goats to the United States Naval Academy where a vast majority of graduates honor their oaths unlike Jay M. Cohen of NSAWW and DHS or Lumpjaw of Bronfman Liquors.

Arriving on the lower deck, Agent 99 pulled Clipper Pizza Wheel out of his fanny pack as Chips was dreaming of packing something very close to her fanny but he could tell from her staid demeanor and non stimulated mammaries that she was alarmed at something her Clipper had detected. 

“Chips, my Clipper just picked up a KU band signal and it appears we are set to get the United 93 treatment within 3 minutes or even soon if it picks up any spoken words above 60 decibels. Shall we alarm the others or just sit here and try to block the cyber attack of SOFIA?”

Agent 99 grabbed Chips’ kickstand to calm herself as Julie Shirts placed Chips left hand between her Kiwi Fruit and Pastel Vibrance Red. Chips whisper his answer.

“Speak softly love, excuse me, loves while I block the KU assault with my Clipper Squirt Gun just as I did for Northwest 188 SAN to MSP and Northwest 253 AMS-DTW”


Knowing the ladies might be nervous and thus less likely to orgasm, he played F4 on his iPod player while inserting a 4 character combo into his keypad, waited briefly, and saw the desired three green flashes indicating the Strangler’s Suite KU Comm branch was blocked just as Iowa’s own Andy crooned for the ladies which Chips hoped would make one of them suds like a MayTag.

Chips heard footsteps on the spiral staircase and knew that it was the fellow who looked a lot like General Wise from Miramar. He had a trio of salmon colored index cards, 4 x 6 in his left hand and a Captain Sherlock Martini with two stuffed queens in his right. He handed the 16 ounce Absolut Martini to Chips as Chips detected a faint hint of clover.

“Chips, did you guys do something to inhibit a REMOTE SNATCH of Sofia?”

“Yes Mark, I put the secret cel phone code into my Clipper Squirt Gun and entered it. It inhibits remote SNATCH ACTION from Serco, BBC, Entrust, DoJ Queer, British Banker Association Libor Lesbos, Master Innholders and United States Senior Executive Service ‘banana peelers’ from doing a United 93 on us. I will have to re-enter it on hourly intervals until we are on the ground at MSP. I understand that Obama realizes his days are numbered and I have my sister tossing him bananas to keep him happy when Reggie Love is not available for a little Benghazi Chorizo action. As a courtesy to the traitors trying to butt fuck America we are sending this incomplete image to Governor ‘Flannel Dannel’ Malloy and Chris Hook at USDoJ Pride to let them know the jig is up, capeche?”

The general indicated that he understood and as the general ambulated in an erect manner, a JAM BOX was set to 87B29, decibel rating 58, and a great song for enduros began as Agent Chips found himself TORN BETWEEN TWO LOVERS but not with something long hanging down.


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