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The List of Innholder Thurso – The Wrist That Didn’t Bleed - Chapter 13

Imprison Sandy Hook Malloy et. al.
4 Oath Oathkeeper Outwits 9/11 And Sandy Hook SERCO Sponsors
G-Spot: SERCO + + 9/11 + Sandy Hook + Field McConnell
G-Spot: Obama + McCain + Putin + FIELD MCCONNELL

Robert Green Imprisoned As Prince Charles/Saville OBE Link Exposed By Chips
G-Spot: Hollie Greig + Robert Green + Field McConnell

March 6th Alien Presidential Limo As Sheriff Joe Visits Minnesota
G-Spot: Sheriff Joe + Presidential Limo + Field McConnell

Queer Drag Queen Exposed Serco To Max Nuts Marine
G-Spot: Malloy + Donut 1 + Field McConnell

Lesbo Leakers 3 And 5
G-Spot: Gorelick, Marcy, Reno, Baginski

Agent Chips Pours Gas On SANDY HOOK’s Pud Pounders Inferno Of Falsehoods
G-Spot: flannel dannel + keyhole mike + pud pounders + Field McConnell + Donut 1 

 God Uses Faithful Servants To Turn Crown Clown Upside Down
G-Spot: crown + obama + Field McConnell

Way back in Chapter 12 the mystery girl was performing a TI on Chips in the darkened Faraday cage and she was surprised to get her hand on some cold steel which caused her to blurt out: “where’d you get the gun man?” Chips, ever the doting gentleman replied “That’s not my gun”. The mystery girl was overjoyed at the strength of his steel but could not accomplish her intentions as an out of season heavy rail pummeled the steel roof of the World’s most dangerous Stud Barn making it impossible to communicate verbally. Chips, however, was reading her lips, in an anatomically correct manner, as a battery powered projector put the post #1854 on the west door of the Faraday section. In the back seat of the 1937 Stud with dual side mounts, Agent Julie Shirts, 99 and Atomic Betty had been trying to determine why in the list of 73 domestic terrorist traits the 57 and 59 had been juxtaposed. Atomic Betty searched the Briefing Guide for Rain Dance and felt she might have cracked the code as she thought back to the image appearing at the song RAIN DANCE by the Guess Who as Chips detected a faint hint of clover. 

Scripture: Psalm 2:8-9 and Isaiah 55:11

Ask me, and I will make the nations your inheritance,
the ends of the earth your possession. 

9 You will break them with a rod of iron [b];
you will dash them to pieces like pottery.” 

11 so is my word that goes out from my mouth:
It will not return to me empty,
but will accomplish what I desire
and achieve the purpose for which I sent it. 

Gospel: Just Ask


Secular: The Story In Your Eyes, See Below With Lyrics


G-Spot: SERCO + + 9/11 + Sandy Hook + Field McConnell Video:


Chapter 13

Chips was administering a brief digital exam to the Mystery Girl who had parachuted in to Troubled Guy Lake just as Comey was parachuted in from Hellerstein’s South East District Court and Jeh Johnson was parachuted in from Man’s Country to replace Janet Napolitano who had exited DHS due to Abel Danger’s tying DHS to DMORT V to Sandy Hook to Serco to the 62 year old transvestite spokesman for the Connecticut State Police who once foolishly blurted out “and all information regarding Sandy Hook will be coming through this microphone” which is slightly misleading as it would be mis information coming from J. Paul Vance Sr. and the Truth coming from the same source that prevented an attack on Syria [ google: Putin Assad McConnell Crisp Fourplay ], prevented Congress and Senate from being killed on 24 October, 2013 [ google: Karen Hudes + TW1313 + Abel Danger ], prevented Atlanta’s bombing scheduled for 4 July, 2013 during the Peachtree Road Race [ google: atlanta burns + mona blue + cooked goose + Obama ] and will be the first Intel Agency in the world to connect Serco to Sandy Hook to 9/11 to McConnell International to Kristine Marcy. When the English people realize that Serco is using the Marcy “missing prisoners fraud” that is bilking English taxpayers just as Marcy’s missing prisioners in USA are enriching the DoJ Asset Forfeiture Fund, the Serco Shit is going to hit the Truth Fan, capeche?

From her trembling Chips realized he may have just “raised the hood” of the Mystery Girl’s center of pleasure. Between quivering episodes she whispered into Chips’ good ear while she was pleasured with his digital skill set.

“Chips as you know I live in Nova Scotia now but in late summer of 1985 I was returning to college a couple of weeks early to attend practice with the FIELD hockey team at school. I arrived safely but on the next segment for that airliner, Samantha Reed Smith and her father were returning home aboard Bar Harbor Airlines Flight 1808 after filming a segment for Lime Street. While attempting to land at Lewiston-Auburn Regional Airport in Auburn, Maine, the Beechcraft 99 commuter plane struck some trees 4,007 feet (1,221 m) short of the runway and crashed, killing all six passengers and two crew on board. Much speculation regarding the cause of the accident circulated afterwards and of foul play circulated widely in the Soviet Union and knowing of your knowledge of Wellstone’s “hit” and this similar incident I wonder if you can share what you and GRU were talking about when you were at the Russian Embassy on Saturday 11 January, 2014.”

“Well, Mystery Girl, before I answer show me your Pastel Prove Up Code and if your IOCs are the properly credentialed color, shade and hue, and if you can tell me you Personal Identification Song I will sing like a canary just like Song Bird McCain did after his father cut a deal with North Vietnam perhaps using Jane Fonda as the mule.

 Mystery girl dropped her jeans to her knees and Chips, ever the doting gentleman noted the proper color, shade and hue before pulling them up before anyone got a look at her whisker biscuit.

“Mystery girl, the protocol is to just pull up a patch of lower IOC for color analysis, so now that I know that you know the SECRET OF OAK HARBOR can you tell me the song and artist that is your secondary item?”

“Certainly, the song is I’M INTO SOMETHING GOOD by Herman’s Hermits”.

“OK, I know who you are, but for the duration of Operation RAIN DANCE let’s just go with Mystery Girl as you are somewhat a mystery to me. While the rest of the people await the cessation of the storm, let’s you and I got out to the Purple Reign Limo as I saw something good I’d like to get into, think my steel in your harbor.”

Chips and Mystery Girl were trying to slip out the back way when Ginger Cookie and Marquis d’Cartier came from the insulated and heated diesel shop to the east end door of the car section just narrowly prevent Chips and Mystery Girl the chance to enjoy a study of comparative anatomy in the world’s most lethal Fleetwood Stretch in Royal Plum Metallic. Bummer.

Marquis handed Chips a Flash Festus from Tactics Tillman with a serious look on his face while Ginger Cookie gave Chips a ‘free shot’ of Pastel Ginger Snap which appeared to be in the Maytag range of MI [ moisture index for Plechash, McCain, Soetoro or anyone interest in Treason ].

“Chips, the Hammers in Plum City and Norway both picked up a negative comment left at the Abel Danger Website. We don’t know if it is legit but it tracks back to this profile in the Abel Danger Treason Base:”

USNA 756776
MBA U of Chicago
Folio FN Investments
952 473 0011
475 Highcroft Road, Wayzata MN 55391
952 449 9585
Denise Kozojed

Hammer MacCheese indicates Crusher in Oz is working the Orange Grove Alice Springs file and Trooper Campbell is searching your sister’s hard drive capture of 14 October, 2008 to see if they were cross talking as it appears they were. Umbrellaman wishes to have a brief OMNIGLOBE in ten minutes, how shall I respond?”

“Marquis, tell the Hammers and Umbrellaman I’ll be there, but we are now operating in Fellatio Interruptus territory so if you will excuse Mystery Girl and myself we are going to crawl in back of the Purple Reign Limo for a little face time. See you back here in ten minutes.”

“Chips, are you really going to allow me to perform fellatio on you like your President allowed old white men to do for him when he was the Choom Gang Mulatto in the Punahou Class of 1979 where he appeared as Barry Soetoro, Indonesian Muslim who later got a Half-bright Scholarship to Occidental where he had a skinny queer from Pakistan as a roommate?”

“Yes Mystery Girl, if you’d like to play the slobber blues on my meat whistle while I call S2F in Oklahoma to get a quick briefing with the Naval Aviator Congressman you are welcome to, pardon my focus on the mission but the mission of Pawlenty, McCain and Plechash appears to be that they are trying to focus, as in participate in a Treason, and we have only hours to obstruct it or American Spring, Part Deux will be spun up by our Agents in Georgia, Alabama, Texas, Wisconsin and ( redacted ).”

As they settled into the super trick, piss wicked Purple Reign II Limo, Chips was amazed at how quickly the jeans and Pink Panther Pastel IOCs were dropped an position tailgunner, piledriver was offered. He decided Oklahoma could wait as he rose to her gambit. As contact was made and penetration sufficient to complete the act, Mystery Girl turned back towards him and whispered ‘rodeo sex’.


Knowing if he called her by another Dangerette’s name she would try to buck him off in 8 seconds, he threw caution to the wind and said “I love you Ginger Cookie” and she was bucking and snorting but this was not Agent Chips’ first rodeo and her stayed in the saddle long enough to fire of a batch of Smoked Oysters in an exploculation heard round the Serco-Oracle-Treason world. He handed her 7 NAPAWASHes and turned away affording her privacy as she performed Abel Danger Standard PBPs as he stowed the PTRC in his Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in Pastel Manly Mocha with EHP. Chips noticed they still had three minutes before the Umbrellaman brief so he mentally review the lyrics of The Story In Your Eyes and he had just enjoyed the story in her thighs.


I've been thinking about our fortune
And I've decided that we're really not to blame
For the love that's deep inside us now
Is still the same

And the sounds we make together
Is the music to the story in your eyes
It's been shining down upon me now
I realize

Listen to the tide slowly turning
Wash all our heartaches away
We're part of the fire that is burning
And from the ashes we can build another day

But I'm frightened for your children
That the live that we are living is in vain
And the sunshine we've been waiting for
Will turn to rain

Listen to the tide slowly turning
Wash all our heartaches away
We're part of the fire that is burning
And from the ashes we can build another day

But I'm frightened for the children
That the live that we are living is in vain
And the sunshine we've been waiting for
Will turn to rain

When the final line is over
It's certain that the curtain's gonna fall
I can hide inside your sweet sweet love
For ever more

Mystery Girl and Chips were presentable as her MI had been NAPAWASHed and his TI was down to 93% allowing him to bend without breaking, which is good for trees and penises alike, capeche. Walking into the heated shop Chips and Mystery Girl sat on the church pew facing east and the OmniGlobe came alive with the image of MacCheese but the voice of Umbrellaman.

Operation RAIN DANCE Agents, I wish to give some quick back ground regarding the strength of America when we pull together. During the 3-1/2 years of World War 2 that started with the Japanese bombing ( planned by Lord Mountbatten queers and pedophiles prior to his visit to Pearl Harbor where he failed to target Red Hill Fuel Farm ) of Pearl Harbor in December 1941 and ended with the Surrender of Germany and Japan in 1945, the U.S. produced 22 aircraft carriers, 8 battleships, 48 cruisers, 349 destroyers, 420 destroyer escorts, 203 submarines, 34 million tons of merchant ships, 100,000 fighter aircraft, 98,000 bombers, 24,000 transport aircraft, 58,000 training aircraft, 93,000 tanks, 257,000 artillery pieces, 105,000 mortars, 3,000,000 machine guns, and 2,500,000 military trucks. We put 16.1 million men in uniform in the various armed services, invaded Africa, invaded Sicily and Italy, won the battle for the Atlantic, planned and executed D-Day, marched across the Pacific and Europe, developed the atomic bomb and ultimately conquered Japan and Germany all while failing to identify the real enemy, Prescott Bush and his ilk who conspired with City of London Bankers and Vatican City fake Jews fake as in they pretended to be Catholic. It's worth noting, that during almost exactly the same amount of time, the Obozo administration couldn't build a functioning web site and until Agent Chips discovered the Alex Plechash journey from Chicago to Annapolis to University of Chicago to Harvard in 1996 where he met Kristine Marcy and was brought into her FOUL FISH network which was not exposed prior to the death of Leonara Guarria who was FWB to Kris Marcy in the years following the discovery of the bi-sexual nature of someone VERY CLOSE to Kristine. “

“I am asking the research team to gather every item linking Alex Plechash to Serco to Oracle to Al Qaeda to NSAWW’s ‘first lady’ of treason, Jay M. Cohen, Annapolis ’70. According to Hammer Rooster Cogburn at Global, he finds it disturbing that military professionals like Pluckcash, regardless of the Oxford, Rhodes bullshit or lack thereof with the claimed intelligence of which they boast can be in postions to control that kind of intelligence and then use that intelligence for the network they are in regardless if it results in an attack on the Pentagon's Naval Command Center where Captain Gerald De Conto was murdered on 9/11 but Chic Burlingame was not as he was murdered in W386A airspace under control of GIANTKILLER who worked for Colonel Robert Marr who like Pluckcash left active duty at the 18 year point. Our handwriting and honesty expert Agent Julie Shirts has analyzed his handwriting and she concludes the betrayal of his Oath sworn in Annapolis in June, 1971, shortly after Agent Chips graduated on June 9th, 1971 is that psychologically he must have ‘compartmentalized” and then after participating with the Treason Twins, Pawlenty and McCain he must live in denial of any treason his service at Oracle-CGI etc may helped destroy the United States of America. But what a dolt to wade into Abel Danger and try and negate 8 years of daily effort by the ever swelling global intel force that was the first to tie Serco to Kristine Marcy to Sandy Hook and when Sandy Hooks Truth is embraced then Serco’s deployment of Lord Timothy Garden and Prince Phartingham’s flawed AOB [ air order of battle ] to the failed treason of 9/11 it might occur that a lot of ropes will get stretched by those in Congress, Senate and media who have participated in sending U S troops to their injury, disfigurement or death on authority of a President that has not been vetted. Hint to Obama and Serco, first three letters of vetted… V E T. If Obama, Marcy, McCain, Lindsay Graham and Whale Vagina are not dealt with by Veterans Day, they apparently are not savvy to the Battle of Athens, Tennessee. Today, 23 February, 2014 I am suggesting if Alex Plechash wishes to discuss how as a Blue and Gold Officer for USNA he placed his highly experience finger on the defect in training or talent amongst Annapolis alumni which in June, 2001 had Vice Admiral Scott A. Fry change the rules of engagement for dealing with acts of airborne piracy and prevented Captain Gerald DeConto from defending the Pentagon's U.S. Navy Command Center and Captain Chic Burlingame from defending his aircraft. My final comment prior to the rollout of the Agent known as Zlpegsg to MI-6, CIA and Abel Danger is that for parties involved in False Flag Treasons [ 9/11, Sandy Hook, other Kristine Marcy events ] they appear not to understand the power of Revelation 2:9 and Psalm 91:13. Perhaps they will learn now.”

Rev. 2:9

And I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews and are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan.

Psalm 91:13

13 Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder: the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet.

Umbrellaman’s voice stopped in a strange manner so Hammer MacCheese, who had 7 screens going on his custom built computer saw a HAARP like weather ring approaching Plum City so without asking permission of Umbrellaman he ordered Operation RAIN DANCE Agent to Execute Posthole regarding significant weather approaching from the northeast. As Agent Chips cut all electrical service to the Troubled Guy Lake shooting range and Stud Farm, Marquis d’Cartier and Ginger Cookie powered up the battery back ups just a a brilliant flash illuminated the windshield of the 36 Stud. The thunder that followed the lightning bolt allowed an opportunity for Agent Chips and Mystery Girl to return to the Purple Reign II Limo in hopes of an enduro to in part recompense Mystery Girl for the courtesy quickie rodeo sex which did more for Chips than for MG.


 As MG positioned for Saucy Spoons, Agent Chips selected F4 in the CD player and he selected ‘repeat’. As the music supported his belief that ‘he’s a friend of thunder” Chips mentally reflew his world record low air refuel performance first demonstrated before a camera in July, 1985 at Bozeman, MT where Agent Chips represented the Happy Hooligans by taking 1st and 3rd in the post airshow beer drinking competition.


While he mentally flew his F4 at 250K, 50K below minimum safe speed, he recognized the guy with the biggest balls was the boom operator from the ( redacted ) Air National Guard unit. The boomer had told Chips that due to thermal and ground turbulence he would perform the hookup in ‘manuel override’ which meant that the boomer was betting his life, as well as the two pilots and one navigator’s lives, that Agent Chips could hang in there and neither fall off the boom, or worse yet collide with Jazz 71, the tanker from the city with an NBA team, capeche?

Chips was brought back into the here and now as Agent Mystery Girl, who was overjoyed and Chips’ steel, barked out “switch, pile driver, jack hammer” as she struck a pose that reminded Chips of rabbit eared TV antennas. As he plugged in for a second round he wonder if Alex Plechash, Hothead McCain, Lindsay Lightloafers, Kristine Marcy and Malloy’s ‘fuckups’ in Connecticut had a clue as to who was capable of stopping the rain, the reign, or in this case both, the HAARP controlled storm and the Reign of Terror deployed by Vatican, City of London and the 5 leaking lesbians who have laid Serco’s neck on a chopping block. Notice, for the record, I did not tie these names to Lesbo Leakers: Gorelick, Hillary, Marcy, Baginsky, Reno. It would not be gentlemanly of me. However, I know who’ll stop the rain and I have been working for him everyday since 4 December, 2006 when Umbrellaman assigned me this mission, which is military parlance for call, which is God’s language. Chips wanted to hose Plechash for a few more hours but he thought perhams McCain’s errand boy had learned enough for one chapter. Chips thought he changed the tempo for the endure so he selected D8 and continuous while his PTRC was demonstrating to Mystery Girl who was in the driver’s seat, in this case “pile driver, jack hammer”.


Chips was enjoying keeping in time with the bass and drums and he was pleased that he had been ‘called’ to appear to help God, who needed no one’s help, to stop the reign of terror deployed by Vatican, Central Bankers, and Serco’s Shadow Government that had caused his sister and Hillary to think they could pull off the treason of 22 October, 1996, the same year that Alex Pluckcash had been at Harvard with Kristine Marcy. Chips saw he still had 3 hours and 18 minutes of pleasure to deliver so he pictured Dianne Feinstein, AD code Whale Vagina, so that he would not exploculate in a premature manner. He knew when the time came to ‘deliver the goods’ he could beat anyone’s time. That was the advantage he had over Alex Pluckcash.


5 Trust in the Lord with all your hear
and lean not on your own understanding;

6 in all your ways submit to him,
and he will will direct your paths

On Saturday, 22 February 2014, 21:35, Marquis d’Cartier wrote:

The thing that's astounding is Plechash's arrogant stupidity. He toots his own horn while making idiotic comments; the blowhard thereby exposes himself as part of a criminal coverup, with himself as an accessory both before and after the fact. It is a display of inept, guilty behavior.

The coverup IS an integral part of the conspiracy. People who think that few coverup agents were involved in the planning and execution of 9/11 are dreaming. Dick Eastman is right to put a bead on Jim Fetzer and the duplicitous pilots/veterans; Plechash is evidently part of the same treasonous group. (Sure, Eastman's focus is somewhat different from AD's, but the two efforts are complementary.) 

On Saturday, 22 February, 2014, 2359, Rooster Cogburn wrote:

The thing basically that motivates these military types like Plechash outside of perhaps an oversized ego, is that they are in many cases connected to investment and financial corporations. In Plechash's case he is now with FOLIO Institutional. FOLIO Institutional is owned by Steven Wallman who sold his other firm Proxy Governance Inc. to Ernst & Young which is headquartered in London. There is always a financial incentive attached. Whatever is good for business. Whatever can keep these guys "sitting in their Star Trek chairs of control."  Ernst and Young will not be happy with the FAT FISH in the LITTLE BARREL.

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