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The List of Innholder Thurso – The Wrist That Didn’t Bleed - Chapter 11

Sandy Hook G-Spot Takes Out Napolitano, Bradford, Holder
( G-Spot: Malloy + Bradford + Napolitano + Field McConnell )
Malloy Cowers, Dai Bando Sets Crosshairs On Barry Soetoro, Punahou ‘79

Minnesota Tea Party, Sheriff Joe, Agent Chips, 6 March, 2014
G-Spot: Barry Soetoro Punahou ’79 + Field McConnell Punahou ’67 + Ace

Serco Sponsored Crimes Conveniently Non Recorded By Serco Cameras
G-Spot: disabled video + garon + gareth + pentagon + sandy hook + jon benet + 7/7 (*) 
(*) results inhibited until Malloy approves

JFK Iced 11-22-1963; Agent Chips Ordained 12-04-2006
G-Spot: McConnell International + Clinton Rubin + SERCO + Abel Danger

Pristine Lesbianage Exposed By Turgid Marine
G-Spot: marcy + gorelick + reno + hillary + maureen + FIELD MCCONNELL

Shrub, Subud, F16 Pilot Chips Engage; Odds Favor Chips
G-Spot: subud + obama + soebarkah + FIELD MCCONNELL

Sheriff Joe, Agent Chips, Presidential Limo, 6 March, 2014
G-Spot: Sheriff Joe + Abel Danger + Obama + FIELD MCCONNELL

Eric Holder In Disfavor After Exposing Serco-BBC-Marcy Triad
G-Spot: Marcy + McConnell + Clinton Rubin + SERCO

Malloy, Vance, Kehoe Next After Napolitano, Bradford, Holder Re Sandy Hook SERCO
G-Spot: malloy + vance + kehoe + simmons + Rincon + FIELD MCCONNELL

Agent Barn Swallow Took Out Napolitano, Bradford, Holder; Tracks Flannel Dannel
G-Spot: Flannel Dannel + Field McConnell + Sandy Hook

Agent Chips Sets KICKOFF For 11 May, 2014
G-Spot: Napolitano + Bradford + Holder + Malloy + Field McConnell

DoJ’s Asset Forfeiture Fund Causes Marcy To Throw Eric Under The Bus
G-Spot: Serco + FIELD MCCONNELL + Holder + Marcy + USDoJ + 1984

Atomic Betty Holds Agent Chips’ 9/11 Sleuth Trophy
G-Spot: Serco-GECAS-HSBC-Marcy

Richmond British Columbia OB-Gyn Doctor’s Sedan Delivery
G-Spot: obama + peace arch hospital + FIELD MCCONNELL

Obama Doppelganger’s Tiny Gun No Match For Abel Danger’s BIG IRON

Obama Ordered To Kill OBL 5 More Times By Jarrett-Marcy-Smolich
G-Spot: mccraven + photos + osama 

Julie Shirts felt the speed brakes deploy and knew that time was tight, as was she. She passed a three word note to Agent Chips while selecting 87B on her Clipper Tool as if maybe a musical suggestion might help convey her message. As the music started, suddenly the B747-100 SOFIA went dark and quiet seemingly from a FADEC FADEOUT, fuel exhaustion, or loss of all generators. Fortunately for Chips, her Clipper Tool had 88% battery remaining so he heard her message loud and clear, as Atomic Betty kneeled between them in the aisle but not disturbing the music as the eerie silence from the Big Boeing now included and eerie whistling sound not sounding at all like DICK DALE surfer music which would cause Atomic Betty to become stoked, stroked and bored in that order just as had happened immediately after her audition to be the ‘LETS GO TRIPPIN’ model for Operation PLUM PLUNGE 2014. Chips noticed a temporary tattoo on her left shoulder as he was given FACE TIME. He mentally broke the LbGT code believing she was suggesting “let’s both go trippin’” but he did not want to ask her as she attended to his PTRC and frankly, just between this author and you, the ‘LbGT’ combo reminded him too much of the three women who reinvented government on 22 October, 1996.

Chapter 11

Scripture: Matthew 10:26-27, Ephesians 5:11 and the 9th Commandment

26 “So do not be afraid of them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known.
27 What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs.
11 Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.
16 “You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor. 

Gospel: More Than A Name On A Wall


 Secular: Miracles


 G-Spot: locate + decide + act + breakaway + bubi 

Video: How To Be Badass:


Coded Message From “Dai Bando” Punahou ’67 to Mulatto Choomer, Punahou ’79


Way back in Chapter 10 the SOFIA B747 had gone silent, dark and cold giving Atomic Betty an opportunity to get a little FACE TIME as Agent Chips was mentally preparing to add FLANNEL DANNEL to his list akin to the of Adrian Messenger. The 1963 movie THE LIST OF ADRIAN MESSENGER was one of five blockbusters to foment upcoming evil. It fomented ‘false flag destruction of airliners’ as THE MAN WHO SHOT LIBERTY VALANCE fomented the JFK assassination by an ‘unseen shooter’ just as 1964’s DR STRANGLOVE fomented privatization of war by SERCO, NSAWW, Femme Comp Inc, Lanza’s GECAS, Barry Soetoro ( Punahou ’79) and the McCain-Graham-Marcy TRIAD OF TWIRPS. As Atomic Betty finished her rendition of “Slobber Blues” she challenged Chips to recall any song ever recorded that included the phrase ‘girl come running’ as she was obviously sudsing like a Maytag and she was thinking of Glenn Frey’s song about laundry. Chips, cunning linguist that he is, immediately responded much to the surprise of Atomic Betty who was wiping her chin.

“My svelte and heavily knockered Atomic Betty, you were just a pre schooler when Franki Valli scored a hit with those exact three words, in that order, and the song was responsible for more college panty raids than any other American song not sung by Johnny Mathis who was the King of the Panty Raids with his 1957 mega hit Misty which was also the call sign of Colonel Bud Day when he was shot down in Viet Nam and part of the title of a movie starring Clint Eastwood, a character actor modeled after real life international man of intrigue, Agent Chips.


Chips, ever the doting gentleman, holstered his trouser trout before responding to Atomic Betty. As he was answering, Agents 99 and Julie Shirts approached with a pair of items that looked a lot like Magnalites causing Chips a brief delay in his response as he mentally looked forward to a lengthy delay in Atomic Betty’s briefs, as it were. For those reading this in the UK, where ‘briefs’ is written mentally insert ‘knickers’. Agents 99 and Julie Shirts both had rather concerned looks on the faces so Chips considered the fact that they perhaps were focused on the mission, Operation STARCHED SHEETS, rather than seeing which of the two Full Service Dangerettes would be allowed to service Agent Chips who had just shared and exploculation with the divine and delicate northern neighbor who hailed from Waterford. Not Ireland, the real Waterford, capeche?

The two ladies twisted off the plastic and waterproof ends of their Magnalites and while bent over for maximum torque, Agent Chips couldn’t help but notice Julie Shirts was wearing a white ‘sports IOC’ on top and the athletic vixen 99 who was small around the hips and small around the waist was wearing a pastel cream upper IOC in size 2XL just like the Plum Plunge T-shirt that she had ordered from Plum City Shirt-Works and although what is to be written on the PLUM PLUNGE shirts has not been decided yet we have ruled out “I love sodomy” which is written on the shirts of a pair of losers from DoJ and notice for the record there was no mention of Maureen “the bag” or Pristine Farcy. However, Jamie Gorelicker gets a tip of the HATLO HAT.

Agent 99 withdrew a 4 by 6 index card in salmon. Julie Shirts also had a 4 by 6 card but hers was white with vibrance red writing. Agent 99 spoke first as the slats and flaps were being extended by Agent Stone while Captain Hoss dozed for dollars in the left seat. 99 referred to notes on the page as she briefed Chips hoping later he might debrief her and check under her hood, as it were.

“Chips, remember that helicopter that crashed in Scotland? Our monitors believe that both Germany and France are covering up a remote FADEC HIT that is being hidden behind official findings that the chopper crashed through the ceiling of the pub after it ran out of fuel, a very easy finding to claim as the pilot, low timer that he was, is deader than a carp. The Clutha chopper was a 2007 model with twin engines both controlled by FADEC. The FADECs can record a limited number of maintenance reports relating to problems with the control and operation of the engines and instances when one engine is inoperative. Preliminary analysis of the FADEC data indicates that the right engine flamed out, followed, a short time later, by the left engine also flaming out. Since the maintenance reports only give timings relative to the moment the FADECs were turned on (which is not recorded), the exact times at which these flameouts occurred is unknown to Germany and France but well known by SERCO and Abel Danger. It also is known to Abel Danger that the worst peacetime aviation disaster in the history of the Royal Air Farts, excuse me, Force was the 1994 Chinook that was remotely driven into the Mull of Kintyre to silence the vast majority of the UK experts on Northern Ireland (contrived) terrorism, see also FADEC, see also Serco. Off the top of my head that remote destruction of an airworthy airframe occurred on 2 June 1994 at about 18:00 hours and trashed Chinook ZD576 killing all 25 “Serco targets” aboard as well as the 4 man crew. Chips, this Clutha chopper looks a lot like the Paul Wellstone Hibbing Hit in that they both took out parties capable of exposing Serco’s malfeasance, whatever malfeasance is. I could sure go for a quickie if you might have time.”

Chips considered, cunning linguist that he is, the reasonable request of Agent 99 but the landing gear had just been dropped so he knew they were within 6 miles of the landing destination so he tabled her request wishing he were doing her on the table, capeche?

“Agent 99, that wonderful brief is certainly deserving of a quickie, and enduro or a special ICE CREAM CONE, however we are soon to land and Agent Julie Shirts wishes to brief us on the contents of her MagnaLite so I will owe you a quickie. Julie, over to you.”

Exposing what lies beneath the bodies of dead bankers and what lies ahead for us

“Thank Chips, I will speed this up as we are soon to land. I have 11 names on my card with seven written in red and four written in green. I will read the 7 aloud for your consideration wishing instead you were checking what’s under my hood if you know where my head’s at. The names in red: David Berg, Tim Dickenson, William Broeksmit, Karl Slym, Gabriel Magee, Mike Dueker, Ryan Henry Crane, Richard Tally. These are the seven bankers who were set to expose Serco, GECAS and Wells Fargo. I find it odd that the four names written in green are……..” Julie Shirts was interrupted in what only can be described as a very hard landing followed by what seemed to be maximum, or panic, braking and I refer not to the T33A flown by Fargo ANG which were always dispatched with PANIC callsigns prior to one of them burning up on the ground in Nevada which caused the incident pilot to become an F4 pilot and later he was one of the four Lt Colonels considered for squadron commander of the 178th FIS which on the morning of 9/11 dispatched Brad Derrig, Craig Borgstrom and Dean Eckmann to intercept the Raytheon owned A 3 Sky Warrior that was bearing down on Wedge One of the Pentagon to obliterate evidence of the missing $1 trillion plus that is related to GECAS, Wells Fargo, HSBC, Serco and FBCA. As the B747-100 came to a rest the brakes were so hot that Stone cocked, I say again, COCKed the nose wheel 72 degrees to the right and shut down engines 1, 2 and 4 as Marquis d’Cartier blew an escape slide from door 1L so that those aboard could be inside the Purple Limo and enroute to the Maiden Rock Inn for the in-briefing with Hammers Rooster Cogburn, MacCheese and Chief Dangerettes Bean and Atomic Betty.

Chips, always the doting gentleman, volunteered to be first down the chute and everyone thought him gallant and brave not knowing his intent was to look up the ladies skirts, that is skirts not Shirts as in Julie. As he took up his position at the end of the inflatable sheep, excuse me, slide, he was disappointed to realize Atomic Betty, Agent 99 and Julie Shirts were all wearing Bermudas over their ‘triangle’, capeche?
Hammer Rooster Cogburn had all six limo doors open to facilitate a hasty withdrawal from the Red Wing Minnesota airport which is oddly located in Wisconsin just like Canadian born Indonesia Muslim Barry Soetoro Punahou ’79 is temporarily camped out at 1600 because shitheads like Mitch McConnell and Beaner-boy do not honor their oaths, no offense to shitheads who honor their oath as does Agent Chips. If I were a puffy face dork from Kentucky married to a chink I wouldn’t want the pedophile investigation going on in Lamar Alexander’s Volunteer state to migrate north, if you know where I am coming from.


Agent Stone Kohl was the last off the jet and second to last into the limo as Agent 99 was getting his MI accessed by Agent Chips who found that at 97% she was certainly mission capable, as was he as his TI was at 104%. Agent 99 handed Chips a tin of oysters to increase his ‘batch volume’ as the final two doors of the 1995 super trick, piss wicked, LT1 powered Fleetwood Stretch painted in 1997 Ford Royal Plum Metallic was floored by Rooster Cogburn who headed towards the open gate next to Blue Airways hoping not to meet any of Pierce County’s finest on Wisconsin Highway 35 known as The Great River Road. Chips sat between 99 and Julie Shirts both of whom place 4 by 6 cards or his lap that bore a resemblance to a pup tent. Chips noticed Julie Shirts’ card was rather brief saying simply “Wanna see my pantry or my cupcakes” which cause Chips to hark back to 1967 when he was a plebe at Annapolis and Dustin Hoffman, who had played community theater in Fargo, former home of Abel Danger Global, had starred in a movie playing at the Capitol Theater in Olde Annapolis known from crabs and other crustaceans not to suggest Dianne WHALE VAGINA Feinstein is old, crabby, or both, capeche? Chips who sees and always observes, noticed that her handwritten note was written in basic black which caused his TI to exceed 110% as his kickstand was reading for KNIGHT ACTION. To keep from injuring his PTRC he pictured that creature bearded to Barry Soetoro, Punahou ’79 and read the card placed near his twig n’ berries by Agent 99 whose measurements from bottom up were S-S-2XL, adorned in Pastel Cream which gave Chips a most excellent idea.


Here short hand notes were easy for Chips to decipher as he had excelled in Miss Ruth Clark’s typing class at Ramey High School during his sophomore year when he had dated Pamera Heth whose parents had a 1963 Chevrolet Biscayne in Willow Mist with a straight six, just like Chips at age 15. He mentally converted the short hand and consider the message from Agent Kool Ade from the other side of the pond who had briefed Chips on the 1994 FADEC hit that was used as the ‘head shot’ pattern for Ron Brown and the FADEC/Autopilot events including 9/11, Sukhoi Superjet, Speed Bird 38, Turkish 1951, Kenya Airways 507, Adam Air 574, Air Afrikiyah 771, TWA 880 and KAL007 not to be confused with USM007 which is NavInt code assigned Chips, which is the trade magazaine of Navy Intelligence which is quite odd as Captain Sherlock is the Commander of U S Naval War College just as Chips is often thought to be the Captain Sherlock who solved 9/11.

Chips was reading the short hand and did not see the unmarked Crown Vic fall in behind the Purple Reign II limo: The Chinook was carrying many of the top UK Intel / Police..why so many eggs in one basket ala Seal Team 6 Extortion 17 ? .  Consider in the context of traitor Blair coming to power following the CIA/Clancy heart attack of Labour leader John Smith who was out of favour with the Bilderberg boys and their propaganda arm BBC ( boy buggering club?) . Before going into the latest findings lets just recap on events reported in Part 3 which resulted in Gordon Bowden and I going to the Derby Police to report possible multiple murders/assassinations using this Abel Danger vetted timeline: Thursday the 19th of May (redacted) I received a communication via my web page that deeply upset me but at the same time confirmed what I had been told by Ms Tara Andrea Davison some months ago that the crash of Chinook ZD576 was an inside job. That communication was as follows: 

01 – Name = AB ( atomic betty)
02 – Email Address = Hidden to protect the informant
03 – Your Message = AB reports that the Mull of Kintyre Chinook accident was done by an assassination hit squad deployed by same agency as the killers of Pat Tillman on 22 April, 2004. You are correct Peter, FADEC is just the smoke screen as the slewable guidance was a smoke screen for Ron Brown’s T43 Clinton Death jet. The pathologist a “she” who carried out an examination of all the bodies reported at that time that they all died from extensive gunshot wounds consistent with Vince Foster, Ron Brown and Pat Tillman. Friday the 20thof May (redacted ) I received further communication and eventually got in touch with the person concerned for a full brief. Part of his email read as follows:

“We can authenticate this by either obtaining the coroners report, or getting a statement from the woman coroner. The problem with this is that her life could be in danger. These are very very serious issues and allegations Peter. As with everything compartmentalisation is at play here as it was on 9/11 when Prince Philip and Lord Timothy Garden completely fucked up the Serco-GECAS-HSBC-Marcy attack of 9/11 using ‘two stage patsies’ the 23 Arabs and the 7 Canadians [ baril-findley-bouchard-watt-williams-redacted-Marr] The coroner just did her job, it wouldn’t occur to her that this was an execution. We don’t do these things in Britain do we? Remember she was a woman, I do think that’s significant. She would be thinking Army – Northern Ireland – guns – helicopters- and so these things are quite normal to her.” He again confirmed the following: It was reported to me that the Coroner said “they all had gunshot wounds to the head” According to both AB and AC the hit was consistent with the “Serco-Marcy” branding and as it involved Serco, GECAS, HSBC and Marcy, Eric Holder has to be thrown under the bus. Kool Ade, Norwich

Agent 99 tapped on Chips middle leg and directed his gaze first at her abundant 44D/2XL cleavage and then at the blue Crown Vic following the Purple Limo.

“One of our, a Plum City guy, there are three ‘sweepers’ out front and three ‘trailers’ in our wake.” Chips noticed that Agent 99 had a pair of tripped circuit breakers on her tatas, no relationship to the Indian car manufacturerusing the steel from the World Trade Center that was shipped to India and China before a proper forensic analysis could be done by anyone other that Abel Danger’s Dr. Nano al-Umina at the link that bubbles up when one, perhaps you, google [ chips + dr nano + steel + hamish + pastel ] Chips noticed that the Purple Limo had left the protection of the Crown Vics and turned left on Main Street where he and only one Dangerette would go into the Global HQ and shift into under cover clothing. He presumed it might be Atomic Betty as her ABLDNGR ride was parked with the top down, keys in the ignition, and a sample of the University of Arizona’s new college credit class involving condoms in the ash tray to ensure that Atomic Betty didn’t end up in a ‘family way’. Gee, in Plum City we generally have that figured out by 7th grade, capeche?

Chips and Atomic Betty both fumbled for things, he for the key to the green door and Atomic Betty for his bits and pieces under the guise of a TI check the results of which, Tungsten Steel, caused her to suds like a Maytag. As Chips inserted, I say again stuck it in, his Clipper Squirt Gun went off like Atomic Betty was hoping he would with an Immediate Clipper call from Tactics Tillman who was on top of the Bittersweet Bakery across the street where Abel Danger’s annual birthday party of Tillman, Barry M. Hall and others is generally held serving Elderberry Cake in honor of all who ever served Abel Danger, including Agent Johnson, who departed this earth in August of 2011 and in whose memory Troubled Guy Lake is named.

“Chips, Tillman, only go into 401, I saw Troy, Michigan cops, 69, I say again, 69 students and oodles of fake blood and blanks go into 403 Main Street and I think you are the prize they seek. Once you and Blondie get into 401, lock the door with a deadbolt, get into you ‘street clothes’ so you will blend in at JR’s corner bar and at this moment MacCheese and NOTSO have removed the air conditioner so that you and Atomic Betty can walk back by the Feed Mill and the 1937 Studebaker President is waiting there for NOTSO, MacCheese and you two. They have ‘the package’. No movement at 403 yet, but it will go hot soon as FLANNEL DANNEL, Vance, Kehoe, Simmons and Rincon are highly miffed at your accessment of Sandy Hook as ‘sloppy seconds’. Tillman.”


Chips reread the incoming call and called for back up. He pressed 3 numbers and the pound sign and a Plum City enforcer called the Vanilla Gorilla immediately contacted the milk haulers and the fuel truckers and sealed off Main Street from the Vet Clinic to Molly’s and the the Bittersweet Bakery to the Plum City Lutheran Church not far from the Feed Mill. Chips and Blondie had put on their undercover disguises; he a stylish dress from Chicago with a chubby, and she a Muslim Brotherhood exhibition artist knowing that they would blend into the crowd if they could just get to JR’s Corner Bar, official bar of the 2014 Plum Plunge. Chips boosted Atomic Betty up to the air conditioner opening and notice she was not wearing a lower IOC, and he liked that. She was taken into the arms of NOTSO who passed her to MacCheese and the two men started walking towards the 1937 Studebaker President with the straight 8 leaving Agent Chips to fend for himself. Chips dialed the ‘studio line’ which triggered a replay of the Valentine’s Day show that tied Serco to Malloy to Holder to Sandy Hook. Chips felt certain that the ‘mal hombres’ in the 403 Main Street side ‘gift shop’ who think they had the elusive Agent Chips trapped not realizing they were only solving Agent Tillman’s azimuth solution for the grazing, flanking, interlocking and fusillage FIELDs of fire taught to Marines, Army guys and a host of other OATHKEEPERS.


The recorded radio show was played at volume level 58 and attracted the attention of the mal hombres and the 69 crisis actors sent by John Simmons to be recorded by Jennifer McCray Rincon and they followed some off duty Troy Michigan uniformed humps into the 401 side. Once the entire ‘force was in 401 Main Street, Tillman, Dwarf, Sluggo and RPM opened up with withering fire prevented the crisis actors and the off duty cops from exiting the brick bank building which served as Global HQ for Abel Danger Private Intel and occasionally an OB-Gyn office, so to speak. Chips was halfway to the 37 Stud when an incoming IMMEDIATE JASPAR caused his Clipper Squirt Gun to vibrate. He kneeled in the Plum City Feed Miller enclosure and ready the message from Agent Pete Moss, aficionado of all things Guinness. Chips, Just heard your Feb 14th radio show exposure of Holder and Malloy (AFP article) and I would like to strongly suggest that Mr. Halbig be put in touch with the investigative team at Abel Danger with the motive of being a three sided ‘blitz’ on Kehoe, Vance, Malloy, H Wayne Carver and Eric the Red. The team at Abel Danger has specific insights regarding the players and resources behind Sandy Hook and attached to Halbig’s volume I sense END GAME for the Sandy Hook/Boston Marathon Pig Fuckers.  I have encouraged AFP and Wolfgang to do a simple Google search on "Abel Danger + Sandy Hook" to see a small sample of what they know about that event, which is everything. I heard Mr. Halbig openly provide his phone number 352.729.2559 during the interview (link above), perhaps you can also forward him this email and let him know that Agent Chips is available 24/7 at 715 307 8222 or "mailto:" . It's clear that Mr. Halbig, despite the recent threats against him, is determined to follow through with his investigation.  The Abel Danger team has information he must be aware of, and I know Halbig and Chips are bringing the facts of this event to light.


Pete Moss

Chips double timed over the the 1937 Studebaker for the short ride to JR’s Corner Bar where the VANILLA GORILLA would get Chips and Atomic Betty to the Maiden Rock Inn in the back of a cement truck that was white with Weiser’s written in red. As he opened the back door, driver side, he got a free shot of Pastel Mint Green and an incoming Priority Clipper from Agent Hamish in the Aubergine Room of the Maiden Rock Inn. Chips was still reading the incoming the Priority Clipper from Agent Fanny Galore in Scotland when the Studebaker slithered up to JR’s. Chips motioned for MacCheese, NOTSO and Atomic Betty to blend in with the crowd at JR’s official home bar of the 2014 Plum Plunge.

Operation STARCHED SHEETS Agent Fanny Galore Priority Clipper to Hammers Rooster Cogburn, MacCheese, Otto Pilot and all Agents and Dangerettes aField and aBroad in Operation STARCHED SHEETS and civilian psyop RAINMAN: Just got off the phone with Ade and Mike, if Chips Hamish cannot sign off or edit this post #1849 by 2111/15Feb14 we will send it from the Powys, Crickhowell, Wales office at the Gliffaes House. If anyone sees Hamish or Chips have them respond through Dirty Driveway or the Tugboat Twins as I am being monitored by Robert Green’s ‘detainers’. #1850: Marine links Serco MI-3 Mycroft Warrants to Marcy USM-007 Mull of Kintyre Murder: Plum City – ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Serco’s Mycroft Warrants apparently used to blackmail officials at triaged crime scenes controlled through the Langham Hotel and MI-3* Innholders Livery Company, to his sister Kristine Marcy’s apparent procurement of Serco’s Cubic Covert Personnel Locator System for the use of the assassins listed in the U.S. Marshals Warrant Information Network (USM-007) who allegedly ambushed a RAF Chinook helicopter on Scotland’s Mull of Kintyre on 2 June 1994 and murdered almost all the UK’s senior Northern Ireland intelligence experts.

Mycroft Warrant = A writ issued by a competent but blackmailed or extorted officer, usually a judge or magistrate, which permits an otherwise illegal act that would violate individual rights and affords the person executing the writ protection from damages if the act is performed.

MI-3 = Kristine Marcy + Norman Inkster + Interpol + Intrepid (William Stephenson)

McConnell claims that Serco root companies extorted a Mycroft warrant from the then Prince of Wales (later Edward VII) to operate a telegraph blackmail service out of the Langham Hotel in London and extort pedophile guests from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States.

McConnell claims that Marcy and Serco director Maureen Baginski, defrauded the DoJ Asset Forfeiture Fund to procure (buy) Mycroft Warrants, Skynet satellite links and CPLS devices used by USM-007 agents to track the Chinook passengers and dress the Mull of Kintyre crime scenes.

McConnell believes that Sister Marcy had the U.K. counter-terrorist experts murdered because they threatened to expose Serco’s (formerly RCA GB 1928) use of false-flag MI-3 “Mycroft Warrants” for USM-007 agents “Licensed to Kill” from at least 1979 when Marcy launched the U.S. Senior Executive Service under the former U.S. President, Jimmy Carter.

McConnell invites key word Googlers to read excerpts below and ask why “The List of Sherlock Innholders – The Wrist That Didn’t Bleed” book has a new title at

See#1: Abel Danger Mischief Makers - Mistress of the Revels - 'Man-In-The-Middle' Attacks (Revised)

Prequel 1: #1849: Marine Links Serco MI-3 Mycroft Warrants to Marcy’s USM-007 Murdered Spook

Strange meeting - Sherlock – BBC

1994 Scotland RAF Chinook Helicopter Crash

The chinook helicopter song (mull of kintyre)

Paul McCartney & Wings - Mull of Kintyre 1977 Video stereo widescreen

1994 Scotland RAF Chinook crash
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The 1994 Scotland RAF Chinook crash occurred on 2 June 1994 at about 18:00 hours when a Royal Air Force (RAF) Chinook helicopter(serial number ZD576, callsignF4J40) crashed on the Mull of Kintyre, Scotland, killing all twenty-five passengers and four crew on board. Among the passengers were almost all the United Kingdom's senior Northern Ireland intelligence experts. It was the RAF's worst peacetime disaster.

An RAF board of inquiry in 1995 ruled that the cause of the accident to be pilot error; this finding proved to be controversial, especially in light of irregularities and technical issues surrounding the then-new Chinook HC.2 variant which were uncovered. A Parliamentary inquiry conducted in 2001 found that the previous verdict of gross negligence on the part of the crew to be 'unjustified'. In 2011, an independent review of the crash cleared the crew of negligence.”

The full messaged is posted at but this message is truncated as time is tight, and Agent Chips wishes to get some hay for his donkey, or in Wisconsin parlance, the chubby one. Fanny Galore, Glasgow.

Chips had just finished reading the Clipper when Atomic Betty joined him in the back seat with a CSM in the Abel Danger 2014 livery and she had a Cuba Libre with twin lime slices for herself. Her posture was anything but lady like as Chips was regaled with a clear view to a Pastel Mint Green IOC. As she leaned over to plug her audio/video boom box into the 12 volt feed, Chips saw that her upper IOC matched and she had a pair of 44D funbags that appeared to be ready for KNIGHT ACTION. As the video began, Agent Chips harked back to Dick Dale and he remember her as she looked before bleaching her hair blonde, all of it, capeche?


The music video began and Atomic Betty asked if he, Chips, had heard of the University of Arizona new college class for credit, 3 credit hours that involved novel ways of utilizing condoms which indicated kids in Arizona didn’t get much in high school. Chips saw that one of the condoms was green, Pastel Mint Green but he was confused as generally the Dangerettes preferred ‘bareback’ not to be confused with the Holder-Soetoro technique ‘broke back’.

Chips found the video erotic but not as erotic as the Pastel Mint Green IOC that was placed on his right shoulder. He knew the deal, but hid the IOC in his Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpermaster in Pastel Manly Mocha as the Purple Limo slithered up to the curb, discharging Hamish, Agent 99 and Julie Shirts who joined Atomic Betty and Chips in the 37 Stud President. Hamish spoke first “What smells like clover in here?” as Atomic Betty rolled her eyes. Before anyone could explain the function of Skene’s glands, a FLASH FESTUS came in from Tactics Tillman still on the roof of the Bittersweet Bakery, and more, of Plum City.

Operation STARCHED SHEETS Agent Tactics Tillman FLASH FESTUS to Agents Chips, Hamish, Hammers MacCheese and Rooster Cogburn, copy Umbrellaman and Dangerettes aBroad, aField and in reserve. Sluggo and Dwarf just responded to a white flag surrender of the CRISIS ACTORS in the 401 Main St. Office. Attached to the end of the forked walking stick with the white flag was taped the message that Agent 99 will be delivering soon. Standby for a coded message regarding the Crown and Harriman regarding Laurie Massicotte. It appears that Russell William’s crimes and the crimes at Sandy Hook-Boston Marathon have a common denominator. Tillman out.


Atomic Betty slipped Agent Chips a three tab set of Rodney Baldinger’s NDSU Extend-0-peters while assessing his TI unseen from the front seat where Julie Shirts, Hamish and Julie Shirts offered three items for Chips’ perusal, all three from the ‘surrender’ flag waved by the supposed Troy Michigan cops who were, in fact, not law enforcement officials at all. Agent 99 spoke first. 

“Chips and Atomic Betty, here is the letter which the white flag wavers indicated caused the heavy handed ‘push back’ to Abel Danger. Please read it in its entirety before we give you the other two items to consider.”

Atomic Betty pulled out her Magna-Lite to illuminate the letter as Chips read aloud.

To Dannel P. Malloy/Governor State of Connecticut Hook Chris (JMD) Chris Kitzeand 13 More...

A Valentine's gift for Governor Malloy and USDoJ Chris Hook:

2pm Monday, 17 Feb 14 we tie Serco-GECAS-Sandy Hook-Marcy

#1849: Marine links Serco MI-3 Mycroft Warrants to Marcy’s USM-007 Murdered Spook   

Plum City – ( – February 15, 2014: United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Serco’s Mycroft Warrants apparently used to blackmail officials at triaged crime scenes controlled through the Langham Hotel and MI-3* Innholders Livery Company, to his sister Kristine Marcy’s alleged use of the U.S. Marshals Warrant Information Network (USM-007) in the tracking, torture and murder of GCHQ code breaker (spook) Gareth Williams.

Mycroft Warrant = A writ issued by a competent but blackmailed or extorted officer, usually a judge or magistrate, which permits an otherwise illegal act that would violate individual rights and affords the person executing the writ protection from damages if the act is performed.

MI-3 = Kristine Marcy + Norman Inkster + Interpol + Intrepid (William Stephenson)

McConnell claims Serco root companies extorted a Mycroft warrant from the then Prince of Wales (later Edward VII) to operate a 19th century telegraph blackmail service out of the Langham Hotel in London and extort pedophile or homosexual guests from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States.

McConnell claims Marcy and Serco director Maureen Baginski, defrauded the DoJ Asset Forfeiture Fund to procure Mycroft Warrants, Skynet satellite links and Wi-Fi devices used by USM-007 agents to track Williams and dress the body-in-the-bag Pimlico crime scenes.   

McConnell believes Marcy and Baginski had Williams murdered because he had hacked the Entrust PKI system used for MI-3 “Mycroft Warrants” by USM-007 agents “Licensed to Kill”. McConnell invites key word Googlers to read excerpts below and ask why “The List of Sherlock Innholders – The Wrist That Didn’t Bleed” book has a new title at 

Chips and Atomic Betty acknowledged the information as Julie Shirts handed Chips a 4 by 6 index card in salmon with seemingly unrelated notes on it: 30 January, 2014 + Order for Judge to sign + Crown disclosure + Mary Elizabeth Harriman + Heart Stroke Foundation + immunity like Karla Homulka got + erosion + Binks + DNA. Atomic Betty indicated she understood all and said she could debrief all later back at the Maiden Rock Inn, perhaps in the Sunflower Room.

Hamish was handing three sheets of paper to Agent Chips when a Plum City enforcer known as the VANILLA GORILLA came up to Chips’ open window and said “Chips, we may have a problem with the Maiden Rock Inn, but it is so hot I can only brief you in Welsh.

Chips, having recently watch HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY for the 513th time understood Welsh and as he listened intently to the Vanilla Gorilla he mentally translated to English so that he could brief Atomic Betty, Julie Shirts, Agent 99 and Agent 80W who was hiding in the trunk of the 37 Studebaker with 4 AR15 Bushmasters and a Browning Automatic Rifle, a tin of Red Man snooze, and a twelve pack of Shiner Bock.

Chips’ translation had these unrelated terms, in English: Alcamedius, Fletcher Class destroyer + heavy hub logistics aggregate + double lateral reverse psychology such as that taught near the end of the American River in California + dirt squirt + Atlantic City drunk scramble + Sandman 0691 + M-1 Garand IH Canadian 1942 + Summer of ’42 + guide lamp M3 45 ACP + expensive Thompson + Lizzie and the rainman ……


Chips had to stop translating as the sound of staccato automatic weapons firing broke the stillness of the night as a rare rainfall in February began falling all over Pierce County Wisconsin as a fancy man in a fancy wagon pulled up between the Purple Limo and the Gray 37 Studebaker. The ‘fancy man’ was a friend of the Vanilla Gorilla and had just come from the Maid Rock Inn where a statistically improbable number of DHS, TSA and US Marshals had established a ‘no exit’ perimeter thinking that Agent Chips, Hamish and the 4 Dangerettes were inside the Maiden Rock Inn. The Vanilla Gorilla was interrupted by an emergency incoming call in his earpiece. Moments later he signaled to the white truck with Weiser’s written on it to make the pickup as he told the 5 Abel Danger Agents they’d have secure transport to a safe house sitting high on a hill. Chips tapped 80 times on the trunk to let Agent 80W know it was safe to come out and then he opened the trunk of the 1937 Studebaker President with dual sidemounts. As 80W handed her 5 rifles and Arkansas Toothpick to Chips and the Vanilla Gorilla a single Pierce County unmarked unit parked at Sandy’s Grocery and Gas and turned off the headlights. Chips saw other county units down by the Yamaha dealer and a third by the Village Office north of Dean’s Bar. The Vanilla Gorilla replaced the driver of the Weisers Concrete tractor with the Abel Danger team in a rolloff on the back and he drove east and stopped an chatted briefly with the Sheriff’s deputy.

“Hey Vanilla, did you see an English sounding guy and 4 women from out of town at JR’s Corner bar?”

“Sure did, there are talking with MILK MAN, Chips and the guys with the Polish names, I’ve got to get back to the concrete plant but I will be back to JR’s in 30 minutes, give or take. Later”.

The Vanilla Gorilla turned to the north and headed for US Highway 10 but after signaling a left turn, he turn his lights off and proceeded north up CR S to a mailbox on the right with N3572 on the box in red reflectorized tape knowing that that driveway led to not only the world’s most dangerous Studebaker garage, but also TROUBLED GUY LAKE, named by James Barry Haller ( Agent Blueberry Boy ) prior to his untimely death in August, 2011.

In the rolloff container Agent Chips asked 80W, Julie Shirts, 99, Hamish and Atomic Betty if they ever had a mission to Texas what they would wish for. They all answered with logical responses and Chips received a 3 by 5 index card with a second response from one of the others in the rolloff. As the Vanilla Gorilla stopped at the world’s most dangerous Studebaker garage, Chips read 5 words in gel green ink: I wish it would rain. He flipped it over and in roman numerals was written LVII. As his PTRC began rigging itself for KNIGHT ACTION he wished he knew for sure who had sent the message with key number 57. He thought he had it figured out and if he was sure it was her, he would have responded with a song from long, long ago when people like Holder and Malloy couldn’t get away with FALSE FLAG Attacks such as 14 December, 2012’s SANDY HOOK. He thought of Paris, Paris Texas and Paris Tennessee and he pictured 3 girls from his distant pass.


Chips decided that first chance he got he would dance with each Dangerette embedded, 80W, 99, Julie Shirts and Atomic Betty and whisper 6 key words: I love how your eyes close. If the Dangerette was familiar with the briefing guide of Operation STARCHED SHEETS Chips would expect her to response in Abel Danger Code: Rummy Fingered Hillary.


Chips pondered the message he heard from the beginning of his Christian journey: We should love one another. That is why those words appear on the trunk of his 1995 Purple Reign II Fleetwood Limo in Royal Plum Metallic pictured below with Agent Tillman, Chips and Barry M. Hall, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, at Cherokee Auto Group on Univeter Road, Canton Georgia not to be confused with Canton Texas where the world’s most lethal F4 Phantom is on a pole wishing that Agent Chips could take her sailing through the heavens again searching out those who would endeavor to attack America as did these PFers ( notice Pig Fuckers not mentioned ) on the morning of 9/11:

Baril + Findley + Bouchard + Watt + Williams + Marr + Shelton

Fortunately for the United States of America and CEMAX NSA Dangerettes worldwide there was Agent Chips and his piss wicked, super trick LT1 powered Fleetwood Stretch in 1997 Ford Royal Plum Metallic just like the one sitting by the casual bar at Vino in the Valley on 17 July, 2014.

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  1. Truth bruised flogged spat upon mocked and an attempt to kill it yet not one bone broken. Amen.


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