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The List of Innholder Thurso – The Wrist That Didn’t Bleed - Chapter 4

Sochi/Superbowl: More Nails In Serco’s Coffin
AD WIDOW MAKER Defeats Black/White Widow FALSE FLAG Sochi & Super Bowl

Umbrellaman’s Operation KNIGHTSHADE 2014
G-Spot: Hillary + Prison + Benghazi + 2016

Northrop Black Widow Exposes Serco’s B&W Widow Patsies
G-Spot: Serco +blue mountain triage + cardiff

Bombardier-Buffett Blunder In Sukhoi Hit 2012
G-Spot: GRU + United States + technology + Indonesia + Sukhoi

Abel Danger Exposes Murderers Of Alexander Yablontsev
G-Spot:'Are the Americans implicated in the Superjet crash?'

WMPFP Exposes Serco’s Sochi Clocktower; Sochi Threat Defeated
G-Spot: precious bodily fluids + Merkin MUFFley + TURGIDson

Female Passenger Flight 1 Cycled TAWS Button; Snapped Photo
G-Spot: Sukhoi + GRU + Field McConnell

Abel Danger Declares FALSE FLAG Threat To Sochi ‘hacked’
G-Spot: Sochi + Serco + CWT’s + Innholders + black-widow

Abel Danger Exposes “Chicken Shit” ( CS) Jets Monday, 1700 Layoffs 48 Hours Later
G-Spot: Field McConnell + BOMBardier + buffett + SUKHOI

Bombardier Trashes Sukhoi; Abel Danger Trashes B & B
G-Spot: Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) + ALPA + 9/11

CRISP Coalition And 1937 Studeaker President
G-Spot: China + Russia + Iran + Syria + Plum City

Agent Chips, 5 Months, 10 March, 1950; Solving 9/11 “Child’s Play”
G-Spot: 9/11 + strangler's suite + alpa

Dos Tetas

Feral Hog
G-Spot: princeton porcine princess + dumps turdi's

Hillary Trims Down With Mineral Water For 2016
G-Spot: sorry, G-Spot and Hillary would fry my hard drive

68 Years Ago Enemies Of The People Swung
G-Spot: Thunder Thighs + Whale Vagina + Sasquatch + Peloti

Way back in Chapter 3 Agent Chips had said “Ladies, today, Martin Luther King Day, it is 20 January, 2014. I have decided to be fair and grant one of you an enduro during the Atlantic crossing. Think of it as a BIRTHDAY SUIT BRIEFING. I will be fair and grant it to who ever has the next birthday, so 99, Julie Shirts, 80W and Sphinx, what are your birthdays?” All four ladies blurted out 21 January as they jockeyed for position. Chips was stunned at their competitiveness and raging libidos and was about to suggest rock paper scissors when the cabin lights flickered three times before the cabin went dark and quiet. Marquis d’Cartier immediately turned on the evacuation lights but in the brief interval, Agent 99 and pulled Agent Chips into the CRF and was……….”. Three muffled blasts were heard, while meanwhile back in the CRF a Rouge Pack Clipper was set for F4 and C2+40. Chips was aware of the gambit laid before him, but he also recalled in his midnight confessions he had promised to do as called to do in Ephesians 5:11, Expose Evil, and as a Pastel Ivory IOC was poised for removal he was relieved that the generators were restored and main bus power allowed him not to cheat 99 out of an enduro as they were only 71 minutes flying time to Dulles. He thought of a certain gospel song as he considered the promise of 1 John 5:4-6. Somewhere in Gaye Olde Englande, the man who aspired to be a Tampon was being thrust into a new position while in the Martini Bar at Dulles International, Atomic Betty had texted “my birthday is today and I am wearing the appropriate suit under my clothing, capeche?” She would have won, hands down, had she not errantly sent the text to Agent Arrow of Mansonville, Quebec, a former employee of Bombardier who had some telling insider information.

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 15:56-58

56 The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law.
57 But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.
58 Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain. 

 Gospel: Victory In Jesus


Secular: Stand



In the end you'll still be you

One that's done all the things you set out to do


There's a cross for you to bear

Things to go through if you're going anywhere
For the things you know are right

It s the truth that the truth makes them so uptight

All the things you want are real

You have you to complete and there is no deal
Stand. stand, stand
Stand. stand, stand


You've been sitting much too long

There's a permanent crease in your right and wrong
There's a midget standing tall

And the giant beside him about to fall
Stand. stand, stand
Stand. stand, stand


They will try to make you crawl
And they know what you're saying makes sense and all


Don't you know that you are free
Well at least in your mind if you want to be

Stand, stand, stand


Thurso Victim:

Late Amec executive Anthony Fatayi-Williams

Obama Victims:

Amec target Captain Chic Burlingame
Amec target Captain Gerald DeConto

Video: P-61 Black Widow


Chapter 4

Atomic Betty’s errant email to Agent Arrow of Mansonville, Quebec created an unexpected result in the EBOT response from Agent Arrow suggesting that Atomic Betty and all of Abel Danger do a “google image” search for [ exploding buffet oil trains ] and after viewing the images draw their own conclusions. As for Agents Chips and Hamish they agreed that it was odd to see the image of Senator John Hoeven of North Dakota in the profusion of images relating to Buffett’s exploding oil trains given that Casselton, North Dakota is considered the source of North Dakota governors and in 2013 there were more exploding oil trains in North America than in any of the 40 previous years. Senator John Hoeven was the governor to whom Agent Chips had reported the McCain Treason on 6 April, 2008 causing Tim Pawlenty to be dropped like a ‘hot potato’ from McCain’s bull shit candidacy to be Serco’s whore at the White House. Google [ john hoeven + 6 april 2008 + treason ] and wonder why North Dakota continues to coverup 9/11 Truth as Pete Carroll’s Seattle Seahawks head into next weekends “9/11 Truth Bowl” assuming the Serco jerks cancel their plans to have an explosive event midway through the third quarter using ‘choke point explosives and heavier than air poison gas’ as Chips has relayed to FOBAnalysts at DHS in hopes the ‘white hats’ at DHS will expose the black hats in time to prevent both Sochi and Superbowl “SERCO SANCTIONS”.

In Mansonville, Agent Arrow saw through the errant email and replied to Atomic Betty with a CC to Agents 99, Chips, Hamish, Sphinx, Julie Shirts, Bean and 80W.

“Atomic Betty, et. al. I received and email that you must have intended for another agent, perhaps Chips. In any event I see that once again Abel Danger has documented their ‘prescience’ as in April, 2012 Abel Danger suggested Canada would be receiving block 3c F35s from Lockheed if they did not cancel their order and admit that Canada was used as proxy attacker of America on the morning of 9/11. Now that Block 3c software problem has migrated to a ‘block 2b’ software problem of epic proportion. Please read story linked here whilst I answer an incoming Clipper from Agent 99 aboard “KNIGHT SHADE”. Will again contact you following 99’s input assuming I get her thrust or vice versa. Will solicit intel from Sphinx regard BT1 through BT9. Arrow”.

Canada’s Agent Arrow had just pressed ‘send’ on his Clipper Financial Calculator when a message from Hamish arrived in Chips’ ‘spam’ file which Chips would have missed anyway as he was yielding to Agent 99’s most base desire who could blame the poor girl as things were so slow at her home the mirror from atop her KSB was moved an placed over the dog’s bed by the garage door according to recent testimony during a Livestream Show that exhibited numerous displays of SAFE SAX.

Atomic Betty was notified that she and Hamish needed to be in the ‘southeast corner’ of Dulles International as KNIGHTSHADE was estimating in within 30 minutes. She looked towards the center of the hallway and saw Hamish doing an EASY Sudoku so she finished off her Cube Libre with signature lemon wedge, adjusted her high riding IOC in Pastel Mint Green and began walking towards Hamish when an Immediate JASPAR came in from Trooper Campbell who was monitoring all WESTGATE MALLS due to TW1411 which indicated ‘abnormal chatter’ in the mid-Atlantic states consistent with the warning received by Before It’s News concerning Met Life Stadium, preplaced explosives and choke points where heavier than air poison gas would created pain and suffering in the 3rd quarter of the Super Bowl if Abel Danger and Coach Carroll could not expose the game for what Serco intended it to be: The Treason Bowl.

Operation KNIGHTSHADE Agent Trooper Campbell IMMEDIATE JASPAR to 99, 80W, Chips, Hamish, Julie Shirts, Sphinx, and Hammer Rooster Cogburn, copy Hammers MacCheese, Otto Pilot and Corazon Dulce in Aguadilla: If anyone has face to face contact with Agents 99 or Chips please let them know that Hamish has asked me to upload the following Post #1829 ‘immediately after’ KNIGHTSHADE reports “east of W386A” enroute Brize Norton. Chips had also requested that Barry M. Hall and I monitor WESTGATE for ‘chatter’ and regarding that The Columbia Mall in Maryland and also Met Life Stadium are showing amber on the AQWB27xx processing AMEC internal communications. Here is the proposed post: #1829: Marine links MI-3 Innholders list to Sherlock Holmes Onion Router Triage, Clinton Underground bomb Plum City – ( – January 25, 2014: United States Marine Field McConnell has linked the late Amec executive Anthony Fatayi-Williams – apparently named in the annual hit list adopted at Bilderberg conferences by the MI-3 Innholders Livery Company – to Sherlock Holmes Onion Router Triage teamsallegedly pre-positioned by Hillary Clinton and her Carlson Wagonlits Travel (CWT) associates to put crime scenes at sixes and sevens before the bombing of the London Underground on 7/7/2005. PP McConnell claims Serco director Maureen Baginski equipped Carlson’s Sherlock Holmes Park Plaza hotel with an onion-router triage war room to relay ignition signals to the bomb that silenced Fatayi-Williams – a prospective whistle-blower to the MI-3 Travelgate team which triggered the Amec bombs in the Pentagon’s U.S. Navy Command Center on 9/11.” Pursuant to Hamish’s request it is my intention to post this once KNIGHTSHADE is east of the KILL BOX, W386A. Any additional information on Carlson, Carlson, Clinton or Baginski received before KILL BOX EXIT will be considered for edit 2B no relationship to Block 2B software problems now spreading through the F35 world. Trooper C, Prince George’s County, MD

In the back end of N007HT, Agents 99 and Chips were accomplishing PBPs according to Abel Danger Protocol as Chips heard and felt the rumble of speed brakes being deployed. As a double ding sounded throughout the cabin, Chips, ever the doting gentleman, helped 99 stuff her ample bounty into the upper IOC in Pastel Ivory. He could still detect a faint hint of clover and was ‘thinking about it’ when the voice of Stone spoke over the cabin address system.

“We will be on the ground in Dulles for just a quick gas n’ go and as of this moment our destination is presumed to be Brize Norton from where several Serco veterans are to brief us on the Operations in Sochi. While on the ground Agents Hamish and Atomic Betty will be joining us to brief emerging situations at Met Life and Milwaukee. On the ground in 4 minutes, Marquis d’Cartier, please prepare the cabin for landing and bring a Grape Nehi up for Captain Hoss in case he wakes up, and a pair of Grolsch widebodies for myself. Thank you.”

Marquis d’Cartier took a pair of Grolsch ‘wide bodies’ up to Agent Stone who pointed a Runway 19L as he accepted the brewskis. Marquis, noting Hoss still dozing for dollars in the left seat, placed the unopened Grape Nehi in Hoss’s Idaho State Bronco’s athletic bag as Stone dangled the Dunlops in preparation for the upcoming landing and long rollout to the southeast end of the Dulles Airport property. Chips was stuffing his twig n berries into his Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster in Pastel Manly Mocha when he noticed the time on his $10 WalMart; 25 or 6 to 4. His mind wandered back to 1996 when he and Agent Julie Shirts had been deployed to Los Angeles and found themselves in Burbank so they took in a show at the NBC studio which did not stand for nuclear-biological-chemical such as upcoming FALSE FLAG scenarios behind considered by persons or organizations trying to keep Thunder Thighs out of Federal Prison or worse yet, from taking a ‘short swing’ ala Barzan al-Takriti who lost his head for supporting his half brother and crossing, or potentially crossing, Hillary Diane RoadKill Rockefeller who was known as a complete loser in the Watergate Scandal, the consummate loser in VaginaGate [ Benghazi ] and a NO-SHOW in the Presidential FIELD of 2016 which may well feature the Wauwatosa Whiz, Scott Walker, who is to balanced budgets and rebates as Agent Chips is to ‘lethal intel and blocking FALSE FLAGS’ such as ATLANTA BURNS, Sochi Gay Terrorism or the upcoming ‘notso Superbowl’ where Coach Pete has inspired the term ‘Super Bowl of 9/11 Truth’ and others better informed refer to it as Treason Bowl as the perpetrators of Benghazi Treason don’t like taking the bitter medicine that ELO talked about in the song EVIL WOMAN. Chips understood that Hillary Roadkill was striking out in fish-nets and drinking mineral water to try and get in shape for 2016 although at a Supermax such as Attica or Florence there would be adequate time to slim down as one awaits the penalty for Treason; a crime for which Hillary, as one owing loyalty to the United States, may have committed whereas Barry Soetoro, Punahou ’79 can not be charged with Treason as he has a prior oath of allegiance which renders any subsequent oath invalid, just like his birth certificate, Punahou records, Occidental records, Columbia records, Harvard records, Fulbright Scholarship records as well as his hand scribbled notes on Donald Young, Nate Spencer, Larry Bland, Alex Okrent, Loretta Fuddy and [ redacted ] who is NYD, capeche?

Evil woman Hillary

Hillary's new look

You made a fool of me,
but them broken dreams have got to end.

Hey woman,
you got the blues, cos' you ain't got no one else to use.

There's an open road that leads nowhere,
so just make some miles

between here and there.

There's a hole in my head where the rain comes in,

You took my body and played to win,
Ha Ha woman it's a crying shame,

But you ain't got no one else to blame.


E-evil Woman, E-evil Woman, E-evil Woman, Evil Woman
Rolled in from another town,

Hit some gold too hot to settle down,

But a fool and his money soon go separate ways,
And you found a fool lyin' in a daze,

Ha Ha woman what you gonna do,

You destroyed all the virtues that the Lord gave you,
It's so good that you're feeling pain,

But you better get yourself on board the very next train.


Evil woman how you done me wrong,

But now you're tryin' to wail a different song,

Ha Ha funny how you broke me up,
you made the wine now you

drink the cup,

I came runnin' every time you cried,
Thought I saw love smilin' in your eyes,
Ha Ha very nice to know,
that you ain't got no place left to go.

Chips and Agent 99 had just re-seated themselves in seats 2C and 2D across the aisle from Sphinx and Julie Shirts as the Falcon 7x rolled onto 19L and Dulles and rolled all the way to the end where a taxiway was connecting KIAD to the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy named in his honor as he coughed up $65M after 9/11 never dreaming that his native Hungary would in 2014 kick out the Rothschild Bankers and start pressuring BT1 through BT9 to come clean about the FBCA and the participation by Wells Fargo and HSBC in the continual rape of the American economy that was supposed to die on 2YK and then again on 9/11 and then again during Barry Soetoro’s second term. Stephen F. of IFLC was probably hoping GECAS would take the heat of other participants in the attack of 9/11 which was laid bare by a simple four term google:

McConnell International + Clinton Rubin + Serco + Field McConnell

The Falcon 7x had come to a stop next to a fuel truck which was accompanied by a 1937 Studebaker President with the 250 cubic inch straight eight not to suggest that any Dangerette who would be willing to drape herself on the humongous hood should take for granted that the ‘straight 8’ was assigned to her but as Sphinx, Julie Shirts, 99 and 80W saw the long gray hood of the car with California black plate 4V 32 31 it was likely that they were all thinking the same thing as was Atomic Betty who stepped out from behind the fuel truck leading Agent Hamish to the lowered forward boarding door which was in the ‘non jetway’ configuration.
Up in the COCKpit, Agent Hoss was still dozing for dollars as an ‘alternate flight plan’ was printed on the Thales printer which look a lot like an Airbus printer, imagine that. Agent Stone noticed that the alternate flight plan had an ETE of just over one hour and instead of Brize Norton, the alternate FP ended at EWR23L. Stone saw that the fuel truck had begun topping off N007HT and as the fuel totalizer approached 10,000 pounds he turned on the anti-collision lights, landing lights and pressed the ‘mechanic call’ button signaling the fuel truck driver to stop the refueling.

Chips was still seated next to Agent 99 when he felt his Clipper Squirt Gun vibrate at the same time he got a ‘free shot’ of an IOC appearing to be in Pastel Vibrance Red. Atomic Betty and Hamish entered the cabin, capable of housing 19 passengers in relative luxury, allowing a brief distraction so that Chips could view his incoming text from an unknown rider.

“Chips, once I was in my kitchen and trying to think or 3 or 5 unrelated terms. I was really stumped, I say again STUMPed. However, hoping to win your favor I jotted down Eucalyptus, Freeze Dried Organ Meat, White Gardenia candle, silk long underwear with quick release bottoms and a photo of Agent Chips in his kilt holding his safe sax.”

Chips was intrigued as to how this Dangerette had gained knowledge of the arrival of his McConnell Clan Kilt delivered from Edinburgh KiltMakers of 26 Northbridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1QG, United Kingdom just 24 hours after his Tenor Sax had debuted on Livestream Show of 24 January, 2014. Before he could determine the method of her apparent discovery, he was regaled with another ‘free shot’ of Pastel Vibrance Red as Agent Julie Shirts blew him a kiss as she dreamed of holding an instrument, as it were. Chips’ legendary TI was passing 103% causing tensile strength pressure in his Oscar de La Renta Slingshot Rumpmaster as his Clipper Squirt Gun took an IMMEDIATE JASPAR from Agent NOTSO just west of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

Operation KNIGHTSHADE Agent NOTSO Immediate JASPAR to Agents Barry M. Hall, Julie Shirts, Chips, Hammer Rooster Cogburn and others with relationships to Wisconsin: Rush Limbaugh has just endorsed Governor Scott Walker to be the Republican candidate for POTUS 45. Governor Walker has balanced the budget, created a surplus, and plans to send rebate money back to taxpayers. In short, Walker is to leadership as Chips is to cutting edge intel. To create ‘cover’ for Hamish and Chips as they fly to Newark to interview the MET LIFE construction whistleblowers, unless Hamish, Rooster, Chips, Bean, Ginger Cookie or Sphinx advise otherwise, at 0411/26Jan14 we will release this bombshell linking Wagonlit to Hillary to the FBI travel gate issue that will continue to haunt Hillary the Haggard, no disrespect to Merle intended. At 1700 Umbrellaman has KNIGHTSHADE going active, God’s speed and fair winds as you endeavor to block both the TREASON BOWL GAS ATTACK and the Sochi False Flag supported by GAY TROUBLEMAKERS with ties to Serco, GECAS, HSBC, Wells Fargo and ‘the big one’. NOTSO, Beaver Dam, WI

Chips had just finished ‘speedreading’ the NOTSO-gram when the rumble of engines starting brought him back to the hear and now. Marquis d’Cartier directed him to fasten his seat belt as Marquis handed him a Captain Sherlock Martini with requisite two stuffed queens and an airsick bag with something folded into it but not in the way that Gareth Williams, the FOLDED SPOOK, was folded into a red Northface Holdall in the summer of 2010. Chips took a pull on his CSM and cautiously opened the bag only to find an IOC in Pastel Vibrance Red. Cautiously looking to seat 2B he got a free shot of ‘au natural’, and he liked that. As the Falcon 7x turned around to depart Runway 01R, Chips finished reading NOTSO’s offering #1830 as he pictured something in his mind that he found more pleasing that Hillary in her ‘fishnet’ speed walking outfit.

#1830:marine links MI-3 Sherlock Holmes list to Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Clinton Folded Spook

Plum City – ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked a hit list apparently held for the MI-3 Innholders Livery Company at the Sherlock Holmes Park Plaza hotel in Marylebone Road, to a Carlson Wagonlit Travel triage services allegedly used to hide Hillary Clinton’s role in setting up a gay pride pedophile entrapment ring at the U.S. Department of Justice and --- in re the snuff-film torture murder of Gareth Williams in August 2010 --- ‘The Case of the Folded Spook’.

McConnell claims that Serco director Maureen Baginski equipped MI-3 Innholders and their Sherlock Holmes associates with PKI* onion-router patent-pool devices allegedly used by Clinton and Marilyn Carlson Nelson to pre-position triage teams so legitimate first responders could not secure the evidence needed to successfully prosecute the guilty.

PKI = Public Key Infrastructure developed by Nortel (Entrust) for Carlson Wagonlit Travel in Ottawa to camouflage movements of pre-positioned triage teams for mass casualty events.

McConnell also claims that the e-book ‘Sherlock Holmes And The Alderney Street Mystery’ (excerpt below) is an insider’s attempt (Winter Patriot) to warn the public of a pedophile entrapment ring operated by Clinton, Carlson and the MI-3 Innholders since at least 1978. McConnell is happy to dedicate his Abel Danger research team to help Winter Patriot complete the task which he so bravely began with the first chapter of ‘SHATASM’ in 2011.

“These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph." --Thomas Paine, 1776”

McConnell invites key word Googlers to read excerpts below and emerging chapters of “The List of Thurso Innholders – The Wrist That Didn’t Bleed” at

Prequel 1: #1829: Marine Links MI-3 Innholders List to Sherlock Holmes Onion Router Triage, Clinton Underground Bomb

Prequel 2: #1563: Marine Links Gareth Williams Fort Meade PRISM to Amazon Gorelick Changeling President

Inside Gareth Williams' flat"You See But You Do Not Observe [Clue question – What did Clinton do with the Nortel patent pool?]"

Check Maurice Strong!

In memory of Gareth Wyn Williams and with apologies to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a work of factual fiction in progress, from Winter Patriot
Chapter 122: More Detail
Previous: Remarkably Stupid

Three weeks elapsed before we obtained any additional information about Gareth Williams. Once again our source was a London paper, but this time it was The Guardian, which ran a long and apparently well-researched piece by Cathy Scott-Clark and Adrian Levy called "Who was Gareth Williams?" As usual, Holmes found it before I did. I knew this because I found the paper folded open to the page, with a circle around the headline.

The piece began by talking about the family, and said that Ceri had raised the alarm after not being able to reach Gareth by phone.

Now she contacted the police; the security services were already concerned, as Gareth had failed to show for work. On 23 August, at 6.30pm, a uniformed officer was sent to Williams's top-floor flat in a Georgian townhouse in Alderney Street, Pimlico. It was only a few hundred yards from the MI6 headquarters at Vauxhall, and was used by the Secret Intelligence Service as a safe house. A lettings agent who held a spare key showed the policeman in. He was asked to wait downstairs as the officer went up and entered the curtained rooms. The place was "spotless": two iPhones, some sim cards and an Apple notebook sat on a table. Then he entered the bathroom, and found a holdall in the bathtub. Red liquid seeped from it. Inside was a body, in such a contorted position that he thought its "legs and arms had been cut off". Radioing for assistance, the policeman noted that there were no signs a struggle. This was not a robbery or home invasion. It was a "neat job", a euphemism for a professional kill.

Given his clearances and access to classified material, Williams's death triggered alarm across Whitehall. MI5 agents swept through the Alderney Street flat, followed by detectives from the Homicide and Serious Crime Command, assisted by SO15, Scotland Yard's Counter Terrorism Command. Alderney Street was cordoned off as Home Office scientists began processing the scene. Once the spooks had departed, it was down to the murder squad to study the evidence. So far, they had a body in an "advanced state of decay". There was no weapon and no sign of forced entry or a struggle.

Concentrating on the holdall and its contents, detectives established that Williams had not been stabbed, shot or hacked to pieces. On August 25, Home Office pathologist Dr Ben Swift carried out a post-mortem that, together with the first batch of toxicological tests, came back "inconclusive". "If we don't know what to look for, and are not guided by what we see or smell on the body, we cannot find it," says a forensic scientist who worked on the Litvinenko case. "We do 50 obvious poisons. Fifty rare. We can do the isotopes. Litvinenko alerted us to that. But in the absence of a specific direction, the possibilities are as limitless as a killer's imagination… and we cannot test for that."

There was more detail here than we had seen in one place, ever. I wondered how much of it could be true. It was all well and good for "the security services" to claim that they "were already concerned," but why hadn't they done anything on their own? How long would Gareth have remained missing if he hadn't enjoyed such a close relationship with his sister?

And yet the description of the scene demanded attention.

What did it all mean? Scott-Clark and Levy continued:

Detectives set out their theories. One reading of the crime scene pointed to a forensically aware hit man. Slender 5ft 7in Gareth had been stuffed inside the near-airtight red North Face sports bag and placed in the bath, containing any spillage and minimising odours, too. The heating was on, increasing the rate of decomposition, which significantly lessened the chances of retrieving evidence from the corpse. 

Or perhaps the body in the bag was evidence of a stage-managed "personal event", masterminded by a controlling individual. Was this a suicide (with Williams acting on his own)? Or a sadistic or masochistic sexual act gone wrong (with Williams engaging in some kind of auto-erotic asphyxiation?). "If you can imagine it, then we are investigating it," a detective said in late August. But what would shape police inquiries was the dawning realisation that Gareth Williams had not been alone. 

Returning to the holdall, studying the zips and lock, police became certain that he could not have locked himself inside. And there was further proof that someone else must have been in the flat with him: his front door had been locked from the outside.

The piece went on to discuss Gareth's life, from childhood to the "character assassination" that followed his death.

"Murdered MI6 worker Gareth Williams was a secret transvestite who may have been killed by a gay lover, detectives said yesterday… Cops found women's clothing that would fit him at his Pimlico flat in central London." The Sun ran with this version of events, while other newspapers, quoting similar unnamed sources, reported that cocaine had been found, a cache of gay pornography, a small armoury of S&M paraphernalia. Williams was also said to have frequently paid for male escorts. 

Senior detectives angrily rebutted the stories. Uncle William in Anglesey thought they read like a concerted smear, and wondered why anyone would want to destroy Gareth's reputation after he was dead.

Like most well-constructed character assassinations, however, this one was founded on a grain of fact that made it that much harder to quash. Detectives had been quietly investigating whether Gareth Williams was gay. They had canvassed witnesses in the Vauxhall Cross village of gay clubs and bars, a short walk from Alderney Street. They had also studied Williams's computers and reading matter, his journals, magazines and computer cache. Despite outright denials from his family, detectives were privately certain that Gareth was gay, although they had been unable to find trace of any sexual encounters. They had also come to believe that his sexual orientation was not central to the inquiry (although his sexual preferences might be). There was no evidence of Williams paying for escorts, buying S&M equipment, using porn or drugs of any kind. "This man didn't really even drink," one frustrated detective said.

The police felt they were being hurried along by other parties, keen for the scandal to go away. "Someone, somewhere, who has access to case material, is saying, 'He's queer and asked for it', rather than waiting for the outcome of the case," one veteran detective said.

Even at a distance, it was obvious that someone was trying to avoid "waiting for the outcome of the case." But once again I wondered how much of the other assertions could be true. It would be so much better to have a source inside the investigation.

Scott-Clark and Levy wrote that Gareth had worked for GCHQ, was with MI6 at the time of his death, and had also been working with the Americans at NSA. The article seemed to confirm our suspicion that Gareth had been involved with "foiling" the so-called "Liquid Bombers":

Williams's elevation within GCHQ came with the "Liquid Bomb" plot, where a group of British radicals of Asian origin were found to be planning to detonate home-made explosives on board seven flights to major north American cities. Intercepting emails and phone calls between these plotters and their contacts abroad, Williams flew between the UK and the US, working at Fort Meade (the NSA HQ, in Baltimore).

If, as it appeared, this were a case of murder, there would be no shortage of work-related suspects: 

Williams was brought into close proximity to US intelligence, Islamic radicals and Middle Eastern agents. He would rub shoulders with the Russians, too, according to a foreign intelligence analyst based in the UK, who described how technology and software honed by GCHQ was deployed in tracking a Moscow-backed sleeper cell to which Britain had been alerted as early as 2003. The case blew up in June 2010 when 10 people were arrested in the US and accused of being part of an espionage ring. One of them, a glamorous 28-year-old called Anna Chapman, had lived for five years in the UK. According to the former GCHQ contractor, "Williams had been obsessed by the case, its methodology and characters." and Rogue individuals and nation states, Islamist terror groups and radical loners, extortionists and organised criminals – these were just some of those Williams had observed, investigated, disrupted and provoked. Any one of them was capable of reciprocating, lethally. 

I wondered how many of these potential enemies were capable of both "reciprocating lethally" and arranging a massive "character assassination." It seemed to me that Scott-Clark and Levy had allowed this important question to slip through their fingers, and disappear without having been raised. 

It occurred to me that this could have been deliberate, and I wondered how many other questions had been allowed to slip away without having been asked, let alone answered.

I wondered what else Holmes had seen in the article. I was certain there must have been at least a dozen pertinent details that I had missed. So I re-filled my pipe, sat back in my seat, and began to read the piece again.”

Carlson Wagonlit Travel Marilyn Carlson Nelson

In her role as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Marilyn is responsible for the day to day operations of one of the largest privately held companies in the world.

Marilyn graduated with honors from Smith College with a degree in International Economics and a minor in Theater. She also attended the Sorbonne in Paris and the Institute Des Hautes Etudes Economiques Politiques in Geneva, Switzerland, where she studied political science and international economics.

Recognized as a worldwide business leader, Marilyn currently serves on the boards of Exxon Mobil Corporation and U S West. She is Millennium Chair of the Travel Industry Association of America, leading this important industry group into the new century. She also served on the board of First Bank System from 1978 to April 1997. She has been a member of the World Travel and Tourism Council and a member of the World Economic Forum since 1997. At the invitation of President Bill Clinton, she was a delegate to the White House Conference on Tourism in 1996.

Capitalizing on her international business expertise, Marilyn leads the management of a global business portfolio encompassing Carlson Companies’ major operating groups, specializing in Corporate Solutions and Consumer Services: Carlson Hospitality Worldwide (hotels, restaurants and cruise ships); Carlson Wagonlit Travel (business travel and leisure travel brand); Carlson Leisure Group (leisure travel agencies and tour operators); and Carlson Marketing Group (incentive and loyalty marketing). 

Marilyn has always been devoted to community programs and has served as President of the United Way of Minneapolis, Board Member of United Way of America, Chair of New Sweden '88, and leader of the Governor's Task Force to bring the 1992 Super Bowl to Minnesota. Supporting the family’s strong Swedish heritage, Marilyn chaired the nine-month long "Scandinavia Today" celebration in the U.S.

During "Scandinavia Today," the King of Sweden bestowed upon Marilyn the Royal Order of the North star, First Class, and the President of Finland presented her with the Order of the White Rose, Officer First Class.

Carlson Companies, Inc. was founded in 1938 as the Gold Bond Stamp Company.

Among the names in the Carlson family of brands and services are: Thomas Cook travel and financial services, Carlson Wagonlit Travel®, Regent® International Hotels, Radisson Hotels & ResortsTM Radisson Seven Seas Cruises®, Country Inns & Suites By Carlson®, T.G.I. Friday’s® restaurants and Carlson Marketing Group®, the largest relationship marketing services company in the United States. Ranked among the largest privately held corporations in the country, Carlson Companies is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 1999, Carlson brands generated more than $31.4 billion in gross sales system-wide and currently employ about 188,000 people in more than 140 countries.

Marilyn Carlson Nelson became a trailblazer in the fight against human trafficking when she committed her travel companies to a global code of conduct that seeks to protect children from commercial sexual exploitation in travel and tourism. As part of the code of conduct Mrs. Nelson signed, she agreed to train employees to identify and report perpetrators of child sex tourism; inform travelers about the legal penalties associated with such transgressions; and develop an ethical corporate policy repudiating sexual exploitation in tourism [cf. Kristine Marcy’s DoJ pedophile entrapment racket operated by Ms. Francey Hakes]. The multi-line Carlson Companies, which includes hotel chains, cruises, restaurants, and the world’s second largest travel agency, generated more than $27 billion in sales last year and employs an estimated 198,000 persons in more than 140 nations. Carlson Companies is the first major North American travel company to adopt the code of conduct. In 2004 the US State Department Office to combat and monitor trafficking in persons named her one of their 10 Heroes Acting to End Modern-Day Slavery.”

Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971; Forensic Economist; 30 year airline and 22 year military pilot; 23,000 hours of safety; Tel: 715 307 8222

David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 Forensic Economist; former leader of oil-well blow-out teams; now sponsors Grand Juries in CSI Crime and Safety Investigation.

The Falcon 7x was passing 10,000 feet when Julie Shirts stood up, turned aft and headed back towards the CRF whilst dropping a Tim Horton’s napkin in Chips’s lap. Chips noticed there was lipstick impression of lips so he turned it over so as not to arouse any suspicion amongst Agents 99, 80W, Sphinx or Atomic Betty. Marquis d’Cartier figured out the deal and helped in his own way by telling Chips that Hoss and Stone needed to shift the ‘center of gravity’ aft and hoped that Chips would take his 210 pounds of twisted steel and sex appeal back to the aft CRF and await an update from Umbrellaman or Hammer MacCheese expected within the next 5 minutes. Always the team player, Chips went to the aft CRF, let himself in quietly and discovered Agent Julie Shirts in a state of undress, and he liked that, so did his PTRC. He thought the IOC draped over the lampshade was a nice touch so he considered a BDE which was put on hold by an incoming Immediate JASPAR from Hammer Rooster Cogburn.

Operation KNIGHTSHADE Hammer Rooster to all Badger State Agents, copy Hamish: In news from EIB network today, the state of Wisconsin’s unemployment rate is “rapidly falling” and the government’s budget ended the year with a $912 million surplus. The dramatic turnaround is due in large part to the conservative policies of Gov. Scott Walker. What’s even more amazing, he continued, is the fact that Walker is going to “rebate the money in the form of tax cuts to the people, who he said own the money.” Limbaugh says the news is “earth-shattering” because, in one of the bluest states, Walker was targeted for removal twice but continued to implement conservative policies that he was confident would help his state — and his strategy appears to be working. “They did everything they could to gin up hate, anger, tried to destroy his reputation, his career, and his life,” he said. “He hung in there. The state of Wisconsin instituted his policy reforms, de-emphasizing the role of unions in the state and as Walker creates in Wisconsin a template for fiscal change on a national scale, in Plum City Abel Danger Private Intel sets the bar high for intelligence agencies working to protect citizens and expose evil in high places. Dianne Feinstein, John Boehner, Light Loafered Lindsey, Hothead Wetstart, Thunder Thighs and the GHOUL GALS of NSAWW in Chantilly might find that rope creates a ‘chafing’ when 200 pounds of ugly fat is suspended from some New Gallows on Old Gallows Road, say around 1950 OGR, capeche?

Chips had his IOC in Pastel Manly Mocha ‘halfmasted’ by a pair of little hands attached to a smiling face. Agent Julie Shirts saw the Tim Horton’s napkin still was showing the lipstick side and she coyly asked “Chips did you turn it upside down yet?”

Chips took the hint and turned the Tim Horton’s napkin upside down and their was a picture of Russian Air Force One taken through the co-pilot’s windshield of an Air Astana A320 taxiing out to Runway 04 at Astana, Kazakhstan in April, 2009. Chips recalled that during that time frame Polish Air Force One, Russia’s Air Force One and Iran’s Air Force One were all in Astana as was Chips who had been using a ‘contract pilot cover’ to monitor the Uranium swindle set up by Frank Guistra and Bill Clinton. To find written reference to this ‘hush hush’ operation simply google these terms:

frank giustra + uranium + clinton + kazakhstan + serving the quim + chips + Hamish

Chips decided to forget about Clinton and Giustra and focus on serving the quim. However, as he was being rigged for Knight Action, a FLASH FESTUS message appeared in que as the Falcon 7x was being buffeted around like a screen door in a hurricane. As he fell on top of Agent Julie Shirts, he thought that the Dassault Falcon may be having an uncontained engine failure, however, as his svelte graduate of menopause training began undulating, he suddenly no longer noticed the vibrations of the aircraft as the gyrations of a mature caboose captured ever bit of his attention. Agent Julie Shirts had selected F4 and 0+30 and volume level 7 causing Chips to miss the FLASH FESTUS in favor of the quim being served.


Chips had just placed Item B into Item A and was keeping in time with the Pointer Sisters as his own pointer, in some manner words, was leading both of the heterosexual CEMAW consensuals on a pleasure path seldom traveled by the perverters of justice who tend to leave those they’ve used to wonder how Hillary tricked them into serving her whilst she and Hubbell were having their DNA stirred in a Petri dish. Perhaps it is because they are more greedy than intelligent. Chips could feel the tightening of a sphincter type muscle that women had one of and men have none when he saw his Clipper Squirt Gun vibrate off the night side table as he was missing a FLASH FESTUS which had to be from with Hammer Rooster Cogburn or Umbrellaman. Agent Julie Shirts, realizing the urgency of the world situation as pertaining to TREASON BOWL, Serco’s Sochi and the False Flag shooting at the WestGate Mall linked to Sidley Austin Law of Chicago where a Blatchford linked to the Pelindaba nuclear heist that caused the four deaths of Robin Cook, Christopher Shale, Dr. David Kelly and, oops, only 3 so far. The 4th is on the 2013 Bilderberg ‘project list’ and will be seen by the world before Valentine’s Day, me thinks.

“Chips, I know that you had filtered out everyone except Rooster Cogburn and Umbrellaman, so if you need to take that call, I understand. You can finish me off with a rimshot at the buzzer, quickie authorized, pile driver-jack hammer.”

However, Chips had a different idea and he selected C+45 as he was enjoying providing the ‘bass line’ to slow hand and besides, he had received a telepathic version of the message from Rooster Cogburn and he understood that they would be meeting the construction workers who had warned of TREASON BOWL. He was also aware that Umbrellaman which for Chips’ opinion of the ‘fourth dimension’ of both the British TSR 2 aircraft and the Avro Arrow, both of which had fallen victim to the same frailty. He was keenly aware that as Russia and Hungary were making Central Bankers unwelcome, the April, 2012 exposure of software problems in F35s destined for Canada were now spreading through the entire F35 population and Abel Danger was becoming more prescient by the hour. In the first class cabin of KNIGHTSHADE, 80W, Agent 99, Sphinx and Atomic Betty were all asleep dreaming of sunbathing at the Chelsea Tower on Prince Sayed Road where in 2008 Agent Chips had liaised with wives and daughters of KBR contractors whose husband/fathers were in Iraq raping the U S taxpayers as Paul Bernardo’s understudy, Colonel Russell Williams, THE CANADIAN STALLION, was wishing he had been born straight so the raping of his victims would have been more pleasurable for him and his dour beard, Mary Elizabeth Harriman, see also Chicago railroad fortunes, capeche? Chips was harking back to the lovely KBR assets he seen tanning their knockers in Dubai, when the recent comments of Hammer Rooster Cogburn crept back into his conscience, this time making perfect sense.
Agent Julie Shirts

“Chips, something is scaring them. You can sense it in the air. Tomorrow is Sunday. Should be here all day. When you are secured in knowing the cabal is becoming more nervous based on your "tenor sax playing", our response should be incrementally adjusted perhaps even taking the gloves off and laying all of Benghazi on Hillary as Barry Soetoro owes no allegiance to the USA but she does. The last ‘kick ass’ chapter had 500 reads in the first day, and that did not include the English version. Of course we aren't looking for numbers but rather looking for quality in action based on all this effort as the ‘twisted sisters’ become more paranoid and continue cross implicating themselves.

I would advise mentioning "domestic tranquility" because I see a lot of very angry people yelling all over the internet. Hard to judge that kind of reaction. People are nuts and getting nuttier. A group in Arizona is calling for a "revolution." Don't really know what that would entail.  I don't think that's the way to go about responsibly reinventing ourselves as the good guys/white hats. Had a friend who was given an AR15 mini combat version. Ex-marine and good friend who lives outside of (redacted), Wisconsin. You’re in good hands in Wisconsin. You can plink with your AR15 while I secure downrange distances with the Springfield Armory SOCOM 7.62mm (.308). Qualified expert marksmen in the AF. Note: police in the U.S. shot and killed 5,000 Americans over a ten year period. That's more than the U.S. military lost over that same ten year period. It is now Saturday night and standing by...if you communicate with Governor Walker remind him of our enduring support and gratitude. Perhaps he knows of the 5 armories that are at 118% including Maiden Rock. Remember, DOMESTIC TRANQUILITY, not revolution, capeche?


Chips was thinking HARD on the words of Rooster Cogburn, and to keep his mind off the ample bounty that Julie Shirts was sharing with him, he mentally googled some terms to see how LONG it had been since Chips and Hamish had demonstrated their ability to deliver DOMESTIC TRANQUILITY by using ASSYMETRICAL WARFARE and extreme OODA-looping.

[ Chips + Hamish + domestic tranquility + ioc + pastel ]

Chips and Julie Shirts had finished their comparative anatomy study just as Stone made a PA announcing they were approaching Newark’s Liberty Airport from the north and that if those on the left would look to the left, they would see the Hudson River where Sullenberger ditched USAir 1549 without losing a single soul. It reminded Chips that ‘little Jimmy Brown’ was once a soul that winged its way to Heaven, and as he handed Julie Shirts 12 NAPAWASHes, he realized that to FLY WEST was a trip we all will have to make.

“Chips is that a tear in your eye” asked Julie who was performing PBP protocols according the Abel Danger Standard Operation Procedures.

“Maybe so, I was thinking about Little Jimmy Brown winging his way towards heaven, but when that day comes for me, it will be MIGHTY CLOUDS OF JOY I will be flying through as I reach out for the Hand of God.”


Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

Philippians 4:8

Meanwhile, United States Senior Executive Service, NSAWW and Femme Compe Inc perhaps wish Agent Chips would ‘fly west’ instead of picking a 13 year old scad..

Support Reps, Stephen Lynch (D-MA) and Walter Jones (R-NC) to declassify the Congressional Investigative Report on 9/11.

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