Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nick Ross, Sir Francis Walsingham and Brighton Bombing From Trigger to Spin

Sent to: The Telegraph - Norman Tebbit

Nick Ross, Sir Francis Walsingham and Brighton bombing from trigger to spin 

Strange no-one wants to look at the role of Nick Ross and his BBC Crimewatch simulated snuff-film crews in the Brighton Bombing.

Sir Francis Walsingham would have smiled knowingly.

"Breakfast Time was an unexpected success. A rival commercial breakfast show, TV-am, was headed by a star line-up and almost everyone assumed it would trounce the BBC, but Breakfast Time got on the air first and the format and presenters proved supremely popular. One of Breakfast Time's most notable episodes was on the morning of the Brighton bombing when Nick Ross in the studio presented continuous live coverage of the IRA's attack at the Conservative Party conference in 1984, including live pictures of the rescue of senior politicians such as Norman Tebbit." 

The key is always to look for synchronicity in the trigger events with the premature release of spin attributing guilt to a decoy before a real crime scene investigation can get underway.

WTC#7 , 7/7 and the Murrah bomb under the day care center are classic examples.

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