Friday, December 28, 2012

Marine links Obama’s DMORT Region V to Fresh Kills Pig Farm and Snuff Film Live

Plum City – ( United States Marine Field McConnell has linked former Illinois Senator Barack Obama’s use of a DMORT Region V Federal Bridge Certification Authority (FBCA) to live-broadcast snuff-film images of body disposal procedures developed in portable morgues set up at the Fresh Kills land fill in Staten Island and the Pickton pig farm in British Columbia.

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Feeling laconic, McConnell invites Obama’s apologists to check the log of his Blackberry calls to DMORT V portable morgues, apparently set up for Global Guardian continuity of government exercises on 9/11 and associated snuff-film crimes allegedly coordinated over the FBCA by the U.K. MoD and the State of Illinois.

“9/11 Debris: Investigation of Ground Zero, Pt. 1 [Honourable Artillery Company Smacsonic]
Frank Saul (left), Commander of Obama’s DMORT Region V in NYC for 9/11 snuff film body disposal

“Over seventy team members and guests attended the Region V Annual Training Session at the Danville Armory and Hendricks Regional Health Center in Danville, Indiana on July 20-22, 2007. The following were key agencies at this training: DMORT V, Emergency Coordinator Region 5, and the Indiana Department of Homeland Security. These groups provided a comprehensive and informative training for the team. Opening Remarks Region V Command Staff Dr. Frank Saul (Region V Commander) led the team in a moment of remembrance for teammate Gabe Hensley of Moores Hill, Indiana. Gabe passed away on July 24, 2006, while piloting his single-engine Cessna 172 aircraft [They never learn]. This training was dedicated to Gabe, whose letter to Frank Saul was instrumental in the training program, emphasizing the need for hands-on training with a Disaster Portable Morgue Unit (DPMU). The following is a copy of Gabe’s March 6, 2006 email to Frank: “I had never deployed before Katrina and I just wanted you to know that the training we had in Columbus last spring with the Ohio DPMU present was invaluable to me. When I got to Gulf Port in September I was already familiar with the morgue unit and felt very comfortable right off the bat. I served 4 months at both the East and West morgues serving most of my time on strike teams. I feel that having that training with the DPMU present got me off on the right foot with a very positive first impression. I am very proud of what we did in Mississippi and La. and am very, very proud to be a member of DMORT. Thank you for the opportunity to serve.”

Happy New Year to DMORT Region V and Obama's agents behind the Fresh Kills portable morgue with a reminder that you can run but you cannot hide.

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