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Marine Links Gore Hammer Nortel JABS to Cancerous (?) Deaths of Toot and Jobs

United States Marine Field McConnell has linked the Gore Hammer Awards for DOJ sponsors who helped reinvent government with Nortel JABS to the cancerous deaths of Obama grandmother Madelyn ‘Toot’) Dunham and Stephen Jobs (died October 5, 2011).

Feeling laconic, McConnell invites DOJ Pride’s counter-intelligence experts to check their same-sex colleagues’ apparent use of Nortel JABS patented devices to track Gore Hammer (cf. Kristine Marcy's Conair) saboteurs, assassins and double agents (SAD) as they moved through crime scenes allegedly associated with the use of cancer-mimicking poisons to murder Toot and Jobs.

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“Obama deception-did he Murder Toot His Grandmother?”

“Apple Founder Steve Jobs has died Aged 56”


Apple now owns 1,024 Nortel patents, ready to sue infringers Apple is said to have taken ownership of 1,024 patents acquired by the Rockstar Consortium a of which Apple is a major stakeholder 

By Karen Haslam, 
November 19, 2012 03:52 PM ET - Apple is said to have taken ownership of 1,024 patents acquired by theRockstar Consortium - of which Apple is a major stakeholder. By obtaining full rights to the patents Apple can now sue any company it believes is infringing them.

The fierce battle over intellectual property

Apple owns a 58% stake in the consortium, having contributed approximately $2.6 billion to the deal that saw Apple, Microsoft, Research In Motion, Sony, Ericsson AB and EMC team up to buy Nortel Networks' 6,000 patent portfolio for $4.5 billion back in 2011. The patent enforcement firm was previously called Rockstar Bidco. The purchasing group won the auction for the patents on 30 June 2011. 1,350 patents were originally acquired, with access to a pool of about 4,000 - 6,000 former Nortel patents covering data networking, wireless, optical, voice, semiconductor and service-provider technologies. Google had hoped to buy the portfolio, making a $900 million "stalking horse" bid in April that set the minimum asking price in a multi-day auction.”

[Spoliation inference that Gore Hammer sponsors had Jobs murdered because he threatened to expose Al Gore ‘s theft of Nortel JABS patent pool where Nortel was bankrupted by its Libor lenders and the patents transferred to Gore controlled cartel] What made Apple's Steve Jobs so Angry with Google-Android? The simple answer is Google's leadership profoundly betrayed the longtime personal trust and friendship of Apple's leadership in stealing what Steve Jobs believed were Apple's most prized possessions. The fuller answer is below, in a telling timeline of the once exceptionally-close Apple-Google relationship.

This discussion is timely given Google's current PR effort to convince the public/media that Google and Apple are likely to negotiate a patent "truce" and make Google's Android's patent liabilities go away. Thus it makes sense to drill down to learn more about the real likelihood of Apple being party to any patent-litigation "truce" or grand Apple-Android patent-licensing settlement.

Many are familiar with Apple's Steve Jobs' strong views about Google-Android's infringement of Apple. In Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs famously said: "…I will spend every penny of Apple's $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong. I'm going to destroy Android, because it's a stolen product. I'm willing to go thermonuclear war on this." However, few are familiar with the story of what actually made Steve Jobs this angry. Moreover, few are familiar with the length and closeness of the Apple-Google relationship that explains the depth of the betrayal Steve Jobs felt about Google's theft.”

 (202) 616-2777  TDD (202) 514-1888 


WASHINGTON, DC -- Attorney General Janet Reno presented Hammer Awards to three employee working groups from Justice Department components as part of the Department's "Justice Performance Review Lab Day," an event showcasing the achievements of the Department's 16 reinvention labs.

The Hammer Award is Vice President Gore's special recognition to teams of employees which made significant contributions in support of the President's National Performance Review (NPR) principles of improving customer service, cutting red tape, empowering employees, and getting back to basics.

"By accepting the challenge to re-invent government, these employees are making government more efficient and improving the way we perform our public responsibilities," Reno said during the Lab Day event in the Justice Department's Great Hall. Deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick, who also attended, noted that the employees "have taken the concept of creating a government that works better and costs less and have made it a reality."

The three Justice Department teams receiving the award are:

* The SENTRI Reinvention Lab, for developing a secure, high-tech, automated border inspection system at Otay Mesa, California;

* The Joint Automated Booking System (JABS) Lab, a multi- component effort which has significantly improved the prisoner booking process;

* The Justice Prisoner Alien Transportation System (JPATS), which combines the resources of several DOJ components to schedule and transport prisoners more quickly, safely, and economically.”

“The [Nortel JABS] customer The Department of Justice (DOJ) is the world’s largest law office — the central agency for enforcing federal, criminal and civil laws and home to 40 separate Federal agencies. In accordance with Federal mandates, DOJ continually implements e-Government initiatives across its core functional areas. These efforts include architecting information sharing solutions that help streamline law enforcement processes and procedures at all levels of government…

> Eliminates multiple data entries — Different law enforcement departments often investigate and book the same individuals concurrently. Because JABS provides automated links between booking operations, duplicate data entry is eliminated.

> Easily interfaces with other agencies’ automated systems — JABS’ generic interface makes it easy to connect with other agencies that have developed their own Automated Booking System (ABS). Costs of coming on-line with JABS are further reduced as the government gives the booking station software to Federal law enforcement agencies at no cost.

> Enables secure connectivity among participating agencies — JABS includes comprehensive security functionality to safeguard the sensitive information being shared between the participating agencies and ensure the integrity of the numerous agency interfaces connected.

>Lowers costs by reducing the number of booking stations — JABS’ interagency booking functionality enables the United States Marshals Service (USMS) to book arrestees for other agencies, thus eliminating the need for every user to have a booking station. …

Nortel Government Solutions [a RICO pump-and-dump fraud by Libor creditors], a network-centric integrator, is a trusted partner for government to support the livelihood, security, and well-being of its citizens. We deliver a comprehensive portfolio of technology and high-end services capable of meeting the demands of the most complex and important systems in the world. Headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia, Nortel Government Solutions engineers, deploys and manages mission-critical solutions for government, including homeland security, criminal justice and intelligence, defense and civilian agencies within the U.S. Federal Government and at state and local levels. For more information, contact your Nortel representative, or call 1-800-4 NORTEL or 1-800-466-7835 from anywhere in North America. Nortel, the Nortel logo and the Globemark are trademarks of Nortel Networks. Nortel Government Solutions logo is the trademark of Nortel Government Solutions. All other trademarks are the property of their owners. Copyright © 2006 Nortel Networks. All rights reserved. Information in this document is subject to change without notice. Nortel assumes no responsibility for any errors that may appear in this document. .. Nortel Government Solutions is now Avaya Government Solutions On December 21, 2009, Nortel Government Solutions became Avaya Government Solutions Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Avaya Inc. As a result, Avaya Federal Solutions and Nortel Government Solutions have a unified goal in offering an exponentially better portfolio of services expertise and mission-critical systems by leveraging combined strengths. Today, we deliver leading IT products and services that enhance the human experience through tailored solutions meeting the unique needs of the federal government.”

More to follow.

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