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Chicago's Candyman and Her Short for Snuff Swaps - Chapter 3

Liz’s Knickers and Maggie’s Draws Get Lumps of Coal as Soetoro’s Invasion/Perversion of United States FAILS
Umbrellaman to loose Operation SWORD FISH no later than Kwanzaa Killing of the Fat Lady in Operation DILL DOUGH

Fat and Furious Killer missing her Weiner

AD Knockers cause US power shift

Private Dick in Plum deploys Operation DILL DOUGH

Hucklebee-McConnell ticket dumps Soetoro?

Where have all the children gone? Operation BUTTGAS

Broads Undoing Treason Traitors/Guns Against Soetoro

Short happy lives violated by Matthew 18:6 transgression, Hillary, Soetoro, Holder

Agent Sable Bassman of the Pastel Burkhas, Operation BP SWORDFISH

Abel Danger Agent Nodamn Schaden Freude AMS

Gordon England powered by Gnome

Wisconsin’s Red Elephant

Agent Chips set to lock horns with Childkillers of Benghazi Scripture of the Day: “Praise be to the Lord, the God of Israel, because he has come to his people and redeemed them. He has raised up a horn of salvation for us in the house of his servant David (as he said through his holy prophets of long ago),” Luke 1:68-70

Gospel Song of the Day: Sung by some new child angels called home from Newtown

JC warning the Cabal: “You’ve run on for along time, your time is now”

In the last gripping chapter sent directly to Glamour Boy and Shit Hook, you may recall that as Agent MacCheese read, verbatim, the entire post of December 15, 2012, Agents 80W and Bean Spiller were being posted to become the voices of the children and beasts abused by the Vatican, the Royals, the Harpers, the Clintons and the Obamas who are all feeling faint and ready to PULL AN INOUYE along with Ironsides in Maine and Pungent Prince Phartingham at the Windsor Biddette. Speaking of pulling, as Agent Chips draws his sword of truth as CALLED TO DO by Umbrellaman, it is recommended that the persons listed above read Matthew 18:5 ( Abel Danger’s choice ) and Matthew 18:6, Obama-Clinton-Royal’s sentence pending the distribution of intellectual MILLSTONEs for all but the first three who will test the New Gallows at 1950 Old Gallows Road as Hucklebee and McConnell identify how to protect American children from British sponsored killers including Candyass and his beard Fat Ass who has a double portion of butt, hold the knockers! Knowing that most of the SOON TO BE BOILED FROGS plot in French like that sissy Kerry and Sissy Glamour Boy, here is the warning that caused Susan Rice to jump out of the frying pan as Little Black Sambo is turned to BUTTERMILK in Operation SWORDFISH 2012.

Barry Soetoro, posant comme Obama, cherche à devenir Baiter principal ne sachant pas que quand tu baises avec le canard vous recevrez la facture. Quand Barry et sur le terrain étaient à l'école Punahou il était un musulman indonésien et le terrain McConnell faisait partie redman profondément à l'intérieur. Soetoro, Hillary, titulaire de payer pour Benghazi gâchis.

Meanwhile, in the CRF of the west bound DC-9-30 with registration N-9981Z which had the Ozark fuselage from the Christmas snowplow and the Canadian wing from the Cincinnati ‘flaming blue room’, Chips was taking turns with a pair of CEMAW consensual heterosexual women with nice quivers for his STRAIGHT ARROW not to be confused with the North Dakota Army National Guard that lost a good Indian in a bad war that benefits Kew Gardens and a Stuffed Queen. As Chips was causing a Pale Faced Squaw to quiver, a Clipper came into his Clipper Squirt Gun while he prepared to do a little squirting of his own which brings up the obvious question, what is the biggest drawback in Africa?

Wisconsin’s Red Elephant

The answer to what is the biggest drawback in Africa was answered by a Cherokee Maid from Arizona: the foreskin on an elephant. The Asphalt Elephant above has an engine built at Jim’s Speed Shop in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. On the count of three guess where Agent Chips gets his STROKE AND BORE? As the ’62 super stock Dodge is ‘diggin’ in’, Chips is busy laying the lumber to CEMAW female in the back of the DC9 so listen to this song for the phrase “the 413 is really diggin’ in”. Tac it up you pig phucers killing kids.

Power shift here we go is Abel Danger code for the peaceful transfer of governance as the Soetoros are ushered out and Christian Patriots take control in Operation SWORDFISH which is also causing angst for the owners of Mississippi’s only abortion facility as in Arkansas the cops are nervous because they anticipate BLOWBACK from the tainted blood issue involving the Killer Klinton Klowns, Connaught of Canada and my shipmate Boyd Ed Graves who tracked the blood killers to an address in Little Rock in his pursuit of the patent of the AIDS virus. I would tell you more but until the Klintons, the Soetoros, Holder and Marcy are SECURE, I am afraid they couldn’t handle the truth like the Few, the Proud, the Marines.

To the PUNKS killing innocence and innocents in Giffords-Aurora-Cudahy-Newtown-Kwanzaa, if you are not feeling UNLUCKY you have your head up you ass, capeche? While Clint Eastwood and Jack Nicolson can act tough and dress like a Marine, there is a real Marine from Punahou ’67 that is capable of blowing an Indonesian Muslim from Punahou ’79 in a manner different that how Larry Sinclair, Donald Young, Robert Wone, Nate Bland and Larry Spencer did while they listened to a song by Harry Butts and the Blue Nose the title of which they thought, wrongly, was “If You Don’t Blow Me Right Now”. They were close, but no cigar not to be confused with Clinton’s BUTT CIGAR in operation blue dress hold the mayo. For the Punahou ’79 punk, as you listen to Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes do their killer hit from 1972 try to get to know me, I know you and the FAINTING FATSO of the Benghazi Bunglers are FEELING ME while Holder and Panhead are FEEDING me, in a manner of speaking laconically, capeche?

As Barry Soetoro considers the reference to the ’62 Dodge Asphalt Elephant and compares it to an erect primate with an ass fault of another nature Chips could send his Cherokee Maid had lost her maiden status, notice I didn’t say maidenhead, long ago at a Jersey Milking Parlor not far from the Big Piney River as see always enjoyed having a “part red man deep inside” since first hearing the song by Paul Revere and the raiders will being service on the trunk of a different ’62 Dodge, a Polara 880 with black exterior and a large gray back seat . What made her remember the car was the unusual shifter knob that was used back then by all members of what would become Abel Danger who preferred cars with “four on the floor and a fifth under the seat.

This is how the good guys could be sure they were bad guys as the bad guys also use a three speed transmission called a ‘three on the tree’ for instance Nate Spencer, Larry Bland and Donald Young the three that hung from a banana tree in Chicago according to persons frequenty MAN’S COUNTRY where drop the soap is prevalent among the Pastel Perverts who better bone up on cyber security before somebody gets hurt in the city that had the Cabrini Green rent-a-goons but preferred to sub-contract with the Saint Louis Blues as Saul Alinksky pointed out that Chicago killers may not wish to ophan a neighbor’s kid even if they routinely enjoyed boning up on them, in a manner of speaking. Note to self, no more bananas.

Chips felt an major change of course in the DC-9-31 and he looked up at the moving map an noticed a change of course where KBSM was replace with KSTL. The Pale Face Squaw was poised to let out a heap big war hoop when an Immediate FESTUS from a Cherokee Maid in Arizona arrived on his Clipper Squirt Gun. Agent 80W who was looking forward to an enduro with Chips took the call so Bean Spiller could be finished off with a rimshot at the buzzer, as per normal Abel Danger protocols. Chips repositioned for an unobserved stern shot as Agent 80W read the incoming aloud was

War Paint Agent Sable Bassman Immediate FESTUS to Agent Chips and Dangerettes involved in War Paint duty aField and aBroad, copy Hammer MacCheese: As you know I speak Urdu and Farsi and I like to Boil Frogs. What you may not recall is that I am part Cherokee and I bet you know exactly which part, I quiver thinking of your arrow which bends but isn’t broken which is not a coded suggestion of Bend, OR or Bangor, ME. I have just been assigned to Operation WAR PAINT but in the tasking I was told to wear a Pastel Burkha and bring my 4-string with a long neck as well as my G-string for your long neck Chips. Umbrellaman will be redirecting the MAIN BANG to St Louis and his instructions will be transmitted by MacCheese as 11 minutes after the ninth hour. I will meet you at the ______ hotel and I will be wearing the Pastel Blue Burkha and if you hear the BASS LINE to MBP you can be sure it’s me. Or you can give me a BDE if you wish to remove my Pastel Brandywine IOC which is a FCT due to my MR and FSD status assigned by MacCheese. Please ingest plenty of Rodney Baldinger NDSU Extend-o-peters so I do come down with the Saint Louis Blues. Sable B.

Agent Sable Bassman of the Pastel Burkhas, Operation BP SWORDFISH

Agent Chips transferred a copious dose of Smoked Oysters into a quivering squaw as a second incoming Immediate JASPAR ARRIVED from the TUGBOAT TWINS in England. Chips handed the Pale Face Squaw four NAPAWASHES as Agent 80W made him ‘clean as a whistle’ before she started to play the St Louis Blues on an instrument of his before he would share it with her, in a manner of CEMAW speaking. As her application of negative viscous pressure caused his TI to reach 107% she commenced her favored position POLE SITTER as the slow music she had selected set a tempo she expected Agent Chips to replicate.

St Louis Blues BS

War Paint Agent SEAFLOWER Immediate JASPAR to Agent Chips, Hammer MacCheese, Agent Orange in Whitechapel and all assigned to SWORDFISH aField and aBroad: Chips I have heard you on truthcentral speaking about aviation and you seem to be the authority on unusual flights buggered by Brits. We are investigating suspicious activity around a particular private airport in London, Biggen Hill not to be confused with Friggin’ Thrill such as you and I shared on Father’s Day, 2010 after the ‘event’ in the Oxford Simulator with the Iranian Christian and the Libyan Muslim . Just wondering if you use any tips or help from us in identifying unmarked or private flights that have been moving prisoners in and out, I say again, in and out of the four crime scenes of Giffords in Phoenix, Aurora’s Dark Knight, Cudahy in Wisconsin or the GE LIBOR coverup in Newtown where the police have hoisted themselves on their own petards by claiming MAMA WHISTLEBLOWER was asleep. Prior to taking a DIRT NAP she had been on the phone giving us details of General Electric’s movie, United 93 and how that was linked to LIBOR and the four pastel 2nd Amendment False Flags and the one scheduled for 26 December to 1 January targeting the Kwanzaa Kweers. I will go into more detail if you require and if you ever find yourself in Wrexham and are near that Pub you like on Edward Street you can look forward to an eyeful of Pastel Seaflower before you deflower me. If you promise to MOUNT ME we could meet again at the Nag’s Head where you’ll find you won’t have to Nag to be Mounted, capeche? I know your forebearers were involved in King Philip’s War and I will join you in a little blow back, if you know where my heads at and you enjoy Nags and Shags in England Agent. Seaflower, Wrexham.

Agent 80W and Chips both heard three dings so they knew that the Umbrellaman briefing was to start in three minutes. Agent 80W being every the professional FSD cooed in Chips’ good ear, “Quickie authorized, finished me off with STUMP GRINDER, PILE DRIVER” as she impersonated a rabbit eared TV antenna.

]Knowing time was tight, as was 80W, Chips grabbed a knob and dialed the channel 80W preferred most, or should that be canal and moist, which caused her circuit breakers to pop and her Skene’s gland to go into auto drench. Hearing the Omniglobe starting to sputter to life, 80W fired off a signature triple while Chips returned volley with a load of Smoked Oysters that may well bring down the Benghazi Bunglers and please notice I did not identify them as Barry Soetoro, Hillary “I miss my Weiner” Clinton or Pan Head Panetta who is hoping that in addition to canceling the Second Amendment they can get the penalty for Treason Against the United States dropped just as in England Cameron’s Clowns are toying with the idea of making Pedophilia legal rather than to search for more brown lumps in Maggie’s drawers or Tricky’s favorite playmate for his Black Knight as the girl with the dolphin tattoo liked to call it while she came up with the name DARK KNIGHT RISES not to be confused with HSBC’s film RISE OF THE GUARDIANS. You LIBOR bankers and Windsor wankers better guard your bums as the SANDMAN is set to sing as a FAT LADY FAINTS and exposes Barry Soetoro as in this song the chorus is bum-bum-bum. Feel free to play the slobber blues on the licorice stick while the Chordettes show you how nice America was before the Invasion-Perversion foisted by the Goose Stepping Geriatric or her malodorous consort Prince Phartingham. Hope the Queen doesn’t light a match. Oh, and speaking of songs with bum-bum-bum, I agree with Harold Jenkins who the world knew as Conway Twitty that when it comes to the revelation of Treason and the GRAND JURY being arranged by some born again Christians the Bunglers of Benghazi ( notice I didn’t say Obama-Clinton-Panetta) and their cyber security team have NEVER BEEN THIS FAR BEFORE you bum-bum-bums and in the case of Laureen-Sasquatch-Thunder Thighs those are some humongous bums for suck dearth of of knockers; no wonder you married queers.

And now for a little bum-bum-bum from Conway Twitty keeping in mind that Conway is the name of the town outside the main gate of Little Rock AFB where in the mid eighties an F4D Phantom ( 64-0972 ) carried Gordon Kahl’s dental records to Little Rock to ensure the goons who killed and burned Gordon killed the correct Christian Patriot. I wonder if Slick Willy or the FAT ASS know who was flying that F4D and how that relates to a certain Marine/Fighter Pilot who trained in Little Rock in 1973 learning to fly the KC130F blowing a tire at Eaker AFB which back then was Blytheville, Arkansas and notice I said BLOWING A TIRE not BLOWING A CHOIR not to allude to Donald Young, Jeremiah Wright who is wrong, or the useless piece of shit who had Donald Young suicided. There once was a FAT LADY flown and owned by Barriman Adler Seal which was shot down due to ‘gun running’ and a fellow named Hasenfus was blown out of the aircraft but lived to return to Wisconsin and abuse more children. Gee, Wisconsin keeps coming up as the Benghazi Bunglers start going down. Oops, this just in from Lise and Angus in Ottawa “Bouchard is really to deal”.

Chips, ever the affable gentleman, passed Agent 80W four NAPAWASHes for Abel Danger PBP (post boinking protocols) as a woman with a quiver sought Chips’ straight arrow not to refer to the Straight Arrow of North Dakota whose Nathan Goodiron died in a bad war and please notice I did not say he was from New Town which was built after the U S Corps of Engineers flooded the old town inhabited by Indians who enjoy having Chips in the sweat lodge knowing that between Steve Hall of the Affiliated Tribes and Agent Chips of the Canton, Georgia area Cherokees they have those who ordered Nathan Goodiron to die in their cross hairs. I presume that Queenie Breath, Prince Phartingham and the Bunglers of Benghazi were not aware that Mandaree and New Town, North Dakota are haunts of Agent Chips. HEAP BIG War Paint coming after MacCheese or Umbrellaman do their thing while Agent 80W is doing Chips’ thing, picture a flute and a flutist but of opposite genders not like Barry Soetoro and Donald ( dead guy ) Young. Perhaps he wouldn’t swallow the medicine.

Agent Bean Spiller leaned over to turn up the volume on the AQWB-27Z Omni Globe just as MacCheese was beginning to speak. Chips got a view of the target area that caused him to think of sticking a Big Pine where it was created to be stuck.

War Paint Hammer MacCheese began the briefing as Agent 80W kept her head in the game in the interest of national security in America and exposing the FAINTING FATSO not to be confused with a fainting goat which, according to Al Gore, would be a lot more pleasant to smell. It was, as you know, Gore and Slick Willy who cancelled the Wool and Mohair Act ending a subsidy on Mohair and Wool and we all know how Agent Chips likes having the wool pulled over his eyes, proboscis or whatever fits the mission.

“Agents in War Paint, Umbrellaman and James Crosby have arrived at the hotel in St. Louis where Bessie Smith sang the blues. He will be coming up live in 3 minutes. You can anticipate that the Grand Jury of the Born Again Christians will be authorized and if the FAT LADY is not caused to testify in Benghazi Bungle, that Operation SWORDFISH will be loosed IAW Luke 22:34-36. Every Abel Danger Agent assigned to War Paint will automatically be rolled into SWORDFISH as Umbrellaman likely will direct the NATIVES who are getting restless to join. Further, the 20,000 Marines to be cut loose can compete for the 2,000 sniper assignments knowing the Vienna area is covered. I yield the floor to Umbrellaman and suggest all review the command in Luke to have both hands free to hold two weapons.”

34 Jesus answered, “I tell you, Peter, before the rooster crows today, you will deny three times that you know me.”

35 Then Jesus asked them, “When I sent you without purse, bag or sandals, did you lack anything?”

“Nothing,” they answered.

36 He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.

37 It is written: ‘And he was numbered with the transgressors’[a]; and I tell you that this must be fulfilled in me. Yes, what is written about me is reaching its fulfillment.”

38 The disciples said, “See, Lord, here are two swords.”

“That’s enough!” he replied.

Agent 80W swallowed hard as Umbrellaman began the briefing sandwiched in between two debriefings.

“Agent deployed in War Paint, greetings from St Louis. We have directed N-9981Z to head our way as we have found the black woman who is singing like a canary regarding the Chicago Killers who appear to have authorized a KWANZAA KILLING FIELD. By the power vested in me by my Father, I now loose Operation SWORDFISH. MacCheese will be briefing you in the next Chapter but this is enough for the FAT ASS to choke down until Thursday, 20 December, 2012. Please pray for Peace, pray for each other and listen to MacCheese’s briefing on the radio show tomorrow from 1300-1600 from the studio in Plum City. Godspeed, Umbrellaman”

As him image faded to black, MacCheese started to read a post from Hamish and Chips as an EMP caused the airframe of the Ozark-Canadian hybrid to shudder like a well serviced Dangerette. As the jet went dark, an incoming Clipper from Agent Hamish went to queue as 80W, Bean Spiller and Chips returned to debriefing each other in the interest of national sovereignty of all nations desiring Peace that only comes from the Prince of Peace. As twenty new angels have joined the choir, please be firm in the stand you take. The new angels number 20 and are all sixes and sevens. Eight boys, twelve girls.

Barry Soetoro Punahou ’79, Field McConnell Punahou ’67 has your number. 666


Plum City – (AbelDanger.net) – December 18, 2012. United States Marine Field McConnell has linked The Candyman to DoJ Pride’s disrespected lesbians and the alleged use of HSBC and FBI Joint Automated Booking Systems (JABS) to book actors into and/or out of crime scenes associated with the Sandy Hook snuff film.

McConnell invites DOJ Pride same-sex crime-scene investigators to test the PPE (cf. Oxford U. St. Anne’s College) implications of the Candyman’s “You can have what you want sexually, if you do what you’re told politically” (cf. Barry Soetoro's ambition to be president in Jakarta 1968) and check the story below for evidence of Sandy Hook Snuff with FBI JABS.

Marine Links HSBC’s Illinois Candyman to Sandy Hook Pedophile JABS

DoJ Pride President Hook

“Killers [JABS] Data Destruction: Adam Lanza Smashed Hard Drive Before Massacre”

Announcing the newly formed FBI Pride!

Join us in congratulating the formation of FBI Pride, the new FBI-specific chapter of DOJ Pride. Membership is open to all current and former employees, contractors, and task force officers.

The first meeting of the newly formed chapter will take place on Thursday, December 13th at 12:00 PM at FBI Headquarters, room #3842. If you have any questions, contact Ashley Evans at Ashley.Evans@ic.fbi.gov”

[Spoliation inference that Candyman’s disrespected ‘lesbiennes radicales’ used HSBC and DoJ Pride’s JABS to give Sandy Point actors the authority to smash up an FBCA computer and make a snuff film] Gunman’s behavior indicates planning and control: Ex-FBI profiler By Jason Sickles, Yahoo! | The Lookout – 4 hours ago http://ca.news.yahoo.com/blogs/lookout/gunman-behavior-shootings-indicates-planning-control-former-fbi-180620270.html

NEWTOWN, Conn.—In stockpiling ammunition, smashing his computers and killing his mother as she slept, Adam Lanza undertook considerable preparation before shooting up an elementary school on Friday, a former FBI profiler said. "He didn't just snap. This takes a lot of planning," said Mary Ellen O'Toole, who worked for 15 years in the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit where she studied psychopaths and helped capture killers.

O'Toole retired in 2009 and has no direct connection to the case. Investigators had hoped Lanza's computers would shed some light on what caused him to massacre 20 first-graders and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary, a school he once attended. But the 20-year-old reportedly butchered his computer's hard drives with a hammer or screwdriver, according to ABC News.

Still, the FBI's Computer Analysis and Response Team has been working around the clock on the case and could make progress despite the damage.

"The FBI is pretty good, we can pull stuff off anything,"

O'Toole said. O'Toole still assists law enforcement and has written a book titled "Dangerous Instincts." She says the Sandy Hook shootings are worse than any case she has dealt with before. "I have not seen a case with callousness of this extreme,"

O'Toole said of Lanza's shooting rampage. "It's off the charts."

Multiple reports have painted Lanza, who lived alone with his divorced mother, as being socially awkward but very intelligent, especially when it came to computers. O'Toole said the way Lanza carried out his killings suggested a high measure of control, including damaging the computers.

"His computers were very important him. They were a window to his world," O'Toole told Yahoo News. "He didn't want them to survive. He knew that they would give insight into him and didn't want people to have it."

Friends and family of Lanza's mother, 52-year-old Nancy Lanza, have said she dedicated her life to helping her son, who reportedly had Asperger's syndrome or other medical issues. O'Toole said people with Asperger's, which is a neurological disorder, aren't known to commit such violence and that too much is being made about Lanza's mental health. "It's time we stop putting out the mental health issue as an excuse that he didn't know what he was doing," she said.

Lanza brought three guns into the school, all owned by his mother. He killed his victims with a high-powered semi-automatic rifle, but he also carried two pistols, one of which he used to take his own life. Police say he sprayed hundreds of bullets inside the school and had considerably more left over to use. 

Shooting his mother while she slept and preloading numerous rounds of ammunition into the gun clips signals that Lanza was on a mission, O'Toole said.

"He wanted to accomplish maximum lethality," O'Toole said. "He was not out of touch with reality. I think he put some security measures in place so he wouldn't be stopped." Which unfortunately meant choosing the most helpless of victims, she added. "If you pick older people you are going to have some blowback," O'Toole said. "He didn't want people to interfere. When people take security measures like that, you know what you are doing is wrong."”

A message to the Candyman “They have not been forsaken and you have not been forgotten”

PresidentialField Mandate

Abel Danger Blog

Yours sincerely,

Field McConnell, United States Naval Academy, 1971; Forensic Economist; 30 year airline and 22 year military pilot; 23,000 hours of safety; Tel: 715 307 8222

David Hawkins Tel: 604 542-0891 Forensic Economist; former leader of oil-well blow-out teams; now sponsors Grand Juries in CSI Crime and Safety Investigation

Mongo the Marine sends a Candygram to the Candyass Candy Man Killing Kids:

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