Friday, December 21, 2012

C5 Marine Links Sister Hook’s Small Business Pedophiles to GE’s Bushmaster Lesbians at Sandy Hook

Abel Danger Update:

Today at 1400 Eastern Abel Danger will discuss yesterday's post and Chapter 5 which has cleared Quantico and will be uploaded after 1700 Eastern today.

Working title Abel Danger Operation QUEEN’S PUSSY v. Bushrod BUSHMASTER refers to George Washington's adopted son and the THROW WEAPONS placed at all 5 crime scenes of FALSE FLAG Assaults on the Second Amendment and America's Children.

Sister Hook has been given a choice and a deadline. The five crime scenes are Giffords/Aurora/Cudahy/Newtown/Kwanzaa KILLZONE. Jennifer Gallagher relayed information 100% consistent with the LONE GUNMEN (3) + patsied perp. If Piers Morgan is still employed by CNN at 1659 Friday 21 December, 2012 twelve, the HOP will be removed from Kristine Marcy. The Marine Jon Hammar was released after Quantico had 24 hours to review Chapter 4, capeche?

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