Thursday, June 14, 2012

To Our Peers In Russia - Для моих коллег в России

Для моих коллег в России,

Когда я докладывал Вам на 11 мая механизм я считаю, были использованы для нападения на Sukhoi Superjet Вы были правы в том, чтобы определить, что ГРУ США была технология это делать. Тем не менее, Bombardier, Bain, Баффет, Sidley Austin и некоторые "Брит" на временную службу в Вашингтоне, которые обладают всеми 3: мотив, оружие, возможности. Продукт компании Bombardier уступает Embraer или Сухого и дороже. Не говоря уже о продукте Bombardier является то, что был доставлен 5-й гуся крыло утром 9/11, когда Канада нападения Америки на благо банкиров с центром в точке 1 Канада площади, Собачий остров, город Лондон.

Если представители Сухой или русский военный хотите для меня встретиться с ним в Вашингтоне от 18 до 12 июня по 1 июля 12 Я думаю, вы увидите, что встреча "продуктивной". В противном случае, у меня есть оговорки из Миннеаполиса в JFK в Шереметьево установил на 2 июля 2012 года.

Я во главе с Богом, чтобы служить таким образом, и я могу назвать в любое время
на +001 715 307 8222.

Если я в конечном итоге происходит в Москве или в Москве и Казани я могу попросить помощи у посольства России в получении визы и могут поехать в Нью-Йорке
или Вашингтон для достижения этой цели.

Пассажиры в мире находятся под угрозой и здесь мы можем и должны защищать невинных пассажиров, пытаясь добиться справедливости для души потеряны, дизайн, 9 мая 12.

С уважением,

поле Макконнелл

- - - - - - - - - - - -

To my peers in Russia,

When I reported to you on 11 May the mechanisms I believe were used to attack the Sukhoi Superjet you were correct in having GRU determine that USA had the technology to do it. However, it is Bombardier, Bain, Buffett, Sidley Austin and a certain 'Brit' on temporary duty in Washington DC who possess all 3: motive, weapons, opportunity. Bombardier's product is inferior to Embraer or Sukhoi and more expensive. Not to mention a Bombardier product is what was flown by 5th Wing Goose on morning of 9/11 when Canada attacked America for benefit of bankers centered at 1 Canada Square, Isle of Dogs, City of London.

If representatives of Sukhoi or the Russian military wish for me to meet with them in Washington between 18 June 12 to 1 Jul 12 I think you will find that meeting 'productive'. Otherwise, I do have the reservations from Minneapolis to JFK to SVO set for 2 July, 2012.

I am led by God to serve in this manner and I can be called anytime
at +001 715 307 8222.

If I end up going to Moscow or Moscow and Kazan I may request help from the Russian Embassy in getting a Visa and can travel to New York or Washington to accomplish this.

The world's passengers are at risk here and we can, and must, protect the innocent passengers while attempting to achieve justice for the souls lost, by design, on 9 May 12.


Field McConnell

( for parties not fluent in Russian)

Dangerous same-sex alliance for Raytheon given its hetero-casualties on 9/11.

Louise is a senior software engineer at Raytheon Company in Plano Texas. She has 27 years at Raytheon and holds a Master's and Ph.D. from the University of Colorado at Boulder [Greek Life for JonBenet?].

She was the founder of the Raytheon Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Allies (GLBTA) employee resource group and was a key player in Raytheon's addition of both sexual orientation and gender identity and expression into the EEO policy and the adoption of domestic partner benefits.

Young has been a lesbian activist for more than 30 years, and has served in a variety of leadership roles. She began her activism at the University of Colorado in 1971 as a member of the Gay Liberation Front. She and her partner rode in President Clinton's first inaugural parade on the float, 'The Family of America, representing GLBT Americans. She has appeared in the Dallas Morning News, The Advocate, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, New York Times, PBS and Time magazine. She is also featured in the book, Uncommon Heroes.

She has received of numerous awards for her long service to the cause of GLBT equality. Key among those was the 2002 Out and Equal Workplace Advocates' Trailblazer Award. Active in her company's diversity endeavors, she was recognized in 2003 by Raytheon CEO, Bill Swanson, as one of six Raytheon Diversity Heroes. The GLBT employee resource group at Raytheon Missile Systems [QRS 11?] in Tucson has named an award in her honor, the Louise Young Award, that is given annually to a Raytheon employee who has made major contributions to improving the workplace for GLBT Raytheon employees.

She is a member and former co-chair of the Human Rights Campaigns Business Council. She is also a past member of the National Advisory Board of Out & Equal Workplace Advocates. In these roles she has had a national impact on GLBT workplace issues and strategies.

She has spoken on GLBT workplace issues in numerous professional forums including: Women In Technology Annual Technical Summits, the Wharton School of Business, the UCLA Anderson School of Business, Southwest Benefits Association Annual Conference, and the Out & Equal LGBT Workplace conference. She is also a member of the University of Colorado GLBT Advisory Board

Louise lives in Dallas, Texas with her partner of 34 years, Vivienne Armstrong. They met at the University of Colorado in 1971.

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