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McConnell Links Sam Cam Carlton Ident to Schroder Snuff Film, Building #7

Presidential Field McConnell has linked Samantha Cameron’s (‘Sam Cam’) New York visit to 9/11 multicasts of ITV/Carlton idents followed by Naudet Brother snuff-film images relayed via Schroder's WTC Building #7.

McConnell makes a spoliation inference that Sam Cam’s husband and fellow Bullingdon alumna synchronized ITV/Carlton idents with Schroders snuff film in a clumsy attempt to associate the ‘Pull it’ collapse of WTC#7 with the demolitions of the Twin Towers.

See #2:
Abel Danger Mischief Makers - Mistress of the Revels - 'Man-In-The-Middle' Attacks

“David and Samantha Cameron make an emotional visit to Ground Zero”

“Carlton Screen Advertising (1080p)”

“ITV Carlton ident 2000 - News/Serious”

“Human Joystick - Carlton Screen Advertising – Volvo”

“9/11: WTC Collapse News (ITV)”

“9/11: British TV coverage: 09.46 - 09.56 EST” “I started recording @ 2.46pm GMT [actually British summer time] here in Wales, initially on ITV, occasionally channel-hopping to the BBC as events unfolded.”

“Krissah Thompson on Michelle Obama and Samantha Cameron”

“By Rosa Prince, in New York 10:30PM GMT 15 Mar 2012 During an emotional visit to the Ground Zero memorial to the nearly 3,000 people who died the Prime Minister’s wife said she would never forget the “shocking” events of that day and the impact they had on the city. As she laid a posy of white roses at a fountain engraved with the names of those who died, she said: “The memories of that day will stay with me forever. “I just couldn’t believe it had happened and to see the aftermath and the effect on the city was just so shocking. “I often think about the people who died and their families – I am glad I have been able to come and pay my respects properly today.” Mrs Cameron was in New York to open a new branch of the luxury accessories firm Smythson [whose hedge fund investors constructed the Cisco virtual war rooms to synchronize the snuff-films and ident for the demolition of Schroders’ Building#7] when the 2001 atrocity happened. David Cameron has told in the past of his fears for his wife, who was eight weeks pregnant with their late son Ivan, as he struggled to contact her. .. In the past the Prime Minister has told of his fears as he tried to reach Mrs Cameron on 9/11: “Samantha was actually in New York that day, in Manhattan, and I’ll never forget the hours of ringing her mobile over and over again and not being able to get through because the mobile phone system was down. “I remember exactly where I was when I finally did get through and how pleased I was to hear her voice. “And it made a huge impression on her because of what happened in New York that day and what people felt about it.” The Camerons were taken to Ground Zero by Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire mayor of New York.”

“Schroder cuts Carlton by Rodney Hobson on Oct 03, 2000 at 11:11 Schroder Salomon Smith Barney is tuning out of CARLTON COMMUNICATIONS. It has downgraded its profit forecasts on the firm (CCM) and retains its neutral rating.”

“The company was incorporated in 1939 and first listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1983. In its early years, it concentrated mainly on the facilities side of broadcasting. It only acquired its first stake in television through its acquisition of 19% of Central Television in 1987; that year, it also acquired Zenith Productions, followed by Technicolor in 1988. Its most significant move was to outbid Thames Television for the ITV license for London weekday television in 1991. Carlton Television had a policy of being a 'publisher-broadcaster', not producing any programmes of its own; even its news was outsourced to London News Network. The company acquired a 20% stake in GMTV and an 18% stake in Independent Television News in 1993. In 1996, it increased its stake in Central Television to 81%, and also added Westcountry Television to its portfolio. The acquisition of Central made Carlton one of the largest television producers in the UK. As well as Central, Action Time and Planet 24 were added to Green's empire. Meanwhile, it expanded its non-TV interests by acquiring the cinema advertising company Rank Screen Advertising, renaming it Carlton Screen Advertising. In 1997, along with Granada plc and British Sky Broadcasting, Carlton bid successfully for the UK national digital terrestrial television licence. Sky was excluded from the eventual company, ONdigital, for competition reasons, and this marked the start of Granada and Carlton working more closely together. September 1999 saw the on-air rebranding of Central and Westcountry Television to Carlton. This later paved the way for the eventual downgrading of all of ITV's regional identities, though the Central and Westcountry names never fully went away (the news programmes Central News and Westcountry Live continued), and eventually returned to the air (albeit as ITV1 Central and ITV1 Westcountry) in 2004. In 2000, United News and Media proposed a merger with Carlton. However, the parties were outmanoeuvered by Granada, who took over only the television interests of UNM (the rest of the company remains in existence). HTV's broadcast sides and ITV franchise rights (though not the majority of its production facilities) were sold to Carlton for competition reasons, becoming the company's final major acquisition. David Cameron, later to become Prime Minister, was at this time Director of Corporate Affairs for Carlton.”

Carlton Screen Advertising was established in 1996 when Carlton Communications purchased the cinema advertising company Cinema Media (formerly RSA), then owned by a venture capital company backed by Schroder’s who had bought Rank Screen Advertising from the then beleaguered Rank Group and renamed it eponymously. The Rank Organisation, smarting from a disastrous deal to buy Mecca Bingo Halls, was forced to sell the family silver and first Rank Screen Advertising then Rank Films were sold off followed later by even their prized Odeon circuit itself.Shroeders did spectacularly well out of the deal to buy Rank Screen Advertising as they netted a multi-million pound profit in just 3 years. However the high purchase price and the increasingly onerous terms of business with the cinema exhibitors led to its eventual sale by ITV to Cineworld and Odeon. On 2 February 2004, Carlton Communications merged with Granada plc to create ITV plc, following which the Carlton name was dropped from all other uses. Until its break-up in 2008, Carlton Screen Advertising was the largest cinema advertising company in the UK. A tough advertising climate in the mid-2000s saw it struggle to make a profit and it was sold on when ITV made the decision to focus on core assets. Break-up and sale The company's UK and Irish operations were separated in mid-2008, when Cineworld Group plc and Odeon Cinemas acquired a 65% majority stake in the UK operation. On 1 January 2009, this was rebranded as Digital Cinema Media. The Irish operation remained as Carlton Screen Advertising, and continued to be wholly owned by ITV plc until May 2009, when it was acquired by Dermot Hanrahan. It continues to use the Carlton branding and on-screen ident. Ident The ident for Carlton Screen Advertising was usually the first clip to play in a cinema, and consisted of the trademark Carlton star as a brand being put into flames for a few moments, before being removed and thrusted at the screen. Unlike Carlton's TV idents at the time, this was often considered frightening due to its loud, powerful sounds and visuals of flames.”

[Spoliation inference that Snowy Sam Cam coordinated her husband’s Bullingdon colleagues for snuff-film ident multicast through Schroders Carlton WTC#7] So Where are they now?

THE HON LUKE BRIDGEMAN Second son of the 3rd Viscount Bridgeman, he became heir after the death of his older brother. Married with two children, he works for a private equity firm.

NAT ROTHSCHILD The only son of Jacob Rothschild and heir to a £750million fortune. After turning his back on alcohol he made a second fortune in his own right with the £11bn Atticus hedge fund. Links to Peter Mandelson and Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska under scrutiny.

IFTY RIAZ Believed to have moved abroad.

GEORGE LATHAM After completing a geography degree he went to Sandhurst. Served as an infantry officer in Germany, Bosnia, Canada and Northern Ireland before leaving the Army. Now a City high-flyer, working as senior fund manager of Henderson's Global Care Income fund.

BARON LUPUS VON MALTZAHN From a prominent German family. A relative of Baron Bruno Schroder, owner of Schroder private bank. Now a senior manager for a consulting firm and lives in London [Allegedly integrated Cisco-enabled trading offices to synchronize snuff films with Carlton/ITV ident from WTC#7 and 33 Canada Square].

LORD ALEXANDER HOPE Son of the 4th Marquess of Linlithgow, his family seat is Hopetoun House, near Edinburgh. Left merchant banking to enter the art world. Now director of UK business development for Christies.

GIDEON [GEORGE] OSBORNE The now pretendy Chancellor is the eldest son of baronet Sir Peter Osborne, the founder of wallpaper merchants, Osborne & Little. His real name is Gideon but he has used his grandfather's name George since the age of 13. He says: 'Life was easier as a George.' At Oxford he edited the university magazine Isis. One issue was printed on hemp paper, made of the stems of cannabis plants.”

“Schroder Salomon Smith Barney: Citigroup Global IP Multicasting Network uses Cisco IOS® Multicast Technology to Deliver Real -Time Trading Data .. In April 2000, Salomon Smith Barney purchased the Investment Banking Business of Schroder plc, which necessitated that the project be scaled up to accommodate the technical and business Customer Profile Schroder Salomon Smith Barney: Citigroup Global IP Multicasting Network uses Cisco IOS® Multicast Technology to Deliver Real-Time Trading Data “Information is the key to global financial markets. To have access to timely, accurate, and critical information is essential for us to retain our position of leadership in the world of International finance.” —Terry O’Leary, Project Director, Schroder Salomon Smith Barney Citigroup's Financial Center under Development at Canary Wharf in London Page 1 Wednesday, May 23, 2001 4:14 PM Phase 1 was completed in November 2000, with the Citigroup Global IP multicast network delivering live data feeds to 1200 front office traders and back office operations on the two trading floors of the new tower building. The SSSB IT team ranged in size from 5 to 15 engineering specialists during the design, testing, and implementation phases. SSSB treated this as a global project that involved network engineering teams on both sides of the Atlantic working together throughout the design and implementation phases to successfully deliver the London network. Parts of the knowledge and architecture gained from the Citigroup Centre (CGC) project in London were replicated in other major Citigroup infrastructure build outs including New York [Building#7], Singapore, and Sydney.”

“Citigroup's European investment banking arm traded as Schroder Salomon Smith Barney from 2000 to 2003. Current operations. As at 31 March 2012, Schroders manages assets worth £199.6billion (€238.9 billion / $310.1 billion), on behalf of clients including corporations, insurance companies, local and public authorities, charities, pension funds, high net worth individuals and retail investors. Schroders operates through 32 offices in 25 countries providing wide geographic coverage. This allows Schroders to access clients in the traditional areas of the UK, Europe, US and Japan where the demand for asset management services is long established, and the fast-growing savings pools in the emerging and more recently developed economies in the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Latin America.”

“2. Samantha Cameron (nee ‘Snowy’ Sheffield) [Revised June 15, 2012. Matrix 5 wife of the allegedly extorted man-in-the-middle Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron; evidence she was in New York on 9/11 to arrange multicast of ITV/Carlton idents followed by Naudet Brothers’ snuff-film images relayed via Schroder Building #7; evidence her husband and fellow Bullingdon alumna synchronized ITV/Carlton idents with Schroders snuff film to associate ‘Pull it’ of WTC#7 with Twin Towers demolitions; evidence that City and Guilds (Settlement Movement) Livery Companies sent her to New York on Monday September 10, 2001 to prepare a Matrix 5 man-in-the-middle attack on that city’s 9-1-1 operators; evidence that NYC 9-1-1 operators were deceived by 9/11 bait and switch calls; evidence she arranged root authority needed by the Worshipful Company of Spectacle Makers to film the demolition of WTC#7 and thereby confirm the destruction of evidence of Clipper-chip backdoors into the Mayor's Office of Emergency Management; evidence she tried to establish an alibi for the production of VideoGuard snuff film images with the 9/11 Massive Attack group in New York with Hillary Clinton, Heather Mills and Sarah Ferguson; evidence she conspired with late Bullingdon Club alumnus and former U.K. Minister for War, Jack Profumo, in the use of Entrust public key infrastructure to conceal her Fag Mistress role during the pedophile man-in-the-middle propaganda attacks of 9/11; evidence she adapted a Matrix 5 pedophile-pimping strategy developed by her 17th century ancestor Nell Gwyn to procure VideoGuard-encrypted snuff-film images for the Treasury Solicitor to extort Livery Company support for 9/11 & 7/7 insurance frauds on Lloyd’s of London; evidence she used ‘Jane the Ripper’ oath takers, associated with various City and Guilds’ Livery Companies including The Musicians, to stage a Matrix-5 propaganda massive attack on New York on 9/11; evidence her mother, Viscountess Astor, provided ‘Fag Mistress’ services to Lord Boothby with the Kray Twins in the Astor-Club London of the ‘60s; evidence her ancestor Nell Gwynn provided Bona Vacantia contract-killing services through the Treasury Solicitor to the court of King Charles II; evidence she arranged for her husband to be employed by Michael Green as a ‘Haberdashers Ass’ from 1994 to 2001; evidence she ordered her husband to launder Carlton Communications’ pay-per-view revenues for the 9/11 Massive Attack through VideoGuard encryption networks which he allegedly integrated in the period 1990-1993 with the Bona Vacantia accounts of the Treasury Solicitor; evidence she ordered TSol – a London-based corporation sole – to settle bills presented by ownerless Livery Company special weapons and tactics teams for the murder of Todd Beamer et al. during phony war games on 911; evidence she ordered her husband to co-ordinate the production of Matrix 5 propaganda such as the docu-drama, ‘United 93’; evidence she plays a centuries-old role as ‘Mistress of the Revels’ or ‘agente provocatrice’ for lesbian or pedophile raves where witnesses are hired to entrap and extort future leaders; evidence she provided such services with Tricky’s Massive Attack group to Cameron’s Bullingdon Boys; evidence that her family entrapped David Cameron in a filmed pedophile rave at some time between his introduction to a tradition of pedophile rape and torture (beatings) at Eton College, through his work as a ‘Shipjumper’ with Jardine Fleming in Hong Kong, through his drunken property-smashing orgies at Oxford University’s oath taking Bullingdon Club; evidence that she ordered David Cameron and HSBC-Rothschild bankers to fund ‘ownerless SWAT teams’ to act for the Alliance of Small Island States in 1990 in ongoing man-in-the-middle propaganda attacks on the English Speaking Peoples; evidence that she or her mother ordered David Cameron to orchestrate the Black Wednesday sabotage of the U.K. Treasury [Solicitor] on 16 September 1992 when the pound sterling was withdrawn from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism; evidence of a seditious conspiracy between the Treasury Solicitor, the Cameron, Sheffield, Astor and Rothschild Families and George Soros – a WWII extortionist at a mere 14 years of age – to make a US$1 billion profit by short selling sterling; evidence she worked with Rebekah Brooks and Elisabeth Murdoch in the '90s on the development of man-in-the-middle propaganda attacks on extorted leaders of industrialized societies to promote the ‘Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming Causes Sea Rising and Flooding of Small Islands in the Age of Stupid’ myth and thereby justify a global tax on breath; Samantha Cameron graduated from City & Guilds’ Camberwell College of Arts; she is the former creative director of Smythson where she allegedly tracked and moved victims of pedophile and lesbian snuff-film raves with dual-use City & Guilds ‘bona vacantia’ products or services such as leather & skin passport covers (Leathersellers), Menzies Aviation weapons cargo and paramilitary-passenger handling systems (Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators and Information Technologists) and Newspaper Distribution (Stationers and Newspapermakers); she was allegedly alerted by her City & Guilds lesbian agents that Gareth Williams had enrolled at Central St Martin’s College of Art and Design in London and appeared to have hacked into Matrix 5 AOSIS network which she had helped to set up to launder CO2e money through her family office at D2 Banking Canada Square, Canary Wharf; evidence she procured a continuity of government authority to organize an illegal rave from Miriam Clegg, the Spanish wife of extorted man-in-the-middle Lord President of Council, Nick Clegg; evidence she used that authority to organize a City & Guilds lesbian rave at which Gareth Williams died; evidence she organized non-professional actors associated with Matrix 5 City & Guilds community into ownerless SWAT teams and left clues sufficient for Abel Danger to solve “Case of Haberdashers Ass and Beamer, Todd’ and ‘Case of the Folded Spook’]”

Presidential Field invites those whom it may concern to compare the Abel Danger ident (link below) with the Carlton ident above and join him inside the Sam Cam OODA loop.

Presidential Mandate

Abel Danger

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