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McConnell Links Romney, Bain and Common Purpose to Rebekah Snuff Film Code

Presidential Field McConnell has linked Mitt Romney’s Bain and Common Purpose associates to Rebekah Brooks' [nee Wade] alleged use of pay-per-view encryption code (VideoGuard) to conceal child-porn and snuff-film trades.

McConnell claims that, since the mid-90s, Romney’s Bain associates have worked with Wade and Common Purpose graduate Adele Blakebrough, on building a VideoGuard-encrypted archive of snuff films for various Clifford Chance clients at Canary Wharf (Citi).

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“Sky News London Bombings Actors & Agents”

“UK Paper's Magnotta Warning [kitty-porn allegedly bought by former editor Rebekah Wade] Ignored (June 1, 2012)”

“Find The Vacuum Cat Killer - 1 Boy 2 Kittens”

“Social Business Trust” … Rebekah Brooks in court over hacking scandal .. FRENZY .. Amid public anger at the scale of phone hacking which reached a frenzy last July when it was reported that reporters had illegally accessed the voicemail of a murdered schoolgirl, Murdoch closed the 168-year-old News of the World, one of the tabloids which Brooks used to edit. He also had to withdraw a major takeover bid for lucrative TV group BSkyB while Brooks was forced to quit her job running News International. Before that, she had been considered one of the most powerful women in Britain, and was particularly friendly with Prime Minister David Cameron, who went to the exclusive Eton College school with her husband. During day-long questioning at an inquiry into media standards last month, Brooks said she and Cameron had frequently exchanged text messages and that he would occasionally sign them off "LOL", by which he meant "lots of love". Cameron has already had the embarrassment of seeing his former communications chief Andy Coulson being charged with perjury, after denying in court any knowledge of phone hacking at the News of the World which he had also edited. – Reuters [Principal producer of Wag—the-Dog snuff film scripts cf. London Underground Bomb – shooters at HSBC Canary Wharf]

“Social Business Trust (SBT) is a registered UK charity established in December 2010 by Damon Buffini and social entrepreneur Adele Blakebrough MBE. SBT provides grants and business advice to social enterprises based in the UK. The purpose of SBT is to support the growth of selected social enterprises and help them to achieve greater social impact. History The six founding partners of the investment fund are Bain & Company [Romney], Clifford Chance [sued for £610 million action by four Canadian banks in wake of Canary Wharf collapse], Credit Suisse [founded Canary Wharf], Ernst & Young [Lehman Brothers Repo 105 sabotage], Permira [Former co-owner with Rebekah Wade’s cronies at News International of VideoGuard pay-per-view encryption code] and Thomson Reuters [Generator of Wag the Dog snuff-film scripts – cf. HSBC shootings during attack on London Underground]. The six companies have committed cash, which will be given out in the form of grants, and pro-bono support, with the aim of rapidly growing more than 20 social enterprises. CEO Adele Blakebrough, co-founder and former Chief Executive of Community Action Network, and Damon Buffini, partner and former chairman of private equity firm Permira, initially worked together in 2005, supporting social enterprises to scale up. Since inception, Social Business Trust has made five investments in UK based social enterprises: Women Like Us Challenge Network .. Moneyline … London Early Years Foundation .. Inspiring Futures Foundation .. Policy and Influence”

“ADELE BLAKEBROUGH In 1995, Charlie Leadbeater featured Adele Blakebrough as a ‘social entrepreneur' in the Demos publication ‘The Rise of the Social Entrepreneur'. Adele co-founded CAN (Community Action Network) in 1998, when it began as a membership organisation to identify and create a network of social entrepreneurs across the UK. Adele has always believed that businesses, through partnering with social enterprises, can have a mutually-beneficial relationship. In 2005 she created Breakthrough with the private equity firm Permira to provide investment and business support to established social enterprises. Adele was a founder member of the Social Enterprise Coalition. She was also a trustee for the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) and a founding partner of UnLtd Millennium Fund. Before CAN, Adele was director of the nationally-renowned Kaleidoscope project in Kingston upon Thames, a voluntary organisation working with 350 heroin users daily. She holds a Masters degree in Theology, is a Common Purpose graduate and a trained Baptist minister. .. In 2010 she co-founded the Social Business Trust with Damon Buffini of Permira. SBT is designed to help successful social enterprises grow nationally. The fund has attracted six companies who are giving both money and expertise. Adele sits on the Welsh Assembly Social Enterprise Ministerial Advisory Group, is a Non-Executive Board member of Impact International and a Trustee on the Welsh Refugee Council. Adele lives in Cardiff and London is married with three daughters.”

65. Rebekah Brooks (née Rebekah Mary Wade; born 27 May 1968) [Revised June 13, 2012. Matrix 5 aide to allegedly extorted men-in-the-middle, Rupert Murdoch and his two sons; she allegedly worked with Romney’s Bain and Common Purpose partners to develop VideoGuard pay-per-view encryption codes to conceal child pornography and snuff-film trades; she allegedly worked with Common Purpose graduate Adele Blakebrough to archive encrypted snuff films with Clifford Chance clients at Canary Wharf (Citi); she is the Matrix 5 former wife of Ross Kemp, the ex-EastEnders actor who once described her as a ‘homophobic cow’; she is the Matrix 5 associate of allegedly extorted men-in-the-middle alumni of the Bullingdon Club and their relatives, including Mayor of London Boris Johnson’s Middle Templar wife, Marina (see # 66) ; Matrix 5 former boss of NOTW staff who appeared elated when she sacked them and shut down the paper – allegedly creating a decoy to protect the Middle Temple pedophile trade; alleged expert user of PwC’s beTrusted and Entrust public key infrastructure to decoy crime scenes such as those associated with Holly Wells, Jessica Chapman, Maddy McCann and Gareth Williams; alleged expert user of PwC’s beTrusted and Entrust public key infrastructure to divert investigators from Matrix 5 man-in-the-middle attacks and a centuries-old Middle Temple pedophile entrapment trade; allegedly recruited into the Matrix 5 extortion racket in the mid’ 80s in Paris by agents of the late Jeanne Sauve, then-Governor General of Canada and patron of SOS Children’s Villages – an alleged, supranational network of pedophile entrapment and oath-taking centers funded by D2 Banking and HSBC out of Canada Square, Canary Wharf; allegedly set up ‘off-campus’ pedophile entrapment centers for alumni, faculty and students at the Sorbonne in Paris; allegedly procured Sun-Mozilla PKI – public key infrastructure – ‘hides’ for clients of Canary Wharf-based PKI Services, including NATO, United Nations and News International cutouts in the FBI, U.S. Marshals Service, Interpol and the Metropolitan Police to operate dual-use cells as virtual private networks for sabotage, assassination and deception; allegedly set up NATO ‘Skyhackers’ with public key infrastructure used at News International to stage the Matrix 5 ambush of U.S. Navy Seals who threatened to expose Barack Obama’s use of the same technology to kill an Osama bin Laden doppelganger on May Day; allegedly procured PKI where News International can assign journalists or criminals authorized by Crown Agents’ Sisters to track and expose pedophiles, or to entrap and extort them; Wade grew up in Daresbury; she decided she wanted to be a journalist from the age of fourteen; she attended Appleton Hall County Grammar School in Warrington; she worked for French magazine L'architecture d'aujourd'hui in Paris; she returned to Britain to work for Eddy Shah's Messenger Group; she allegedly infiltrated PKI hides into the management of the Sunday newspaper News of the World where she was hired in 1989 as a secretary before being promoted to feature writer and eventually the paper's deputy editor; she allegedly procured PKI ‘hides’ to authorize the NOTW’s routine practice of intercepting mobile phone messages of celebrities, politicians and other public figures; allegedly procured PKI ‘hides’ to entrap James Hewitt, a paramour of Princess Diana, by reserving a hotel suite for an ‘interview’ and "kitting it out with secret tape devices in various flowerpots and cupboards"; allegedly procured PKI ‘hides’ for the News of the World when she returned in 2000 as editor; allegedly procured PKI ‘hides’ to launch a NOTW campaign of "naming and shaming" convicted child sex offenders; allegedly procured PKI ‘hides’ to monitor the murder of Sarah Payne; allegedly procured PKI ‘hides’ to incite mob attacks on suspected pedophiles; allegedly procured PKI ‘hides’ to release information on the basis that it is "only right that the public have controlled access" to information on sex offenders; allegedly procured PKI ‘hides’ in January 2003 after she returned to The Sun, replacing her former boss David Yelland, to become its first female editor; allegedly procured PKI ‘hides’ to generate the "Bonkers Bruno Locked Up" story concerning the mental health problems of former heavyweight boxing champion Frank Bruno; allegedly procured PKI ‘hides’ to monitor Women in Journalism where she once served as chairman; allegedly procured PKI ‘hides’ to monitor "Guardian Student Media Awards" where she served as a judge in November 2003; allegedly procured PKI ‘hides’ to monitor tenth annual Police Bravery Awards sponsored by The Sun where she served as a judge in July 2005; allegedly procured PKI ‘hides’ to infiltrate News International management systems after she left The Sun in September 2009 to become chief executive of the newspaper's parent company; allegedly procured PKI ‘hides’ to authorize NOTW reporter, Clive Goodman, and Glenn Mulcaire, a hired investigator, to intercept the phone messages of members of the royal family; allegedly procured PKI ‘hides’ to authorize payments by her journalists to "... police for information in the past"; allegedly procured PKI ‘hides’ to hack the voicemail of missing schoolgirl Milly Dowler (later found to be murdered) and access or delete messages left by her parents; allegedly procured PKI ‘hides’ to monitor and control leading politicians; allegedly procured PKI ‘hides’ to monitor sex habits (?) of her ‘friends’ Tony and Cherie Blair; allegedly procured PKI ‘hides’ to monitor sex habits (?) of then Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and current Prime Minister David Cameron both of whom attended her 2009 wedding; allegedly procured PKI ‘hides’ to monitor sex habits (?) of Samantha and David Cameron who live near her home in Oxfordshire where they often go horse riding together and have had dinner at each others' homes; she was engaged to actor Ross Kemp (best known as Grant Mitchell in EastEnders) in 1996, and married him in June 2002 in Las Vegas; she did not take Kemp's surname and she was arrested on 3 November 2005, following an alleged assault on her husband; she was later released without charge and the police took no further action; she is referred to in Private Eye as "the slapper" (a pejorative word for a woman of loose morals in Britain, and a pun on the act of slapping); the couple had spent the previous evening in the company of the former Cabinet Minister David Blunkett, who had resigned for the second time on that day; she allegedly procured PKI ‘hides’ to monitor citizens through ID cards originally sponsored by Blunkett, who pioneered the UK government's proposal; she allegedly procured PKI ‘hides’ with Blunkett through Entrust, the Nortel/Ottawa security company which allegedly provided certificate authorities for the 911 attacks and the sabotage of the Deepwater Horizon; allegedly procured PKI ‘hides’ to bug Blunkett who named his budgerigar "Bimbo" to remind him of the secret unlock code for the information on his I.D card; allegedly procured PKI ‘hides’ to monitor and extort the Prince of Wales into support for the global warming scam and the contract killing of deniers on behalf of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly and the Alliance of Small Island States; she repeatedly chose not to attend to give evidence to a cross-party media committee investigating News of the World's phone-hacking; her refusal to attend resulted in four members of the committee "considering asking the serjeant at arms to issue a warrant forcing Brooks to attend"; allegedly procured PKI ‘hides’ to monitor sex life of James Whittingdale, her Facebook friend al least until the week ending 10/7/2011, and control him as the chairman of the Culture, Media and Sport Committee, during the trial (?) of the Murdoch males; allegedly procured PKI ‘hides’ to extort Whittingdale into warning members of the committee not to compel her to testify due to the risk that their personal lives would be investigated in revenge; allegedly procured PKI ‘hides’ to monitor Whittingdale when he worked on international privatisation at NM Rothschild in 1987 and, in January 1988, when he became Political Secretary to Margaret Thatcher through to the time of his election to Parliament in 1992; allegedly procured PKI ‘hides’ to extort support from Dr Thérèse Coffey, a member of the Culture, Media and Sport Committee in the upcoming show trial of the Murdoch males, who has already complained of a "witch hunt" against Wade on the basis that simply to say she was editor at the time is not enough evidence; allegedly procured PKI ‘hides’ to feed bogus information to Coffey that Wade’s own phone is thought to have been tapped and the problems were not "unique to one news group"; allegedly procured PKI ‘hides’ to extort support from Louise Daphne Mensch, a member of the Culture, Media and Sport Committee, in the upcoming show trial of the Murdoch males; allegedly procured PKI ‘hides’ to extort Mensch into the secret June 2011 marriage with Peter Mensch, 19 years her senior who was co-manager of Def Leppard rock group; she allegedly procured Matrix 5 PKI ‘hides’ to extort Peter Mensch and contemporary media leaders into transforming the radical lesbian (les lesbiennes radicales) cult and‘culture’ associated with Pyromania, France and Quebec of the ‘80s into the 'first live broadcast mass snuff film in human history' on 911]"

Presidential Field invites readers to join him in Romney and Bain’s OODA loop and help expose Rebekah’s snuff film codes which protect Common Purpose at Canary Wharf.

Presidential Mandate

Abel Danger

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