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McConnell Links RCMP Virtual Global Taskforce to Magnotta’s PhotoDNA

Presidential Field McConnell has linked the RCMP’s Virtual Global Taskforce to PhotoDNA allegedly used by Luca Magnotta to entrap or extort international crime-scene witnesses with snuff-film images and child pornography.

McConnell Links Magnotta Kitty-Porn Python to Rebekah Wade's Snuff-Film Script

“WND [formerly WorldNetDaily] Tuesday, June 05, 2012 … VANCOUVER, B.C., - Vancouver Police say suspicious packages delivered to two local schools today appear to contain human remains. The force has called a news conference for later this afternoon, but were saying nothing further. The B.C. Coroner's Service and the Vancouver police's major crime investigators have been called in. There were no details about whether police believe the packages are connected to the Montreal killing of a Chinese student who was murdered and dismembered. Alleged killer Luka Rocco Magnotta is to be extradited from Germany for the killing of Jun Lin. One of Lin's hands, a foot and his head are still missing. Last week, body parts were mailed to the headquarters of the federal Liberal and Conservative parties.”

“National Post .. ‘Best Gore’ website will ‘most likely’ be charged for graphic dismemberment video, police say Vidya Kauri Jun 5, 2012 – 1:17 PM ET | Last Updated: Jun 5, 2012 2:01 PM ET …. While Zvulony said he believes not all murderous content should be taken off the Internet — for example, he would not remove depictions of governments massacring their own citizens, as happened recently in Syria — the video attributed to Magnotta, he argued, crosses a line. “We don’t want to sanitize reality. We want to have access to the truth. Except at some point, that unsanitized truth becomes really harmful to society,” he said. “It goes against the ethos of the Internet, but we do have to put some responsibility on the people who run these sites. Best Gore’s operator Mark Marek has publicly defended his right to host the video saying that he is doing a public service by showing people the unsanitized truth. “Best Gore exists to expose the evil doers for who they really are, though I’m not surprised they are offended with me showing their true faces to the world and want the site shut down or me charged with whatever they can come up with,” he said in an email to Postmedia. Police have accused Marek of being “uncooperative” in refusing to take down the video, although they acknowledge that many other websites have copied the video from Best Gore and are now hosting it themselves. It is not known at this time if the other websites will also face charges. The video allegedly shows the suspect Magnotta, 29, murdering and dismembering Lin, 33, and then performing sexual acts with the deceased’s body.”

“Virtual Global Taskforce (VGT) is a group of law enforcement agencies from around the world working together to fight child pornography online. The aim of the VGT is to build an effective, international partnership of law enforcement agencies that helps to protect children from online child abuse. The VGT is made up of the following organisations: Australian Hi-Tech Crime Centre / Australian Federal Police (AFP) Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (United Kingdom) Europol Ministry of Interior for the United Arab Emirates New Zealand Police Interpol Italian Postal and Communication Police Service Royal Canadian Mounted Police U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) an investigative arm of the Department of Homeland security [allegedly set up by Kristine Marcy, Field McConnell’s sister, to conceal Obama passport fraud and intimidate crime-scene witnesses and whistleblowers]

“1 MAY 2012 VGT BOARD OF MANAGEMENT MEETING COMMUNIQUE: APRIL 2012 The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, a founding member of the VGT, hosted the 1st meeting of 2012 at the Police College in Ottawa, Canada between 17 – 18 April. Over the two-day meeting the Board of Management (BoM) focussed on the significance of ‘Strategic Collaboration’ in combatting the online sexual exploitation of children. With the 5th biennial VGT Conference approaching this December, the BoM were presented with an update on the conference program and actions undertaken by the Centralised Coordination Committee (CCC), an entity formed by representatives from within the VGT alliance, to project manage the event. The conference will encapsulate the theme of International Collaboration: An Enabler for Prevention and will bring law enforcement, non-government organisations; academia; internet service providers; communication providers; multinational technology corporations and telecommunication agencies together over three-days to examine the impact of sexual exploitation on its victims. It will enhance the understanding of offenders and offender behaviour whilst emphasising the corporate responsibility of all sectors to ensure the safety of children online. The conference will be hosted by the United Arab Emirates between 11-13 December 2012 in Abu Dhabi.”

“Senior Mountie declines to apologize for RCMP failures in Pickton investigation, deferring to managers BY NEAL HALL, VANCOUVER SUN JANUARY 12, 2012… VANCOUVER - The second longest-serving Mountie in Canada declined to apologize for the shortcomings of the RCMP investigation of serial killer Robert Pickton. Supt. Bob Williams, testifying at the Missing Women inquiry, said he wasn't in a position to offer an apology during cross-examination by Cameron Ward, the lawyer representing 25 families of murdered and missing women. Williams said it would be up to management of the RCMP in B.C. to offer an apology or the new commanding officer of the RCMP in Canada, Commissioner Bob Paulson, a former B.C. officer who worked on the Pickton case. "I would like to defer to them," he told inquiry commissioner Wally Oppal. The Vancouver police earlier offered an apology to the victims' families and said the police department could have and should have done more to catch Pickton sooner. The RCMP has never offered an apology. The inquiry is probing why it took so long to catch Pickton, who wasn't arrested until Feb. 5, 2002, despite tips to Vancouver police in 1998 and 1999 suggesting Pickton had killed one or more of the dozens of women who had disappeared from Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. … Pickton was charged with attempted murder and unlawful confinement but the charges were later stayed by the Crown. Williams testified that he was told that the charges were dropped because the victim became uncooperative with police. But in cross-examination by Ward, who produced documents showing the witness had arranged an escort to court to testify at trial, Williams agreed it appeared the victim was "ready, willing and able" to testify. Williams, who has been a Mountie for 44 years and heads major crime operations in Alberta, was asked in 2002 to do an "external" review of the RCMP investigation to prepare for lawsuits against the RCMP filed by families of Pickton's victims. The report, completed in Nov. 6, 2002, concluded the RCMP acted appropriately. But under cross-examination, Williams admitted there were shortcomings in the investigation and said he would have done things differently. And if things would have been done differently, "perhaps" Pickton would have been caught sooner, he conceded. Vancouver police had received tips in 1998 and 1999 from an informant who said that Lynn Ellingsen, a woman who lived for a time on Pickton's farm in Port Coquitlam, had confided she saw a woman being butchered in a barn on the Pickton farm. Two other informants told Vancouver police investigators that Ellingsen told them Pickton had "trophies" on his farm from missing women and bragged about his ability to dispose of bodies. While not admitting that the RCMP made mistakes, Williams conceded more work should have been done with Ellingsen, who was interviewed in August 1999 by two senior officers; Ellingsen denied making the statements to the informants and at the last minute declined taking a polygraph on the advice of her lawyer. Williams also said an officer who tried to contact Pickton for an interview in 1999 should not have put off the interview until 2000 after Pickton's brother, Dave Pickton, told the officer that the Pickton brothers were too busy working on a job and suggested the officer wait until the "rainy season." When interviewed by police, Pickton denied he had killed anyone and offered to allow police to search his farm, which wasn't done at the time. Williams is the first RCMP officer to testify at the inquiry, which began Oct. 11 and resumed Wednesday. He is expected to finish his testimony Friday.”

“Giuliano Zaccardelli, COM is a former Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officer who was the Commissioner of the RCMP from 2 September 2000 to 15 December 2006 [Ergo the de facto founder of the Virtual Global Taskforce]. Zaccardelli's departure from the RCMP was linked to the force's involvement in the Maher Arar Affair. He was subsequently impugned during inquiries into irregularities in the management of the RCMP's pension and insurance fund. He is now a senior official with Interpol in Lyon, France, heading its “OASIS Africa” program which aims to help African police forces more effectively combat international crime [ergo a principal organizer of the January 2008 Kenya Genocide with Barack Hussein Obama]

“William John Shannon Elliott, COM, QC, known commonly as Bill Elliott, is a career civil servant with the Government of Canada and served as the first civilian Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police from July 16, 2007 to November 20, 2011. He currently serves as the Special Representative of INTERPOL to the United Nations, as well as the Special Adviser to the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness.”

“WND EXCLUSIVE FACEBOOK: 'NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN SAFETY' Company makes statement on child-porn controversy Published: 05/07/2012 at 10:49 PM Editor’s Note: This is an email from a Facebook spokesman answering an inquiry about the company’s response to instances of child porn: “Nothing is more important to Facebook than the safety of the people that use our site and this material has absolutely no place on Facebook. We have zero tolerance for child pornography being uploaded onto Facebook and are extremely aggressive in preventing and removing child exploitive content. We scan every photo that is uploaded to the site using PhotoDNA to ensure that this illicit material can’t be distributed and we report all instances of exploitative content to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. We’ve built complex technical systems that either block the creation of this content, including in private groups, or flag it for quick review by our team of investigations professionals. PhotoDNA: PhotoDNA scans every single one of the millions of images that are uploaded to our site daily, checking the unique signature that calculates the essential characteristics of each image, which is known as a ‘hash.’ These images are compared against our own internal hash list as well as NCMEC’s hash list to ensure no known child exploitative images are uploaded to the site. .. We leverage this system to prioritize all reports relating to harassment or exploitative content, especially when pertaining to minors, and investigate all associated accounts as appropriate. “Law Enforcement Relationships: We maintain a strong relationship with the Department of Justice, National Center for Missing Children, Interpol, the FBI, and numerous other state, local, federal and international law enforcement organizations and departments. We work with these law enforcement contacts to help proactively pursue child exploitative content cases and help us investigate malfeasance. We work closely with NCMEC, Interpol and other international law enforcement agencies to maintain an up-to-date list of keywords and terms commonly used by bad actors involved in these crimes to help us better surface and disrupt the spread of exploitative material. “Industry & Non-Profit Efforts: We have worked with others in the industry – notably Google and Microsoft – to improve our technologies and share best practices to help us investigate and surface exploitative content. We have participated extensively in several industry wide groups including the DNA Foundation and the Technology Coalition under the guidance of NCMEC. Additionally, we have worked with other non-profits in this space including Stop Child Trafficking Now and the Polaris Project to supplement our efforts and cast an even wider net for our safety efforts.”

Presidential Field invites readers to enter the RCMP’s VGT command center in Halifax where PhotoDNA images are created for today in support of the headlines for tomorrow.

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