Friday, June 15, 2012

McConnell Links Obama Same-Sex Crime Scenes to Hull House Pedophile Trap

Presidential Field McConnell has linked Obama same-sex crime scenes to Hull House (1889-2012) pedophile traps – allegedly set up by Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarrett – to entrap and extort unwary heterosexual adults.

McConnell claims that Ms. Obama closed Hull House on January 26 because Abel Danger had triggered crime-scene investigations by the Virtual Global Taskforce which had traced her pedophile-trap M.O. back to Pride at the Pentagon and the late Jane ‘The Ripper’ Addams.

“Address to Chicago Council on Global Affairs [led by Michelle Obama]

Darleen ‘Same-Sex Pentagon’ Druyun procured Boeing QRS11 gyros to take out Navy Command Center

“Jane Addams Hull House Association, the Chicago social services agency founded 122 years ago by legendary (and most likely lesbian) progressive activist Addams (pictured), ceased operations Friday due to lack of funds. The organization is several million dollars in debt, board chairman Stephen Saunders told the Chicago Tribune. “We have to close our doors [on orders of Michelle Obama and Women and Girls Czar, Valerie Jarrett] or we would owe more people money,” he said. The group has provided foster care, domestic violence counseling, child care, and other services [allegedly including the pedophile traps] to about 60,000 clients annually; they will be referred to other social service agencies. Its roughly 300 employees will lose their jobs. Observers told the Tribune the agency was largely dependent on government funding, which has decreased in recent years, and had difficulty raising private funds. Addams, with Ellen Gates Starr, founded Hull-House (then spelled with a hyphen) in 1889 to serve impoverished immigrants, providing classes on a variety of subjects, vocational training, day care, a kindergarten, and many other services. It was known as a “settlement house” because it helped immigrants settle into American life, and it was one of the first such institutions in the nation. Addams was also an activist for world peace, public health, the abolition of child labor, and improvement of race relations. In 1931 she became the first American woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize. She died in 1935, aged 74.”

“7 JUNE 2007 GLOBAL ONLINE CHILD ABUSE NETWORK SMASHED – CEOP LEAD INTERNATIONAL OPERATION INTO UK BASED PAEDOPHILE RING An online trading ground for indecent images of children and live exchanges of abuse has collapsed following an international operation led by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre The last 10 months of this complex investigation has resulted in the co-ordination of law enforcement agencies from 35 different countries and their subsequent, ongoing investigations – intelligence from which indicates that there were more than 700 suspects worldwide. The UK branch of the investigation centres around 200 suspects, the majority of which are currently subject to active police enquiries at this time. Further information can not be released until these enquiries have concluded. To date, the international operation has led to 31 children being rescued from abuse or positions of harm. ‘Kids the Light of Our Lives’ was an Internet chat room dedicated to the sexual exploitation of children. Hundreds of members worldwide used it to trade a range of material, including photographs and videos of children being subjected to sexual abuse and serious sexual assault. The man behind the network has been convicted at Ipswich Crown Court and now awaits sentence. 27 year old Timothy David Martyn Cox hosted the website from his home address in Buxhall, masquerading behind the online identity ‘Son_of_god.’ (1) When trading, he used the name ‘I_do_it’. Cox was identified after intelligence linking the chat room to the UK was passed to the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre by Canadian partners within the Virtual Global Taskforce (VGT) last August. [VGT is controlled by Obama’s same sex associates in.

“Virtual Global Taskforce (VGT) is a group of law enforcement agencies from around the world working together to fight child pornography online. The aim of the VGT is to build an effective, international partnership of law enforcement agencies that helps to protect children from online child abuse. The VGT is made up of the following organisations: Australian Hi-Tech Crime Centre / Australian Federal Police (AFP) Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (United Kingdom) Europol Ministry of Interior for the United Arab Emirates New Zealand Police Interpol Italian Postal and Communication Police Service Royal Canadian Mounted Police
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) an investigative arm of the Department of Homeland security [Controlled by Obama’s same-sex partners, including Kristine Marcy, Field McConnell’s sister].”

Pentagon plans to hold Gay Pride month event The Hill ^ Posted on Thu Jun 14 2012 16:47:02 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time) by Sub-Driver Pentagon plans to hold Gay Pride month event By Jeremy Herb - 06/14/12 05:17 PM ET The Pentagon is planning to hold an event celebrating Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Pride month. The move comes less than a year after the Defense Department’s “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy toward gay and lesbian service members was repealed. Pentagon spokeswoman Eileen Lainez said the Pentagon is planning its first event for LGBT Pride month, which will be held later in June. Details about the event had yet to be finalized, she said. The event for Pentagon employees comes after the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, the 1990s policy wherein gay service members could be kicked out of the military if they disclosed their sexual identity, was repealed last year. The repeal, passed by Congress in the 2010 lame-duck session, has been implemented thus far with few reported issues from the U.S. military. The repeal of DADT was one of President Obama’s biggest policy victories for the gay-rights community. Obama issued a presidential proclamation at the start of the month declaring June LGBT Pride month, where he talked about the repeal of DADT. "Because we repealed ‘Don't ask, don't tell,’ gay, lesbian, and bisexual Americans can serve their country openly, honestly, and without fear of losing their jobs because of whom they love," Obama wrote.”

Presidential Field offers support for entry into same-sex crime scenes and the Obama OODA loop.

Presidential Mandate

Abel Danger

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