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McConnell Links Magnotta-Obama Passport Fraud to Virtual Global Taskforce Lane

Presidential Field McConnell has linked Luka Magnotta and Barack Obama passport frauds to the allegedly-illegal use of BlackBerry phones by Virtual Global Taskforce directors including Susan Lane, Senior Advisor, Director of Homeland Security Investigations, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“Spotting Passport Fraud”

“Countdown: Obama's Passport Files Were Breached”

“Gay Canadian Porn Star Cannibal on run after chopping up man - possibly in France ”

“Virtual Global Taskforce (VGT) video”

“President Obama Announces White House Council on Women and Girls”
“January 29, 2009 – Secretary Napolitano meets with senior leadership from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Pictured are Secretary Napolitano; Acting Assistant Secretary John Torres; Marcy Forman, Director Office of Investigations; and Susan Lane , Director Office of Intelligence. (ICE Photo/Caffrey)”

“Did you go to school with Luka Magnotta in Toronto , when he went by the name of Eric Clinton Newman? Do you have yearbooks of him? Please contact the Toronto Sun City Desk at 416-947-2211 or e-mail The whole world is searching for a Canadian man who goes by the name Luka Magnotta. But could the alleged ice -pick murderer and cannibal be travelling on the lam disguised as a woman? Not only does forensic artist Diana Trepkov think it’s possible, she even spent Thursday doing a drawing to help police services around the globe in their quest to arrest the 29-year-old for the alleged homicide of an unknown Asian man in Montreal. “When I looked at his features I said to myself, he could easily pass for a woman,” the artist who has assisted many police services in the past who is also author of Faceless Voiceless: From Search to Closure. “I have studied faces for so long, it is my passion and I can honestly look at someone when studying and see the underlining skull. The face can’t hide.” As of press deadline, Magnotta’s whereabouts were unknown but there are many unconfirmed theories of him travelling last week to France . Several policing sources say as far as they can tell “there has been no passport activity” of a Luka Magnotta in the past several weeks. But could he have slipped out of Canada under an alias? Perhaps as a female?

The one-time porn actor and stripper, who in a 2007 interview at the Toronto Sun building denied rumours he was dating schoolgirl killer Karla Homolka, has boasted online about being able to secure new identities [allegedly through the use of illegally modified BlackBerry phones procured by Susan Lane’s Virtual Global Taskforce] and offered tips on how to “disappear.”

“1 MAY 2012

VGT BOARD OF MANAGEMENT MEETING COMMUNIQUE: APRIL 2012 The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, a founding member of the VGT, hosted the 1st meeting of 2012 at the Police College in Ottawa , Canada between 17 – 18 April. Over the two-day meeting the Board of Management (BoM) focussed on the significance of ‘Strategic Collaboration’ in combatting the online sexual exploitation of children.

With the 5th biennial VGT Conference approaching this December, the BoM were presented with an update on the conference program and actions undertaken by the Centralised Coordination Committee (CCC), an entity formed by representatives from within the VGT alliance, to project manage the event.

The conference will encapsulate the theme of International Collaboration: An Enabler for Prevention and will bring law enforcement, non-government organizations; academia; internet service providers; communication providers; multinational technology corporations and telecommunication agencies together over three-days to examine the impact of sexual exploitation on its victims. It will enhance the understanding of offenders and offender behaviour whilst emphasising the corporate responsibility of all sectors to ensure the safety of children online. The conference will be hosted by the United Arab Emirates between 11-13 December 2012 in Abu Dhabi .

The presentation addressed the ‘Call for Papers’, a concept adopted by organisations, to encourage experts in this realm, to submit innovative strategies and research relevant to the conference objectives. The deadline for the ‘Call for Papers’ is 1 July 2012 with details available through the dedicated conference website. Submissions will undergo an evaluation process by the CCC against the conference objectives with formal notifications issued to the authors in August 2012.

The CCC were pleased to advise the BoM that a Sponsorship Prospectus would soon be available on the website for companies interested in supporting the VGT and its global effort towards prevention and disruption. Sponsorship submissions will again be reviewed by the CCC and approved by the BoM.

With the focus on strategic collaboration, the BoM received a number of presentations from the private sector, in relation to the mutual effort of safeguarding children online. The first was provided by the DNA Foundation, a non-profit organisation founded by Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, investing in innovative technology solutions to fight child sexual exploitation. The BoM were briefed on a number of programs undertaken within the United States , with an expression of interest to broaden those internationally with the assistance of the VGT. The DNA Foundation has narrowed its mission more recently to focus on technology. It is confident that through the VGT it may assist in identifying innovative ideas around how technology can be used to fight child sexual exploitation. Further discussions will be undertaken with the CCC to identify possible opportunities during the 2012 Conference for the DNA Foundation.

The second presentation was provided by Research In Motion (RIM), the designer of BlackBerry branded smartphones. The presentation highlighted RIM’s interest in working with law enforcement to assist in bridging the gap between technology and combatting the online sexual exploitation of children. The BoM were briefed on Blackberry’s global footprint and as one of the largest social mobile networks operating their own infrastructure, acknowledged their corporate social responsibility to protecting children. The presentation further addressed a number of applications BlackBerry has launched in the realm of prevention and disruption and underlined their interest in partnering the VGT as a Private Sector Partner to promote strategic collaboration.

The meeting provided an opportunity for the BoM to be briefed on existing VGT projects, endorsed to strengthen the ongoing commitment towards combatting online sexual exploitation. Europol is leading an Environmental Scan on behalf of the VGT, which will include a literature review; an analysis of current trends and identifying the future risks and vulnerabilities of this area of criminality. The findings of this review will be presented during the 2012 VGT Conference.

A new project endorsed by the BoM is on psychological research involved in combatting the online sexual exploitation of children. The project will involve a stocktake of current employment practices within the VGT network, highlighting the tools utilised for selection and the ongoing monitoring required to support staff working in the child protection realm. The project will be led by the Italian Postal Communication Police Service and its findings may feature during the 2012 VGT Conference.

Other projects that were addressed included the recent success of the VGT at the 80th INTERPOL General Assembly and the results of the Resolution presented recommending a ‘best practice’ model through a Legislative Global Engagement Strategy. The Council of Europe through a Declaration of Intent have provided the foundation for the VGT to encourage legislative enhancement through existing frameworks. The VGT will continue to work closely with the Council of Europe to identify future legislative impediments and the importance of law enforcement providing more of a disruption role in areas associated to cybercrime.

It was evident throughout the meeting that the VGT profile continues to increase. This is a credit to the Communications Sub-group and the work being undertaken by the alliance. The VGT will continue to feature in international forums as it has cemented itself as the largest international network focussing on combating the online sexual exploitation of children. The BoM also welcomes a number of new private partners into the taskforce, which will formally be announced on the VGT website.

The VGT is committed through strategic collaboration to influence change and identify innovative solutions to protect children online.

The next BoM meeting will be hosted by the Ministry of Interior for the United Arab Emirates in December 2012.”

“BOARD OF MANAGEMENT The VGT Board of Management comprises … SUSAN LANE Senior Advisor to the Director of Homeland Security Investigations Susan E. Lane is currently serving as Senior Advisor to the Director of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and in 2011 oversaw the expansion of the HSI Cyber Crimes Center (C3). Ms. Lane served as the ICE Attaché in The Hague from 2009-2011, covering ICE issues and HSI investigations related to the Netherlands , Luxembourg , Nigeria and the European Police Agency (Europol). From 2007-2009, Ms. Lane was the Director of Intelligence for ICE. From 2004-2007, Ms. Lane was a unit chief for the HSI National Security Division, serving first as the unit chief for the HSI National Security & Threat Protection (NSTP) Unit, which was responsible for providing oversight and guidance to HSI agents assigned to Joint Terrorism Task Forces across the nation, and then as unit chief for the newly created HSI National Security Integration Center (NSIC), which collocated operational and intelligence personnel to identify actionable national security intelligence. Earlier in her career she was the first supervisor of the Los Angeles Seaport Investigations group, Group Supervisor for a Financial – Money Laundering Investigations group in Los Angeles, spent three years as a senior special agent assigned to the San Diego Financial Task Force and before that served as a US Customs special agent assigned to El Centro, California, where she specialized in investigating criminal organizations involved in smuggling narcotics into the United States. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from the University of San Diego .

McConnell invites VideoGuard users to join him inside Virtual Global Taskforce’s OODA loop to expose the passport frauds of a gay-cannibal kitty-porn fugitive Luca Magnotta, and a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies, Barack Hussein Obama.

Presidential Mandate

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